Monday, December 27, 2010

Family History Journey 2010: Part 2 Information and Photos

I saw some new discoveries along my family history journey in 2010. There were some photos that I've never seen before. I'm glad that I got to see them.

Also there were some things I don't know. There were some interesting things that I found on my journey. Here's a short look back at what I discovered in 2010.

I didn't know that there is a book that mention Uncle Nym Lankford's and Great Uncle Frederick Lankford's names in it. The book is about Hattie McDaniel, Black Ambition, White Hollywood By Jill Watts

Great Uncle Nym was Hattie's 2nd husband. They were married about 16 years until their divorce. Great Uncle Fred was a famous "tango banjoist" in Denver, Colorado.

Also I don't know that their parents, Robert Louis and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford lived in Denver. I don't know for how long. 

I wrote some blogs for the Lankford Family Reunion in July 2010.  The Lankford / Lankfard Family Where it began with Charlotta Dade and Robert L. Lankford. The Lankford Connection The descendants of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford

I didn't know that Great Uncle Louis Adward Lankford went by "Add" Lankford. Uncle "Add" played professional baseball in the negro league around the turn of the 1900 to 1920's or so.

I don't know why some LANKFORDs spelled their names LANKFARD. Perhaps the why it sounded. There were records spelling the surname LANKGFORD also.

I don't know that Great Aunt Isabella Lankford Nickerson was buried with a child in her coffin. Great Aunt Isabella died in Denver in 1938. I'm not for sure what happened...

I didn't know what Uncle "Sam" Leo Lankford Jr. or Aunt "Annie" Anna Lankford Blakley looked like until this year. I knew that Uncle "Ad" Addison Lankford, son of Leo and Mary was married.

I didn't know her name. Her name was Alice. She was a lady from Minnesota. I thought that her name was Pearl. Uncle Ad and Aunt Alice were married at 2616 Locust by Rev Alie J. Johnson.

Also, I heard that Aunt Leola Lankford Farmer had two sons. Her first son I think was named, Moses. But I heard his name was Marvin. Then I heard the child was a girl. I don't know.  In either case the child died as an infant. 
Leo Sr. with sons Robert, Leo Jr. Addison

6 of the 7 Lankford daughters with mother, Mary back row 3rd for left side.

The 2nd Lankford Family Reunion July 2010
Logo by Leo Lankford the 3rd
7 Children of Sarah Belle Lankford Johnson.
Front row left to right, Josephine, Sharon, Betty,
Back row left to right, Marylee, Jennie Ann Wilbur, and Daniel "Pete" 
Some of the descendants of Sarah Belle Lankford Johnson. (3 generations)
Daniel "Pete" Lankford Sr with children, grandchildren and 2nd wife,Sandra 
Sharon Johnson (in yellow) with daughter, son in law and their children.

3 sons, 2 grandson and a great grandson of Leo Jr and Lois Lankford

Leo the 3rd and Leo the 4th Lankford: Father, son

The one with microphone, Earl Walker, son of Comezelle and Josephine Walker
C. Walker Jr. son of Comezelle and Josephine Walker. Jr. looks just like his father.

Some of the Descendants of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford)
The Men

Lula Blakley's three sons and one grandson.

Some of the descendants of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford
The Ladies

6 of 19 children of Lula, 3 daughters, 3 sons, one grandson, Dwayne and
one granddaughter, Chantelle and daughter in law, Jayne

First time I seen this photo.
I got this photo off
Rachael Ann Leftridge /Lafayette / Lew, 2nd wife of Isaac Blakey
Rachael had 18 children by Isaac.

Took this photo off a video on the Internet.
Great Grandfather Isaac Blakey aka Private Isaac Blaker MS Union Army 1963 - 1866.
Here's the blog with the video of Isaac Blakey. My journey continues. I believe that there is more out there. But where?  I believe if I start searching somewhere something might pop up. Happy Searching!

Staying On The Journey,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family History 2010 Journey: Part 1 New Information

It's been a great year searching on the family history. I came across a lot of information. There were names that I've added to the family tree. There were some people and relatives I've met for the first time.

Here are just a few things I came across.

I came across another connection on Frances Ovington Dade. This branch is on my mother's father's mother Charlotta Dade Lankford. Charlotta had a sister named Louisa Jane Dade Washington. Louisa has a lot of offspring. I came across about 3 or 4 searchers searching the Louisa Dade Washington lineage.

I came across something on my mother's father's father, Robert Louis Lankford. On the 1870 census Robert / Lewis Langford lived on the same block as his future sister in law, Mary Dade Madison. I think Robert went by Louis at times.

