Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thinking About The Life Of Isaac Blakey

I have been thinking about my Great Grandpa Isaac Blakey. I have come across some things about him over my search.

Who was Isaac Blakey? What can be said about his life?  Isaac was born in MO. He was the son of Andrew and Julia WHITE. Isaac was the only one in his family that carried the BLAKEY surname. He was one of about 12 or 13 children.

Isaac was married to Martha SCOTT. They had twin sons; Andrew BLAKEY and John BLAKEY/ BLAKLEY.

After Martha's passing, Isaac later married Rachel LEPHRIDGE/ LEFTRIDGE. They had 18 children.

Isaac was born in slavery in MO. Later in his teens, Isaac received his freedom. He joined the Union Army in MS. Isaac listed his occupation as a farmer.

After the war he married and started a family. He reuntied with this mother and siblings. The moved back to MO. Isaac spent the reminder of his life in Chartion Howard County MO area up to this passing on December 23, 1917. 

Isaac's body was laid to rest in Hoffman Cemetery in Forest Green Missouri on Christmas day. Yes, Isaac was a Civil War veteran. I wondered if there was any news coverage of his passing. Or if the local news writers acknowledged his passing? I believe that Isaac was a respected man.
I was thinking about how Isaac's latter days. What his life could have been like. He must have had some stories about his life. What stories they could have been?

I believe that the people in my Great Grandfather's life were at the funeral. Indeed his family and friends were there. I noticed that the funeral was on Christmas Day. Wonder why the family wanted to buried him on Christmas.  Two days after his death?

I had wondered if Isaac was honored for his military serve. I did come across some info about that. Isaac was honor for his service in the Civil War. There is a plaque with his name on it in Washington DC.

You won't find the name as BLAKEY. His name and rank during the Civil War was Private Isaac BLAKER. He served November 1, 1863 to May 13, 1866. With honorable discharge.

Thanks for reading.
I hope to piece together more info on the BLAKEY Connections 

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Daughter of A.P. and Babe

Sister has been with us since the Spring of 2002. She was born on November 16 or 17 of 2001. How we came about having Sister as our dog? How did she get her name? Sister was our sister's dog. One day our sister got mad at Sister because she would always get out of about a 6 foot fence.

Sister did not like living in that place. She had 5 other brothers. Some how Sister learned how to climb the fence. When I heard that she kept doing that I call her Houdini. She was a smart little puppy. Our sister did not like Sister climbing out of the fence. Sister would wonder out into the streets. One day our sister carried Sister across the street and ask us to keep Sister for a few days. Yeah, Sister has been with us for about a few hours. Right. Like about 5 years.

After we got Sister,... I wanted to renamed her. I thought of the name because she was the only girl. I thought sister could not get along with those boys. She had to get out of that place and she did. I shared the story of Sister's dad A.P.--December 2, 2006 Blog. I have not figured out how to just type in that site so you can click on to it. I will try to tag it on my site.

Last year around this time we noticed that Sister was getting bigger. We thought that we were feeding her too much or she was eating too much. I notice that Sister was acting strangely when I would give her and Spotty their morning biscuit. Sister would stop twirling around like a bull would. Then one day Sister just about bit my finger to get her biscuit. I had thought come to my thinking why Sister was acting the way she was--only time would prove what I was thinking.

During the last week of January of 2006, Sister would come out of her house late and would hurry back into her house. I thought to myself that's not like Sister. So I told my brothers. We did not know what was going on... Until February 4, 2006--

I was out side looking around. Sister seemed to be OK. So my brother went out to see Sister too. He said that Sister was acting strange. She would go in and out of her house. As she did that she would look back at my brother and go in her house. She did this enough times that made my brother get up ---GO and SEE what she wanting him to see.

As my brother went and saw what Sister was trying to tell him, he discovered--SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE---new born puppies. They has their eyes open. Yeah, that was my thought that I have in January. Sister was going to have puppies. We did not know that she was going to have puppies. We think that the puppies were born the last week of January 2006. They were about a week old when my brother made the discovery.

There were 6 in all: 3 boys and 3 girls. Sister took very good care of her babies. It was very cold during January through March. She kept her babies warm. She did all what a mother would do for her babies. She correct them as well. Sister was a GOOD Mama.

When it came time to give Sister's puppies away, I talked to her before we did that. We thought that first the girl dogs would be the hardest to found someone to care for. Our sister has the one who looks like A.P. Her name is Sugar. Sugar; the smallest, friendliest and the smartest one of them all. She got loose one day and came back to home to see her family. She just lives across the street: Like mama like daughter wanting to visit.

The other two sisters live with two sisters not to far from us. They were happy that their dad let them have them. The two other boy dogs live with one of our brothers in Kansas. The boy dogs names are Blue and Red. Sister watched each one of her babies go. She knew it was time for them to leave.

As for the last boy dog, we had trouble finding him a home for him. There were people who said that they wanted him but never came to get him... My brother was thinking about keeping the little fellow. I had a talk with Sister about it. You would never guest what Sister's reaction was... I told Sister that we might have to keep the last dog. She ducked her head. turned around and went into her dog house. Your guest is as good as mine to what Sister was thinking about. We did not have a dog house for Sunny. He slept with his mama. He kept wanting milk too. Sunny was a "mama's boy".

Yeah, we kept Sunny. He is the only "true" dog that we can say we ever had--Sunny has been with us from day one. All the other dogs we had were either given to us, dogs that others had to find a home for, dogs who were "lost" and could not find a place to stay. I can say Sunny is our first dog: He was not given to us. Sunny just happen to come along. I see Sunny was a apart of God's plan for us.

--- I named him Sunny because he is the son of Sister. The dogs name had to start with a "S". Ever since Sunny has been with us, he has brighten up Sister and Spotty world. We need to get Sister "fix". No more puppies. It seems every time we plan to get this done this year, something comes up. It's a must to do when the weather gets warmer.

I just thought to share This Dog Story with you on this very last Tuesday of 2006. I told you that Sister reminds me of Scooby Doo and Dino Flintstone. However Sister does not jump on me. She knows better. Sister sits and stares when she see me coming. Some times one ear is up and the other one down. That's Scooby Doo. As I am making my way to her, she jumps for joy. That's Dino Flintstone.

May you continue to count the days as you enter into your days ahead. Who knows you might have a surprise surprise surprise!
Why did I share this story with you? I believe that animals are a gift from God. Sister, Sunny and Spotty are some of the blessed dogs that I know. Because God has entrust me to take care of them. A part of our family history is what we have been given to us, what we earned and what we have to offer others. Some surprises come from God. Some just happens. Sunny is a blessings.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Special Day!

It's 12/12/12!
Happy 12/12/12 Day!

These numbers come once on a century. I wondered how our ancestors in 1912, 1812, 1712 must have thought about 12/12/12?

As for me, I think it's a special day. It's just like 11/11/11. 10/10/10 and so forth. The day, month and year with the same numbers.

The next numbers will be 11/12/13. and then  12/13/14.
I can't think of any others. May be 3/5/ 15,  2/8/16 or 1/7/17

It's good to note things in the days. We note the leap days every four years. Even when Friday the 13th comes. I think when the 13th falls on a Friday that should be a good Friday the 13th.

Oh those special days.
Wonder what I can do on this special day.
I'll find something.

There will be many who think that this day is just like any other. While some will come to see this as a special day. Enjoy!

