Saturday, May 31, 2014

Searching For Family Connections

 I'm still Searching For Family Connections.  I'm thankful for what I have been discovering over the years. It's been an interesting journey. I've come  along the way since I began. I'm coming up on my 5th year on Family Connections: From Generations to Generations. That day will be on Monday, June  30, 2014.

I'm thankful for those who have helped me and or helping me on my journey's quest. I couldn't have gotten as far without help. Thank You, Jesus! Thank you helpers. It does take time and persistence to search for family history.

Through the years, I have posted info on my family connections and asked questions. I did receive some feedback. I'm thankful for those readers who help add this site, those who gave some suggestions on in doing my search, those who helped me make corrections... and those who have commented on what I posted on Family Connections: From Generations to Generations. God bless you.

I have a sister site on facebook called Family Connections. I created that page on November 16, 2011. As of  May of 2014, I have 40 people who like that site. My journey continues on my facebook Family Connections

I will continue to journal here on this blogger site as well. I only know of a few who reading this site. I have a lot all updates to journal...  I have to take some time to re read some of my discoveries over the years. I'm amazed by what I've learned.

As I have said, I've come a long ways on my family connections journey. I came across some CA, NY and TX connections this year. It's interesting to hear what happened to relatives on the family tree. What they know or heard about the family history. It adds more to the story.

I believe that there are more info out there and people who can add to the family history. I hope pray that many will start to search for their ancestors and stick with it. The most important thing to do, is to write down; record what's known about the family history.

May we continue to search for our ancestors.
May we share what we know about our family history.
May the Lord guide us as we journey throughout our lives.

Thanks for reading: Searching For Family Connections
Hope you had a wonderful month of May.
My Family Connections Journey continues in the month of June!

God bless you.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

The 130th Year Since Leo Lankford / Lankfard's Birth

Leo Lankford Sr was born in Canton, Missouri on May 30, 1884.  
 He was the son of Robert Louis / Lewis Lankford / Lankfard and
Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard. 
Leo was the husband of Mary (Allen) Lankford.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Family Connections: On The Family Tree: Military

Family Connection honoring family members who served in the U.S.A. military.
There are others. Here are some who have passed away.

Bailey, James Adam 
Blakey, Clarence Ollie
Blakey, Daniel
Blakey, Floyd
Blakey, Henry Leo
Blakey, Isaac
(Private Isaac BLAKER Civil War U.S.C.H.A. 6th, 5th, and 2nd,
Blakey, James Pittsburgh
Blakey, Paul I.

Blakey, Thomas  
Blakley,  Richard Isaac "Dickey"
(PFC )
Carr, Willard Jerome "Boots" 
(TEC 5, US, ARMY )
Carter, John Cecil 

Clay, Otto S 
Dade, Mone "Money"

Dade, Robert Lee

Farmer, Robert Leon "Big Bobby", Sr
Fludd, Quitman "Jack", Jr 
Grant, Eugene Ulysses, Jr 
Harris, Henry C. Sr 
Hendred, Anthony E. "Tony", Sr 
Hendred, Durwood D. "Woody" 
Hendred, Horace W 
(Missouri PFC 367 Air Service Sq AAF World War II)

Hendred, Ray 
(U.S. World War II)

Hendricks, Spec Durwood Darnell, Sr 
(SP4 - Specialist Third Class (E-4), US Army, Vietnam )
Hill, Eddie Lewis  
Jones, Archie Cole, Jr 
Kemp, Harvey Daniel
Lankfard, Robert Lewis "Bob" 
Lankford,  Frederick William "Fred" 

 Lankford, Gary ( Ghalee Askia Muhammad)
Lankford, Leo "Sam", Jr
Lyle, Amer Nazif
Lyle, Faris Chilton

Madison, Louis Edward   

Morris, William 
Nickerson, Ezekiel W.
( Private: Branch" Tank Co in Denver Colorado, WWI)
Nickerson, Lankford J.

Nickerson, William H

Price, Kevin Arthur
Prince, Walter Jerry, Jr 
Richardson, Eugene T.

