Monday, December 30, 2013

Discoveries And More Discoveries To Come.

In the year is drawing to a close. I've been looking at some of my notes. I have made some discoveries in 2013. I came across more than I thought I would. I plan to share some in 2014.

I'm thankful for all the family connections viewers. I don't know all who read, follow, or have stumbled across this website. I hope that you enjoy what you read.

I hope that most of you, viewers are connected with family connections. I don't post every thing I come across on this website. I do record them.

There are some mysteries that I have been following. I'm curious to find out if it was so. I don't know. I wonder.. But, I want to and try to find more verification. There are times we have to leave some mysteries alone.

I have come across some more family members. Some have contacted me through the Internet. I'm glad that there are some who have interest in family connections. They were excited that they have found information on their family history.

I'm thankful for those how have been helping me on the search. I know every family history has some secrets along the way. We have to learn how to share with respect of those who have gone on. Lord, help us.

There have been some things on the journey. I had encounters or  stumbled across things that well; I don't know how to share it. I don't want to misled people. What my ancestors did, was what they did. I can't judge them for what they did or didn't do.

We have to have a forgiving heart. We can learn from what they did. I'm thankful for all of my ancestors. I believe that most of them called on the Lord. The ones who have passed on are with the Lord. They are forgiven.

If we could put ourselves in any situation of our ancestors, what we would have done with what they went through. Would we have done something different? They were humans too.

Some of the things that our ancestors went through, we still go through some of the things they did. It's on a different level. Time and culture has changed. But God stays the same.

I hope to find more on family connections.
I'm finding more as more records are being release to the public.
Thanks for reading.

God bless you,

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

By Word Of Life Church's Christmas Tree Dec 24, 2009

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

In Family History: December

Family Connections: Birth Dates / Death Dates

Dec 1, 1865
Sarah (?) LANKFORD was born.
She was the wife of James Andrew LANKFORD.

Dec 1, 1920

Elizabeth (JACKSON) BLAKEY was born.
She was the wife of Fred F. Blakey Sr.

Dec 2, 1896
Meta (HUGH) LANKFORD BEARD was born.
She was the wife of Charles Edward LANKFORD
She was the wife of Hanceford BEARD.

Dec 3 ----

Dec 4 ----

Dec 5 ----

Dec 6

Dec 7, 1983
Rosa "Rose" Anne (WASHINGTON)
passed away.
She was the daught of Isaac C. and Mary Ann (BROWN) WASHINGTON.

Dec 7, 1983
passed away.
She was the daughter of Spencer and Malinda (BANKS) WHITE.

Dec 8, 1954
Nancy (CHAMBERLIN) BLAKLEY was born.
She was the wife of G. BLAKLEY

Dec 8, 1969
passed away.
He was the husband of Elizabeth J. (DADE) NICKERSON

Dec 9, ----

Dec 10, 1962
Tereas (STOCK) ADAMS was born.
She was the daughter of Robert and Phyllis Ann (BLAKEY) STOCK

Dec 11----

Dec 12, 2005
passed away.
She was the daughter of Chelton LYLE and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE

Dec 13 ---

Dec 14, 1918

Frank HICKS Sr was born.
He was the husband of Harriett (ARMSTRONG) HICKS.

Dec 15

Dec 16 ----

Dec 17

Dec 18, 1912

Alma "Lottie" (CAVE) SMITH, BLAKLEY JACKMAN was born.
She was the wife of Garnett SMITH, John BLAKLEY Jr.
and Oler JACKMAN. Alma was 2x's a widow.

Dec 18, 2011
Spec Durwood Darnell HENDRICKS Sr
passed away.
The HENDRED and COTTON Connections

Dec 19 ----

Dec 20, 1918
Grace Lee (SMITH) LANKFORD was born.
She was the wife of Robert Lewis LANKFARD who was the son of Leo LANKFORD Sr and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD.

Dec 21, 1889
She was the daughter of Robert ALLEN and Anna Laura WASHINGTON ALLEN WALTERS.
Dec 21, 2006
passed away.
He was the son of Isaac BLAKEY Jr. and Arlee (BULLARD) BLAKEY.

Dec 22, 2009
Theodore WHITE
passed away.
He was the son of Tony WHITE and Georgia (LEE) WHITE.

Dec 23, 1917

Priviate Isaac BLAKER
passed away.
He was the son of Andrew and Julia WHITE.

Dec 24, 1875
Isaac Lewis HENDERED was born.
He was the son of George and Ellen (LOVE/ WASHINGTON) HENDRED.

Dec 24, 1952
passed away.
He was the husband of Juanita (BARTLETT) ARMSTRONG.

Dec 24, 1998
Mildred Darling (CHURCH)
SIMMONS passed away.
She was the daughter of Henry and Kathryn (BLAKEY) CHURCH

Dec 25, 1928
Henry CHURCH was born.
He was the huband of Kathryn (BLAKEY) CHURCH.

Dec 26 ----

Dec 27 ----

Dec 28,1964
passed away.
He was the son of Spencer T. BLAKLEY Sr. and Lucinda Mary Lovie (KINNEY)BLAKEY

Dec 28, 2004

passed away.
She was the wife of Rev. Isaac R. BLAKEY SR.

Dec 29, 1926

passed away.
She was the wife of John BLAKEY BLAKLEY and Chelton LYLE.

Dec 30 ----

Dec 31 ----

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give Thanks: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.
Enter into the season of Thanksgiving as we move toward the New Year.
Remember, Thanksgiving isn't just one day out of a year. It's every day.
Blessings to you.
Seasons Greetings.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Walters Connections: Mary Walters Nelson

Mary WALTERS NELSON was the daughter of Thornton Walters and Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) ALLEN WALTERS. There is little known about Mary. According to the 1910 census Mary was a widow. She was born about 1890 in Missouri. Mary had a brother named Joseph Walters. They had a half sister named Mary Frances (Allen) LANKFORD.

It's unique that both sisters were named Mary. Mary Walters Nelson's first name may have been Bonita. Mary Frances (Allen) was married with the name Mary Walters. It could have been that Mary Frances grow up the the Walters name as a small child.

I've searched the 1900 census record for the Allen/ Walters Family. I haven't found them. I search the 1910 census record. Mary aged about 20 was listed with her mother, Laura and brother, Joseph. However, their surname was Nathan. It was an error in the index. The surname was spelled Walters on the census. Also Mary's son, John C. Nelson (at about age 2) was listed. (Leo and Mary Lankford were listed in the same household. )

On the 1920 census record Mary / Bonita wasn't listed. Mary's son, John C. Nelson at about age 12 was listed with his Grandma Laura Walters. Perhaps Mary / Bonita passed away and Laura was rasing John. On the 1930 census John was listed with his Grandma Laura. John was listed as divorced.

I hope I could find more on Mary/ Bonita Walters Nelson. As for her son, John. He married his 2nd wife Arletta Windrow (1908 - 1985) Arletta had a daughter named, Gardenia ?