I came across something about my mother's father, Leo Lankford. According to Leo's World War II draft registration, he was paralyzed in the left hand and leg since he was four years old. I noticed in some photos Grandpa Leo held his hand a certain way. There are some photos with him with a cane.

I came across something on my mother's mother's mother, Anna Laura Washington Allen Walters. Anna was the mother of three children. I thought that the Walter children were Anna's step children. Anna went by Laura at times. But, I think her first name was Anna.

I came across John Nelson who was Anna Laura Walters grandson by her another daughter, "Bonita"/ Mary who was a Walters. John died in Atchison, Kansas in 1976. I don't know happened to John's parents. John's mother was listed as a widow on the 1910 census.

I came across something on my father's mother, Jennie Bartlett Blakley Lyle. She remarried some time in 1920 to a CHILTON Lyle. I thought her 2nd husband's first name was CHELTON.

Jennie knew Chilton about July of 1919. They had a child named Dorothy born April of 1920. The child later died July of 1920. Not for sure if Dorothy and a twin?

There were two death records. One with Dorothy's name on it. The other with Davis name on it. One died on July 3, 1920. The other on July 5, 1920.

I came across some information that I'm not for sure on my father's father John Blakley. Or  aka John Blakey. There was a black, John Blakey listed in the Kansas City, Missouri area around 1900.

I don't know if it was my Grandpa John. John married Jennie Bartlett in Excelsior Springs, Clay County, Missouri. John married with the BLAKEY surname.

However, John's surname was spelled BLAKYE on the marriage record. Also John was listed from Carrollton, Missouri while Jennie BARTEL was from St. Joseph, Missouri.

I came across some things I've overlooked on the Blakey White family. My father's father's father's mother, Julia White had a granddaughter named, Rebecca White.

On the 1880, Rebecca was listed as mulatto born in Missouri. Her parents were born in Virginia. I don't know if Rebecca carried the White surname. I can assume that Rebecca's parents passed away and Julia took care of her.

I've been searching for Mattie White and her daughter Ella Bentley Carr. I'm still looking into that. I came across an Ella White listed with Mattie who had 5 children...

I can't locate where Mattie and Ella passed away. Mattie died about 1947. Ella died about 1923.  This information was from family reunion booklets.

I found out about Richard "Dick" White's 2nd wife, Belle Stapleton. Her name was Mary Belle Brooks. She was the widow of David Stapleton. David and Belle had three children.

I'm still coming across information. I believe that there is more out there. I believe through time, I may stumble across some more clues. I don't have all the living descendants on the family tree.

Through the years I've been adding names to the family tree. Maybe some day, I'll come across more of the relatives that I don't know about. I'll add them to the list too. The family tree keeps growing.

My Quest Continues...
Staying On The Journey,Susan

Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Memory Of Mary Allen Lankford

I read this as a question: What do you like the most about your grand parents? I approach this question in another way. What I remember and discovered about my Grandma Mary.

For those who know me, I'm on a journey. I am searching information about my ancestors. I thought to share this on this day. I came across that question about a month ago.

(This blog was in 2009. I made some update.) I'm keeping warm the best way that I know how. Try to KEEP Warm. God Bless you.

Photo: Grandma Mary with her husband, Leo Lankford Sr. with their son Robert Louis Lankford.

My grandparent on my father's side. My father's father, John Blakley. passed on July 10, 1918. My father's mother, Jennie Bartlett passed on December 27, 1926. That's well before I was born.

My grandparents on my mother's side.
My mother's father, Leo Lankford. passed on in September of 1954. That's well before my time too. However, I got the honor to meet my mother's mother, Mary Allen Lankford.

Grandma Mary was born on December 21, 1889 in St. Joseph, Missouri. A matter of fact, Grandma Mary lived just about four houses away. I didn't have far to go to Grandma's house.

Here was what I remember and discovered about Grandma Mary. She stayed at our home for a short while. She fell in her house and some of her children were taking turns taking care of her.

I recall when Grandma Mary was in our house. We were in the front room. Grandma was cleaning out her purse. She handed my mother something. Grandma told my mother to give it to me. It was a tumble. I still have the tumble today.

I also remember that someone took a picture of Grandma Mary, with two of her daughters. One my mother and her sister, my Aunt Betty. I have a photo of my Grandma Mary, My mother, Lula and Aunt Betty.

There are some things that I did not think about back then. Grandma was about 85 years, 11 months and 14 days when she passed on on November 7, 1975. She was buried next to her husband at Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.

My mother wanted me to I stayed home from school that day of her mother's funeral. I didn't go to the funeral. But, I did get to see her body. Her body was the very first died person I saw in a coffin. It was weird. It was like Grandma was just sleeping.

Over the years of my family history research, I discovered some things about my Grandma Mary. She was the only child born from my Great Grandma Anna Laura Washington.

