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Family Connections: In Remembrance: February

Welcome to February!
I hope you find some family connections.
Keep searching. You may stumble across some clues.
God bless you on your journey during the month of February.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley
Here are Family Connections: In Remembrance: February.

Some time in February of 1886 ~ Obenatta "Benetta" (CRAIG) PEARL was born in Salisbury, MO She was the daughter of Spencer WHITE and Dora (CASON) WHITE CRAIG. Benetta was the wife of Vernon V. PEARL.

On Feb 1, 2008 ~ Sgt Faris Chilton LYLE passed in Jamaica, Queens New York. He was the son of Chilton LYLE and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

On Feb 3, 1975 ~ Tony WHITE passed in St. Louis, Missouri. He was the son of Richard "Dick" WHITE and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.

Happy Groundhog Day!

On Feb 4, 1974 ~ Anna (LANKFORD) BLAKLEY passed in St. Paul, MN. She was the daughter of Leo LANKFORD Sr. and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD. Anna was the wife of Isaac BLAKLEY.

On February 6, 1949 ~ Rickey / Ricky Elwood JACKSON was born in CA. He was the son of Edward "Clem" JACKSON and Fleda (SLADE) JACKSON.

On Feb 6, 1988 ~ Clarence Ollie BLAKEY passed in Sacramento County, California. He was the son of Jordan BLAKEY and Flora Elizabeth (LAWRENCE) BLAKEY

On February 6, 2014 ~ Marion D. "Pud" MINOR passed in St. Joseph, MO. He was the husband of Etta (MOORE) MINOR.

On February 7, 1887 ~ Money / Mone DADE was born in Canton, Missouri. He was the son of Louis N DADE and Mary Ann (VENOY) DADE.

On February 7, 1928 ~ Betty Marie (LANKFORD) WESTON was born in St. Joseph, MO. She was the daughter of Leo and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD / LANKFARD. Betty was the wife of James WESTON Jr.

On Feb 7, 1980 ~ Isaac BLAKLEY passed in St. Paul, MN. He was the son of John BLAKEY / BLAKLEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE. Isaac was the husband of Anna (LANKFORD) BLAKLEY

On February 8, 1889 ~ Perry James AMBERS was born in Shelby County, Missouri. He was the husband of Florence (HENDRED) COBY AMBERS.

On February 8, 1905 ~ Elder John BLAKLEY was born in St. Joseph, MO. He was the son of John BLAKEY / BLAKLEY Sr. and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

On February 9, 1888 ~ Florence (HENDREDS) COBY AMBERS was born in MO. She was the daughter of George HENDRED and Ellen (LOVE/ WASHINGTON) HENDRED.

On Feb 10, 1896  ~ Lottie Viola (SUGGS) NELSON BLAKLEY was born in Hiawatha Brown, Kansas . She was the wife of John BLAKLEY Jr.

On Feb 10, 1910 ~ Louis P. "Louie" DADE was born in Canton, Mo. ...
He was the son of Den and Etta (ROBINSON) DADE

On Feb 10, 1974 ~ Inez E. BLAKEY passed in CA. She was married to Lawhorn BLAKEY

On Feb 10, 2014 ~ Gary Anthony FRANKLIN passed in CA. He was the son of Robert FRANKLIN and Velma (CARR) FRANKLIN.

On Feb 11, 1947 ~ Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) ALLEN WALTERS passed on in St Joseph, Missouri. Laura was the daughter of William / John Washington and Susan (LEACH) Washington.

On Feb 11, 1915 ~ Emerson Thomas JACKSON Sr. was born in Yankton, South Dakota. He was the son of Dab/ Dabney JACKSON and Edna Mae (BLAKEY) JACKSON BENTLEY.
Emerson was the husband of Minnie Lotha (HOLLIDAY) JACKSON.

On February 12, 1915 ~ Haddie Lu (MANLEY) WILLIAMS was born in Knox County, Missouri. She was the daughter of William MANLEY and Luettia (HENDRED) MANLEY.

On February 12, 1863 ~ Dora (CASON) WHITE CRAIG was born in Howard County, Missouri. She was the wife of Spencer WHITE and Preston Richard CRAIG.