John passed away on November 1, 1975 in Atchison, Atchison County in Kansas.  On October 3, 2011, I sent off for a copy of John's death record. According to the policy for Kansas Vital request was deny. The reason; John's  death wasn't before 1940.

Since I don't know if John had any children, John's parents name will remind a mystery. I don't know when the public will be able to obtain death records after 1940 in Kansas. I believe that John's parents where on the death record.

I hope that this information was of some help to the lineage of Mary/ Bonita Walters Nelson. Perhaps the day will come when the mystery of Who John C. Nelson's parents will be revealed. Or perhaps come one will uncover the mystery.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grace In The Waiting

A century passed Since my father's birth
Grace in the waiting God's creation earth

People all around Making up the whole
Centuries to centuries Jesus saving souls

Grace in the waiting To meet Jesus Christ
By faith comes receive No special device

Ancestors clear back All centuries that passed
Grace In The Waiting To the very last

Thanks for reading.
Poem #1729

Idea 17 May 2012
Foot of Bed 10:22 PM
Re read 22 March 2013
13 Nov 2013 Made some changes

A Century Ago

Jennie (BARTLET) BLAKLEY gave birth to a son, David Nov 13, 1913.
John BLAKEY / BLAKLEY Sr. was David's father.  
David William Blakley Sr.
November 13, 1913 - Octobrer 7, 1998
My father was said to have been born on this date back in 1913. He always celebrated his birthday on November 13th. Through the years and what my father told me, that his brother Isaac Blakley told him that he was not born in November. According to the 1920 census record, my father was born some time in September of 1913.

Discoveries While On The Family History Journey,
A Century Ago


Monday, November 11, 2013

With Honor

Happy Veterans' Day!

To those who served and are serving...
Thanks for your service and sacrifice.
May God bless you.

As I've been searching the family history, I found more relatives who served in the U.S. Military. It's an honor to have and have had relatives to service for our country.

Here are some who have passed. Some are buried next to their spouse. 
My Find A Grave Project

Friday, November 1, 2013

Isaac Blakey: Private Isaac Blaker: Civil War 1863 - 1866

Isaac Blakey

Enlisted on Nov 1, 1863
Discharged May of 1866

In Family History: November

Family Connections: Birth Dates / Death Dates / Misc

Nov, 1, 1863
Isaac BLAKEY enlisted into the Union Army in Natchez MS.
His name was Private Isaac BLAKER. Isaac was the son of Andrew and Julia WHITE.
Isaac was the husband of Martha (SCOTT) BLAKEY
Isaac was the husband of Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY

Nov 1, 1956
Pvt Amer N. LYLE
was born.
He was the son of Faris and Catherine (STRANGE) LYLE.

Nov 1, 1975
passed on.
He was the grandson of Thorton WALTERS and Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) ALLEN WALTERS.  John was the husband Arletta (WINROW) NELSON.

Nov 3, 1910
passed on. His surnames was spelled HENDREDS on his death record.
He was the son of George HENDRED and Ellen (LOVE/ WASHINGTON) HENDRED.

Nov 4

Nov 5 ----

Nov 6, 1992
Elizabeth Toni (WHITE) GETHERS
passed on.
She was the daughter of Tony WHITE and Georgia (LEE) WHITE.

Nov 7, 1928
William "Willie" Leslie TERRILL was born.
He was the son of Ledrew TERRILL and Willie Margaret (WHITE) WINFREY.

Nov 7, 1975
passed on.
She was the daughter of Robert ALLEN and Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) ALLEN WALTERS.Mary was the wife of Leo LANKFORD/ LANKFARD.

Nov 7, 1997
Pamela Kaye (STOCK) ADAMS
passed on.
She was the daughter of Robert STOCK Sr and Phillis Ann (BLAKEY) STOCK THORNTON.

Nov 8, 1882
Benjamin WASHINGTON was born.
He was the son of David and Louisa Janie (DADE) WASHINGTON.

Nov 8, 1896
Tony WHITE was born.
He was the son of Richard and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.
Tony was the husband of Georgia (LEE) WHITE and Clora (?) WHITE

Nov 9, ----

Nov 10, ----

Nov 11, 1901
Euguene WHITE Sr was born.
He was the son of Richard and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.

Nov 11, 1920
Dorothy (EDWARDS) BLAKEY was born in Canada.
She was the daughter of  Jefferson EDWARDS and Martha (MURPHY) EDWARDS.
Dorothy was the wife of Theodore "Ted" BLAKEY.

Nov 12, 1972
passed on.
He was the son of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY.

Nov 13, 1913
David W. BLAKLEY was believed to have been born in Sept of 1913. He celebrated his birth on Nov 13th. He was the son of John BLAKEY BLAKLEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

Nov 14, 1919
passed on in St. Joseph, Missouri.
He was the husband of Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

Nov 14, 1979
Catherine "Katie" Louise (?) BLAKEY
passed on.
She was the wife of Paul BLAKEY who was the son of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.Nov 15, 1924
Lankford NICKERSON was born.
He was the son of Eziekel and Isabella (LANKFORD) NICKERSON.

Nov 15, 1934
Isaac Richard BLAKLEY was born in St. Paul MN.
He was the son of Isaac and Anna (LANKFORD) BLAKLEY.

Nov 15, 1987
passed on.
She was the daughter of Harold CHAMBERLIN and Vivian CHAMBERLIN.
Nancy was the wife of G. BLAKLEY.

Nov 16,1836
Mary Ann (DADE) MADISON was born.
She was the daughter of Isaac and Frances (OVINGTON) DADE.
Mary was the wife of George MADISON.

Nov 17, 1940
Judith Ann "Judy" BLAKEY was born.
She was the daughter of Rev Isaac R. BLAKEY and Arlee L. (BULLARD) BLAKEY.

Nov 18, ---

Nov 19, 1981
passed on.
She was the wife of James Pittsburg BLAKEY.

Nov 20,----

Nov 21, 1954
passed on in Sacramento California.
She was the widow of (?) BENTLEY. She was the wife of Jordan BLAKEY
She was the wife of Archie BLAKEY.

Nov 22, 1945
Rena "Rennie" (WHITE) HOUSTON
passed on in.
She was the daughter of Richard and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.She was the wife of Edward HOUSTON.

Nov 23 ----

Nov 24, ----

Nov 25, 1943
Archie T. BLAKEY
passed on in Sacramento, California.
He was the son of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY.

Nov 25, 1950
passed on.
She was the daughter of Rosa Anne WASHINGTON and George HAZELWOOD

Nov 26 ---

Nov 27, 1916
John WASHINGTON passed
He was the son of David and Louisa "Janei" (DADE) WASHINGTON.

Nov 27, 1916
was passed on.
He was the son of Rev Thomas A. WHITE and Mary Lee (TOOLEY) WHITE.