The next sequence of numbers:
01/01/01 will start on Jan 01, 2101.
Maybe Jesus on Earth ruling and reigning in His kingdom.
We'll be in our glorified bodies then.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Short Review: Family History Journey 2012

I'm looking back over  2012.
What a year!

I have come across a lot of new information. I've been going back over some of what I have compiled over the years. I'm seeing some things that I've over looked. I'm adding that to the family history

There were some new relatives ....I've come across on facebook. Also I've come in contact with a few people searching on the same tree I am. They helped me out on some loose ends on my family connections.

There were some additions to the family. While there were some relatives who have passed on to be with the Lord. In all I see the family connections being added.
I'm thankful for the information that I have been coming across. I couldn't have gotten as far I have without help. I'm thankful for people who have shown some interest.

May we learn more about our ancestors as we search for records.
May we explore and discover what we can.
May we continue a legacy for the future generation.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Elias Bartlett Connections

The Elais Bartlett Connections

Very little is known of Elias W. Bartlett Sr. He was born in KY about 1822. He was probably born into slavery and brought to Missouri. He lived in Carrolton, Carol County in Missouri.

Elias and his family were listed on the 1870 and 1880 census in Carrollton, County.
His first wife was Rachel and his second wife was Harriett.

Rachel born about 1825 in MO. Very little is know about Rachel. Her maiden name unknown. Elias and Rachel believe to have had a slave marriage some time in the early 1850's.

Their children according to the 1870 census record listed estimate year of birth.
William 1852
Warren  1854
John      1855
Fanny    1859
Lena      1862
Harriett  1865
Charles  1866 - 1944
Sally      1866

Harriet Hooper
She was born in Sept 1849 and passed away on May 20 1909 in St. Joseph, Missouri
According to a census Elias and Harriet were married around 1875. They were married for 25 years. Harriet was widow on the 1900 census.

Harriet was listed on a census as having 7 children. One child was deceased by 1900

Information shows that there was daughter Sallie who had a daughter. The grand daughter was Myrtle Peyton. Myrtle married and had two daughters. Lucy E. Bartlett Mossell was mulatto was half sister to Harriet's children. Myrtle later divorce and remarried.

Harriet's other children: estimate year of birth
Elias Jr. 1879
Sam      1882
Jennie   1883            
Juanita  1891
Paul      1893

I don't know if Harriett was calming Lucy and the other child as her daughter. Lucy was Harriet's step daughter. Also I've noted that between the birth of Jennie and Juanita there was about a 9 years gap. Perhaps there were children born.

Elias Bartlett Sr. may have passed away about 1893 in Carrollton, Missouri. He was the father of about 13 or14 children.
Thanks for reading.
Hope to find more info on The Elais Bartlett Connections

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

May all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
Remember, Thanksgiving is Everyday.
We all have something to be thankful for everyday.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mulattoes Relatives Born In Slavery

 I've been thinking about what I heard on Who Do You Think You Are? It's a T.V. series that aired in 2010 about searching for your ancestors. What caught my attention was some mulattoes born into slavery.

Most likely the mulattoes children were the offspring of the slave master. I see some mulattoes born in my family tree. It's on both my parents sides.

On the 1850 MO census, I found the person who owned my ancestors. Frances WHITE BLAKEY. She had slaves that matched the ages of my ancestors.

There was one male who was mulatto born in VA. Julia and Andrew WHITE came from VA. So did that one male slave. The other children where born in MO.

I have the names of Julia's children.
On the 1880 census, Julia had a granddaughter, named Rebeca. She was born in MO. Her parents were born in VA.

I can assume that that male born in VA could have been Julia's son. Some how Rebeca was listed with Julia on the 1880. The mystery of who Rebecca's father from Va was and who raise her is a mystery.

On my mother's side:
The story goes that Maime Morton was the slave owner's daughter. I haven't trace who her father was.

There were the WASHINGTONs; They listed as Black / White on a census.  I can't trace William / John's parents.

I've heard some Native American Indian on both sides of the family. It was by word of mouth. But it's believed it was so. The characteristic was there.

Thanks for reading.
My journey continues.
Hoping to add more names to the family tree.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

With Honor

Happy Veterans' Day!

Thanking God for the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives to service and protect the U.S.A. You are all heroes. Thank You! May God bless you.

As I've been searching the family history, I found more relatives who served in the U.S. Military. It's an honor to have and have had relatives to service for our country.
Here are some who have passed. Some are buried next to their spouse.
My Find A Grave Project

Below are a few names and websites about some relatives.There are some photos.

Civil War:
Isaac Blakey aka. Private Isaac BLAKER wounded in the war


WWII :  Faris Chilton LYLE

Koren War: Fredrick William LANKFORD Killed while serving.

Vietnam War: Michael Archie BLAKEY  Killed while serving.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What About Aunts and Uncles By Marriage / Birth? Part 11 ~ Anna C. Lankford Blakley

Anna C. Lankford was my mother, Lula's sister.
Anna married my father, David's brother, Isaac Blakley
Anna C. Lankford Blakley

From left to right The Blakleys
 Richard Isaac Blakley
Anna C. Lankford Blakley
Isaac Blakley
Robert Blakley

From left to right. Mary Jane Blakley Richardson.
Middle Mary Allen Lankford
Anna C. Lankford Blakley
Mary Allen was Anna's mother.
Mary Jane was Anna'a sister in law.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lula May Lankford and William Madison

Lula and William MadisonIn The Home of Leo and Mary Lankford

The two became one on May 27, 1896 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Lula was the daughter of Robert Louis and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford.
Lula was born in Oct of 1876 in Canton, Missouri.
She passed away on Sept 30, 1961 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

William / James Madison was the son of Joshua and Louisa / Louise (Hart) Madison.
William was born about 1869 in Gallatin, Missouri.
He passed away in August of 1961.

William and Lula had about 8 children who carried the Madison surname.
Unknown named son, Louis Edward, Joshua Randolph, Charlotta M. Robert Lewis Lankford,
Ceola, William M. and Lula N.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Who Was John Blake?

On October 23, 2011, I was re reading some of my letters from my cousin. I saw some things that I began my search to find more on John Blake. I had very little clues to follow.

I first heard of John Blake in the late 1980's. Cousin Willie (White) Winfrey was sharing with me some of the family history. She mentioned that her father, Richard White had another brother named, Josh White.

Josh White had a son named John BLAKE and three daughters. John Blake was raised by a large family. John tooked the BLAKE surname.

As I've been searching I came across a family in Chariton County, Missouri on the 1900 census. There was  John Blake listed with a Louis and Mary A. Blake with many children.

As I've looked through other census records, I came across this John born around 1882 in MO. He was the step son of Louis BLAKE. Louis married Mary Ann Johnson in 1885.

There was a John Blake on the 1910 census with a Arretta Blake and Mattie White. I think that this could be a connection. This Mattie White was widowed. She was the mother of 5 children. Only 4 were living. None of her children were listed at this place.

I found Mattie White listed as a widowed with 4 children. She was the mother of 5 children on the 1900 census. I think that Mattie could have been counted twice on the 1910 census.

Here are the BLAKEs 1900 - 1920 census
1900 Chariton, Howard County Missouri
Lewis Blake born about Aug 1863 Married in 1885
Mary A. Blake born about Jan 1865. She was the mother of 10
Rector H.
John (Stepson)

1910 Burton, Howard County,  Missouri

1910 Burton, Howard County Missouri
John Blake age about 30: Born MO
Arrette Blake

Mattie White age about 46;
Born about 1864 in MO.
Widow: Mother from VA.

