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The Assumption Of The Life Of Charlotta Dade Lankford

Charlotta Dade Lankford
Charlottie Lankford
1852 - 1924
 I don't recall when I came across Great Grandma Charlotta's name. Perhaps when I saw some things written about my Grandfather Leo Lankford. More so, it was on Leo's death record. Charlotta's name it listed as his mother.

As I began to search on my family history, I try to piece together things about people. As I've been searching for information about Great Grandma Charlotta, I have come up with this.

Charlotta Dade was born to Frances Ovington and Isaac Dade in Jan 1852 in Missouri. She was on of 14 children. I have located about 3 of her siblings. Louisa Jane Dade Washington, Mary Ann Dade Madison and Louis Newton Dade. Seven of Charlotta's siblings died before 1900.

I haven't located Charlotta Dade on the 1870 census record. I think her name may have been spell in correctly. I have come across her marriage record. Miss Charlotta Dade married Lewis Lankford on 25 Jan 1873 in Lewis County, Canton, MO.

As for Charlotta's husband, Lewis or Robert Louis Lankford, he was listed on 1870 census as Lewis Langford. I'm not for sure if Lewis was Robert's first name. It wasn't until the 1890 and to the 1910 census that the name R. L. or Robert L. appeared. Robert appears to be the name he went by. Charlotta went by Lottie. Sometimes spelled Charlottie or Charlotte.

Robert and Charlotta had 10 or 11 children. I came across the 1920 MO census. Charlotta may have had 11 children. Nine were living at the time of the census. The census was faded and hard to read.

I was searching in the St. Joseph, MO public library for birth and death records. It was in the 1990's. I found a Lankford still born female on record in 1893. It was the actual record book. The mother was Charlotta Lankford. The father was Robert Lankford.

Charlotta was listed as having 10 children on the 1900 census. One child was not living. That child was believed to have been Jennie Lankford. I have found no additional information on her.

I have been seeing that Charlotta traveled to different States. She was listed in Denver, Colorado on a son's draft card.(Robert was listed in Denver in 1918. In 1923 Charlotta was in Denver. Than Eight months before she passed away she was living in the State of New York.

Charlotta's body was brought back to St. Joseph, MO for burial in April of 1924. There are still mysteries of who some of the Lankford children were. Who was Isaac Lankfard Jr.? He was listed on Charlotta Lankfard's death record. Addison and Louis Lankfard were the same person. Louis went by Addison his middle name. Perhaps Louis was the this Isaac Lankfard Jr.

I wrote a blog entitled: The Frances Ovington Dade Connection. Here's how I ended that blog.

"My 2nd Great Grandma Frances I found a lot about her as I did some re reading. I think most likely Frances was born into slavery. She was listed as black on the census records. She lived to see her freedom from slavery.

So who was Frances Ovington Dade?
She was the mother of Charlotta Dade Lankford.
Charlotta was the mother of Leo Lankford Sr.
Leo was the father of Lula Lankford...
Lula was my mother."

Some After Thoughts On My Research:
Great Grandma Charlotta was able to read and write. She listed as black and mulatto on the census records. By looking at the photo, she was a well kept woman. Charlotta was a house wife and did domestic work for a living.

Also during my search for Great Grandma Charlotta, I didn't realized that she lived with her children in Denver for some time. She moved to New York eight months before she passed.

Still hoping that I can locate Charlotta Dade on the 1870 Census.
I hope that she was counted.
My search continues...

Staying On The Family History Journey!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lewis Lankford And Miss Charlotta Dade

Lewis Lankford
Robert Louis Lankford
1851- 1919

Miss Charlotta Dade
Charlotta / Lottie / Charlotte Dade
1852 -1924
On January 25, 1873 the two became one.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lankford.
Also Known As Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis Lankford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Lankford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis Lankfard

      Charlotta's parents, Isaac and Frances
(Ovington) Dade were witnesses to her marriage.
To this union came 10 or 11 children.

The couple resided in Lewis County in Missouri.
Cities of Canton, Monticello, MO.
They moved to St. Joseph, Missouri about 1890 or earlier.
Robert and Charlotta lived in Denver Colorado.
Charlotta lived in New York 8 months before her passing.
Both Robert and Charlotta weree buried in Ashland Cemetery,
 in St. Joseph, Missouri

Monday, January 17, 2011

February: Black History Month

There's a lot of history in a family. Each person has their story to share. Each person's life counts. The question is... Are we willing to share what we know? And will we record it?

I didn't learn about black history while I was in school. There were some famous blacks that were mentioned. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one that stands out in my thinking... during my early years. I can remember the famous photo when he was assassinated in Tennessee.

As I look at the people on my family lineage, there's a lot of history. Some stories will never be told. Then there are some that are passed down through generations.

How Can You Get Started On Searching For Your Family History? Start with what you know. Start with yourself.... Your parents, siblings, Your parents' parent's and so forth, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, In laws, Out laws, and so forth.

Get full names, nicknames, mother's maiden name, spouse (s) name info. places, dates, photos, dairies, journals, news clips, old letters, emails, publications or whatever resources you have.

