Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oldest Blakey Who Lived? ~ Part 11

This article was written after April of 1971.

The oldest in this article:
John Blakey was the oldest of Isaac Blakey and Martha
Mary Blakey Green was the oldest of Isaac and Rachel's children.
Isaac Jr was the 3rd child of Isaac  and Rachel Blakey.

I wondered out of the known Isaac Blakey's children birth that died, who lived the longest? It may have been Isaac. Don't know when some of his siblings pasted away.

The Guyton Families are from the branch of Isaac and Rachel's Blakey descendants.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Isaac Blakey Jr. And Yankton, SD. Blakeys ~ Part 10

Isaac Jr., Henry, Blakey
Some of the Blakeys moved to Yankton, South Dakota in 1905.

Jordan who married Lizzie ? ,  and Flora Lawrence
John who married Jennie Bartlett
Archie who married and later moved to CA.
Lawhorn "Doc" who married and later moved to CA
Ollie "Deke" who married and later moved to CA
Spencer who married L. Mary Kinney
Lillie "Susie" who married Edward Hayes
Edna who married surnames Jackson and Bentley
Anne Mae ....?

Others who came...
Mary who married Ollie Green and perhaps were buried in SD.
Jordan remarried and moved to Michigan
Beecher moved further north

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Isaac and Rachel Blakey ~ Part 9

Isaac and Rachel BLAKEY
This Isaac was the one who served in the Civil War.

Isaac's  first wife, Martha SCOTT wasn't mention in the article. Isaac married Rachel LEPHRIDGE / LEFTRIDGE / LEFEW in Wilkinson County MS on July 3, 1873. Isaac's surnane of the record was spelled BLAKER.

According to this article and oral history they had 18 children. On Isaac's pension record their were mention other names. They could have been nicknames. Here's a list of Isaac children and their off springs.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Blakey / Blakley Descendants ~ Article Part 8

Blakey descendants
This wasnt' the John Blakey brother of Isaac BLAKEY.

There was some confusion with this part: This John wasn't the slave John BLAKEY, brother of Isaac BLAKEY. His John was the son of Isaac Blakey. John changed his surname to BLAKLEY. He was also known as John BLAKEY.

Isaac Blakey married twice. His first wife was Martha SCOTT. They married in Wilkinson County MS. They had twin sons; John and Andrew.

John , the son of Isaac and Martha (SCOTT) BLAKEY married Jennie (BARTLETT) in 1902 in MO. They had at least 15 children. John and Jennie resided in St. Joseph, MO. John's son Isaac BLAKLEY lived in St. Paul MN and was the son of Dick who was Richard and Bob who is Robert BLAKEY who played football at the University of MN around 1960.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dick and Jane WHITE ~ Part 7

Dick and Jane (Ferguson) WHITE and some of their children
 Here are some more infomation.

Dick's real name was Richard WHITE. Dick was his nickname.
He was born in 1866 - 1943.

Jane FERGUSON WHITE was Richard's first wife.
Richard and Jane had 12 children
Willie Winfey did most of the planning for the first reunion.
That was held in Sioux City Iowa July of 1971.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Empolyment , Homeland And Surnames ~ Part 6

They found worked on farms. And lived in Forest Green Missouri area.
They kept their own names. White And Blakey
 More clues and a mystery. 

They were employed and made their homes in Forest Green, MO.
Where did they work? As farmer or as farm hands?

What names did each family member take?
The mother in this article was unknown.
But later I came across her name in 1989.

What names did each one take?
The mother, WHITE
Spencer WHITE

It appears that Isaac was the only one in his group that took the surname of BLAKEY. Don't know why Isaac kept the BLAKEY surname. Perhaps he was with the BLAKEYs for a long time. They may have helped him to his freedom. Two of the former slave owners gave affidavit of who Isaac was. Isaac applied for his pension records in 1890's.

Also for the mother, Did she have other children? Yes. She had about 12 or 13 children. Some of the children may have passed away before the turn of the century. Some of the family members may not have know about them.

The article states that Matt WHITE never married. As I searched for Mattie White, I came up with her as a widow with about 5 children. I don't know how this information got lost.

The big mystery to this part of the article: Who was the great grand mother? Was the writer in this article speaking of Ted Blakey's great grand mother? The mother of the slaves  or the mother's husband's mother?

