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Where Did The Family Of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) Lankford / Lankfard Live?

The Lankford / Lankfard in 1892

I've been on a journey. I'm making a lot more discoveries along the way. When I began searching for info on my Great Grandparents and their children I didn't know what I would come across.

I'm surprised as I keep searching. I stumbled across some things that I wasn't aware of. I discovered that some of the family members were on the move. 

                                                    Here are some of my findings.

When Lewis (Robert) LANGFORD and Charlotta DADE were married in January of 1873, they lived in Lewis County, Missouri. They lived in the cities of Monticello and Canton, Missouri area. As they moved Westward in Missouri, they lived in Kansas City, and later to St. Joseph.

As the years passed, Robert and Charlotta and some of the LANKFORD / LANKFARD children moved with their careers. It appears that other family members followed one another. Yes, they were a family on the move.

Robert and Charlotta lived in St. Joseph for some time. There came a time when they decided to move to Denver Colorado about 1918. Why did they move there? How long did they stay?

They could have moved to be closer to some of their children.  Or more so, Robert was doing some construction work. Whatever the reason, they were they for about a few years.

The Lankford / Lankfard children in CO:
Frederick, Nymadula, Anna Alice with her husband, Christopher C. Smith and Isabella who later married her husband, E.W. Nickerson. 

Other places where the Lankford / Lankfard children lived:

Louis, Frederick and Nymadula (with his wife, Irene) lived in New York, New York. Their mother, Charlotta lived in New York for about eight months before her passing on April 3, 1924.

Louis (Add) LANKFARD married Virgie HILL in NY in September of 1918.
Nymadula LANKFARD lived in WY and CO with wife, Hattie.
Frederick LANKFARD lived in New Mexico, CO, and NY.

Isabelle and Anna Alice lived together with their family in CO in 1934 - 35.
Anna Alice was listed in CO in the 1920's and some in the 1930's and 1940.
Anna Alice also lived in Kansas City, Missouri and later back to St. Joseph, MO.

Frederick may have been the first of the LANKFARDs to moved to Colorado.
He was there about 1915. He was a musician. He was a traveler.

Nymadula was listed in Colorado in 1918.
He was married to Hattie McDaniel. 
Nym worked as a labor and traveled.

Isabella married E.W. Nickerson in CO in August of 1920.  
She may have moved with her parents in 1918.

It is believed that Isabella came to St. Joseph, Missouri in 1919, 1921 and 1924.
In 1919 and 1924 to attend her parents funeral in St. Joseph.
In 1921 Isabella had a daughter born in St. Joseph.

It's nice to follow where relatives lived.
Louis was a professional baseball player in the Negro League.
Frederick was a traveling musician.
Nymadula was Nymadula.
Louis, Frederick and Nymadula passed in NY.
As for the other LANKFORD /LANKFARD siblings:
James, Leo, and Lula, they resided and passed on in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Brother, Charles was said to have lived and passed on in Kansas City, Missouri.

I'm still searching for info on the LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family Connections.
I hope to make more discoveries.

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

Sunday, January 11, 2015

In Memory Of Sallie WHITE KIRBY HUDSON (1887- 1920)

Who was Sallie White?

According to Sallie's death record, she was the daughter of Spencer WHITE. Her mother was listed as unknown.  However, Sallie's mother could have been Malinda (BANKS) WHITE. Sallie was born in Missouri.

Sallie's birth date isn't clear on her death record. It appeared to have be written as 1886 with a 7 on the 6 followed by a dash and the number 11 than another dash than 1. So, that could have been November 1 or January 11 of 1886 or 1887. ( 1886 - 11 - 1 ) I believe the date was January of 1887.

In the beginning of my search, I didn't know much about Sallie White. I came across her on the 1900 census record with her father, Spencer White, his wife, Lou and Cleoa, Sallie's sister. Sallie's month and year of birth was recorded as January 1887 on that census.

My search for Sallie was difficult. It wasn't until I came across info on her father Spencer; the search for Sallie began to unfold. I searched for Sallie White. Here's some of my discoveries.

Miss Sallie WHITE married Orlando Stack KIRBY  on January 15, 1910 in Moberly, Missouri.  It was on  a Sunday night. They were married by a judge. Within a little over a year, Orlando and Sallie were divorce late 1911 or early 1912.

Little is know about Sallie's where a bout after she was married and divorced. Orlando remarried and moved to St. Joseph, Missouri. He passed on in St. Joseph in July 1968.

As I began to search newspapers, I came across info on Sallie Kirby. She was listed as Mrs. Sallie Kirby. She was visiting her father, Spencer White in March of 1915 in Moberly, Missouri. She was living in Kansas City, Missouri.

I searched for Sallie Kirby and made this discovery. Sallie married Lemuel L. Hudson on May 12, 1919 in Jackson County Missouri. They were married about eight months.  Sallie became ill. According to a newspaper on January 10, 1920, Sallie was on the prayer list. She was very ill. Sallie passed on January 11, 1920. She had been ill for about 2 months.