Simmons, Ransom Louis
Starkey, William Russell
Thomas, Leon H.
(S2 US Navy, World War II)

Weston, James, Jr  
White, Richard Roosevelt
 (WW II)

White, Theodore Eugene
(Served in the ARMY 3 times)
White, Tony
Yancy, Rufus Nathaniel  

Memorial Day: Remembrance Day

Happy Remembrance Day!

Remembering loved ones who have passed on...
and those who served in the U.S.A Military.
They are missed but not forgotten.

I have come a lot of relatives who have served in the U.S.A. military.
Some of them are buried in National Cemeteries along with their spouse and or children.

Here's a list of some Family Connections:
Find A Grave Memorials Military Links

Precious Memories

As clear as a loving word or touch

of a hand so warm and clear

Are the memories of our loved ones that

we treasure and hold near.

A favorite song or picture often causes

us to recall, the many special times

that were the dearest ones of all.

And although time will heal the loss

we will never be far apart

Because God's gift of memory will always
be a treasure in our hearts.

May there be special memories of all the deceased members
on the Family Connections Families. The ones we remember will always live in our hearts.
And for those who we shall reunite again.
Here are some surnames on Family Connections

The Bartlett - Blakley Family Connection

The Allen - Lankford/ Lankfard  Family Connections

.The Hooper - Bartlett  Family Connections

 The Blakley - Lyle  Family Connections

 The Allen Washington/Walters  Family Connections

 The Dade - Lankford/ Lankfard Family :

 The Ovington - Dade  Family Connections

 The Dade - (Love) Washington  Family Connections

 The Brown Hendred  Family Connections

 The Scott - Blakey  Family Connections

 The Lephridge - Blakey  Family Connections:

 The White Family  Connections:

Hope to find out what others heard on the family history.
 Perhaps find out where others fit on the family tree or perhaps can add more names.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Updates Info And The Dade Family Connections

I have been  updating some info on Family Connections. And I've been making new discoveries along the journey. It's a process in the making the right connections.

I'm trying to piece together what I've discovered from what I've been coming  across. It has been interesting findings. I thank God for the information.

The DADE Family Connections

It's been four years since I had a break through on the Dade Family Connections. It was on May 8, 2010 when I came across another Dade searcher who was interested the family tree. It was then, when  I made the connections that my Great Grandma Charlotta DADE LANKFORD/ LANKFARD had sister named Louisa Jane (DADE) WASHINGTON.

I began to search to find more my Great Aunt Louisa / "Janie" WASHINGTON. I came across the names of her children and some of their descendants. What  a journey it has been. 

In the process of my discoveries, I started my project: Project: The Frances Ovington Dade Connections I found more descendants on Louisa DADE WASHINGTON and on facebook. I believe that there are more out there.

I'm thankful for the leads that I have been coming across. I thank God always along the journey. I'm praying that someday there will be more relatives that will discover their DADE Family Connections.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

In Family History: May

Welcome To The Month Of May!

Remembering BirthDays and DeathDates: Family Connections: In May

May of 1842  ~  John/ William WASHINGTON was belived to have been born.
He was the husband of Susan (LEACH) WASHINGTON and Maliah (HILL) WASHINGTON.

May of 1847  ~  Mary Ann (VENOY) DADE was believed to have been born.
She was the wife of Louis Newton DADE.

May of 1862  ~  Martha / Mattie WHITE was believed to have been born.
She was the daughter of Andrew and Julia WHITE.

May of 1882 ~  Rosa May (CARTER) HENDRED was believed to have been born.
She was the wife of Lewis / Isaac HENDRED.

May of 1883 ~  Jennie (BARTLET) BLAKLEY LYLE was believed to have been born. She was the daughter of Elias and Harriett (HOOPER) BARTLETT

May of 1884  ~  Edward "Ed"  HAYES was believed to have been born.
He was the husband of Lillie "Susie" (BLAKEY) HAYES.

May of 1892 ~  Irene WHITE was born.
She was the daughter of John and Katherine (ESTILL) WHITE.

May of 1963 ~  Maybelle (BLAKEY) GUYTON passed away.
She was the daughter of Henry and Mary Elizabeth (FRISTOE) BLAKEY

May of 1982 ~  Raydell WHITE passed away.
He was the son of Rev Thomas and Mary Lee (TOOLEY) White

On May 1  ~ Joseph WALTERS was born in 1891.