Mattie White age about 46:
 Born in MO. Widow
Parents From MO.
Elda (Ella) age about 24
Oressie age about 8

Will (William)
Maggie (Valentine)

The information matches up with what some of my cousins told me. I  believe that this John Blake was relatives to the Mattie White listed on the census.  She was most likely her Aunt.

The story of Josh WHITE  children is still a mystery. I haven't come across any BLAKE descendants.  Nor of Joshua's daughters. Perhaps some of Joshua White's descendants will make some discoveries on the journey.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Mattie White Connections: Oressia Hereford

In early October of 2011,I send off the death record of Oressia Hereford. I was curious to see how her father was. I figured that her mother's name was Mattie White. I got that off of census records.

I can't recall why I came across those census record. Back then it seem to be a mystery to me. I have always thought the Mattie never married. And that she only had one child. Her name was Bob Ella Bentley.

But through my search for Mattie White, I came across more children. Mattie had about 5 children. Only two in which I have located. Ella was went Oressia on the 1910 census with their mother, Mattie.

I haven't located Mattie's children, Patrick, Alice or Jane. I don't know which surname they may have went by. Oressia went by her father's surname Hereford.

On October 6, 2011, I received Oressia's death record through the mail. I was anxious to see what was on it. Oressia was born on March 16, 1904 in Missouri, Her father's name was Robert "Bob" Hereford.

I did more record on Oressia father. Robert "Bob" was the son of James Madison "Mat" Herriford / Herryford and Jannett "Jaenette (Page) Heryford. The Hereford surname was spelled at least four ways. Herefore, Herriford, Herryford, and Heryford.

From what I've heard Orressia never married. She had no children. According to her death record, she resided in Keytesville MO. She passed away in Fulton, Callaway County in Missouri.

I wonder about the mystery of Mattie's children. I'm glad that I've found out this much. I hope that some of Mattie's descendant would a  connection. Mattie did have a grandson named Willard or William Carr. He was the child of Ella Bentley Carr.

Hope that this information was helpful.
Hope that some will see a connection and add more to this story.

Family History Quest

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Henry and Mary Elizabeth Blakey

Henry L.  Blakey
Henry was the son of Isaac Blakey and Rachel Ann Lephridge / Leftridge Blakey.
Mary Elizabeth Fristoe Bakey
Mary was the daughter of Frank and Amanda (Porter) Fristoe. Mary's mother passed away when she was very young, so she was raised by her Grandma Porter.

Mary attended school and church at "Porter Chapel" A.M.E. in rural Salisbury, MO.

Mary eloped with Henry Blakey on October 16, 1905 in Yankton, South Dakota. They were married at the Court House.

To this union there were bout 12 children born. 3 unknown/ Unnamed Infants Blakey, then there was Annie, Henry, Arthur, Pearline, Floyd, Nathanial, Mabel, Irene and Theodore "Ted" Blakey.
Source of info was from a 1985 Blakey Blakley White Reunion booklet

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Remembering My Dad (Part 2)

This blog is the continuation from October 7, 2012:  Remembering....
Re post from my Xanga site Sunday 7 Oct 2007
My Dad's funeral day was Wednesday, October 11, 1989. Before we were going to the church, family member gathered in the yard where we live now. The street was filled with cars.

There were a lot of people in the yard. The day was pleasant. It was a warm sunshiny Fall day. The trees had many beautiful colors displayed for all to see.

An unique thing happened as we were about to pray. A huge gushing wind came. It brought some dust into the street. It was like a world wind. We had to wait for the wind to stop. I thought that the wind was very unusual.

After we prayed, we gathered up in line car behind car, hiding to the church. We made our way there. As we got out of our cars, family members gathered together and stood outside in a line waiting to go in the church.

As we entered the church, the song "O When The Saints, Go Marching In" was playing. The small church was packed. All but 4 brothers did not attend the funeral.

The casket was open the entire funeral. The homecoming celebration lasted about an hour. The time came to view the body for the last time. I waited so I could be one of the last ones there before the casket was closed.

As I waited, a cousin came behind me and placed her hand on my shoulder. When she place her hand on my shoulder, I began to weep and cry. I didn't know what hit me.

It took a while for me to compose myself. I did not know what came over me. I was just sitting there calmly, waiting for the time for me to go to view my Dad's body. Then when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I started to cry. I don't like to cry in public.

I did make it up to the casket to view my Dad's body for the last time. I had a smile in my heart as I touched my father's hands that were folded. I believe that he is in Heaven. After that I waved and turned around. I walked out the church doors.

As our cousins brought the coffin out of the church, I began to take pictures of the funeral. I took some photo of my father's body at the funeral home during the wake / visitation. One thing I recall about the wake. We were talking as though it was not a visitation. There was a sound of joy in the house.

Back to the funeral: It felt like a long ride to the cemetery. As a tradition when a loved one passes, we drive by the loved ones house. We went by our family house on the way to the cemetery. When we got to the cemetery, I continued to take some more pictures. The trees looked so beautiful. The weather was like summertime.

You may be thinking: Why did I take photos?
There were people who did not make it to the funeral. Also future generations who never got the honor to met my father might want to see the photos. Some my wonder about who was my father?

I have some photos coming up in the far near future. 2028 or so Here's one...

                           Why so far in posting funeral photos? There are for the future generations.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Today is the 23th Anniversary of my father's passing. He is in the presence of the LORD.
This blog is a re post from my Xanga site  Sunday 7 Oct 2007
It was 11 days before my father's death. The day was on September 27, 1989. He was in the hospital doing some test and was needing surgery. I stayed with him during the daytime.

On that day, my Dad was laying in his bed. I heard him talking out loud with his eyes closed. After listening to him, I realized he was talking to someone. But Who? He told this person that he was dying. Then he started to talk about some cows.

My Dad was calm about what he was saying. He had no fear in the tone of his voice. At first I thought that my Dad was talking in his sleep. So I tried to wake him up.

As I was in the process of walking up by my Dad's bedside, he suddenly opened his eyes. He was looking over my shoulder and said this phrase twice. "Look at all my people". He had the most joyful expression on his face.

By this time, I was in total tears. I was sobbing. I knew what he meant. I went in to the bathroom to compose myself. I had a very hard cry.

I looked in the mirror that myself. My eyes were blood shot red. I decided to call my sister, Freda and told her what our father said. She came out. I was ready to go home. My head hard so badly. I cried off and on. The thought of my father dying.

In my early 20's, I would watch a lot of TV unexplained mystery shows. There was one show that dealt with death and the after life. What I heard my Dad was saying, match up with what I heard from the shows. Reality hit me hard like a ton of bricks.

I believe that my Dad did see in the spirit world. The "people" who he said that he saw, his people who have gone on. My Dad also ask me if I saw birds flying above his head. I did not see anything. He said that he did. Yes, I believed him.

From that moment on I begin to speak to God in times of need.

My siblings were trying to tell me that our father was not dying. They told me that he was talking out of his head. That he was going to be alright. For years, we have heard the medical reports and the doctors tell us that our father was dying.

Even our Dad said sense that he was dying too. Well, this time, I believed that was the case. I heard it from my father. I was not saved during this time in my life. But, I talk to God a lot.

I got home from the hospital on the day my Dad said that he was dying, I laid on my back on the sofa. I had a pillow over my face. My head was pounding. I ask God, if my Dad was dying, prepare us for his death.