Nov 28, 1907
Marshall HENDRED was born.
He was the son of Isaac and Elsie (MARSHALL) HENDRED.

Nov 28, 1954
passed on in Yankton, South Dakota.
She was the daughter of  John B. TRUDELL and Nellie M. (EASTMAN) TRUDELL.
Thelma was the wife of Leroy E. BLAKEY Sr.

Nov 28, 1991
passed on.
He was the husband of Mary Jane (BLAKLEY) RICHARDSON.

Nov 29, 1882
George T. ARMSTRONG was born in Platte City, Missouri .
He was the son of  George W. ARMSTRONG and Maggie (BROWN) ARMSTRONG.
George T. was the husband of Juantia (BARTLETT) ARMSTRONG.

Nov 30, ----

Saturday, October 26, 2013

In Memory of James And Sarah Lankford / Lankfard

James "Jim:" Andrew LANKFORD
Born on October 26, 1874 in Monticello Missouri.
Passed away on July 26, 1957 in St. Joseph, Missouri

James Andrew LANKFORD was the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD. James' nickname was "Jim". James was the oldest of about 12 children. According to the 1900 census, James married Sarah, (maiden name unknown) about 1895. The place of marriage is unknown. Very little is known about Sarah. She went by her nickname "Sallie".

Mrs. Sarah "Sallie" (?) LANKFORD
Born on Dec 1, 1865 in Warrensburn Missouri.
Passed away on  July 7, 1942 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Common Names On The Family

I continue to search and find more unique things on the family tree. I have come across first names that were male but were females. Cecil BLAKLEY and Thomas PEYTON. Thomas Sarah (PEYTON) ANDERSON passed in 2013.

There are some more unique names that are not listed below. Quitman, Ledrew, Lelia, Rubenia, Pleas, Inez, Cass, Meta, Nejla, and Zenolia to new a few.

I believe that there are more unique names. I hope to discover them along the journey. Here are my Notes on Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Common Names On The Family Tree

Over the coarse of my family history journey, I have seen a lot of common names and same name relatives. Some of my relatives went by their middle names. I can see why. There had to be nicknames. It would be a lot of confusion if there weren't.

Here are some of the common names that I came across. First and middle names...Mary, Jane, David, William, Isaac, Margaret, Michael, Robert, Louis, Paul, Andrew, Anna, Alice, Laura, Julia, Spencer, John, Richard, Leo, James, Sarah, Frederick or Fred.

There were some unique names back in the old days. There was Charity, Lawhorn, Beecher, Nymadula, Oressica, Mone, Aile, Olbrey and Elias.

There are some unique names for today. There're some I can't spell. Parents are creative in choosing names for their children.

Also I've noted that there were large families.
Some of the children were named after their parents or other relatives.

The large families included
Isaac BLAKEY with 20 or so.
Frances (OVINGTION) DADE with 14 children
Julia WHITE with 12 or 13 children
Richard WHITE with 12 children
Another Isaac BLAKEY with 11,
Louis DADE with 8 children,
my parents with 19.

I thought that this is interesting. I have a lot of people on my family tree. I don't know how I can remember all the names. Especially the ones I don't know much about. It's hard to keep track.

Thank God that our parents gave us our names.
I'm thankful for my name.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Honoring Pastors/ Reverands Family Connections

October is Pastor's Appreciation Month.
October 13, 2013 was Pastor's Appreciation Day.
I hope that you appreciated your pastor is month.

There are family members who are preaching the gospel today.
We should be thankful for them as well.

Thank you, Pastors, Reverends, spiritual leaders for all that you do for the work of the LORD. God bless you.

I have come across some Pastors and Reverends on the family tree.
I believe that there are more.
Here are a few who have passed on along with their memorials on Find A Grave.

Rev. Isaac Ransom BLAKEY
Isaac was the son of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY

Rev Olbrey Pierson BLAKLEY
Olbrey was the son of John BLAKEY BLAKLEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE

Rev Ollie Green
Ollie was the husband of Mary (WHITE) BLAKEY GREEN.

Rev. Aile J. JOHNSON
Aile was the husband of Sarah Belle (LANKFORD) JOHNSON.

Rev. Moses WHITE
Moses was the son of Richard and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.

Rev. Thomas Alphonso WHITE
Thomas was the son of Richard and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Virgina "Virgie" Lankford Wife Of Louis "Add" Lankford

Virginia "Virgie" (HILL)  LANKFORD

Louis LANKFORD and Virgina "Virgie" HILL were married about 1904. Louis was  professional baseball player. The place of their marriage is unknown.

Louis and "Virgie" had no children together. Louis and Virgina did have children. Virgie had a son, named Frank Wookdville BOISSEAU.

Louis had two daughters, Thelma Rowena (LANKFORD) JACKSON and Adlena Hiawathia LANKFORD and son, Charles Addison LANKFORD.

Louis "Add" Adward Lankford (1882 - 1967)

"Virgie" with brother Lloyd Paxton HILL.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some Relatives In New York

A Gathering in NY about the early 1940's

There were three of the Lankford brothers;
Louis Lankford back roll left side 2nd from the end.
Fredrick Lankfard back row with bow tie.
Nym on the floor center with hands on knees.
Their sister Anna Alice (Lankford) Smith was on the couch.
She was the one in black.

Louis' wife Virgie was on the right of this photo. next to Anna.
Virgie's brother Lloyd Hill was standing behind her.
Others were relatives

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In Family History: October

Family Connections: Birth Dates / Death Dates:
Remembering those who have passed on...

Oct of 1885
Beecher  BLAKEY was believed to have been born.
He was the son of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY.

Oct 1, 1980
John Henry BLAKEY passed on.
He was the son of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

Oct 1, 1982
Jane L. (WHITE) HAYES passed on.
She was the daughter of Richard and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.

Oct 1, 2006
Frederick Eugene LANKFORD passed on.
He was the son of Daniel "Pete" LANKFORD and Patrica (BARNETT) LANKFORD.

Oct 2, 1875
James HENDRED was born.
He was the son of George and Ellen (LOVE / WASHINGTON) HENDERD.

Oct 2, 1909
Carl William JONES Sr. was born.
He was the husband of Geniva (LYLE) JONES.

Oct 3,1915
was born.
She was the daughter of George and Juanita (BARTLETT) ARMSTRONG.

Oct 3,1923
was born.
She was the wife of Arthur HAYES Sr.

Oct 3, 1947
Doris Esther (BLAKEY) IVORY was born. She was the daughter of Leroy BLAKEY Sr and Thelma (TRUDELL) BLAKEY.

Oct 4, 1946
Paul BLAKLEY passed on....
He was the son of John BLAKEY / BLAKLEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

Oct 4, 1996
Jacquelyn Michelle HOFFMAN passed on.
She was born on June 11, 1996 to Duncan and Terrie (WHTIE) HOFFMAN

Oct 5,1906
Patrick "Pat" WHITE was killed.
He was the son of Martha "Mattie" WHITE.