I continued to search for info on Sallie. I came across an article mentioning her death. It stated that "Sister Sallie Kirby Hudson. who died in full triumph of faith." I found another article about where she was buried.

Her funeral was in Kansas City, Missouri. It was at St. Stephens Baptist Church where Rev  James W. Hurse who was the Pastor. I believe Sallie was a member of the church. Rev J. W. Hurse married Sallie and Lemuel in May of 1919.

I later discovered in another news article: On January 12, 1920 Sallie's remains were  brought to Moberly, Missouri to the home of Mrs. (Fannie) Spencer White . According to an article, Sallie had a grave site service at 2PM at Oakland Cemetery in Moberly, Missouri. Only a prayer was spoken at the grave site.  ~ R.I.P. cousin Sallie. ~
Sallie White Hudson Memorial on Find A Grave

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Twenty Fifteen!

Greetings to you all! Welcome to Twenty Fifteen!

We have a fresh new start, to begin again.
So, let's get moving!

I'm setting out to explore and discover more things this year.
I hope to cover more grounds!

May we encounter new things along the journey.
Blessings to you.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

Here's In Loving Memory: In Family History: January

Here's a view of my January search for 2014.

Searched for info on the off springs of Edna (Blakey) Jackson Bentley,
Came across info on Peggy Jean Jackson, daughter of Emerson Jackson Sr.
Emerson was Edna's son. Edna daughter of Isaac and Rachel Blakey.

Searched for info on Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard
Where they lived, their occupation and their surname: its spelling.
Compiled a list of Robert's and Charlotta's children's names
Searched for photos: Looking at them for clues.
Posted some things I discovered about the photos.

Made some connections with Blakey / White family members
Had some conversations with some relatives and added more info to family history.
Contacted with a descendant of Jordan Blakey and Archie Blakey
Heard that there are photos of Isaac Blakey with wife. ? date 1866

Reviewed and searched more for info on Archie Blakey and the CA Blakeys
Questions: Why did some of the Blakeys move to SD, MN and CA?

Searched the Yankton, SD  death index records: found more death dates
Searched through city directories for info on Jordan, Archie and Lawhorn Blakey
Searched WW I and WW II draft info. for description on some male relatives

Discovered that Isabella (Lankford) Nickerson passed on Sept 15, 1938.
Made some new discoveries about Isabella that raised more questions: She had twins.
Discovered: Louis "Add"Lankford married Virginia "Virgie" Hill on Sept 3, 1918 in NY.

Searched where some of the Lankford Family resided in MO, CO, NY
Reviewed profiles info and compiled more info on Isabella V. Nickerson
and Anna Alice Smith
Note the Colorado / NY Lankford siblings connections:
Who lived where? How they spelled their surnames.

Reviewed the list of Isaac Blakey's children.  This Isaac (1845- 1917)
Searched the censuses for Isaac Blakey's children: comparing ages and names
Thought Beecher Blakey's 1st or middle name could have been Isaiah.
Reviewed profile info on Jordan Blakey and Flora (Lawrence) Bentley Blakey

Searched web and found some more Family Connections
Searched for Blakey, Hendred  / Dade, Manley, Lankford / Blakley Family Connections

Note:  John L. "Johnnie" J.P. Powells passed on January 22, 2014. He was the husband of Jacquely P. "Jackie" Blakey: On the Clarence Ollie Blakey Family Connections

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

In Family History: January Through December

I've been making a lot of wonderful discovering along the journey. 
I hope to post some of my findings in the years to come.

I thought of post the In Family History: January Through December.
I will update as new information comes along.

Family History January

Family History February

Family History March

Family History April

Family History May

Family History June

Family History July

 Family History August

 Family History September

 Family History October

 Family History November

 Family History December

Thanks for reading.

Hope you find what you're searching for.
Happy Hunting!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Discoveries: What To Share?

It's been a great year of exploring and discoveries on family connections. I found so much information. I'm still sorting through what I've stumbled across. I'm so thankful that the Lord allowed me to find what I did.  I believe that there is more to come.

I plan to blog on some of my discoveries in the years to come. I've been wondering what should I share? Or if I should some of the things, I know or even think about in the family history. I need wisdom on some things.

I don't know who is reading what I blog. I hope that there are some who are truly searching for their family connections. And that they are finding what they are searching for. God bless you.

I believe that there are relatives on family connections that are searching. They want to learn more. Then there are some who have a little information. But can't make the connection. They don't know where to search.

I came across a cousin, who's sibling was searching on their family lineage. This cousin stop searching because she felt unable to go any further. She couldn't find any thing. I believe God hears our heart. And that He wants those who seek to find and keep on seeking. Only if we keep seeking and seeking...

I pray that there are more relatives out there who have a desire to find more on their family connections. I pray that they don't to give up. But, to continue on searching wherever way they can. With what little info that is known, I believe in some cases, there is still hope to find something.