There had been a number of times when our Dad was at the point-of-death. Here is one story that I heard. There was a time when he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Some thing happened on the way to the hospital. The paramedic said out loud. He's not breathing. My Dad spoke up and said "Yes, I am breathing."

My Dad had been sick for about 11 years. In 1979, doctors did not know how long our Dad would live. There were times in the hospital that the doctors were amazed how he lived so long. [Our father was on oxygen. There was some time when he worked in a foundry.]

During that week in 1989, it took me a while to get the courage to go back to the hospital. I did go. My Dad would talk to me and ask me if I saw the people out the window on the roof. I would say no. But he said that they were there but were gone. I went along with him.

Then came Friday morning. It was the day that my Dad was going to be taken to another place for recovery. When I got to his room, he asked me, with a joyful voice and a smile on his face, if he was going HOME! I shook my head no and give him a note that read he was going to another place.

I recall that the transfer from the hospital to the other place for his recovery. This was the very first time that I rode in an ambulance. It seemed strange. It was a long ride there. But we made it to the other place.

My Dad didn't like this place. He had trouble breathing and was uncomfortable there. At one time two nurses came into his room. They keep coming back and forth in to the room. My Dad did something that I never seen him do.

My Dad got so angry. He yelled at the top of his lungs at the two nurses. WILL YOU GET OUT OF HERE?? Yeah, I took off too. I went over by the window and started to cry. My Dad called for me to sit down in the chair next to his bed.

He did something that he never done before. As I look back on this he was praying to God. He ask me for my hand. As I sat down , I give him my left hand.

He took both of his hands one on top and the other under my hand. He had his eyes closed so I put my hand down. I was crying. After my father had finished praying, he told me to call "Lu", my mother and tell her not worry.

I did not call my mother. I did not want to worry her more. I tried to stay calm as I was there with my father. It was about the 3 PM hour that when this happened. I was reading and was thinking of our family history.

As the time went by, one of my brothers and his children came to relieve me. I was there a long time. When I left, our father was sleeping. The children were there with a pumpkin. I looked at my father as I left the room.

We went to get some chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I tried to release the stress that I was under. Through out the evening, I felt better. Our mother and other siblings went to see our father. Our mother came back about 9:30 PM.

I did not get to sleep that night till about 10:30 PM or so. My mind was on my father. Then the strangest thing happened to me that morning. Before I heard the news, I knew that I knew. I woke up out of a sound sleep.

I saw a ball of bluish white light come from my closet. And I said with a voice of concern, "O, MY GOD!!" I think that I went back to sleep. The next thing I heard was the phone ringing. I got the news from my sister, Mary. She was the one who answered the phone a little bit after 3 AM.

As my sister was telling me that our Dad did not make it, I felt something leave me. Something physically left my shoulders. I felt relieved from what I saw in my father's suffering. As we made the phone calls to tell other members of the family, they started to come over.

In my heart, I knew where my father was. I remember going outside that on October 7th morning without a worry. I looked up into the dark clear sky. Looking toward the southeast sky to the Heavens. I just kept looking at the stars. I smiled and thank God. My father is with Jesus.

On that day it was one of our nephew's birthday. He turned 2. Yeah, we had a birthday party for Marcus. [We were help raising Marcus. His mother died 35 days after his birth. I was praying back during that time in my life as well.]
Ever since my father's death, I begin a quest to find out some things. I have been searching for my family history. I began even a deeper search for some things about the Bible.

Eventually my quest for the Bible drew me closer to God. I began to read the Bible more and more I made discoveries of radio "religious" talk show and T.V. Programs. Jesus came in my life on the night of September 17, 1993. He introduce Himself to me. He became my Lord and Savior.

NOW, I have an Heavenly Father. I thought after my earthly father passed away, I thought that I could never celebrate Father's Day because I did not have a father. But in 1990, the revelation came to me. I have a Heavenly Father, hit me. Fathers Day is special for me. I miss my Dad.
Special Note to this testimony:
I wrote a poem about my father's passing. Also one day as I was reading my Bible in January of 1994, something unusual happened to me. I was reading where Isaac was calling one of his sons to his bed side.

I believe that the Spirit of the LORD was speaking to me through this passage. I was trying my best to read this passage, when all of a sudden something came to me.

I believe as I was reading, the thought of my father blessing me 12 hours before his passing. As Isaac blessed his son, my father prayed a blessing over me.

As I got that revelation, I cried like a baby. It took me a while to collect myself. I believe that God wanted me to know that. I felt good after that encounter with God.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pat White: Who Was He?

After searching the some of the names in this article,
this Pat White could have been Mattie "Matt" White's son, Patrick White.
A. J. White mostly was Andrew J. White.
The Whites lived next door to Mattie and Mattie's mother Julia White.
Sid Cason could have been related to Margaret (Cason) Blakey, the wife of Ollie Blakey.

Nannie Houston could have been related to the Blakeys and Whites.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Andrew & Julia White Connections: Spencer White ( abt 1856- ?)

There is little known about Spencer White. What I've discovered came from census records, a slave advertisement  letters from relatives and a family history booklet. According to the 1880 census Spencer was born about 1852 in Missouri. On the 1900 census he was born about 1855. The slave ad, he was born about 1852.

Spencer was married to Malinda Banks who was born about 1858.  They was married in Glasgow, Howard County in Missouri. City Hale was listed on the marriage record. Perhaps they were married at City Hall.

Spencer and Malinda has three daughters.
Benette White
Ceola White Reed
Sallie White

According to the 1900 census record Spencer was married to a Lou ? who was born about 1865.  According to a census record they were married about in 1895. Lou had no children,

The year of Spencer's death is unknown. Spencer was born a slave to Frances White Blakey. Spencer was a day laborer. He spoke English.

Spencer didn't live too far from one of his slaveholder's son, Yelverster C. Blakey. Also Kelly and Jannie Reed lived on College St with the Whites. Perhaps Spencer's daughter, Ceola married one of the Reed's sons.

There was a Missouri Death record on a Spencer White, a laborer was born July 15, 1856 in MO. This Spencer's parents were Ander White and Julia Finney, both from born in MO. Spencer's wife was Fannie. Spencer was buried in Molbery, Missouri in Oakland Cemetery

I have searched 1910 census record in Randolph County Missouri. This Spencer's parents were born on Virignia. I don't know if Spencer remarried. This Spencer only married once. He was listed with  two daughters. Emely  (Emily) White born about 1880 and Lucier (Lucile) White born 1901. Lucile ? perhaps a grand daugthers.  Emily had one child.

It could be that the Missouri death record of Spencer could  have been the son of Andrew and Julia White. I don't know if Spencer remarried to a Fannie. I hope that this is helpful to the descendants of Spencer White.

Perhaps a descendant of Spencer WHITE may come across this blog.
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What About Aunts and Uncles By Marriage/ Birth? Part 12 ~ Irene Blakey Lankford Starky Kemp

This blog is In Memory Of Irene  Kemp
Irene Kemp was born Irene Amanda Blakey
was on born on January 29, 1922 in Yankton, South Dakota.
She was the daughter of Henry  Blakey (1883 - 1967) and
Mary Elizabeth (Fristoe) Blakey (1889 -1957).

Irene married  Robert Lewis LANKFARD (1911 - 2000).
Their children: Patrica and Robert Lewis LANKFARD.

Irene married  William Russell STARKEY (1918 - 1967).
Their children:  William, Russell and Theodore STARKEY.

Irene was the widow of Harvey Daniel KEMP (1912 - 1974).