The mother was believe to have passed away and was buried in Forest Green, MO. Most those who passed away in this family were buried in Forest Green, MO and area.
There are some descendants who still live in the Forest Green Area.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Isaac Blakey Reunites With Family ~ Part 5

Here are some more clues: Some time after Isaac was discharged from the army, he started to look for his family. Wonder how long it took him to find them? Note: Isaac was wounded in the War.

Isaac didn't know where his family was... But found out that they were shipped MS. Isaac had to have had some connections to where the where a bout of his family. Perhaps the info was from his former slave owners.

Isaac did located his family easily because he was familiar with the area where his family was. The article mentions the names of Isaac's other siblings. Spencer, Dick and sister, Matt.. 

The article states that Isaac's siblings were shipped to Natchez, MS. I wondered if they were ever in MO? Also if this Spencer, Dick and sister, Matt White were other relatives on the other generation? It was just a thought. However, Isaac did have siblings named Spencer, Dick and Matty White.

As for Isaac Blakey, he was born in Roanoak , Fayette or Shannondale Missouri between 1845 - 1847. The slave owner, John BLAKEY passed away in 1844. Most of the slaves where born after John BLAKEY passed.

John's widow, Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY and her children were the slave owners to Isaac, his mother and her children. The father of the slaves weren't mentioned in the article. I wonder why? Nor was the name of the mother.

 As for Spencer, Dick and Matty, they choose the WHITE surname. According to this article, John carried the BLAKEY surname. But through searching, John carried the WHITE surname.

Isaac somehow convinced the family to move back to MO. I think that other relatives may have been there. Why would some one what to move back to the area where they were once held captive as slaves? I think that there was some family connections in Chariton and Howard County Missouri area.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

John and Isaac Blakey: Civil War ~ Part 4

John in Forest Green MO.
While Isaac joined The Union  Army after Emancipation Proclamation was signed.
More clues: The Emancipation Proclamation which was signed on Jan 1, 1863. John remained in Forest Green, MO as a slave. And Isaac somehow ran away and joined the Union Army for three years and nine months.

I began to search more on my Blakey ancestors in 1980 - 1981. One of my sisters heard of some Blakeys living in South Dakota. We set out to find more information.

It wasn't until we visited some cousins in Yankton, South Dakota, we came across some news that we didn't know about. I was surprised to hear that Isaac was on my family lineage. I thought John, Isaac brother was on the direct line.

This information sparked my desire to find out.I was hoping there would be some record on Isaac. So I searched more.

As I searched for information on Isaac Blakey, I found out much more about on the family tree. I thought if Isaac served in the Civil War than there should be some record of it. I received that information through the mail. But it took a while. Isaac's surname was BLAKER.

In the military records: I  came across information that I thought was long lost. I pieced together some of what I discovered. There was listed the names of the slave owners; John and Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY. That explains the two family surnames. It appears that the WHITE slave owners was on Frances' side.

Isaac did joined the Union Army in Natchez Mississippi on Nov 1, 1863. He was between 16 -18 years old. He was honorable discharged on  May 13, 1866. Isaac date of birth was unknown. He's accepted birth was on June 30, 1847. Yet some records stated his birth year about 1845.

A great wonder would be, how did a young teenage slave travel to MS?  It would have been hard to escape without help. Perhaps he was sold to some of the WHITE / BLAKEY relatives in MS.

According to Isaac BLAKER's pension records, Isaac and his mother were sold about the breaking out of the War and they went south. That could explain how Isaac ended up in the army.

There was no mentioning of where the other slaves were . Oral history states that they were in Natchez, MS. What a coincident? Isaac was there too.

Question: Was John the only slave relative left in Missouri? There could have been other relatives with John. As for John, his surname was WHITE. That was the confusion in the article. John took the WHITE surname.

I thought to myself. Who was John BLAKEY, the slave? I came across that answer. He was John WHITE (1858- 1918).  There was a John Blakey mentioned in the article. He was the son of Isaac Blakey, brother of John WHITE.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Arrival And Names Taken ~ Article Part 3

The next three sentences
When they arrived in New Orleans, the slaves were sold at slave auctions and given a bill of sale.
The slaves were given the slave master's name.

