Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Looking Into The Mystery Of Nymadula Lankford

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Nymadula "Nym" Lankford was born in St. Joseph, Missouri on February 29, 1896. Nymadula was the youngest son of Charlotta Dade and Robert Louis Lankford.
Nym Lankford

There is little known of Nymadula. He lived in St. Joseph, MO, Denver Colorado, New York, New York... He married Hattie McDaniel who played in "Gone With The Wind". I have searched Hattie's obituary. She did marry a Nymadula Lankfard from St. Joseph, Missouri.

There's a book on Hattie by Jill Watts. Hattie McDaniel White Ambition. Nymadula was mentioned about 7 times. The year of their marriage was about 1918. How Nym met Hattie is still a mystery.

I searched the 1920 census. There was a Nymadula "Nym" Langford with a Nattie Langford from KS. It could be Hattie. On the Denver, Colorado director, Nym was living there in 1918. He was listed with Hattie in 1923.

In the book, Nym was married to another lady by the name of Irene. They had a daughter. In other words, Nym was married to two women.

Hattie filed for divorce. The marriage ended after 16 years. It was around 1937...Nymadula was believed remain living in NY. He remarried and had a daughter. I don't know when Nymadula died. I assume he passed away and was buried in NY. I haven't found out when he passed or where his remains was buried.

I'm still searching in The Mystery of Nymadula. Even his name....Where did his parents come up with this name? It sounds African.

According to the World War II draft registration, Nym was living in New York. He spelled his name as Nym Lankfard. There were times his surname was spelled Lankford. It could have been how people heard the Lankford name pronounced.

Here's a photo taken about the 1930's or early 1940's in New York, New York. Nymadula perhaps passed away during the early 1940's.
I haven't found his death record.
My Journey continues on the mystery of Nym Lankford...
Perhaps a descendant of Nym can fill in us in on this story.
I hope so!

According to this website Nym Langford died in 1922 due to a shooting. Records state that Hattie McDaniel married a George Langford in 1922. I don't know where this story came from. I don't think Nym and George were the same person. Hattie and Nym were married 16 years. They divorced in the 1930's.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Robert Louis Lankford / Lewis Lankfard

Robert / Lewis Lankfard was born on Feb 22, 1852 in KY.
Robert Louis Lankford/ Lankfard
Robert was the husband of Charlotta (Dade) Lankford.
Robert/ Lewis Lankford/ Lankfard

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What About My Aunts And Uncles By Marriage? Part 3 Rev. Aile J. Johnson

What I've discovered about Aile Johnson.
I always thought Alie name was Aile Johnson.
Through the search I've discovered it was Aile.
Aile was born on March 1891 in Mississippi.
Aile married Sarah Belle Lankford on January 14, 1953.

Aile passed away in November of 1967.
Below is the memorial service of Aile.
Aile Johnson's Memorial Service Notice in November of 1967.
In additon: I've located an Aile on some census. One 1910 census.
Police Jury Ward 1 listed an Alie/Olie Johnson a black male about 19,
MS born lack male, single boarder home in 1910 Tangipahhoa, Louisiana.
He was listed as a block setter at lumber mill.

There was an Alic / Alie Johnson on the 1900 Census
Beat 4 Lowndes, MS Alie was about 6 years old, black male.
Son of Major and Lizzie Johnson
On the 1930 census Vernon, Madison, MS,
there was a Alie Johnson MS born about 1889.
He married to Minnie Johnson with three sons Aarnet, Ben and Lily A. Johnson.
There was an Aile L. Johnson who married Genelle Collins on Jan 7, 1941
Moberly, Randolph County in Missouri.

I wish I could have found more.
Rev. Uncle Aile Johnson was a traveling preacher.
I don't know for sure when he moved to St. Joseph, MO.
Perhaps in the 1940's.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Leaving A Legacy

I've been searching for my family history for over 30 years. I can't recall when I really got interesting in searching. Through the years of hearing stories from family members and relatives, I started to seek out more.

My major break through in my search came while I was on I discovered many documents year after year. I'm still searching with whatever resource that's out there.

There's so much to leave as a legacy in a family history. I hope that family members in my generation and the generations to come, will have a knowing of where we came from. We all have a family history. But will we be willing to search where our ancestors and relatives came from? Will we be willing to share?

It's been a journey. I have made a lot of progress over the years. I hope to discover more along my journey quest. And I hope others can add to the family history.

As I look back over my journey, I see that there were times when I hit a season on the journey when I don't find anything. Then there were times when a wellspring of information comes. I thank God for what I have come across and for what there to discover.

I can't take all the credit on what I've come across. There has been some who helped me along the way. I thank God for them. I hope that there are others will pick up where those before them left off.

May we all know that each of us are apart of a family history.
May we share what we know or heard about the family history.
May we all leave a legacy for the generations to come.

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Leaving  A Legacy
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pension Claim Of Isaac Blakey

General Affidavit

State of Missouri. County of Chariton, ss:

In the matter of Pension claim of Isaac Blakey (?) (word late) of Co H "6th" Mississippi Regt. NO 988.93

On THIS 15th day of Feb , A.D. 1899, personally appeared before me, a notary Public in and for the aforesaid county, and State, duly authorizes to administer oaths...Y.C. Blakey, aged 63 years, a resident of Salisbury in the County off Chariton and State of Missouri, whose Post Office address is Salisbury MO and....aged...years, a resident the County of...and Stated of....whose Post Office address is...and who, being duly sworn, declares each for himself, in relation to aforesaid case as follows

...that he was acquainted with Isaac Blakey from the time that he was a small boy, up to the time of the breaking out of the war of the rebellion from 1861-1865, and his knowledge of him was on this wise, said Isaac Blakey the above named applicant belonged to his father's family and lived with them up to the time above spoken of and when he last saw him, he was at his (Y.C. Blakey's) Mother's house in Fayette, MO about the years 1857 to 1861, at which place he was staying at that time. afficant further states that Isaac Blakey had previously borne a good reputaiton as a slave he had no bad or viscious habits that he knew of and as far as he knows, he still bears a good reputation affiant states that the foregoing statements are made from personal knowledge of the facts stated.

Date Feb 24 1899 Signed by Y.C. Blakey in his hand writing