Irene passed away on September 29, 1996 in St. Paul, MN.
Below is a copy of Irene's obituary.
Irene had a beautiful life.
I'm thankful that I had the honor of meeting her at family reunions.

Find A Grave Memorial: Irene Amanda (Blakey) Kemp
Click On

Monday, September 17, 2012

The 100th Anniversary of Olbrey Pierson Blakley's Birth

Rev. Olbrey Pierson Blakley
He was born on Sept 17, 1912 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
He passed away on Jan 3 1943 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
He was the son of John BLAKEY Blakley
and Jennie BARTLETT Blakley LYLE.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

What About Aunts and Uncles By Marriage? Eugene T. Richardson Part 11

Eugene was born on April 11, 1912.
He  married Mary Jane Blakley on November 28, 1943.
Mary was the daughter of John Blakey Blakley and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley - Lyle.

They had two adopted daughters.
Bonnie Jean Richardson (1949- 1965)
Mary Kaye Richardson Cunningham (1953- 2003)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What About Aunts and Uncles By Marriage? Comezell Walker Sr: Part 9

Comezell Walker Sr.
1922 - 1964
 Comezell Walker was born on August 30, 1922 in Paraloma, Arkansas.
He was the son of Ezekiel H. "Zeke" WALKER and
Texie (Graves) Lovejoy WALKER - NEAL

Comezell was married Ella BOYKIN
Comezell was married on Josephine LANKFORD
Comezell and Josephine had 3 sons,
Comezell Jr. Clinton and Earl Walker

Comezell Walker Sr passed away on May 19, 1964.

Comezell's siblings from
Ezekiel 1st wife: Mary B. Hans/ Haynes
Ezekiel Walker's children with the Walker surname
Conway, James, Ocie/O.C, Thomas, Rosa, Esper,
Chester, McKinely and Hesakie.

Comezell's mother Texie also married
Mabry Lovejoy
Andrew Johnson NEAL

Texie's children
MacCoy Lovejoy
Maple Lovejoy
Davie Lovejoy
Henry Lovejoy
Nellie Mae Neal

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Special Years As Ages & Vice Vera

This is a re post from my Xanga site on Sunday, 13 September 2009

I can recall when I started noticing some things in my life. I saw some significant in this. When I turned 33, I though about how old Jesus was when He died. What it felt like to be 33.

But as I look back in my teens, I though when I turned 13 that my father was going to died. I don't recall why I thought that. My father, David coughed a lot.

My father was sick man. He worked in a foundry. But when I turned 13, It was the start of my teenage years. My father was born in 1913.

By the time I was 19 or 20, things had a turn. I was more into Jesus and reading the Bible. When I reach 29 another turn came. I would be in my 30's.

Then as I grew, I started reading the psalms as the age I was at that time. Psalm 33- and so on. By the time I reach 39, I saw some special years coming into my life. Then I went into my 40's where I am at now.

My father's mother, Jennie's life to be only about 41 or 42. My mother gave birth to me when she was almost 43. I began to catch on to things during my 40's.

My father's father, John passed away about 46. My father was about 49 1/2 when I was born. When my sibling turn in their 60's and 70's, I noticed some things. ...63 and 48, 69,70, and so forth.

The years 1988, 1989, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and beyond. I saw some things too. I don't know how I come across this things. But I am so happy when I see the connections.

May the LORD reveal to us things that we can see. May we be aware of the times that we are in. May the joy of the LORD be fill in us on our journey.

On The Journey...
Special Years As Ages & Vice Vera

This was an interesting discovery.
I've another blog that is another discovery.

Have A GREAT Week!
Peace to you,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What About Aunts And Uncles By Marriage? Milton Vernon Thomas Part 10

I don't know much about Milton Vernon Thomas.
He was the son of Milton Joseph and Ella Osage  (GRAHAM) THOMAS.
Milton Vernon was born on Oct 5, 1914 in St. Joseph, MO.
Milton went by his middle name Vernon.

Vernon married Mary Virginia "Jennie" LANKFORD.
I located him and Mary on the 1940 census.
Milton went by his middle name Vernon.

Vernon was the head
Virginia, wife
Richard, step son
Mary E., daughter
They lived on Locust St.

Milton Vernon passed away on
Feb 21, 1969 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
He was buried at Ashland Cemetery.

Milton Vernon Thomas' parents headstone at Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, MO.
Milton Joseph was born on Nov 18, 1887.
He passed away in Oct 1966.

Ella O. Graham Thomas was born on Dec 20, 1896.
She passed away on Dec 8, 1997.

Milton J. and Ella's 6 children:.
Milton Vernon (1914 -1969 ), 
Edgar (1916 - 1999),
Leah (1920-1956)
James (1921- 2009).

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blakeys Listed In Yankton South Dakota's City Cem

Yankton City Cemetery Records:
As Of April, 25, 2012

Block 720 ~ grave 16
Blakey, Amy M.
Death: 1907 ~ no stone

Block 376 ~ Lot 5 grave 1
Blakey, Baby
Death: 3 / 12 / 1971 ~  no stone

Block 687 ~ grave 16
Blakey, Baby
Death: 1 /3 / 1956 ~ no stone

Block 694 ~ grave 9
Blakey, Florence
Death: 9 / 1929 ~ no stone

Block 651 ~ Lot 4 grave 3
*Blakey, George H.
Death: 12/ 29 / 1964 ~ stone

Block 523 ~ Lot 0 grave 1
*Blakey, Henry
Death: 6 / 17 / 1967 ~ stone

Block 695 ~ grave 10
*? Blakey, Henry
Death: 7 / 1929 ~ no stone

Block 651 ~  Lot 3 grave 1
*Blakey, Isaac
Death: 4 / 25 / 1971 ~ stone

Block 651~  Lot 4 grave 3
*Blakey, Janet Lee
Death: 10 / 9 / 2003 ~ stone

Block 707 ~ grave 3
*Blakey, John  (aka John Blakley)
Death: 1918 ~ no stone

Block 689 ~ grave 19
*Blakey, Johnnie Mae
Death: 1940 ~ stone

Block 771 lot 2 grave 2
*Blakey, LaVonne Faye
Death: 4 / 27 / 2008 ~ stone

Block 686 ~ grave28
*Blakey, LeRoy (Mrs.)
Death: 11/ 30 / 1954 ~ no stone

Block 805 ~ lot 1 grave 6
*Blakey, Linda
Death: 8 /18 / 1990 ~ stone

Block 376 ~ lot 5 grave 2
*Blakey, Lucinda Mary
Death: 3 /7  /1985 ~ stone

Block 651 ~ lot 3 grave 2
*Blakey Maggie
Death: 2 / 2 /1960 ~ stone

Block 523~  lot 0 grave 2
Blakey, Mary E.
Death: 10 / 10 / 1957 ~ stone

Block 686 ~ grave 29
Blakey, Mike Lee
Death: 12 / 6  /1954 ~ no stone

Block 694 ~  grave 7
*Blakey, Pearline E.
Death: 10 - 1929 ~ stone

Block 684 ~ grave36
Blakey, Sarah Jane
Death: 11/ 8 / 1977 ~ stone

Block 686 ~ grave 15
*Blakey, Thelma Jane
Death: 1954 ~ stone

Block 683 ~ lot 5 grave 3
*Blakey, Troy
Death: 1978 ~ stone

Block 692 ~ grave 7
*Blakey, Virgil
Death: 5/ 5 / 1933 ~ stone

Block 771 ~ lot 2 grave 1
*Blakey, Jr. LeRoy E.
Death: 6/ 19 / 2003 ~ stone

Block 805 ~ lot 2 grave 4
*Blakey, Jr. Spencer
Death: 9 /24 / 1996 ~ stone

Block 683 ~ lot 5 grave 4
*Blakey, Sr. LeRoy E.
Death: 1/ 19 / 1959 ~ stone

Block 376 ~ lot 0 grave 1
*Blakey, Sr. Spencer T.
Death: 10 / 29 / 1967 ~ stone

List given to me by Todd Larson
from Yankton South Dakota

Thank you, Todd

(The names with * by side them were related.)
Also: Finding more info on the Family Tree.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ollie And Margaret (Cason) Blakey

Descendants of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY
Ollie "Deke" Blakey
(1895 -1972)
Ollie was the son of Isaac Blakey from MO
and Rachael Leftridge / Lephridge Blakey from MS.