Oct 6, ----

Oct 7, 1989
David W. BLAKLEY Sr. passed on.
He was the son of John BLAKEY/ BLAKLEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY- LYLE.

Oct 8, 1928
Virgil Louis KING was born.
He was the son of Barney and Hazel (DADE) KING.

Oct, 8, 1957
Mary Elizabeth (FRISTOE) BLAKEY passed on.
She was the wife of Henry BLAKEY.

Oct 9, 1929
Alyce (BLAKEY) ROBINSON was born.
Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

Oct 10, 1867
William MADISON was born.
He was the husband of Lula Mae (LANKFORD) MADISON.

Oct 11, 1875
Lula Mae (LANKFORD) MADISON was born.
She was the daughter of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

Oct 11, 1920
Ruth Naomi (SCROGGINS) BLAKEY was born.
She was the wife of Daniel BLAKEY who was son of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

Oct 12

Oct 13, ----

Oct 14,1906
Otis HAYES was born.
He was the husband of Jane L. (WHITE) HAYES.

Oct 14, 2004
Theodore "Ted" BLAKEY passed away.
He was the son of Henry and Mary (FRISTOE) BLAKEY.

Oct 15, 1921
James Pittsburg BLAKEY was born.
He was the son of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

Oct 16, 1847.
Louis Newton "Lew" DADE was born.
He was the son of Isaac and Frances (OVINGTON) DADE.

Oct 17, 1925
Edgar LYLE was born.
He wast he son of Chelton LYLE and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

Oct 17, 1977
Lawhorn "Doc" BLAKEY passed away.
He was the son of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY.

Oct 17, 2007
Ransom Louis SIMMONS Jr.. passed on.
He was the husband of Millie / Mildred Darling (CHURCH) SIMMONS.

Oct 18, 1926
James WESTON Jr. was born.
He was the husband of Betty Marie (LANKFORD) WESTON.

Oct 19, 2009
Teresa Maxine (CRADDOCK) passed on.
~ BLAKLEY Connections

Oct 20, 1937
Lionell WHITE passed on.
He was the son of Richard and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.

Oct 21, 2011
PFC Isaac Richard BLAKLEY passed on.
He was the son of Isaac and Anna (LANKFORD) BLAKLEY.

Oct 22, 2008
Louis Phillip "Louie" DADE passed at 100 years old.
He was the son of Den and Louetta (ROBINSON) DADE.

Oct 23,1916Ollie WHITE was born.
He was the son of Rev Thomas and Mary (TOOLEY) WHITE.

Oct 24, 1964
Marshall HENDERD passed on.
He was the son of Isaac and Elsie (MARSHALL) HENDRED.

Oct 24, 2002
Perry Allen LIGHTNER passed on.
He was the son of Otis LIGHTNER Winona (BLAKEY) LIGHTNER MORROW.

Oct 25, 1909
Fred BLAKEY Sr. was born.
He was the son of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

Oct 25, 1967
Spencer T. BLAKEY Sr passed on.
He was the son of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY.

Oct 26, 1874
James Andrew LANKFORD was born.
He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

Oct 26, 1952
Hattie McDaniel passed away.
She was the daughter of Henry McDaniel and Susan (HOLBERT) McDaniel. Hattie's 2nd husband was Nymudula "Nym" LANKFARD who was the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD..

Oct 27, 2007Doris Laverne (NICKERSON) McCLARY DAVIS passed on.
She was the daughter of Ezekiel and Isabella (LANKFORD) NICKERSON.

Oct 28, 1960
Baby Girl HENDRED was born and passed on.
She was the daughter of Floyd and Lena (WASHINGTON) HENDRED.

Oct 28, 1989
Dorothy (EDWARD) BLAKEY passed on.
She was the wife of Theodore "Ted" BLAKEY.

Oct 29,----

Oct 30, 1987
Clora (?) WHITE passed on.
She was the wife of Tony WHITE.

Oct 31, 1994
Archie Cole JONES Jr. passed on.
He was the son of Archie C. JONES Sr. and Margaret Louisa (MORRIS)JONES DRIVER.

Monday, September 30, 2013

In Family History: September

Family Connections: Remembrance of Birth Dates and Death Dates:

September Day Unknown

Harriett (HOOPER) BARTLETT was believed to have been born in 1849.
She was the wife of Eilas W. BARTLETT Sr.

William Henry COBY was believed to have been born in 1886.
He was the husband of Florance (HENDRED) COBY.

Martha "Mot" (BLAKEY) HAYES was believed to have been born in 1889.
She was the daughter of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIGDE) BLAKEY

Isabella LANKFORD / NICKERSON was believed to have been born in 1899. She was the daughter of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD

was believed to have been born. According to the 1920 census record David was 4/12 years old...that would have made him born in Sept of 1913. David's brother, Isaac told him, David that he wasn't born in November. David celebrated his birthday in November. David was the son of John BLAKEY/ BLAKLEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

On September 2

Geniva (LYLE) JONES was born in 1924.
She was the daughter of Chilton LYLE and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE

On Septemeber 3
Lola (PITTS) HENDRED was born in 1910.
She was the wife of Marshall HENDRED.

On September 3
Mary Evelyn (THOMAS) TILLMAN was born in 1939.
She was the daughter of Milton Vernon THOMAS and Mary Virginia (LANKFORD) THOMAS.

On September 3
Isaac Lewis HENDRED passed on in 1955.
He was the husband of Elise (MARSHALL) HENDRED

On September 6
Faris C. LYLE was born in 1923.
He was the son of Chilton LYLE and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE

On September 7
Jane Heneritta (CHURCH) JACKSON was born in 1935.
She was the daughter of Henry and Kathyln (BLAKEY) CHURCH

On September 7
Cleavie (HILL) WHITE was born in 1922.
She was the wife of Rev Thomas WHITE

September 9
Catherine Marie (STRANGE) LYLE was born in 1933.
She was the wife of Faris C. LYLE.

On September 10
Mary L. (KINNEY) BLAKEY was born in 1893.
She was the wife of Spencer BLAKEY Sr.

On September 10
John WHITE passed on in 1918.
He was the son of Andrew and Julia WHITE.

On September 11
Jackson William HORAN was born in 1866.
He was the husband of Lucy E. (BARTLETT) MOSSELL GROSS - HORAN

On September 12
Leola (LANKFORD) FARMER passed on in 1994.
She was the daughter of Leo Sr. and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD/ LANKFARD.

On September 14
Leo LANKFORD passed on in 1954.
He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD/ LANKFARD.

On September 15
Richard WHITE was born in 1866. He was the son of Julia WHITE.
Richard's father was believed to have been Andrew WHITE.

On September 15
Jane (FERGURSON) WHITE was born in 1873.
She was the wife of Richard "Dick" WHITE.