Once you got all the vital information, you can explore more. How much you have, may determine your search. Even with the little that you know can lead to something.

There are many places to search. Cemeteries, Courthouses, Historical Societies, your attic, basement, places where things are stored. If you have a desire to search deeper, you can. But, you need information.

If you are hooked, you can take the 14 day free trial at . There are a lot of resources to search from. It's important that you have names, dates, places when you search. You need to need some facts.

For the most... here's a free site:  You can find some things on this site. Happy Searching!

It takes a lot time to explore and discover things about your family history. It's an adventure that takes a lifetime in the doing. There will be times when things will be frustrating.

Be patient. Along the journey, there will be some dry times. Than there are times when a wellspring of information will come up. What great joy that is. In the long run, it's worth it.

Hope that you have started the journey in recording your family history. What we know can be passed down to future generation. All you need to do is to get started.

I have a friend who can trace her lineage back to about 1095. Someone in the family had to start and than the next generation continued on with the search. Treasure what you know about your family history. Future generations will appreciate it.

May we take note of the history of our family. May we see that each of us have a story to share. May we record what we know. May  we write down our own history so others can know something about each and every one of us. Amen.

Staying On The Family Journey,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mysteries To Uncover: Part Two

Happy Twenty Eleven!

I hope to find more information on the Aunts in laws, Uncles in laws, cousins in laws and so forth. How people connect with the family tree is interesting. Some in laws lived in the same area.

On My Mother's Side:
What About My Uncles And Aunts By Marriage?

Uncle (Rev) Ali J. Johnson, who married
my Aunt Sarah Belle Lankford.
Sarah Belle Lankford
Mrs. Ali J. Johnson

 I can't remember what Uncle Ali looked like.
Nor have I seen a photo of him.
I heard that his father's name was Wilbur Johnson.

Uncle James Weston Jr. who married my Aunt Betty M. Lankford.

Mr. and Mrs. James Weston Jr.
Mrs. James Weston Jr.

 I have located Uncle Jim's death record.
Uncle Jim died young in an accident.

Uncle William "Willie" Farmer who married
my Aunt Leola Lankford.

Leola Lankford
Mrs. William Farmer

I heard that Uncle Willie came from Nebraska.
I think I have located him not for sure.
Aunt Leola and Uncle Willie run of and got married in Omaha, Nebraska.

Aunt Grace Smith Lankford who married my Uncle Robert L. Lankfard.

This Photo isn't of Grace Smith.
Photo of Irene Blakey
Mrs. Robert Lankfard Sr.
Robert Lewis Lankfard Sr.
Son of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankfard Sr.

I don't have a photo of Aunt Grace with Uncle Robert.
But I have their marriage certificate.
I have located Aunt Grace's death record.
Her last name was spelled Langford.

Uncle Robert's middle name was spelled Lewis.
On Jan 9, 2011;
I heard that Uncle Robert spelled his name
I don't know why most relatives spell their surname LANKFORD

Uncle Milton Vernon Thomas who married my Mary Viriginia Lankford.
I heard that they married in Savannah, Missouri.
I can't recall what Uncle Vernon looked like.
Mary Virgina Lankford
Mrs. Milton Vernon Thomas
I have located some of his lineage.
I didn't know that Uncle Vernon went by his middle name.
I see why. His father's name was Milton too.
Aunt Alice ? Lankford who married my Uncle Addison "Ad" Lankford.

Mr and Mrs. Addison "Ad" Lankford
Mrs. "Ad" Lankford
I  heard that Uncle Ad met Aunt Alice when he went up to Minnesota to visit Uncle Ike and Aunt Annie.
Uncle Ad and Aunt Alice fell in loved and were married at 2616 Locust by Reverend Ali J. Johnson.
Later Uncle Ad and Alice got a divorce.
Story has it Aunt Alice didn't tell Uncle Ad that she had children.

On My Father's Side:
What About My Uncles And Aunts By Marriage?

Aunt Alma or Lottie Nelson Suggs Blakley who married
my Uncle John Blakley.
John Blakley Jr.
Son of John and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Sr.
I think that Alma an Lottie were the same person.
Alma an Lottie has to different birth dates.
However I can't locate Alma's death record. Alma's middle initial was L.
I have not seen a photo of Aunt Alma or Lottie.

                Uncle Eugene Richardson who married my Aunt Mary Jane. Blakley.

Mary Jane Blakley
Mrs. Eugene Richardson

I don't know much about Uncle Eugene Richardson family.
He did have a brother.
Uncle Gene an Aunt Mary adopted their two daughters, Bonnie and Mary Kay.

Aunt Cora Hinch Blakley who married my Uncle Paul Blakley
Cora Hinch
Mrs. Paul Blakley

Paul Blakley
Son of John and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley
I don't know where Aunt Cora family came from.
She was older than Uncle Paul.
I have located when Aunt Cora died in 1976.

Uncle Paul and Aunt Cora adopted a son, James Green
and a daughter, Mary Alice Green.
It appears the children kept their Green surname.