The two oldest brothers, Isaac 12 and John 10 sold to a man by the name of BLAKEY.
He took them to Forest Green, Missouri.

Here were some more clues. There should have been a record of the bill of sale for these slaves. I don't know if the records still exist. So we can figure out about what year Isaac and John were born. I assume that the year was 1843 when the slaves were sold. Here's the math.

1843 - 12 = 1831 the year about when Isaac was born
1843 - 10 = 1833 the year about when John as born

Assuming that the year was 1843, the years don't match up with the John or Isaac BLAKEY. There may have been another generation with a mother and her 5 children. According to this article Isaac was the oldest. As I searched on I found out that Isaac had older siblings. Isaac was born about 1845 - 1847. John was born about 1858.

There was a slave owner named BLAKEY. I search for the slave owners. They moved to Missouri about 1835 from Virginia. The slave owners did live in Forest Green, Missouri. Chariton and Howard County Missouri Area.

As I searched more, I came across more leads. Those leads led to more questions. I was surprised by what I stumbled across. Oh, I wouldn't have though of this. The question to the mystery began to unfold.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Part 2: Blakey - White Families: The Year 1843

The first two sentences of this article:  

The introduction of the article gives some good information: the families surnames, a year, a name and the place; Riverside Park. The date of the article was not listed or the State where the reunion took place. I later found out the reunion was held in Iowa around 1971.  

According to one of the descendants, Ted Blakey from Yankton, South; a mother, and her four sons and a daughter came to New Orleans on a ship in 1843. I don't know where Ted Blakey got this info -

Ted could have been oral history from his father, Henry Blakey who passed down what he heard and or what others said about the family history. After researching, I came across the list of some of the slaves' names and the Blakey slave owners' names.

The article mention the year 1843 and a place. I can trace back to the year 1843 through information that I came across. But the article raises some questions about when the family came to New Orleans.
This article states that the mother and her children can on a ship from some where to New Orleans. That somewhere was perhaps Africa or from another State in America?  

Question: Did the mother and 5 children remain in New Orleans for a while before they were moved to MS? (There were some things in these two sentences that didn't match up with the other records that I have come across.)

By this article, the reader can assume that the mother and her children weren't born in America. Over the years, I wondered. Could there have been another generation that came from Africa? After researching, I did discovered that the mother of Isaac (and the other children) was born in VA. One of the mother's or father's children was born in VA. The mother's other children were born in MO.

I'm not trying to disprove any thing stated in the article: Slavery Descendants to Have First Reunion. I see some things in the article that brings questions. The reporter could have wrote down  incorrect information. Still there was a lot of information in this article. (That was what inspired me to began to search out what I could find.)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Part 1: Thoughts: Slavery Descendants to Have First Reunion


I can't recall when I first came across this news clipping. I think it was in the late 1970's.  Through the years, I began to search. I searched and I searched. I was trying to find information on the people in the article.

Through the years, I keep reading the article over and over. I gathered up information. I found some clues as I reread the article. But as I gathered more info, some things were mixed up and brought confusion.

Indeed there were so many same name relatives. I wondered, who was who? And questions that made me wonder. Why Blakey? Why White?

I made some interesting discoveries along the journey. Some discoveries, I thought; could never have been found out. I believe what I came across were blessings from God. I was so excited to find out more and more. So, I kept searching.

I couldn't have discovered what I know so far without assistance from others. I'm thankful for the people who God put in my pathway to help me. Thank You, Jesus!

I was hoping to find more people along this journey. And I did come across some contacts with family members through family reunions and some who kept in touch through corresponding through the mail.

What a journey it has been!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Article: Slavery Descendants To Have First Reunion

 Updating and Correcting some things in this Article.
Introduction: The Article as it was written.

Article written in the early 1970's.
Taken from a Iowa newspaper

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some 2012 Happenings And Milestones

It's been an exciting 2012; searching for family history. I came across a lot of new information. I've been trying to piece together my discoveries.