On February 12, 1922 ~ Ellen (LOVE / WASHINGTON) HENDRED passed in La Belle, Missouri. She was the daughter of Louisa Jane (DADE) WASHINGTON. Ellen's father's

On Feb 12, 2011 ~ Corp. Kevin Arthur PRICE passed in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. He was the son of Robert and Wanda (BLAKEY) PRICE.

On Feb 13, 1917 ~ Etta Mae (GUY) WHITE born in Dalton., MO.
She was the daughter of Festus and Clara (SHEPARD) GUY.
She was the wife of Moses WHITE....

On Feb 13, 1944 ~ Leroy E. BLAKEY Jr. was born in Yankton, South, Dakota. He was the son of Leroy Everett BLAKEY Sr. and Thelma Jane (TRUDELL) BLAKEY.

On Feb 14, 1920 ~ Goldie DADE passed in Canton, Missouri.
He was the son of Louis Newton DADE and Mary (VENOY) DADE....

On Feb 14, 2011 ~ Daniel BLAKEY passed in MN.
He was the son of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

On Feb 15, 1919 ~ Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE passed in Chariton County, Missouri. She was the daughter of Thomas "Tom" and Rena (HEREFORD) FERGUSON. Jane was the wife of Richard "Dick" WHITE.

On Feb 15, 1928 ~ James Edward COBY. He was born the son of William Henry COBY and Florence (HENDREDS) COBY AMBERS.

On Feb 16, 1855 or 1857 ~ Rachel Ann (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY was born in MS. She was the daughter of Andrew and Charity LEFEW / LEPHRIDGE. Rachel was the wife of Isaac BLAKEY.

On Feb 16, 1925 ~ William Edgar KING was born in Canton Lewis, Missouri . He was the son of Barney Dewey KING and Hazel C. (DADE) KING.

On Feb 16, 1998 Clarence Oliver DUKE passed in  Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. He was married to Uldene F. (YOUNGER) DUKE.

On Feb 17, 1930 ~ Frederick William LANKFORD was born in St. Joseph, MO. He was the son of Leo and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.
On Feb 17, 1949 ~ Mary (BLAKEY) WHITE GREEN passed in South Dakota. She was the daughter of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY. Mary was the wife of Rev. Ollie GREEN.

On Feb 18, 1937 ~ Louis Newton DADE passed in Canton, Missouri. He was the son of Isaac DADE and Frances (OVINGTON) DADE.

On Feb 18, 1897 ~ Virginia F. WASHINGTON passed in St. Joseph, MO. She was the daughter of John / William WASHINGTON and Susan (LEACH) WASHINGTON.

On Feb 19, 1898 ~ Amelia / Emily ? LEVELS, Mrs. Anson / Thomas LEVELS passed in St. Joseph, Missouri. Amelia was believed to have been the mother of William / John WASHINGTON.

On Feb 19, 1912 ~ Otto Smith Toad" CLAY was born in La Belle, Missouri. He was the husband of Ruby Dee (MANLEY) CLAY.

On Feb 20, 1915 ~ Marjorie M. RICHARDS DADE was born. She was the wife of Clarence N. DADE.

On Feb 20, 2012 ~ Marjorie J. (GREGG) JACKSON passed in Kansas City MO . She was the wife of William JACKSON who was the son of James JACKSON and Hattie (WHITE) JACKSON.

On Feb 21, 1969 ~ Milton Vernon THOMAS passed in St. Joseph, MO. He was the husband of Mary Virginia (LANKFORD) THOMAS.

On Feb 22, 1852 ~ Robert Louis / Lewis LANKFORD / LANKFARD was born in KY. He was the husband of Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.

On Feb 23. 1915 ~ Nathaniel BLAKEY was born in Yankton, South Dakota. He was the son of Henry and Mary Elizabeth (FRISTOE) BLAKEY.

On Feb 23, 1967 ~ Serena FARMER was born in St. Joseph, MO. She was the daughter of Robert L. FARMER Sr and Joyce WALLANCE FARMER.

On Feb 24, 1949 ~ Michael Archie BLAKEY was born in Sacramento, California. He was the son of Clarence Ollie BLAKEY and Zenolia (HAVARD) BLAKEY.

On Feb 24, 2001 ~ May / Mae H. (CRUMB)  HENDRED passed in Iowa. She was the wife of Manferd E. HENDRED.