On May 1Paul BARTLETT was born in 1893.

On May 1 ~  Tony Willard HOUSTON was born in 1920.

On May 1Henry C. Harris Sr. was born in 1922.

On May 1 ~  Bonnie RICHARDSON was born in 1949.

On May 2 ~ Nathaniel BLAKEY passed away in 2001.

On May 3 ~ Artie W. MANLEY passed away in 2000.

On May 4 ~ Winnon (BLAKEY) MORROW passed away in 2003.

On May 4 ~ Nesbeth Inez (HENDRED) REYNOLDS passed away 2013.

On May 5  ~ Jane L. (WHITE) HAYES was born in 1909.

On May 5  ~ Robert HEMSLEY passed away in 2013

On May 6 ~  Richard Rosevelt WHITE was born in 1911.

On May 7 ~  Goldie DADE was born in 1884.

On May 7 ~  Lloyd Melton DADE was born in 1916.

On May 7 ~  Lula M. BLAKLEY was born in 1947.

On May 8  ~  Otis C. HAYES passed away in 2013


On May 9   ~ Sarah LANKFORD passed away in 1945.

On May 10 Mary Kaye (RICHARDSON) CUNINGHAM passed away 2003

On May 11 ~ Winona Marie (BLAKEY) MORROW was born in 1942. She was the daughter of Leroy E. BLAKEY Sr. and Thelma Jane (TRUDELL)BLAKEY

On May 11 ~ Pamala Kaye (STOCK) ADAMS was born in 1964.

On May 12 ~ Janie (WHITE) SMITH was born in 1947.

On May 13  ~  Isaac BLAKEY
a.k.a Private Isaac BLAKER was discharged from the army in 1866.

On May 13 ~ Archie BLAKEY was born in 1904.

On May 13Thomas Sarah (PEYTON)  FLUDD ANDERSON was born in 1926.

On May 13 ~  Nejla LYLE was born in 1955.

On May 13 ~ Ruby Bee (MANLEY) CLAY passed away in 2013.

On May 13  ~ Hazel Catherine (DADE) KING passed away in 1990.

On May 13Pinkie / Pinkey M. (CARTER) EVANS passed away in 2001.

On May 14  ~  John Clarence LATIMER passed away in 1976.

On May 17  ~  Rene (WHITE) HOUSTON was born in 1900.

On May 18  ~ Mindolyn (TATE) CLAY born in 1931.

On May 18  ~ William Russell STARKEY born in 1918.

On May 19Elizabeth( JACKSON) BLAKEY passed away in 2009.

On May 19  ~
Lelia Laura (LANKFORD) THOMPSON- HILL passed away in 1960.

On May 19  ~ Comezell Z. WALKER Sr. passed away in 1964

 On May 19 ~ Leo "Sam" LANKFORD Jr. passed away in 1964

On May 19  ~ Floyd HENDRED passed away in 1981.

On May 20  ~ Leahy L. CRAYTON was born 1911.

On May 20 ~ Lula N. MADISON was born in 1916.

On May 20 ~ Catherine Louise"Kate" BLAKEY was born in 1921

On May 21 ~ Mary Jane (BLAKLEY) RICHARDSON passed away in 2001.

On May 22 ~ Odell (WHITE) CRAIG passed away in 1943.

On May 23  ~ A still born child of Robert and Charotta (DADE) LANKFORD in 1893

On May 23 ~ Geraldine M. (OVERTON) HENDREND was born in 1923.

On May 25  ~ Thelma Rowen (LANKFORD) JACKSON passed away in 1961.

On May 26 ~ Ernest W. HAYES was born in 1886.

On May 26 ~ Christina JOHNSON passed away in 1985.

On May 28 ~ Harriet (HOOPER) BARTLETT passed away in 1908.

On May 28 ~ Doris Ivy (MANLEY) CLAY born in 1920.

On May 28  ~ Zella B. (HENDREDS) BAILEY  passed away in 1958

On May 30 ~  Leo LANKFORD Sr. was born in 1884.
He was the son of Robert L. and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

On May 30 ~    Melvin Milford "Trix" Collins was born in 1907.

On May 30 ~ Paul BARTLETT passed away in 1956.

On May 31 ~ Cass V. BLAKEY was born in 1962.