Here are some special milestones, births, passing in 2012.
Family Connections

Jan 30, 2012
Margaret Ann (FLOYD) BLAKLEY passing

Feb 12, 2012
Daniel BLAKEY  passing
Find A Grave

LYLE Connections

March 22, 2012
James LIGHTNER Jr. passing
Find A Grave Memorial

Heard of a BARTLETT Connections passing.
Couldn't verify


June 5, 2012
Daniel "T. K." BLAKEY passing, son of Isaac and Arlee
In Memory Page
Find A Grave Memorial

June 7. 2012
Doris BLAKEY IVORY passing
Find A Grave Memorial

July 22, 2012
Betty Marie LANKFORD WESTON passing
Obituary Newspaper
Find A Grave Memorial

Aug 9, 2012  Birth CARDDOCK BLAKLEY Connections
Sept 5, 2012 Birth CRADDOCK/BLAKLEY Connections

Olbrey Pierson BLAKLEY was born September 17, 1912
Marks 100th Year of his birthday
Oct 29, 2012
Gladys LANKFORD passing
Find A Grave Memorial



These are just a few of what I've heard about. I believe that there were more. I came across relatives who passed away 2004 - 2011. I found some obituaries, tombstones and funeral info.  I add more names to the family tree.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In Family History: January

In Rememembrance: Family Connections Those who have passed away....

 In Jan of 1854 ~
Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD/ LANKFARD was believed to have been born. She was the daughter of Isaac and Frances (OVINGTON) DADE.

In Jan of 1882 ~
Patrick WHITE was believed to have been born. He was the son of Martha "Mattie" WHITE.

On Jan 1, 1918 ~
Durwood HENDRED was born the son of Isaac and Elsie (MARSHALL) HENDREND.

On Jan 1, 1929 ~ 
Dr. Wade Hampton PEYTON Jr. was born the son of Wade and Sarah (BARTLETT) PEYTON

On Jan 2, 1995 ~
Robert "Bob" WILLER passed. He was the son of Raymond and Mary Jane (BLAKEY)

On Jan 2, 2007 ~
Teresa STOCK passed. She was the daughter of Robert and Phyllis (BLAKEY)

 On Jan 3, 1943 ~
Rev. Olbrey Pierson BLAKLEY passed. He was the son of John (BLAKEY) and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE

On Jan 4, 1890 ~
Charles Edward LANKFORD was born the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD

On Jan 4, 1894 ~
Roy DADE was born the son of Pearl and Belle (COTTEN) DADE

On Jan 5, 1912 ~
Aldlene Hiawathia LANKFORD was born the daughter of Louis and Sarah (WRIGHT) LANKFORD.

On Jan 5, 1912 ~
Harvey Daniel KEMP was born. He was the husband of Irene (BLAKEY)

On Jan 6, 1918 ~
Thomas Elmer HENDRED was born the son of George and Anna (ROBINSON) HENDRED.

On Jan 6, 1948 ~
Christopher Columbus SMITH passed. He was the husband of Anna Alice (LANKFORD) SMITH

On Jan 8, 1851 ~ John WASHINGTON was born the son of David and Louisa (DADE)WASHINGTON.

On Jan 8, 1912 ~
Irene (BURBRIDGE) BLAKEY was born. She was the wife of Henry Leo BLAKEY.

On Jan 11, 1920 ~
Sallie (WHITE) KIRBY HUDSON passed in Kansas City, Missouri. She was the daughter of Spencer WHITE.  She was the wife of Orlando Stack KIRBY and Lemuel "Lem" HUDSON.

On Jan 11, 2011 ~
Ray HENDRED passed. He was the son of Isaac Lewis HENDRED and Elsie (MARSHALL) HENDRED. Ray was the husband of Bernice AKERS HENDRED.

On Jan 11, 1994 ~
Catherine Marie(STRANGE) LYLE passed in New York. She was the wife of Faris C. LYLE

On Jan 12, 1902 ~
Thelma Rowena (LANKFORD) JACKSON was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. She was the daughter of Louis (Add) LANKFORD and Leola (PETERSON). She was the wife of Ambrose W. Jackson.

On Jan 12, 1906 ~
Hazel Catherine DADE KING was born the daughter of Den "Dennie" DADE and Louetta (ROBINSON) DADE.

