Monday, April 26, 2010

What About Hannah Hooper?

What have I discovered about Hannah Hooper, my 3rd Great Grandmother? I first came across Hannah's name on the 1880 Missouri census in the 1980's. She was about 115 years old born in SC. She was listed as an univalent. Her parents were from VA.

Hannah was listed as the Grandmother of Elais Bartlett. I was always lead to believe that Hannah was Elais grandmother until... I did some searching.

Early in 2008, I came across a death record of a Great Aunt, Waunetta Bartlett Armstrong ( 1891 -1929). She was my Grandmother Jennie's ( 1883 -1926) sister. Waunetta's parents names were listed on the death record.

Waunette parents were Elais Bartlett ( ca 1822 - ? ) and Harriet Hooper ( 1849 -1909). So, I see that Hooper came from Harriet's side and not Elais'. That changed some things.

Now, I have found all my Great Grandparents by name. I had all my Great Grandmother's maiden names. I was so excited that I came across that information.

Discovering Things While On The Journey
What About Hannah Hooper?

Hannah was the oldest person that I have found on my family tree.
She was born around 1765 in SC.
I don't know when Hannah passed way.
But she was listed on the 1880 census.
115 is a long time to live.

Hannah Hooper was my Great Harriet's grandmother.
Harriet Hooper Bartlett was the mother of Jennie Bartlett Blakley Lyle.
Jennie...was the mother of David Blakley Sr.
David Blakley Sr. was my father.

Grace to you,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lineage Notebook

I got this idea back on August 29, 2009. I was forming a family group sheet of all family members living and who have gone on. I tried to list every one I know of.

I divided each family into groups. I added their children and their spouses. I did this on my mother's side and on my father's side. There were four divisions.

I had to use tabs to locate people. I have more names on my father's side. They came for large family. Some of them had large families as well.

I then began to index the surnames. There are some people with the same names. I even found same surnames on both parents side. Madison. Nickerson. I have to know which one is which.

While On The Journey
Lineage Notebook

I plan to add more names as the years go by


Monday, April 12, 2010

The Assumption Of The Life Of Andrew White

This was written in August of 2007 with some updates

Andrew WHITE was believed to have came into Howard County MO from VA.
It's not for sure if he came from Montgomery County KY or Madison County VA

BLAKEY Slave owners came from Orange and Middlesex County in VA.
Andrew was born around 1810/1813/1818 ...Mostly likely in VA not KY
Andrew's parents could have been slaves owned by wealthy John W. WHITE Sr.from VA.

Andrew was perhaps given to Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY
around 1830's- 1840's as a wedding gift.
Andrew was with John and Frances BLAKEY
around the time of John's death 25 August 1844 in Howard Co MO.

Andrew was listed on probate records dated 5 January 1858.
7 other slaves which were assumed to have been Andrew's slave family:
wife, Julia and children

Andrew's where-about after 1858 is unknown.
A bill of sells between 1 March 1858 - June 1859 could be some help.
Andrew may have not been sold with his slave family.

There has been no evidence of Andrew in Chariton County MO
in marriage records 1865-1880
Andrew WHITE born ca 1818 not on 1880 Census Records for MO.

Julia was listed as a widow on the 1880 census in Howard County.
There wasn't much mention in oral history about Andrew.
During the early family reunion the mother's and father's names were not known.

We can assume that the slave family did reunite after slavery.
Most of them returned to the Forest Green MO area.
The mother and some of her children are buried there.

Additional information about this story
Description Andrew WHITE, the slave

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Faith Day

Posted on Sunday, 01 April 2007
I will continue from yesterday's blog entitled "A Unique Day". I suggest that you read "A Unique Day" first.
The day was April 1st, 2000. It was Census Day 2000 when the count of every household in the U.S.A. were due. I mailed our in ahead of time. I was considered the head of the house. I thought that was weird. I filled out the census so I was declared that the head of the house... Back to my testimony. I call this one "Faith Day"...
I woke up around 6 AM hour. I am usually up before during the 5 AM hour. I over slept this time. I glanced over in the direction of where my mother was sleeping. I could not see her but I assume that she was still sleeping. There was not enough light in the room for me to read so I used a flash light to read my Bible. I wanted to jump right into my time with God.

I don't remember actually what I was reading on this day. It should have been from Psalm 92, the 92th day of the year in 2000. And from Proverbs 1, the first day of the month. I recall that I was in the book of Thessalonians.

Also I recall the scripture...I don't know where it is in the Bible....but it's the one that has ....absent from the body, present with the Lord. This scripture was in my thoughts or my reading that morning....I glanced to see if my mother was up. She appeared to be in the same position that I saw her last. I though that that was odd. I was reading a long time.

So I kept on reading my Bible. I don't recall what I was reading but, a "Voice" spoke to me and said that "your mother is died." My response was...and I am not making this up..."If she is then she is in the presence of the LORD." Then I keep right on reading my Bible. I did not think to question what I heard.

I kept on reading my Bible. I don't know how long of time or how long after I heard that "Voice". But after I got finish with my Bible reading, I heard the "Voice" came again and said "Check on your mother." And so I closed my Bible and was going to check on my mother. I got up and then looked in the direction where my mother was laying...

What I saw....made me hurry to her bedside. My mother's mouth and eyes were open. My first response was...I can't remember if I spoke this out loud or I was looking into my mother's eyes and touching both of her hands, I spoke to GOD saying with a calm voice..."She is with You." I had PEACE that I can not explain to you, when I first saw my mother's body and then looked into her eyes.... I knew that she was no longer with us. She is with Jesus. From the few moments afterwards what I did next was done in calmness...
Our mother was buried seven days later, the following Saturday. That was on the 8th day. Our mother fell asleep in Jesus and went HOME 20 days before her 80th birthday. She passed just four days after what would have been her 63rd year since she married my father who passed in 1989. I was born in l963, the day after Palm Sunday.
What I just shared with you, I did not make it up...and what I am about to say next is true also...
I prayed for months for my mother. She was in the hospital for about a week, six months before she passed...she had a heart condition. Three days before her passing my mother was saying things that did not make any sense to me. [As I look back...I believe that she knew what was going on.]

I was going to Wednesday morning Bible Study. Pastor Linda S. was telling her testimony about her grandma's passing. So I started to pray for my mother. I even was reading the obituaries for about two months as I would pray for the survivors left behind. I just started doing this. I did not know why.

There were times that I pray to God whenever it's time for my mother [to be with You,] prepare us for her passing... I did this before our father past in 1989. I continue to say this prayer. Father God, prepare us before the next loved one's time to come to be with You.

I don't want to sound so "spiritual" in what I just testified. Some time ago, there were some people who shared with my that I look "so spiritual" when I am in praise and worship with God. I did not have a clue to what they were talking about. Being "spiritual." To me it's how I do when I am in the presence of God. I believe that God does leads me into doing some things.

One more thing on my mother's passing. I went to church on Sunday the next day. It was different. After the service was over and I was waiting on my friend to take me home, I was looking out the door into the sky. I saw two big birds hovering in the air. This brought my thinking back to that eagle dream that I had. It was like in the spirit I knew that my mother and father were in heaven with Jesus. And that I am ready to an eagle in the spirit.

Also these pass weeks, I have had awesome times in prayer at home. I pray that you will continue to enter into prayer during this week of the Holy Days. I am in a week of celebrating and entering into Easter. It started Friday night. I hope that we will be refreshed as we keep pressing into what our Lord God has for us. Amen.
Enter the "garden" of prayer like you have never done before....