Saturday, April 25, 2015

Searching For More Clues: On The Lankford / Lankfard Family Connections

Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lankford / Lankfard was taken in 1892
The Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard  Family Connections
  I've been trying to piece together some clues.
I was looking at the order of death of their children.
Here are some things that I have come across.

A Stillborn female Lankford passed on in May of 1893

An Unknown Lankford child was born after the 1900 census
and passed before 1910 census.
~  Mrs. Ezekiel W. Nickerson ~
Mrs. Isabella Nickerson passed on  in Sept 1938

Mr. Charles Lankford passed sometime between 1920 and 1954.
Perhaps passed on in Kansas City.

Mr. Leo Lankford Sr. passed on in Sept of 1954
Mr. James Lankford passed on in  July of 1957

~ Mrs. William E. Madison ~
Mrs. Lula Mae Madison
passed in Sept of 1961
The list of below passed on sometime after Sept of 1961

Mr. Fredrick A. Lankford / Lankfard 
Mr. Nymadula Lankford / Lankfard 
~  Mrs. Christopher Columbus Smith ~
Mrs. Anna Alice Smith


Mr. Louis Adward "Ad" Lankfard passed in June of 1967

Possible clues to checkout

Locate obituaries in newspapers
Leo Lankford's  1954 obituary located and list survivors
James Lankford's 1957 obituary located  but un readable
Lula Madison's 1961 obituary located and list survivors

Search for the following obituaries
Isabella Nickerson in Denver, Colorado newspaper, Sept of 1938
Louis Lankford / Lankfard in New York City, New York newspaper, June of 1967

Only clues on other brothers:  They lived in New York City, 1961
Fredrick Lankford / Lankfard
Nymadula Lankford / Lankfard
Thanks for reading.
I hope to find some more clues.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Searching For Info On Brothers: Charles, Nymadula and Frederick Lankford / Lankfard

 Searching for info on the  Lankford / Lankfard Brothers
Sons of Robert and Charlotta  (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD
Charles Edward Lankfard
Charles Lankford passed sometime after the 1920 census and before September of1954. He wasn't listed on his brother, Leo's obituary.  Charles was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, January 4, 1890.

Charles married Meta Hughes. They had a daughter named Lelia Laura Lankford Thompson Hill. Lelia resided in Kansas City Missouri where she passed on May 19, 1960. Lelia had a son named Charles Lankford. It was believed, Lelia's father, Charles passed on in Kansas City. There is no record of his death in MO before 1954. 

Frederick A. Lankfard

Nymadula Lankfard
Nymadula and Frederick Lankfard passed after Sept of 1961. They were listed on their sister, Lula Madsion's obituary October of 1961. 

Nymadula Lankfard was born on Leap Day 1896 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Nym was married to Hattie McDaniel and two other women. One named Irene, they had a daughter named Marjorie Lankfard who passed at a young age. Nym's other wife was named Gertrude "Gertie". She was German.

Frederick A. Lankfard was born Canton, Missouri on January 28, 1878. He was a traveling musician. He married a Mollie B. Whitney in 1942 in Kansas City, Missouri.  According to obituaries both Nym and Frederick resided in New York City, New York.

Frederick, Nymadula and Charles were my Grandfather Leo Lankford / Lankfard Sr's brothers. I hope to find leads on them. What happened to them? Where they were buried?

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mrs. Anna Alice Lankford Smith

The DADE LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family Connections
Mrs. Christopher Columbus Smith

I'm still searching for info on my Great Aunt Alice. She was born in Canton, Missouri about 1885 to Robert Louis LANKFORD / LANKFARD and Carlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD. She was the wife of Christopher Columbus Smith.

I'm trying to locate her obituary. I have spoken to relatives. They state that she passed in St. Joseph, Missouri. Perhaps in the late 1960's I'm searching and I hope to find more info on her. Perhaps  someone could add more info.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reviewing Family History: Making New Discoveries

Welcome to the Month Of April! 
Hope that you're enjoying Spring!
May you have a Happy Springtime!

I've been searching online newspapers for family connections.
I've been coming across more than I expected.
I'm going back over some of what I compiled over the years.
It's been a task in doing.
I'm making new discoveries as I'm reviewing family history.

Here are the In Remembrance: In Family History for April
Hope you see some Family Connections.

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley
Here was what I discovered last April of 2014!

Continued to compile photos in files on computer

Searching for a Nym and Irene LANKFORD
Located a Mrs. Irene LANGFORD :in New York City's directories: 1931 and 1960
Not for sure if she was the correct Irene who was married to Nym.
Continued to search for info on Nym LANKFORD

NOTE that a Donald OSBORNE passed in 2003.
Donald was the husband of  Geneva Sue Williams.
Geneva was the daughter of  Adrell and Haddie (MANLEY) WILLIAMS

Googling BLAKEY:
Came across a Dr. Joan BLAKEY

Copied emails:  Family info

Came across an article on Arthur BLAKEY in MN
He was crowned Winter Carnival King

Received some info on Colleen Mae (THOMAS) BLAKEY (1921- 1990)
Source from a relative: Colleen was the wife of Spencer BLAKEY Jr.
Searched for info on Colleen THOMAS
Found her on the 1940 Census with parents and siblings.
Created a memorial for Colleen Mae (THOMAS) BLAKEY
Added info to Spencer and Colleen's memorials on Find A Grave

Question: were Ernest HAYES and Edward HAYES brothers?
Discovered the two together listed on a census.
Ernest's name on census was William.

Came across info on Brooke BLAKEY.

Copied South Dakota grave stones photo list

Came across info on Rubeina "Ruby" BLAKEY.
She was the wife of Jordan BLAKEY.
Ruby was the President of Ann Arbor Michigan Women's Federation
She lived at 910 Green.

Some of The South Dakota Census were released
Searching for BLAKEYs, GREENs, BENTLEYs, JACKSONs etc.

Searching the Censuses From April 18 - 30, 2014
Finding order of family members.
Note when they came to Yankton, South, Dakota:

Jordan BLAKEY                                 1911
Ernest and Martha HAYES                 1913
Spencer BLAKEY                               1906
Henry and Mary BLAKEY                 1905
Edward and Lillie HAYES                  1913

Copied info from the 1915 SD Census Index of BLAKEY, GREEN, etc.

Found South Dakota Tombstone of Ernest W. HAYES.
Ernest was the husband of Martha BLAKEY HAYES.

Found Margaret and Ollie BLAKEY on South Dakota census

NOTE: Roberta (LANKFORD) HILL KEELING passed on April 26, 2014
She was the daughter of Robert Louis  LANKFARD and Grace (SMITH) LANKFORD
Robert L. LANKFARD was the son of Leo LANKFORD/ LANKFARD and

Journaling on the South Dakota BLAKEY Family Connections

Continued searching the order of family members on the SD censuses
Came across more names: BLAKEY children of Isaac and Maggie, Henry and Mary