On September 15
Isabella V. (LANKFORD) NICKERSON passed on in 1938. She was the daughter of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

On September 15
Isabella V. (LANKFORD) NICKERSON had a child born on Sept 15,1938 believed that child passed on that day. Isabella passed on that day also after givng birth to twins or perhaps triples.

On September 15
Freddie NICKERSON and another child were born in 1938. They were the children of E. W. and Isabella (LANKFORD) NICKERSON.

On September 15
Mary Jane (BLAKEY) LIGHTNER passed on in 2003.
She was the daughter of Leroy BLAKEY Sr. and Thelma (TRUDELL) BLAKEY

On September 15
Judith Ann "Judy" BLAKEY passed on in 2006.
She was the daughter of Isaac R. BLAKEY Jr and Arlee (BULLARD) BLAKEY.

On September 16
Hazel V. BLAKLEY passed away in 1933.
She was the daughter of John BLAKEY BLAKLEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

On September 17
Rev O. P. BLAKLEY was born in 1912.
He was the son of John BLAKEY /BLAKLEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

On September 17
Mildred Darling (CHURCH) SIMMONS was born in 1937.
She was the daughter of Henry and Kathyln (BLAKEY) CHURCH.

On September 17
Ramon L. SIMMONS passed on in 1997.
He was the son of Ranson Jr SIMMONS and Mildred (CHURCH) SIMMONS

On September 18
John Henry BLAKEY was born in 1900.
He was the son of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

On September 19
John Cecil Carter passed on in 1981.
He was the husband of Rachel (BLAKEY) CARTER

On September 21
Lloyd Milton DADE passed on in 1917.
He was the son of John Wesley DADE and Helen N. (HOLDER) DADE.

On September 22
Ralph Cecil CLAY was born in 1920.
He was the husband of Doris Ivy (MANLEY) CLAY.

On September 22
Willard J. "Boots" CARR passed on in 1991.
He was the son of Plez and Ella (BENTLEY) CARR

On September 23

Lucy E. BARTLETT MOSSELL GROSS HORAN passed on in 1940.
She was the daughter of Elias W. BARTLETT SR.

On September 26
George BLAKEY was born in 1911.
He was the son of Spencer and Mary L. (KINNEY) BLAKEY

On September 26
Mary Belle DADE passed on in 1949.
She was the daughter of Louis Newtown DADE and Mary (VENOY) DADE.

On September 27
Anna C. (LANKFORD) BLAKLEY was born in 1909.
She was the daughter of Leo Sr. and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

On September 28
Rachel WHITE was born in 1928. (Can't locate this Rachel WHITE listed on records.)

On September 28
Paul BLAKEY was born in 1911.
He was the son of Isaac BLAKEY Jr and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

On September 28
Raydell WHITE was born.
He was the son of Rev. Thomas and Mary Lee (TOOLEY) WHITE.

On September 28
Robert Lee DADE passed on in 2009.
He was the son of Den and Louetta (ROBINSON) DADE.

On September 29
Irene (BLAKEY) KEMP passed on in 1996.
She was the daughter of Henry and Mary Elizabeth (FRISTOE) BLAKEY.

On September 30
Lula Mae (LANKFORD) MADISON passed on in 1961.
She was the daughter of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Leo Lankford Sr: Occupation

Note that the name M.B. Morton at the right side of page.
The Morton connections with the Lankford Family.

Leo Lankford with one of his mules.
He hauled trash with horse and wagon.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

In Memory Of Paul And Cora (Hinch) Blakley

Paul and Cora in church choir.

Paul Blakley

Paul was the son of John (BLAKEY) Blakley and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley- LYLE.
Paul was born on June 24, 1907 in St. Joseph, Missouri
He passed away on Oct 4, 1946 in St. Joseph, Missouri
Paul was a crane operator.

Cora Hinch
Cora was a widow when she married Paul.
She was born on  March 25, 1980 in Missouri. Cora's maiden name was William.
There is a record of a Cora Hinch who  passed away on Sept 1, 1972.

The year of  Paul's and Cora's marriage is unknown.
According to Paul's death record he was divorced from Cora.
Story has it that Paul and Cora adopted two children.
James Green and Mary Alice Green were their name

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Farthest Memories

I have been thinking...
How Far Back Can I Remember?

I can remember the time before I started going to school. My mother was on the telephone talking with someone. I heard my mother talking about enrolling me in to KG. I went in the afternoon.

I even remember walking to and from school with some of my siblings. It was along walk. We did have buses in those days. We lived about 9 blocks from Mark Twain Elementary School.

I recall playing with blocks in our play area in our classroom. I recall looking out the window onto the playground. I remember the swing set, the monkey bars and jungle gym. I recall the white and yellow circles and squares... drawings on the playground.

I recall the double doors in our classroom to come in our room. We even had a back door to go out to the playground. We had our own private bathroom in the back of our classroom. I thought that that was cool.

I recall that parents came to see their children. My parents did come. It must to have been Parents' Day. The parents came to see our classroom. And to look at what we did.

I recall laying down taking naps on a mat in our classroom. Then one day I was sick and missed school. I heard that Santa came to class that day.

So I missed Santa. I was not too disappointed. I knew who Santa was. Some of my siblings told me.

I recall reading about Sally, Dick, Jane and their dog named Spot. I recall that I was called upon to answer a question from one of our readings. I cannot recall which girl it was but Dick took and hid Jane's or Sally's ribbon. Our teacher, Miss Wise ask me What would Jane or Sally do about Dick taking the ribbon?

Here was my response to the question: I said, She would beat him up! The kids laughed at my answer. Miss Wise said that Dick would not do that. Miss Wise said that Jane or Sally would ask Dick to gave the back ribbon.

I felt "dumb" and "stupid" about my answer. I did not talk much. I was quiet. Yes, I was shy.

I recall hearing about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Assassination. I remember that famous black and white photo. I wondered what those guys where pointing at.

I recall bringing candy to my classmates. It was my birthday four days after Dr. MLK Jr's Assassination. I even remember that I felt strange giving candy to my classmates during a time like that.

I recall seeing the men on the moon on TV. U.S. President Richard Nixon on TV during in his first term in office.

I remember relatives coming over to our Family House. People would be playing cards and talking. I recall that we had a hope chest in one of our rooms. It reminded me of a coffin.

I recall one day that the Hope chest opened up. I saw the lid was close. I ran when I saw the lid opening. I did not like being around coffins when I was a kid.

I recall watching TV shows; The Riffle Man. Other TV programs that some of my siblings would watch.

I recall one of my brothers hanging up my bicycle our swing set. He did this in our back yard and left it there. I was crying. ( I was teased a lot.)

I recall our Family Dog biting me in the stomach. Here is a section that I posted about "Dogs In The Family and Neighbor Dogs":

The First dog that I can remember in my family was "Fido". I don't know what breed of dog "Fido" was. What I remember about "Fido", he was iffy iffy.

He would be good to us. He was a happy dog. And at times turn on us. "Fido" would attack people if he though we were in danger.