On Jan 12, 2001 ~
Leon Harvell THOMAS passed in St. Paul, MN. He was the husband of Janice Carrie (BLAKEY) THOMAS

On Jan 14, 1909 ~
Levi HAYES was born the son of Ernest and Martha (BLAKEY) HAYES

On Jan 14, 1939 ~
Lewis Edges TATE was bornthe son of Edgar and Juanita (WASHINGTON) TATE.

On Jan 14, 1975 ~
Den DADE passed. He was the son of Louis N. and Mary (VENOY) DADE

On Jan 15, 1954 ~
Linda BLAKEY was born the daughter of Spencer Jr and Leona (JOHNSON) BLAKEY.

On Jan 15, 2006 ~
Josephine Mae (TURNER) BLAKEY passed. She was the wife of Nathaniel BLAKEY.
On Jan 16, 2007 ~
Geraldine (OVERTON) HENDRED passed. She was the wife of Raymond O. HENDRED.

On Jan 16, 1959 ~
LeRoy BLAKEY Sr passed,. He was the son of Spencer and Mary (KINNEY) BLAKEY.

On Jan 17, 1901 ~
Ambrosse JACKSON Sr was born. He was husband of Themla (LANKFORD) JACKSON.

On Jan 17, 1925 ~
Thelma Marie JACKSON passed. She was the daughter of Ambrosse Sr and Themla (LANKFORD) JACKSON

On Jan 20, 1882 ~
Louis Adward "Add" LANKFARD was born the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

On Jan 21, 1961 ~
Nejla LYLE passed. She was the daughter of Faris and Catherine (STRANGE)LYLE.

 On Jan 22, 1905 ~
Arthur L WOODS was born. He was the husband of Lurena (COBY) WOODS.

On Jan 22, 2014 ~
John L. "Johnnie" J.P. POWELLS passed. He was the husband of Jacquely P. "Jackie" BLAKEY

On Jan 23, 1933 ~
Hazel V, BLAKLEY was born the daughter of John BLAKEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

On Jan 23, 2006 ~
James LIGHTNER passed. He was the husband of Mary Jane (BLAKEY) LIGHTNER

Jan 24, 1926 ~
Issac WASHINGTON passed. He was the son of David and Louisa Janie (DADE) WASHINGTON.

On Jan 24, 1864 ~
Benjamine WASHINGTON. was born. He was the son of David and Louisa Janie (DADE) WASHINGTON.

On Jan 24, 1959 ~
Edna (BLAKEY) JACKSON BENTLEY passed. She was the daughter of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY.

On Jan 27, 1926 ~
Addison Ad LANKFORD was born the son of Leo and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

On Jan 27, 2004 ~
Terrill MORRISON GETHERS passed. He was the son of William and Elizabeth (WHITE) GETHERS.

On Jan 28, 1854 ~
Isaac WASHINGTON was born the son of David and Louisa (DADE)WASHINGTON.

On Jan 28, 1878 ~ Frederick A. LANKFARD was born the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD

On Jan 28, 1917 ~
Arlee L. (BULLARD) BLAKEY was born. She was the wife Isaac BLAKEY who was the son of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY. .

On Jan 28, 1963 ~
Louis Edward MADISON passed. He was the son of William and Lula Mae (LANKFORD) MADISON.

On Jan 29, 1922 ~
Irene Amanda (BLAKEY) LANKFORD STRAKEY KEMP. was born the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (FRISTOE) BLAKEY.

On Jan 30, 1926 ~
Joseph WALTERS passed. He was the son of Thronton and Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) ALLEN WALTERS.

On Jan 30, 1958 ~
Chirstina JOHNSON was born the daughter of Rev Ail and Sarah (LANKFORD) JOHNSON.

On Jan, 30, 1930 ~
Thomas J. BLAKEY was born the son of Flora (LAWRENCE) BLAKEY

On Jan 30, 2012
Margaret (FLODY) BLAKLEY passed. She was wife of Richard BLAKLEY.

On Jan 31, 2013 ~
Thomas Sarah (PEYTON) FLUDD ANDERSON passed. She was the daughter of Wade Hampton PEYTON Jr. and Katherine (ROBINSON) PEYTON. The BARTLETT - PEYTON Family Connections

HaPpY 2013!

Welcome to Twenty Thirteen!
The journey quest continues!
I'm hoping to explore and discover more things about the family history.

May have a Wonderful and Blessed 2013
God bless you,