There wasn't much known about Grandma Mary's father, William Robert Allen. He was born in Georgetown, Missouri about 1861. He worked on a farm. I assume that he died not to long after Grandma Mary was born. I have not found much information on him.

Grandma Mary's mother, Anna Laura WASHINGTON was listed as mulatto. She was half black and another race. She was born in St. Joseph, on June 13, 1867 to a William / John and Susan (LEACH) Washington. I found more on Anna's through her death records.

Grandma Mary was said to have been half American Indian. Her birth record stated that she was mulatto. My Grandma Mary stated that she was black even though she was less than half black.

My Grandma Mary was fair skinned with freckles. In her early days, she had long coal black hair. 

At times I heard that Grandma Mary was a Walters. Her mother, Laura remarried to a Thornton Walters. She had a son named Joseph Walter and daughter named Mary "Bonita" Walters. Grandma Mary married my Grandpa Leo. They had 11 children.

I thank God that I got the honor to have met one of my grandparents. I believe there will come a day when I will get to met the others ones who called upon the Lord. What a reunion that will be!

What I like most about my grandparents?
They called upon the name of Jesus to be saved.
They birth my parents.

Most of my Great Grandparents on my parents sides were born in slavery.
That makes me the third generation born after slavery.
I am thankful for my family lineage.

I was born for a purpose.
I was not born by accident.
Thank You, Jesus.

May all have a Good Day!

Staying On The Family History Journey,

The words of the LORD are pure words, Like silver tried in a furnace of earth, Purified seven times. NKJV Psalm 12:6

Say to wisdom, "You are my sister," And call understanding your nearest kin, NKJV Proverbs 7:4

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Rediscovery On The DADE Side

This was written in 2009. I reworded some things. Also ... added some updates with photos to bring the story to life.

This year, I've been making some rediscoveries on my family history. I must be on the right road. I'm doing OK! The joy of the Lord is my strength. Grace to you.

I been rediscovered some thing about my family history. I got some new leads on my Great Grandma Charlotta Dade Lankford. What a discovery, I came upon.

More over 20 years ago a lady from Illinois wrote me. She sent some information on her Dade lineage in Canton, Missouri area. She thought that we were related some how.

Back in 1988, I didn't have a lot of information as I have now. It was through the Missouri death Rrecords from 1910 - 1959 where I gained new insight on my lineage. There was so much that I didn't know.

Yeah, I've been making new found discoveries. I have connected what information I have found to this with the information 20 years ago. I can see that a "Lew" Louis Dade was my Great Grandmother Charlotta's brother. It was through their death records and census records that I made the discovery.

I see that Lewis (Louis) or Lew and Charlotta have the same names as parents. Isaac Dade and "Frankie" Frances Dade. Louis or "Lew" lived near the same Isaac and "Frankie" in the 1870's. Louis actually lived with them at one time.

I have come across at least 4 of Isaac and "Frankie's" children. Frankie was said to have had 14 children. One in which was Charlotta Dade Lankford. I came across information on Charlotta's death record on July 31, 2008. It took a while for me to locate Great Grandma Charlotta's death record. (See below)

There is so much that I have gain during the past three weeks in 2009. Back then, I added a lot more Dades to the family lineage. There are some similar surnames as well. This is confusing. I have to get the Madison, Washington and Nickerson right on my mother's side.

I thought that it was way too late to start searching for my family history after my mother's mother passed away in November of 1975. You know what? I thought wrong.

Since I began, I have gained a lot of information. And with more information begin made open to the public, I am learning more about my ancestors. I am glad that I have that spirit to search for my family history.

I pray that there will be people who are curious about their ancestors. It is good to know who the people before us were. They were as human as we are.

They lived on this planet just as we are. Some fell asleep in Jesus Christ. We who have called upon Jesus as LORD and Savior shall see them again when the time comes.

May we make more rediscoveries of things that we over look in life. May we be lead by the Spirit of God. May we see the hidden mysteries of the past.

A good man leave an inheritance to his children's children, But the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous. NKJV Proverbs 13:22

For there those who carried us away captive asked of us a song, And those who plundered us requested mirth, Saying, "Sing us one of the songs of Zion!" NKJV Psalm 137:3

A Rediscovery On The DADE Side
I think the more that I search I find out more.
Below: Charlotta Dade Lankfard's Death Record. One of your sons was the informat. His name was Isaac. However, I have not located an Isaac Lankford Jr.

It's still a mystery who Isaac Lankford Jr. is Perhaps he was Louis Lankford. Charlotta had at least 3 sons in New York at the time of her death. Louis, Frederick and Nym.
As the years go by I see new things.
My Journey continues...
Happy Day To You!
God Bless.

Staying On The Family History Journey,Susan