Then again, there was a time when I was out in the back yard helping my Father clean up. I bent over to pick up something. All of a sudden "Fido" came running out of his house and charged at me biting my stomach. Boy I was scared. I cried...

Yes,"Fido" was something else. He liked to bit. He loved chasing cars tires. Well, one day our Father was going on his trash route. "Fido" broke loose and went chasing after the truck. This time "Fido" got ran over.

My Father buried "Fido" in our backyard. I was there looking on. Even though "Fido"was a crazy dog, I still like dogs.

I recall some of the games that we played in the house. We played marbles and jacks. We played with "army men". We made paper air planes and toss them in the air.

We played race cars with the orange tracks that made loops and turns. We built houses out of playing cards. We stood dominoes upright until we tapped one letting them fall one by one. (We played cards and dominoes too.)

I recall when our Dad and my brothers enlarged our basement. There was a lot of dirt to dig out. I remember one time there was some things outside the window. Someone one had an idea to lift me up to the window so I could get it. Yeah, I was small enough to go through our basement window.

On my journey of transformation
As I reflected back on my memories of the past, I found out as I was typing this blog, more things came to me. I added more detail. O the memories of what once was.

I had a thought. As the years go by, I lose some things of the past. So I challenged myself to this was a simple exercise. I put some thought into what I did.

So I thought of How Far Back Can I Remember? It was as though I took a journey in time's past. I had more memories than I thought.

It is good at times to recall the good things of the past. My memory goes back to 40 or 41 years ago. I think that that is good.

From my Book of Thanks and Blessings

Father God, I thank You that You blessed with a memory. I thank You for what I can remember things of the past. I thank You for the idea that came to me, to write things down for future generations.

I thank You for all the PROVISION that I have had in my life time. I thank You the FAITH that is in planted in me. I thank You for the SIGNS and WONDERS that I have witness in my days.

I thank You for the LOVE that surrounded me as I was growing up. I thank You that Your HEALING Hands guard my life. I thank You that DELIVERANCE that is in my life.

I thank You for the Door of HOPE that has been in my life. I thank You that well before I was born, You choose me to have the choice of SALVATION in Jesus' name Amen.

This blog came from my Xanga site 2007

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jordan Blakey: Who Was He?

 In the beginning of my search, I knew very little about Jordan. I read that he passed away in Michigan through family history notes. As I continue to search for family history, I discovered more and more along the journey.

Jordan Blakey was born with a twin sister, Julia on March 1, 1878 in Mississippi. Their parents were Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY. Jordan was one of 18 children of Isaac and Rachel.

In November of 2011, I came across info on Jordan's wife Flora Elizabeth (LAWRENCE) BLAKEY in California. I discovered the birth index and two of her children names. I wasn't for sure if they were Jordan's children. But through more searching, I came across more children of Flora.

As I continue to search for Jordan, I came across more info that I wasn't sure of. I have tried to piece together and make the connections with things that I've been finding. I searched the census records, city directors and whatever info that I could.

I'm still trying to piece together info on Jordan. I searched on and came across some info. I had some contact with descendants of Jordan. I have since lost connections with them. One descendant was on Clarence Ollie Blakey. The other one on Verna M. Blakey.

Jordan wasn't listed on the 1880 or 1900 census. What appears unusual on the 1880 census was that his twin Julia was listed. I wondered why Jordan wasn't listed on both of those census. And for 1900, Jordan would have been about 22. He could have been married.

According to 1910 MO census and records Jordan was married to Lizze ?. That would have been about 1903 or 1906.   Lizzie was born about 1882. She passed away before 1915.

Jordan remarried to Flora BENTLEY on Oct 20, 1915 in Yankton, South Dakota. Jordan was listed as a widower. Flora were listed as a widow before they were married.  Jordan and Flora were only listed on the 1920 census together.

On the 1930 census, Jordan was listed with wife, Ruby in Nebraska. Jordan was 25 when he first married. That would have been Lizzie. The year when Ruby and Jordan married isn't known.

Jordan and his 3rd wife Rubenia "Ruby" moved to Ann Arbor Michigan. That could have been sometime between 1930 and 1935. They remind there until their death.

I searched the CA birth index, and other census and came up with Flora's maiden name LAWRENCE. On the CA birth index LAWRENCE was listed with the children Thomas, Flora. and Baby Girl Blakey.

The first three children were born in SD.  Verna and Vernon could have been the same person. Error on the census taker. I don't think that they were twins. Verna wasn't listed with Vernon.

Jordan's 2nd wife Flora. Here is a list of Flora' children with the BLAKEY surname:
Clarence and Verna were born in SD. The others in CA.
Clarence Ollie BLAKEY (1920 - 1988)
Clarence was married had about 10  children

Verna M. BLAKEY (1923 - 1983)
Verna had a son with the DELAHOUSSAYE surname.

Vernon L. Blakey ? Not for sure, this could have been Verna.

Thomas J. "Tom" BLAKEY (1930 - 2013)
Thomas was married.

Flora Stella BLAKEY (1933 - 1976)
Flora was married and had children.

Baby Girl BLAKEY (1935 - 1935) She was stillborn

Jordan was listed as a farmer. I haven't found any additional info on his life. Jordan and Flora did have descendants. I hope someone can see a connection with The  Jordan and Flora BLAKEY's Connections.

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Mini Family Reunion: 2008

This is some what of a re post  from my old Journaling_Susan site
Dated on Monday, 21 July 2008

It was a hot day, today. But is was a special day. A brother, his wife and son came for a visit on their way back to Texas. They were going to stay for about 5 hours.

I made the calls to others that our brother and family was here. I manage to get as many as I could to come by. The last time that my brother and family were here was 3 years ago.

I showed my second oldest brothers a family album that one of our brother made for me. I had a family pedigree to show them as well. We got to know our family history.

We all could not meet at once. Some came in and out within the 5.5 hours. The official count for today: 10 brothers, 5 in laws, 3 nephews, a niece and a sister. A brother and a sister made a phone call. I think that is pretty good for a Monday afternoon.

I even took pictures. I couldn't miss out on this historical moment. I noticed some things as we were together. The first 5 brothers were here under the same roof. I had to get them to pose for a photo. They did.

It is hard to get every one together. Some of the brothers live out of town. The elder ones are getting up in years.

I see this week a very special week for our family. We had some what of a mini reunion. It was plain and simple. I served some lemonade and cookies.

I hope that you had a good day.
Blessings to you.

Staying On the Family History Journey,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Garden

This was how the garden looked....
Back in the days 1980's and some parts of the 1990's.

This was a big garden.
We have corn, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce,
cucumbers, onions,  cabbage, watermelon.
 I can't think of what all was in the garden.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Website Title Change To Family Connections

This website began on  Tuesday, June 30, 2009
The first blog title was In The Beginning...