Aunt Catherine ? Lyle who married
my Uncle Faris Chilton Lyle.

Faris C. Lyle
Son of Chilton and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Lyle
I don't know too much about Aunt Catherine.
Only what Uncle Faris wrote in his letters to me.
Aunt Catherine had 7 children.
Uncle Faris' and Aunt Catherine's only daughter died at the age of 5.

Hazel Blakley was the daughter of John and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley.
Hazel died at age 18.
Hazel V. Blakley
What was the story of Hazel's death?

Uncle Carl Jones Sr. who married
my Aunt Geneva Lyle in 1941.

Geneva Lyle
Mrs. Carl Jones Sr.
I don't know much about Uncle Carl nor what he looked like.
He was much older than Aunt Geneva.
Uncle Carl and Aunt Geneva were divorce.
There are other things I wonder....if could find out more.
Rev. Olbrey Pierson Blakley
Son on John and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Sr.
Uncle (Rev) Olbrey Pierson Blakley was a preacher...
Uncle Pierson was a chauffeur, a well dresser.
I'm not for sure how Uncle Pierison's first name is spelled.

Uncle John Blakley was an elder in Des Moines Iowa.
Either Uncle John or Uncle Pierson was a Methodist preach that travel to Chillicothe, Missouri.
One of the brothers could have lived their.
Or was an traveling Evangelist.

Like I said I hope the find more this year.
Still Exploring and Discovering what's out there.
Happy Searching!
Entering Into Twenty Eleven!

Staying On The Family History Journey,Peace Be With You!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mysteries To Uncover: Part One

Happy New Year! Welcome to Twenty Eleven!

The year has begun. I'm hoping to find more on my family history. There are things on my journey that I want to search out. I think if I keep searching, I might find more than what I'm searching for.
Here are a few mysteries that I still want to uncover: What a mystery!
On My Mother's Father's Side: 

Where was Charlotta Dade on the 1870 census?
I believe that she was in Canton, Missouri with her family.
Her parents: Isaac and Frances Dade were listed in Canton, MO 1870.

How long were the Dades in Missouri? Charlotta was born in Missouri in 1854. Don't know when Isaac and Frances Dade came to Missouri.

There is little know on the Lankford side. What happened to Mamie Morton, the sister of Robert Louis Lankford? Was Morton Mamie's last name?  Robert and Mamie had the same mother. One of the Morton slave owners was the father.

Where did Robert Louis Lankford come from on KY?
On his death record it states B----town, KY
What brought him to Canton, Missouri?

On My Mother's Mother's Side:

Where was Anna Laura Washington Allen Walters on the 1900 census? Anna or Laura surname at that time was a WALTERS. I think the Walters surname was misspelled. Trying to find out what surname her daughter Mary Allen with by. Anna had another daughter. Question if her name was Mary too.

When did Anna Walters' father, William or John Washington died?  William/John was living when his 2nd wife Maliha Hill Washington died in 1921.

When did Anna's siblings and step brother and sister died! Anna had two brothers: James A. Washington and William or John Washington Jr. William or John was a widow on the 1910 census.

Anna had a step brother, Townsend Wynn and step sister, Ida Buckner. There mother was Maliah Hill Wynn Washington. There isn't much know on Anna's sister Lillie Washington. What happened to Anna's sister Lillie?

On My Father's Father's Side: 

What about the slaves in this slave ad?
Where did they go?
Who were their new slave owners?
There should be some record of these transactions.

How did Isaac reconnect with his family in Chariton and Howard Counties in Missouri? Story has it he found some of his family members in Natchez, Missouri.

Isaac perhaps started searching after he served in the Civil War in May 1866. Isaac and his 2nd wife Rachel were listed with his mother Julia and some siblings on the 1880 census in Missouri.

Where were Isaac and Martha (Scott) Blakey on the 1870 census? Isaac and Martha could have married in 1867.  I haven't located their marriage record in MS.

Where was Isaac's mother, Julia White on the 1870 census? There was a Jula White with 4 children in Iowa with similar children names. Expect there was a Thomas.

The story has it Julia White went to Natchez MS. I can't located her or her other children of the 1870 census in Mississippi. Where were Julia's other children on the 1870 census?

About Julia White's daugthers, Martha White and Mattie White....Where they the same person? I have located a Mattie White with an Ella White. Ella was Mattie's daughter. This Mattie live near an Andrew J. White who married a Laura.

Could Andrew White have been a cousin? His father was named Isaac White born about 1800 in VA. Isaac lived next door to Julia White in 1880.
What happened to Rebeca White's parents? Rebecca was the granddaughter of Julia White. I think Rebecca was Julia's first child's daughter born in VA.

What about the other children of Julia White, Richard "Dick", Andrew, Linda, Mary, Ben, Joshua, Spencer, John and or others during the 1870's?

This is just a few things that I have thought about. Hope the find more this year. Exploring and Discovering what's out there.
Happy Searching!
Enter Into Twenty Eleven!

Staying On The Family History Journey,Peace Be With You!