According U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918,
Ollie was decribed as short and had a medium built.
He had black eyes and black hair.
Ollie married Margaret (Cason) Blakey.
Isaac Blakey aka Private Isaac Blaker from MO.
(Isaac fought in the Civil War... Union Side MS.)

Ollie worked in the State Capital Building.
Then as a tour guide.
He worked under four Governors,
 including one named Ronald Reagan.
(Gov Reagan later became President Ronald Reagan.)

Ollie and Margaret came to Yankton, South Dakota for a while.
They were the singing team.
They moved to Sacramento, CA in 1929.

Margaret "Mike" Cason Blakey:
(1896- 1972)

Margaret was the daughter of Grace "Gracie" Harriet Cason and Hebert Cason.
 Margaret was born on March 17, 1896
She passed away on  Aug 6, 1972.

Margaret did domestic work for years.
Margaret and Ollie had no children.
Margaret's siblings were:
Mabel  Cason and Lephridge Cason
Some of the info was from a 1985 Blakey Blakley White Family Reunion Booklet.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Updating Info: Future Posting

I'm working to update some Family History on the following Connections.

The Isaac and Rachel's (LEPHRIDGE / LEFTRIDGE) BLAKEY Connections:
Ollie BLAKEY and his Family
Jordan BLAKEY and Family
Lawhorn BLAKEY and Family
Archie BLAKEY  and Family
Mary (BLAKEY) WHITE and husband Ollie GREEN

The Mattie WHITE Connections:

A son named, Patrick WHITE
A daughter named, Oressia HERRIFORD

The Richard  and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE Connections:

Alberta WHITE MORRIS and Family

The Elias and Harriett (HOOPER) BARTLETT Connections:

Granddaughter: Myrtle PEYTON and her parents

Some Find A Grave: Some relatives head stones

Military Relatives:Some of those who have passed on

Some Discoveries on the 1940 Census:Using the clues to find more info

Slavery Descendant To Have First Reunion:Some updates and clarification.

Hope to post the above findings.
I may come up with other blogs.

Thanks for reading.
Perhaps you may add some info.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What About Aunts and Uncles By Marriage? James Weston Jr. ~ Part 9

James Weston Jr.
1924 - 1949
James was  born on Oct 18, 1924 in Kansas City MO.
He was the son of James Glenn WESTON Sr.

James  WESTON Jr. married Betty  Marie LANKFORD
Betty was the daughter of Leo and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD/ LANKFARD
James Jr. and Betty had no children.
James Jr. serviced in the United States Military.

James Jr. passed away on March 31, 1949 in St. Joseph, MO.
He was in a car / truck collision.

James Jr's  siblings....
Charles, Cleoa, Fanny, Forestine, and Velda Weston.
Their mother was Lena Mae (Corbin) Weston.

James' Jr.'s nickname was Junior.

James Glenn Weston Sr.'s parents 
Earl Oliver Weston (1871- 1926) son of Earl Weston
and Mary Frances "Fannie" Tapp Weston (1873- 1923)
"Fannie's father was Peter Tapp.

"Oliver's" and "Fannie's Children:
Charity, Charles, Ceola, James, Tapp, Pete, Verrien, Mary and R.C.

James and Betty (LANKFORD) WESTON
Betty passed away on July 22, 2012

Betty M. WESTON's Obituary

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Lankford / Lankfard Family : Canton, Missouri Connections

The Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family
St. Joseph, Missouri
Photo taken in the early 1890's

I can only imagine when and why the Lankford / Lanford Family choose to moved to St. Joseph, MO. Also, I have been wondering, what was the original spelling of the family surname? I find that interesting about the spelling.

When did the LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family make their way to St. Joseph, Missouri?
Why did some family members spell their surname LANKFARD,
While the most spell their surname LANKFORD?


Robert Louis / Lewis and Charlotta (DADE) Lankford / Lankfard were the first two family members that I have come across with the family surname. There isn't  much know about Robert's mother. I don't know if she carried the Lankford / Lankfard surname. I heard that Robert's mother passed away in Canton, MO. Robert had a sister, Mamie MORTON.

I don't know when Robert and Charlotta came or when left Canton, Missouri. Robert was born in KY. Charlotta was born in MO. Charlotta had children born in Lewis County MO from 1873 - 1885.

I can only assume when the Robert and Charlotta left Canton. I think it was some time during the mid - 1880's. Charlotta didn't have any children from 1886 - 1889. That could have been the time they moved. (One reason for the move could have been Robert was looking for work. He was a mason.)

I've been searching the cities directories. I came across some Lankfords. The names were spelled Langford, Lankford and Lankfard. I have found the surname spelled other ways during my search.

I came across a Robert L. Lankford on a 1887 city directory. He was listed as a mason. I do believe that this Robert was the correct Robert who was married to Charlotta. There was a James and a Louis Lankford who were masons as well. I can only assume that they were related. They were all listed as colored and all worked as a mason.

The first time I saw a different spelling (other than LANFORD) was on a 1890 city directory. The surname was spelled LANKFERD in the St. Joseph, MO. The first time surname spelled LANKFARD was in 1898. So, I searching searching more city directories.

I found Robert's surname spelling as LANKFARD on the 1898, 1902, 1904, 1911, 1913, and 1916 city directories. I came across some of Robert's and Charlotta's children names in the same city directories. Their surname was spellled LANKFARD. There was another city directory. The surname was spelled LANKFORD.

As for the census records, most of the family surname was spelled LANKFORD. Now as I look back, I can see that the surname was LANKFARD at one point. But majority of the family members spelled the surname LANKFORD.

I have traced back to 1870 to Lewis with a different spelling of Lankford. Lewis was a.k.a as Robert L. Lankfard.  His surname was spelled LANGFORD on the 1870 census. However, he was married under the name of  LEWIS LANKFORD in 1873 in Canton, Missouri. Also, he was listed as Lewis LANGFORD on the 1880 Census.

Lewis started using the name Robert L. Lankford some time in the 1880's. Some how the switch was made. Robert had a son named Louis born in 1882. That could have been a reason.

I think that The LANKFORD/ LANKFARD Family moved away from Canton, MO between 1885 - 1887. They lived some where else before they settled in St. Joseph, MO about 1890. Robert continued to go by Robert L. LANKFORD on some records.