On Feb 25, 1925 ~ James Zell LIGHTNER was born in KY.
He was the son of Richard LIGHTNER and Loraine (MORRIS) LIGHTNER. He was the husband of Mary Jane (BLAKEY) LIGHTNER.

On Feb 25, 2007 ~ Nathan Welcome NICKERSON passed in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon . He was the son of Ezekiel W. NICKERSON and Isabella V. (LANKFORD) NICKERSON.

On Feb 26, 1934 ~ Theodore WHITE was born in MO. He was the son of Tony WHITE and Georgia (LEE) WHITE.

On Feb 27, 1923 ~ Philip MANLEY was born in Lewis County Missouri. He was the son of William O. MANLEY and Luttia Luella (HENDRED) MANLEY.

On Feb 27, 1974 ~ Rubenia H. "Ruby" BLAKLEY passed in Pittsfield, Washtenaw, Michigan. She was the wife of Jordan BLAKEY

On Feb 27, 2014 ~ Melvin Sylester Manson CROUTHER Jr. passed. He was the husband of Betty Lou (MADISON) CROUTHER.
On Feb 28, 1929 ~ May / Mae H. (CRUMB) HENDRED was born in Opelika, Alabama. She was the wife of Manferd E. HENDRED.

On Feb 28, 1940 ~ Joshua Randolph MADISON passed in St. Joseph, Missouri. He was the son of William MADISON and Lula May (LANKFORD) MADISON.
On Feb 28, 1993 ~ Corean (JONES) WHITE passed in Glasgow, Missouri. She was the wife of Eugene WHITE Sr., son of Richard and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.

On Feb 28, 2003 ~ Irene (BURBRIDGE) BLAKEY passed in St. Paul MN. She was the wife of Henry BLAKEY Jr.
LEAP DAY ~ On Feb 29, 1896 ~ Nymadula LANKFORD / LANKFARD was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. He was the son of Robert Louis LANKFORD and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD/ LANKFARD. Nym was married to Hattie McDaniel, the actress.

On Feb 29, 1948 ~ Quitman D. FLUDD III was born in Tennessee. He was the son of Quitman D. FLUDD Jr. and Thomas Sarah PEYTON FLUDD ANDERSON.

Monday, January 25, 2016

A Family History Moment: On January 25, 1873. The two became ONE; Mr. And Mrs. Lewis Lankford

Mr. Lewis LANKFORD and Miss Charlotta "Lottie" DADE 
On January 25, 1873, the two became one.

 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lankford.
Also Known As
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis Lankford.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Lankford
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis Lankfard

       Charlotta's parents, Isaac and Frances
(Ovington) Dade were witnesses to the marriage.
 To this union came 10 or 11 children.
James Andrew Lankfard,
Jennie Lankford,
Lula Mae Lankfard Madison,
Frederick A. Lankfard,
Louis Adward Lankford,
Leo Lankford,
Anna Alice Lankford Smith,
Charles Edward Lankfard,
 Stillborn (daughter) Lankford,
Nymadula Lankfard 
 Isabelle V. Lankford Nickerson and
An Unknown child born about 1900.
There are two mysteries  Lankford children.
Isaac Lankford Jr.
Jennie Lankford
The Unknown child born about 1900.

 The couple resided in Lewis County in Missouri.
Cities of Canton, Monticello, MO.

They later moved to Kansas City, Missouri and
then to St. Joseph, Missouri about 1889/ 1890. 
They lived in Denver Colorado about 1818 / 1919.
     Charlotta lived in New York 8 months before her passing.
Both Robert and Charlotta were buried in Ashland Cemetery,
 in St. Joseph, Missouri

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Happy Twenty Sixteen!

Welcome to the New Year!

Hope you have a wonderful start for the year.

In Family History: January Remembrances 
I need to update the Remembrances each year.

Here are some of my highlight blogs for the Year  2015!
I made a lot of discoveries on the Lankford / Lankfard Family Connections
I'm sorting out what I have stumbled across.

I shared some Mondays Mysteries. There are so many mysteries. Each clue I discover makes me think more.

I shared some of my Tuesdays Treasures. Every source I come across is a treasure. Thankful for the people who have added to family connections.