What we know is important to pass on to the next family historian or compiler on our family lineage. I don't know who will follow after me. I'm leaving what I have discover on websites and my personal journaling. May God bless whoever will continue the search.

I believe that there are things that we should just leave alone. Perhaps down the line it could be shared in the right timing. We need wisdom when releasing any info.

There are some things that people can't handle. They may feel embarrassed about what in the family history.  Remember, that we all are human. We have to forgive and let go of things. We make mistakes. We can learn from one another and what our ancestors did and didn't do. We can't change our family history. But, we can continue to be a blessing to the next generation.

May we learn to share what we know or heard on our family connections.
May the Lord grant us wisdom in how to share what we know.

About that cousin who gave up searching, she knows more about her family connections now.  I believe that God does answer prayer. So if you are searching, Keep on searching... Believe that there could be a breakthrough down the road. ~ I have had so many of them. What Great Joy that is to come across. Thank You, Jesus!

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas From Family Connections!
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Day Of 1917

The Christmas Day of 1917 was a sad day for the Blakey Family, relatives and friends. The family gathered together to bury their loved one. I don't know if there was an obituary of Isaac Blakey. He passed way on Dec 23, 1917. I have been searching for my his obituary.  (Isaac was my Great Grandpa.)

I don't know what the heading of Isaac's obituary could have been.
We can only imagine. Former MO Slave and Veteran During The Civil War Passes Away at 72. 
Here's my  version of an obituary in remembrance and honor of Isaac Blakey.

Private Isaac Blakey
1845 -1917
Isaac Blakey, a Civil War Veteran was laid to rest on Christmas Day 1917, two days after his passing. He had stories he shared of his freedom years from slavery and of his War time. He was born a slave until the early 1860's and became a free man for 54 years.  

Isaac Blakey was born into slavery in Fayette, Missouri. Isaac's date of birth was unknown. But his accepted birthday was on June 30, 1847. According to one of Isaac's former slave owner's, Isaac was born in the year 1845.

Isaac was born to the slave union of Andrew and Julia (Finney) White both from Virginia. Isaac was rise as a slave in Howard County Missouri. It was about the 1861 when Isaac and his mother were sold and they went south. Isaac then ran away to join the Civil War in Natchez, Mississippi.

It was on Nov 1, 1863, Isaac, at the age of about 16, enlisted as Private Isaac Blaker. He was stationed in MS Co H. Reg't 6, US Col'd Heavy Artillery MS. During the Spring on 1864, Isaac was accidently wounded to his leg. He was honorable discharged on May 13, 1866.

After the war, Isaac met Martha Scott from MS. They later married about 1870 in MS. They had twin sons born on June 21, 1871 in Woodville, MS. Martha and son Andrew passed in June of 1871. Isaac was left to raise his son, John.

Isaac met Rachael Lephridge. She was from MS. They later married on July 3, 1873. And to this union they had 18 children.

Isaac resided in Mississippi from about 1861 to 1878 - 1879. It was during sometime after the war he was trying to locate and reunite with family from MO. He located them and moved them back to MO.

Isaac returned to Missouri around the Spring of 1879. By 1880, he was living with his mother, Julia, some of his siblings and relatives in Chariton County. Isaac was a farmer. He was a deacon in the black First Baptist Church in Forest Green, MO. He was believe to have been of the faith.

In Isaac latter life, he became disable. He was unable to work due to his injury during the Civil War. He lived out his life in Chariton County Missouri.

Isaac was preceded in his death by parents, Andrew White and Julia (Finney) White. His 1st wife, Martha (Scott) Blakey and 2nd wife Rachel Ann (Lephridge) Blakey, his children, Andrew, Charity, Julia, twin of Jordan, Frances, Beecher, Joe, Rosa and Annie Blakey.

Isaac was survived by his children, John and his wife, Jennie, (John was the twin of Andrew), Mary and her husband, Rev. Ollie Green, Isaac and his wife, Maggie, Jordan and his wife, Flora, Henry and his wife, Mary Elizabeth, Lillie and her husband, Edward Hayes, Spencer and his wife, Mary "Lovie" Blakey, Martha and her husband, Ernest Hayes, Ollie and his wife, Margaret, Edna (Blakey) Jackson, Lawhorn, and Archie Blakey. And a number of grandchildren, great grandchildren and cousins and friends.

On Christmas Day, Dec 25, 1917, Isaac was laid to rest next to his wife, Rachel. He was buried in the black cemetery (Hoffman Cemetery) in Chariton County, Missouri. This was the place where the family were buried.

According to Isaac's death record: Isaac was born in Shannondale, Chariton County Missouri USA
Isaac Blakey's name on death record. Isac Blakey. He was listed as an African. Father's name, Andrew White. Mother's name not known. Isaac was buried on Christmas Day in Forest Green, MO
There was a memorial set up for all the colored who served in the Civil War. Isaac was honored with a plaque in Washington DC as one of the many soldiers who served in the Civil War.