All of Robert and Charlotta's children spelled their surname as LANKFARD at some point in their lifetime. There are marriage records, WWI, WWII Draft registrations, Grave markers and City Directories that have the LANKFARD surname.  Here are some of my blogs that I have posted on the Lankford / Lankfard Surname

The Search: LANKFARD / LANKFORDThere were some family members who kept the LANKFARD spelling. The descendants of Robert Lewis LANKFARD Sr.  This Robert was the son of Leo and Mary (ALLEN) Lankford Sr.

I believe that Nymudula "Nym" kept the LANKFARD spelling as well. Nym and his wife Irene and daughter, Marjorie were the only family members listed on the 1940 census with the LANKFARD spelling.

I first learned of the LANKFARD spelling when I came across these grave markers.

Grave markers are in Ashland Cemetery
It could have been the way the some of the family members choose to spell their surname.
There could have been something to that.
The Mysteries Lingers.

Robert and Charlotta's grave markers are in Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Robert and Charlotta live in Denver, Colorado about 1917 - 1919.

Charlotta lived in New York eight months before her passing in 1924.
Robert passed away in St. Joseph, MO in 1919.
Charlotta's body was brought back to St. Joseph, MO for burial.

Robert's surname on his death record was spelled LANKFORD.
Charlotta's surname on her death record was spelled LANKFARD.

According to records:

a.k.a Lewis LANKFORD

 LANFORD surname was the first known spelling..1873
Than LANGFORD on the 1870 and 1880 Census
1890 it was spelled LANKFERD
1895 it was spelled LANKFARD
1919 Tombstone it was spelled  LANKFARD

I did come across some other Lankfords, Langfords in St. Joseph
during the same time Robert and Charlotta were living...
 I don't know if they were related.
They live in the same area as the LANKFARDs.
Perhaps that was why the spelling change.
Or it was the way people pronounced the surname
that ended with FARD came out.
(I've seen the ending spell FORT on one relative.)

If we search all the relatives that carried the LANKFORDs and LANKFARD,
we might see some things.
I come to believe that The Family surname was spelled LANKFARD.
Robert and Charlotta LANKFARD's children records shows us that it was.
Some how, some family members had to choose which spelling to go by.
It appears that the LANKFORD surname was what most choose.
The LANKFORD surname was passed down through the generations.
Also, The LANKFARD was passed down through the generations.

I honor both spellings.
The Robert L. and Charlotta (Dade) LANKFORD / LANKARD Connections
The Leo and Mary (Allen) LANFORD / LANKFARD Connections
The Nym and Irene LANKFARD Connections
The Robert Lewis LANKFARD Connections

In all, I heard that the orginal spelling was LANKFARD.
I can relate to the surname differences
 The BLAKEY / BLAKLEY Connections
At times its spelled BLAKELY.
BLAKEY was the way majority spell the family surname.
BLAKEY / WHITE was the slave holders surname.

I don't know if LANKFORD or LANKFARD was the slave name.

I have heard that the slave holders' surname was MORTON.
It's ironic that some of the MORTON family moved to St. Joseph, MO.

The LANKFORD/ LANKFARD and MORTON family had connections.
Mamie MORTON was Robert's half sister.
Thanks for reading.
Hope to find more info.
The Journey Continues

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jerline Lankford's Tombstone

Jerline Lankford was born on July 2, 1922.
She passed away on July 14, 1972.

Jerline was said to have been married to Robert Lewis Lankfard.
I haven't found a marriage record.
Jerline's tombstone at Ashland Cemetery.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Possible Isaac and Frances (Ovington) Dade Connedtions

The DADE Connections

Isaac DADE was born in VA about 1808.
His parents were from VA. Isaac was married to Frances “Frankie” OVINGTON. Frances was born in KY about 1810. Isaac and Frances were listed together on the 1870 and 1880 census in Lewis County MO

Isaac and Frances were listed with their son,
Louis N. DADE and Louis’ wife and son on the 1870 Census.
Isaac and Frances DADE were listed on their daughter,
Charlotta’s marriage license to Robert / Lewis LANKFORD in Canton, MO on Jan 25, 1873.

Frances DADE was listed on the 1900 census with her son in law, George and her daughter Mary MADISON. Frances kept house. She was listed as being 100. Her date of birth recorded as Dec 1799 in KY. Other census records had Frances’ birth year between 1810 - 1812.

According to the 1900 census record, Frances DADE was the mother of 14 children.
Seven of her children were living when the 1900 census was taken.
There were 10 other children unaccounted for.
Seven were living when the 1900 census was taken.

Four of her children included;
Louisa Jane “Janie” (DADE) WASHINGTON,
Mary Ann (DADE) MADISON who were born in KY.

Louis Newton DADE and
Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD who were born in MO

The following could have been the children and off springs
of Isaac and Frances Dade.

Possible DADE Connections

Benjamin (Beny) DADE was born about 1826 or 1829 in KY.
His father was from VA. And his mother from KY.
Benjamin was married to Lucy about 1860.
Lucy had 15 children.
Her 7 children: Martha DADE ,
Benjamin DADE,
Fannie DADE,
Eliza DADE,
Mary DADE,
Bandy DADE,
Charles DADE and
orphan George DADE.

There were some common names in their family names.
Some of their off spring lived near the WASHINGTON and HENDREDS.
Benjamin and Lucy DADE lived next door to David and Louisa Jane WASHINGTON on the 1870 Census.
(Benjamin could have been the son of Isaac and Frances (OVINGTON) DADE)


Bandy “Bandie” DADE was the son of Benjamin and Lucy DADE.
Bandy was born about 1869 in MO.
He married Etta Ada RANGE in 1891.
There is a record of a Benjamin DADE married a Eddie RANGE on Sept 5, 1891 in Lewis County.

They had 4 children.
Lewis DADE,
Lucy DADE,
Lizzie DADE and
Isaac Edward “Eddie” DADE.


Isaac Edward “Eddie” DADE was the son of Bandie and Etta (RANGE) DADE.
Isaac was born on March 31, 1898 in Lewis County MO.
He passed away in 23 Aug 1983 in  Illinois.
Isaac married Minnie COIN (1900- 1982)
They had 6 children.
Elnora DADE,
Denzil DADE,
Goldie DADE,
Sylvia DADE ,
Harry DADE (1921- 1984) and


Roberta DADE was the daughter of Isaac Edward Dade and Minnie (COIN) DADE. She was born on 20 Oct 1924 in M0. Roberta married Archie HUMPHREY (1918 - 1964) on 20 Oct 1940 in Canton, MO. Roberta passed away on 19 April 1997 in Illinois.

George DADE was born about 1832 in MO.
He was married a Ellen. There children
Joseph DADE,
Anthony DADE,
James DADE and
James DADE.
 They lived in Monticello. MO.
(George could have been the son of Isaac and Frances (OVINGTON) DADE)

The follow could have been children and off springs of Isaac and Frances Dade.
was born about 1850 in MO.
He married Lue (Lousia) (1854- 1924).

Their children;
Lucy DADE,
Lewis DADE,
Oscar DADE,
Albert DADE and
William DADE.

According to Laura THURMAN’s death record.
Her father was Isaac DAYD.
Her mother’s name was Louisa Two of Louisa DAYDE’s children died before 1900.
Isaac could have been the son of Isaac and Frances (OVINGTON) DADE)

Laura DAYD WILKERSON THURMANShe was the daughter of Isaac and Louisa ? DADE/ DAYDE.
Laura was born on May 15, 1868 in Canton, MO.
She was married her first husband, William WILKERSON.

