Sunday, June 30, 2013

Website Title Change To Family Connections

This website began on  Tuesday, June 30, 2009
The first blog title was In The Beginning...

The first few thoughts on my first blog:
I thought to start a blog on my family history. I have been searching for over 30years. But where do I go from here in sharing what I have discovered? What will I share?
Sunday, June 30, 2013

When I created this website, I couldn't find a name for my site. So I used the names of my father's lineage. BLAKLEY, BLAKEY / WHITE. Through the years I changed it to BLAKLEY BLAKEY/ WHITE With BARTLETT/ LYLE, WASHINGTON ALLEN WALTERS, DADE - LANKFORD Connections

Ten days  ago, I thought about the name of this website. I thought that it was time for change. Yes, I change the name again. I see that this blog isn't only about the surnames that I have on my family tree. It's from generations to generations that we're connected.

I have a facebook page I created. I call it Family Connections. I thought to use that name for this website. The two sites are connected. I can do more on facebook with photos on other links that show photos.

I'm thankful for the people who have helped me on the journey. I'm discovering more about our family tree. I  hope to found more Family Connections.

It's been a journey searching for info.  I've come across some relatives and family connections on facebook and I'm hoping to come across more.

Thanks for reading,
 Family Connections

This website can be used for many ways:
I'm trying to locate relatives:

Connect or Re connecting with family members.
The below info is on facebook:

The orginal title of this site was Blakley, Blakey/ White, Bartlett - Lyle, Washington, Allen, Walters, Dade - Lankford Connections is the combination of all my parents' parents' surnames.

My ancestors lived in Coutries of Missouri: Andrew, Buchanan, Chariton, Howard, Linn, Randolph, Lewis, Marion, AND SURROUNDING AREAS

There were some relatives that moved to Yankton, South Dakota areas. St. Paul MN area, Michigan, Wisc, New York, California, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Oregon,

My Father's Siblings: In Laws
Bartlett - Blakley Connections
SUGGS / Nelson
CAVE / Smith

My Mother's Siblings': In Laws
Allen - Lankford/ Lankfard Connections

Hooper - Bartlett Connections
Bartlett - Blakley/ Lyle
Bartlett - Armstrong / Hicks
Some In Laws Unknown

Blakley - Lyle Connections
Lyle - Strange
Lyle - Jones

Allen Washington/Walters Connections
Allen - Lankford
Walters - Nelson

Dade - Lankford:
In Law Connections

Ovington - Dade Connections
Dade - Washington
Dade - Madison
Dade - Venoy Adams
Dade - Lankford

Dade - (Love) Washington Connections
Washington - Hendred: In Laws Connections
Coly or Coby
Brown - Hendred Connections
Hendred In Law Connections
Hazelwood - Tate

Hendred - Madison

Scott - Blakey Connections
Blakey / Blakley

Lephridge - Blakey Connections:

White Connections: In Laws
Rucker - Craig

Hope to find out what others heard on the family history.
Perhaps find out where others fit on the family tree or perhaps can add more names.

This site appears to be more of sharing information than feedback.
Thankful for those who have shared some things.

God bless you.

1st Update on Jan 3,  2012
2nd Update on May 16, 2012 added Intro and MAIDEN names
3rd  Update on June 30, 2013 added Info

Monday, June 17, 2013

The WHITE Connections in Missouri

I'm still searching on The Julia White Connections in Chariton, Howard, and Randolph Counties areas in Missouri.  I received some info.... I have been wondering about some of the things that this cousin shared with me.

There were some things that I'm trying to follow up on.
Here are some questions that have come to me.

How was Laura (PAIGE) WHITE connected to The Whites in Chariton County? I have read some things about her.  She was a godly woman and hard worker. Many people called Laura, Aunt Laura.

I heard that Laura was the sister in law of Richard White. Laura was married to an Andrew J. WHITE. Richard did have a brother named Andrew White.

I have searched for Andrew and Laura WHITE on the census records. One the 1880 they were listed living next to Julia WHITE in Chariton. However, Andrew was listed with his father, Isaac WHITE.

Some thoughts and Questions: Was this Andrew WHITE's father, Isaac's Son or Grandson? Isaac was born about 1800 on that census. On the 1870 Isaac was born about 1810 in VA. Andrew was born about 1852 in MO.

Or was Isaac WHITE, Julia's father in law or brother in law? I do believe that Andrew and Laura were related to Julia WHITE. But how? There are similarities with the family. Andrew and some of Julia's children lived near one another. Mattie White lived near Andrew on the 1900 census.

Here's what I discovered about Andrew and Laura WHITE.

They were married about 1873. They had 6 children. Julia, Mariah, Isaac, Cornelia, William and Wedian WHITE. Cornelia and Wedian were listed as married on a census. Neither of their spouse's names weren't listed.

Cornelia had a daughter with the surname WOODS. Todd WOODS was listed with Andrew WHITE as a nephew. I believe that Todd would have been Cornelia's son. Or related to the WOODS who lived next door to Isaac and Andrew WHITE on the 1870 census. Jordan and Martha (WHITE) WOODS.