The first few thoughts on my first blog:
I thought to start a blog on my family history. I have been searching for over 30years. But where do I go from here in sharing what I have discovered? What will I share?
Sunday, June 30, 2013

When I created this website, I couldn't find a name for my site. So I used the names of my father's lineage. BLAKLEY, BLAKEY / WHITE. Through the years I changed it to BLAKLEY BLAKEY/ WHITE With BARTLETT/ LYLE, WASHINGTON ALLEN WALTERS, DADE - LANKFORD Connections

Ten days  ago, I thought about the name of this website. I thought that it was time for change. Yes, I change the name again. I see that this blog isn't only about the surnames that I have on my family tree. It's from generations to generations that we're connected.

I have a facebook page I created. I call it Family Connections. I thought to use that name for this website. The two sites are connected. I can do more on facebook with photos on other links that show photos.

I'm thankful for the people who have helped me on the journey. I'm discovering more about our family tree. I  hope to found more Family Connections.

It's been a journey searching for info.  I've come across some relatives and family connections on facebook and I'm hoping to come across more.

Thanks for reading,
 Family Connections

This website can be used for many ways:
I'm trying to locate relatives:

Connect or Re connecting with family members.
The below info is on facebook:

The orginal title of this site was Blakley, Blakey/ White, Bartlett - Lyle, Washington, Allen, Walters, Dade - Lankford Connections is the combination of all my parents' parents' surnames.

My ancestors lived in Coutries of Missouri: Andrew, Buchanan, Chariton, Howard, Linn, Randolph, Lewis, Marion, AND SURROUNDING AREAS

There were some relatives that moved to Yankton, South Dakota areas. St. Paul MN area, Michigan, Wisc, New York, California, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Oregon,

My Father's Siblings: In Laws
Bartlett - Blakley Connections
SUGGS / Nelson
CAVE / Smith

My Mother's Siblings': In Laws
Allen - Lankford/ Lankfard Connections

Hooper - Bartlett Connections
Bartlett - Blakley/ Lyle
Bartlett - Armstrong / Hicks
Some In Laws Unknown

Blakley - Lyle Connections
Lyle - Strange
Lyle - Jones

Allen Washington/Walters Connections
Allen - Lankford
Walters - Nelson

Dade - Lankford:
In Law Connections

Ovington - Dade Connections
Dade - Washington
Dade - Madison
Dade - Venoy Adams
Dade - Lankford

Dade - (Love) Washington Connections
Washington - Hendred: In Laws Connections
Coly or Coby
Brown - Hendred Connections
Hendred In Law Connections
Hazelwood - Tate

Hendred - Madison

Scott - Blakey Connections
Blakey / Blakley

Lephridge - Blakey Connections:

White Connections: In Laws
Rucker - Craig

Hope to find out what others heard on the family history.
Perhaps find out where others fit on the family tree or perhaps can add more names.

This site appears to be more of sharing information than feedback.
Thankful for those who have shared some things.

God bless you.

1st Update on Jan 3,  2012
2nd Update on May 16, 2012 added Intro and MAIDEN names
3rd  Update on June 30, 2013 added Info

Monday, June 17, 2013

The WHITE Connections in Missouri

I'm still searching on The Julia White Connections in Chariton, Howard, and Randolph Counties areas in Missouri.  I received some info.... I have been wondering about some of the things that this cousin shared with me.

There were some things that I'm trying to follow up on.
Here are some questions that have come to me.

How was Laura (PAIGE) WHITE connected to The Whites in Chariton County? I have read some things about her.  She was a godly woman and hard worker. Many people called Laura, Aunt Laura.

I heard that Laura was the sister in law of Richard White. Laura was married to an Andrew J. WHITE. Richard did have a brother named Andrew White.

I have searched for Andrew and Laura WHITE on the census records. One the 1880 they were listed living next to Julia WHITE in Chariton. However, Andrew was listed with his father, Isaac WHITE.

Some thoughts and Questions: Was this Andrew WHITE's father, Isaac's Son or Grandson? Isaac was born about 1800 on that census. On the 1870 Isaac was born about 1810 in VA. Andrew was born about 1852 in MO.

Or was Isaac WHITE, Julia's father in law or brother in law? I do believe that Andrew and Laura were related to Julia WHITE. But how? There are similarities with the family. Andrew and some of Julia's children lived near one another. Mattie White lived near Andrew on the 1900 census.

Here's what I discovered about Andrew and Laura WHITE.

They were married about 1873. They had 6 children. Julia, Mariah, Isaac, Cornelia, William and Wedian WHITE. Cornelia and Wedian were listed as married on a census. Neither of their spouse's names weren't listed.

Cornelia had a daughter with the surname WOODS. Todd WOODS was listed with Andrew WHITE as a nephew. I believe that Todd would have been Cornelia's son. Or related to the WOODS who lived next door to Isaac and Andrew WHITE on the 1870 census. Jordan and Martha (WHITE) WOODS.

Andrew WHITE was listed as the son of Isaac  and Mardy / Mary (BURTON) WHITE.
Andrew was born on  Dec 14, 1852 in Chariton, County.
He passed away on April 16, 1927 in Chariton County.

Laura (PAIGE) WHITE was the daughter of Dennis and Ellen PAGE / PAIGE.
Laura was born on May 13, 1855 in MO.
She passed away on March 27, 1955 at the age of 100.

I'm hoping to find more leads.
I'm thankful for relatives who have been and are sharing  information.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Appreciation Day: Happy Father's Day

May we Honor our FATHERs.

I thought about what I appreciated about my father of 26 years as he was my father. (His lifespan 1913 -1989.)

While I was growing up, I was a Daddy's girl. I loved my dad. I can say that I am from the seed of David. Here is some of what I appreciated about my father.
1. My father married my mother.

2. My father was faithful to my mother..

3. My father was kindhearted .

4. My father supported and took care of his family.

5. My father worked and was a hard worker.

6. My father owned and operated his own business.

7. My father (and mother) owned a home and property.

8. My father was my father.

9. My father made provision for his family.

10. My father fathered 19 children with the same woman.

( I'm #19.)

11. My father loved children.

12. My father called upon the Lord to be saved.

13. My father was the father that God, the Father blessed me with.

14. My father taught me some things about life.

15. My father left a legacy.

16. My father had a caring heart to help people.

17. My father honored his Step father and Father in law.

18. My father prayed for me 12 hours before his passing.

19. My father's blessings.
Happy Father's Day to all!
Happy Father's Day, Father God!
I am thankful for all my forefathers. I am thankful for the blood line that God blessed me to come from. I am thankful to be on the lineage of Father God.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Possible Children Of Frances/ Frankie Ovington Dade

Wednesday, 22 February 2012
  • Possible Children Of Frances OVINGTON DADE

    As I was searching for information on Louisa Jane/ Jane DADE WASHINGTON and her family, I came across other DADE's where they lived.