Their children
Estella C. (WILKERSON) LYNN (1884 -1986),
McKinley Curtis WILKERSON,
Richard WILKERSON and

Laura married her 2nd husband, Theodore THURMAN.
Laura passed away on Sep 18, 1952 in St. Louis MO.

The Dade Connections?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some Updates: The Search Continues

Normally, I post a blog on updates near the end of the year or that the first of the New Year. I thought to share some of my finding at middle point. I've been thinking about my findings.

As I've been waiting for the 1940 Census to be indexed, I have realized that there are a lot more same name relatives than I thought. I'm amazed by what I've been finding.
Wonder how many more are out there? 

I  can see the names in the generations of Richard WHITE, Isaac BLAKEY, Spencer BLAKEY, Daniel BLAKEY, Robert LANKFORD / LANKFARD, Leo LANKFORD, Isaac DADE, and so on. There are some ladies who had (or have) the same last names when their married.

Jane WHITE Hayes, wife of Otis Hayes Sr.
Martha "Mot" BLAKEY Hayes, wife of Ernest "Jap" Hayes
Lillie "Susie" BLAKEY Hayes, wife of Edward "Ed" Hayes

Jane WHITE Hayes was the cousin of sisters, Martha and Lillie BLAKEY Hayes.

Edna HAYES Bentley, daugher of Lille BLAKEY Hayes
Edna BLAKEY Jackson - Bentley, sister of Lillie BLAKEY Hayes

Jane FERUGSON White, wife of Richard White Sr.
Jane was Jane WHITE Hayes' mother.

Jane FERUGSON Blakey, wife of Daniel Blakey.
Daniel was son of Isaac and Arlee Blakey

Charlotta DADE Lankfard, wife of Robert L. Lankfard

Another :Charlotta ? Lankfard, wife of Robert L. Lankfard.
Robert son of Robert Sr. who was married Irene BLAKEY Kemp.

Mary KINNEY Blakey, wife of Spencer Blakey Sr.
Mary FRISTOE Blakey, wife of Henry Blakey Sr.
Spencer and Henry Blakey were brothers

There was a Mary BLAKEY
She was the daughter of Isaac and Rachel LEPHRIDGE Blakey.
Mary was married with the WHITE surname.
Mary's husband was Rev. Ollie GREEN.
I know that there are more same name relatives.
I did this list off the top of my head.

I have come across many surprises on the 1940 Census.
I'm still trying to piece some things together.
I have discovered that some of the California Blakeys remarried.
There were three brothers Archie, Lawhorn, and Jordan Blakey.
They married more at least twice.

I do believe that there were two Flora Blakeys.
One was married to Archie and the other to Jordan.
Jordan had children...
I'm not for sure if  Archie and Lawhorn had children.
Archie did have a stepson.

I've came across more California connections.
Alberta WHITE Morris and her family.
Alberta was the daugher of Richard and Jane FERGUSON White

There are relatives that I haven't found on the 1940 census.
I've come across more tombstones on find a grave.
I'm finding more relatives that serviced in the U.S. Military.
I thank God for those who are searching for their ancestors.
I've come across a few who have some family connections.
I hope to find more family connections and information on the journey.

The Search Continues,

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Family Website: 3rd Year Milestone

It's been 3 years since I began this website in 2009.
I have come a long ways.
I had no idea where I would go...
I have shared some much.
I got some respondes.
And came across a few long lost relatives...through this website.
I was looking at my very first post...
I didn't have much to say.
I made some corrections and added what's in red on my first post.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In The Beginning...
I thought to start a blog on my family history. I have been searching for over 30 years. But where do I go from here in sharing what I have discovered?
What will I share?

When I first started out I knew very little about my ancestors. I only knew my father, David, mother, Lula and my mother's mother, Mary. There was little data that I knew of them too.

It wasn't until a little after my Grandma Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD passing in 1976 when I became interested in my family tree. I thought when my Grandma Mary died all the information about the family was gone too.

I was so wrong on that. Through the process of time, I came across data and records. I am so thankful to God for the lead. I discovered so much over the years.

Where do I go from here in sharing what I have discovered.
What will I share?

Family History for the Month of JUNE:

Anna Laura WASHINGTON was born on June 13, 1867 to Susan LEACH and William WASHINGTON in St. Joseph, MO. Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) ALLEN - WALTERS was the mother of Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD.

John BLAKEY BLAKLEY was born on June 21, 1871 to Martha SCOTT and Isaac BLAKEY in Woodville MS on Hew Davis Plantation. John had a twin brother named Andrew BLAKEY. Andrew passed along with their mother Martha.

Isaac BLAKEY was stated to be born on  June 30, 1847 or 1845 to Julia and Andrew WHITE in Roanoke, MO. (Isaac was born Fayette, MO (Howard County Missouri)

1st Entry: (June 30, 2009)

This was posted on Saturday, June 30, 2012
I don't know what number entry this is...
(This is post #172 with 121 Scheduled and 43 drafts as of June 30, 2012 and over 10,800 pages viewed.)
My search continues....

I have come across more information from the 1940 Census.
I need to update some of my finding.

There are more  Family History for the Month of JUNE:

Click on  Family Connections...
This is the site where I post some of my updates and finding.

Hope you're having a nice Summer.
We're in a Heat Wave.

It's been in the high 90's and low 100's.
Heat index up to 112 or so.
Stay COOL!

God bless you,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brave Little Kitten

A few years back on June 30th, we had some visitor that came to our door. They heard a very loud noise that sounded like a cat. When the 2nd person said the same thing, we went looking. We heard where the sound came from.

I made my way to the garden. I saw a little kitten on the other side of the fence. The next thing I knew this kitten came through the fence. He was coming at me.

I back up. And picked some thing up so the cat won't get on me. The kitten was determine. He keep coming out at me. He came on the porch. I made my way into the house.

The cat stay was trying to get in the house. He stayed on the porch. My brother said that the kitten will not bother us. The cat still won't leave the porch area.

The next day I went out the door. The kitten was still there. He followed me where I went. I went to feed the dogs. The kitten followed me. As I made my way to the first dog. I told Sister to leave the cat along. The cat keep going to Sister.

Sister started smelling the kitten. I keep telling the cat to get away and Sister to leave the cat alone. Then next thing I noticed the kitten ran into Sister's house.

Sister ran after the kitten. Sister started barking. I tried to pull Sister away from her house. Then Sister went in her house with the kitten.

Indeed I had to pull Sister's chain to get her out of her house. It was amazing that the little kitten was still alive. I took some photos of this rare moments.

Sister was looking at a kitten in her house. The kitten did get away. I thought the little kitty was a goner. After the kitten ran out of the house. He came back to Sister.

The kitten must have had brain relapse. Sister left the cat alone. I was hoping that the kitten wouldn't come back to get the dogs' food.

The kitten followed me back home. He stayed around. My nephew said that the kitten was going around to the dogs. That kitten must be brave.

The next morning the kitten was around. Then the following day no one saw the kitten. We don't know what happened to the little one.

Perhaps one of our neighbors took him in. We couldn't take care of a kitten. We have dogs. Our dogs don't go to well with kittens.

I wondered whatever happened to that kitty. I never thought much of him since that summer. But last year I was coming home from church. I saw a cat coming my way. He kept coming. I told him to get.

As I went into the yard, the cat kept following me. The cat jump on the fence. I couldn't believe it. He did look like that little kitten I some time ago. I thought that was something. Wonder why the cat came back?

On The Journey...
Brave Little Kitten

It appears that someone took the little kitten in.
He was so friendly.

Thanks for reading.