Andrew WHITE was listed as the son of Isaac  and Mardy / Mary (BURTON) WHITE.
Andrew was born on  Dec 14, 1852 in Chariton, County.
He passed away on April 16, 1927 in Chariton County.

Laura (PAIGE) WHITE was the daughter of Dennis and Ellen PAGE / PAIGE.
Laura was born on May 13, 1855 in MO.
She passed away on March 27, 1955 at the age of 100.

I'm hoping to find more leads.
I'm thankful for relatives who have been and are sharing  information.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Appreciation Day: Happy Father's Day

May we Honor our FATHERs.

I thought about what I appreciated about my father of 26 years as he was my father. (His lifespan 1913 -1989.)

While I was growing up, I was a Daddy's girl. I loved my dad. I can say that I am from the seed of David. Here is some of what I appreciated about my father.
1. My father married my mother.

2. My father was faithful to my mother..

3. My father was kindhearted .

4. My father supported and took care of his family.

5. My father worked and was a hard worker.

6. My father owned and operated his own business.

7. My father (and mother) owned a home and property.

8. My father was my father.

9. My father made provision for his family.

10. My father fathered 19 children with the same woman.

( I'm #19.)

11. My father loved children.

12. My father called upon the Lord to be saved.

13. My father was the father that God, the Father blessed me with.

14. My father taught me some things about life.

15. My father left a legacy.

16. My father had a caring heart to help people.

17. My father honored his Step father and Father in law.

18. My father prayed for me 12 hours before his passing.

19. My father's blessings.
Happy Father's Day to all!
Happy Father's Day, Father God!
I am thankful for all my forefathers. I am thankful for the blood line that God blessed me to come from. I am thankful to be on the lineage of Father God.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Possible Children Of Frances/ Frankie Ovington Dade

Wednesday, 22 February 2012
  • Possible Children Of Frances OVINGTON DADE

    As I was searching for information on Louisa Jane/ Jane DADE WASHINGTON and her family, I came across other DADE's where they lived.

    On the 1870 Census  Bery DADE born about 1838 in KY
    married to Eliz and Child, Lucy

    On the 1880 Census Benjamin DADE born 1829 in KY
    married Lucy. Children Maron, Benjamin, Sarah, Fannie,,Eliz,,Mary
    Bandy,Charles, George

    George DADE Born 1840 in KY
    married Ellen

    Possible Children Of Frances/ Frankie OVINGTON DADE

    Staying On The Family History Journey,


Monday, June 3, 2013

Some Questions About The BLAKEY WHITE Connections

I've been searching on new leads on The BLAKEY WHITE Connections. I have been thinking about some questions. I hope to find some of the answers to these questions.

I had a conversation with a cousin on The Rev Richard "Dick" WHITE Sr. and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE Connections. This cousin got me thinking about some things. I believe that there are others who have info that can add to the family tree. I hope that they are willing to share.

Here are some question and thoughts:

When did Julia WHITE pass away? Heard that she may have lived to be in her 90's. Did she pass away in St. Louis Missouri? Julia was born about 1820. If she was in her about 90 that year would have been about 1910. Checked MO death records for Julia WHITE couldn't find a match.

Update: Julia who was born about 1820 She was not the same Julia who moved to St. Louis. Most likely There was another Julia.

On the Slave Article: Slavery Descendants to have First Reunion, it stated that the great grandmother was buried in Forest Green MO. Was that lady, Julia WHITE? Did Julia have a daughter living St. Louis?
What about Mattie WHITE, daughter of Julia WHITE? Heard that Mattie's first name could have been Martha. Matt or Mattie was her nickname. Did Mattie married? Did she have 5 children? Did Jane White one of Mattie's daughters move to Kansas City MO?

Update on Mattie's children:
She did have more than one child besides Ella Bentley Carr.
Where did Mattie's daughter Ella BENTLEY CARR pass away about 1923? Ella's son was listed with Mattie on the 1930 and 1940 census. Ella's husband Pleas CARR passed away in Kansas City MO in about 1961. Pleas married twice.

Update: On Mattie's grandson, Willard: It appears that Mattie raised her grandson after his mother Ella passed away.

What year did Hester WHITE pass away? Heard that Hester was buried on the family farm. Hester was the youngest child of Tony WHITE.

Update on Hester WHITE:
He passed away in the 1950's.  He may have passed away out of State of Missouri. But was buried in MO.

When did Georgia (LEE) WHITE pass away? Georgia was the 1st wife of Tony White son of Richard ""Dick" White.

What was Clora WHITE's maiden name? She was the 2nd wife of Tony WHITE son of Richard "Dick" WHITE.
Who were Rebecca WHITE's parents from Virginia?Rebecca was listed as Julia WHITE's granddaughter on the 1880 census in MO. Which child of Julia was the parent of Rebecca?

Update on information below:
Still Searching. Believe that they were related. But how?

Possible other WHITE Connections:
Was Rebecca WHITE RUSSELL related to Julia WHITE?Rebecca WHITE father was William WHITE.

There are other questions. Was the Isaac WHITE that lived next door to Julia WHITE related? Isaac had a son named Andrew J. WHITE. Andrew was married to Laura PAIGE WHITE. in Chariton/ Howard County MO.