    On the 1870 Census  Bery DADE born about 1838 in KY
    married to Eliz and Child, Lucy

    On the 1880 Census Benjamin DADE born 1829 in KY
    married Lucy. Children Maron, Benjamin, Sarah, Fannie,,Eliz,,Mary
    Bandy,Charles, George

    George DADE Born 1840 in KY
    married Ellen

    Possible Children Of Frances/ Frankie OVINGTON DADE

    Staying On The Family History Journey,


Monday, June 3, 2013

Some Questions About The BLAKEY WHITE Connections

I've been searching on new leads on The BLAKEY WHITE Connections. I have been thinking about some questions. I hope to find some of the answers to these questions.

I had a conversation with a cousin on The Rev Richard "Dick" WHITE Sr. and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE Connections. This cousin got me thinking about some things. I believe that there are others who have info that can add to the family tree. I hope that they are willing to share.

Here are some question and thoughts:

When did Julia WHITE pass away? Heard that she may have lived to be in her 90's. Did she pass away in St. Louis Missouri? Julia was born about 1820. If she was in her about 90 that year would have been about 1910. Checked MO death records for Julia WHITE couldn't find a match.

Update: Julia who was born about 1820 She was not the same Julia who moved to St. Louis. Most likely There was another Julia.

On the Slave Article: Slavery Descendants to have First Reunion, it stated that the great grandmother was buried in Forest Green MO. Was that lady, Julia WHITE? Did Julia have a daughter living St. Louis?
What about Mattie WHITE, daughter of Julia WHITE? Heard that Mattie's first name could have been Martha. Matt or Mattie was her nickname. Did Mattie married? Did she have 5 children? Did Jane White one of Mattie's daughters move to Kansas City MO?

Update on Mattie's children:
She did have more than one child besides Ella Bentley Carr.
Where did Mattie's daughter Ella BENTLEY CARR pass away about 1923? Ella's son was listed with Mattie on the 1930 and 1940 census. Ella's husband Pleas CARR passed away in Kansas City MO in about 1961. Pleas married twice.

Update: On Mattie's grandson, Willard: It appears that Mattie raised her grandson after his mother Ella passed away.

What year did Hester WHITE pass away? Heard that Hester was buried on the family farm. Hester was the youngest child of Tony WHITE.

Update on Hester WHITE:
He passed away in the 1950's.  He may have passed away out of State of Missouri. But was buried in MO.

When did Georgia (LEE) WHITE pass away? Georgia was the 1st wife of Tony White son of Richard ""Dick" White.

What was Clora WHITE's maiden name? She was the 2nd wife of Tony WHITE son of Richard "Dick" WHITE.
Who were Rebecca WHITE's parents from Virginia?Rebecca was listed as Julia WHITE's granddaughter on the 1880 census in MO. Which child of Julia was the parent of Rebecca?

Update on information below:
Still Searching. Believe that they were related. But how?

Possible other WHITE Connections:
Was Rebecca WHITE RUSSELL related to Julia WHITE?Rebecca WHITE father was William WHITE.

There are other questions. Was the Isaac WHITE that lived next door to Julia WHITE related? Isaac had a son named Andrew J. WHITE. Andrew was married to Laura PAIGE WHITE. in Chariton/ Howard County MO.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

128 Years Since Leo Lankford Sr.'s Birth

          Leo Lankford Sr was born in Canton, Missouri on May 30, 1885.
          He was the son of Robert Louis / Lewis Lankford / Lankfard and
                                                  Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard. 
                                 Leo was the husband of Mary (Allen) Lankford.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This Day in Family History
Isaac Blakey's birth day accepted as June 30, 1847.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Lankford Home

Leo and Mary Lankford's home in May of 1965. The lady in white: Leo and Mary's daughter, Josephine Walker Wilson

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Appreciation Day: Happy Mother's Day!

What are some things you appreciate your mother for?
submitted by mauikiss
I have been thinking about this question. Some of the things that I appreciated about my mother (1920-2000)

I appreciated that....
1.) My mother married my father.

2.) My mother stayed with my father through thick and thin; till the end.

3.) My mother gave birth to me when she was almost 43.

4.) My mother cared for her 19 of her children.

5.) My mother was a stay at home Ma.

6.) My mother raised her children the best way that she (and my father) could.

7.) My mother always wrote this words on my birthday cards.

"You have been a good girl from a child up.

I hope that you continue to do so.

Love..." than my mother would sign her name.

8.) My mothers sayings.

"A son is a son until he takes a wife.

But a Mother is a Mother all of her life."
9.) My mother loved children.

10.) My mother was the mother God blessed me with.

11.) My mother believed upon Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

12.) My mother gave me the love only a Mother could give.

13.) My mother was a strong willed woman.

14.) My mother cared for her mother and father.

15.) My mother was role model.

16.) My mother owned her own business.

17.) My mother was a human being.

18.) My mother looked out for others.

19.) My mother left a legacy.
Happy MOTHER's Day to ALL you Mothers

and Mothers at Heart!
To You,

Great Grandmothers who are mothers, Grandmothers who are mothers, Mothers who are mothers, Aunts who are mothers, Sisters who are mothers, Daughters who are mothers.

In Laws / Out Laws who are mothers, Cousins (girls) who are mothers, Friends (girls) who are mothers. Spiritual-Mothers who are mothers, First Lady's of a church who are mothers, Mothers of the church who are mothers,

Those who are Foster mothers, Step mothers, Adopted mothers who are mothers, Singled women who are mothers, Married women who are mothers, Widows who are mothers, Mothers to be who are mothers,

Ladies who care for others, Mother figures, Big / Little Sisters: you are mothers too.

And to you Male-Guys who are NOT mothers...

Enjoy this MOTHER's Day!

I thank God that He blessed me with a MOTHER.
In what ways are you similar to your mother?
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People tell me that I look like my mother.
Have A Magnificat Day! God Bless. Take Care.

Monday, April 22, 2013

In Memory Of Ezekiel and Isabella Nickerson

Ezekiel W. Nickerson

Born: July 28, 1895 in Grimes County, Texas
Died: Dec of 1942 in Denver, Colorado

Isabella V. Lankford Nickerson

Born Sept 1899 in St. Joseph, Missouri
Died Sept 1938 in Denver, Colorado

Little is know about Ezekiel and Isabella. They were married about the year 1920. They were living in Denver, Colorado in 1930. They had about five children. Nathan, Vivian, Lankford, Betina and Robert E. Nickerson.

Ezekiel's parents were unknown. His mother was living when he was listed in World War I draft. Ezekiel was listed serving int he military in  Denver Colorado, He was listed as a Private Branch with Tank Co.

Isabella was the daughter of Robert Louis Lankford and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford. According to mortuary records in Colorado, Isabella had a baby in her casket. There's no record of what happened. Perhaps she gave birth to a child. Or Isabella and one of her children died due to an accident...

In late 2012, I came cross more info on the Nickersons. I will have to post another blog on what I have discovered. Thank God for clues.

I hope that this was of some help.
Thanks for reading.