I shared some things about the life of Mrs. Anna Laura WASHINGTON WALTERS. I wish I could discover more on Anna's family lineage.  She had cousins living in St. Joseph.

I hope to share some of what I've discovered in 2015. I need to review the information that I have come across. There is so much that I have to update and make corrections.

I hope to find more family connections this year.  May the journey ahead be an adventure. May the Lord guide us along the way.

Happy Twenty Sixteen!

 Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Update Info On The Children Of Jennie Bartlett Blakley Lyle

This is a repost with updates from The Jennie Bartlett Connections: The Blakleys and The Lyles

I was re thinking about my Grandma Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Lyles's children.  She was my father's mother. What I know of her is what my mother's mother Mary (Allen) Lankford told my mother and my father shared with me. Jennie had 19 children.

I have been searching for records on the Blakley and Lyle / Lyles children. I have found documents on 17 of Jennie's children.  I had a thought. Maybe Jennie could have had 2 miscarriages.  My Grandma Mary and Grandma Jennie knew each other and they lived in the same area. 

Here is what found out about Jennie's life through her children's births:

Here's a list of Jennie's children by John Blakey / Blakley:

Unnamed female stillborn Blakey 

November 10. 1902 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Infant Edna Blakey
1903 - 1904

Pastor, Elder John Blakley Jr.

Mr. Isaac Blakley

1906 - 1980

Isaac married Anna Lankford
They had two sons

Mr. Paul Blakley

Infant Cecil Blakey
1908 - 1909

Cecil was a girl


Infant Jaunita Blakey
1910 - 1910

Rev. Olbery Pierson Blakley

Mrs. Gene Thomson Richardson

Mary Jane Blakley  Richardson

Mr. David W. Blakley
Miss Hazel V. Blakley

Baby (Boy) Blakley
1917 -1918
Baby Boy's first name wasn't listed.
John Blakley Sr. died 4 months after Jennie's last child was born.
Jennie had to raise her children.
Jennie remarried to Chilton Lyle year unknown perhaps in 1920.

Jennie's children by Chilton Lyle

Doris Lyles /
 Davis Lyles
Dorothy Lyles

Don't know the name or names of this child (ren).
There were two death records.
There was a single birth with different names and death date.

Dorothy  LYLE

April 27, 1920 to July 3 or 5, 1920

Sergeant Faris Chilton Lyle

Geneva Lyle Jones

Edgar Lyle
Oct 17, 1925  to April 16, 1926

I've came across the following assumptions and by other sources.
This is some of my thoughts:

In the beginning stages of my search,
I thought that Jennie may have eloped with John Blakey in MO. 
Jennie was born in May of 1883 in Carrollton, Missouri.
She was the daughter of Elias and Harriett (Hooper) Bartlett.

John's family was from Chartion County MO area. 
I don't know where or when John and Jennie met.
I did come across a John Blakely on a census in Carrollton, MO
I can assume that knew each other for a year are so... 1901 or 1900.
At some point in Jennie's life she, her mother and some of her siblings left Carrollton, MO.

John and Jennie ended up in St. Joseph, MO.
I can't pin point the year when they again their move.
Lucy Mossell, Jennie's half sister was in St. Joseph about 1900. 

I came cross Jennie's and John's marriage record.
She married her first husband, John Blakey in April of 1902 in Excels Spring, MO.
John was listed as from Carrollton. Jennie was listed as from St. Joseph, MO.
Before the year was up Jennie's first child was stillborn in Nov 10, 1902 in St. Joseph, MO.

I can assume since Jennie had a half sister living in St. Joseph, that was why the family came. Perhaps that was why Jennie and John settled there too.
I discovered that Jennie's mother, Harriett
and siblings, Lucy, Sam , Juanita, came to St. Joseph, as well.
I came across two Sam Bartletts.
I don't know if they were related.

Grandma Jennie lived a short life.
She passed on December 26, 1926 at the age of 41.

As I was trying to piece together Jennie life through what my mother, father and what records
 I have come across, I can pass on what I think and what I have discovered.

My mother said that Mrs. Blakley was a hard worker.
She was a small woman.
She died of a heart attack.

I haven't located an obituary on Jennie Lyle.
I can say that she was my Grandma.
She was a hard worker.
She left behind a husband, Chilton Lyle.
9 children, some siblings, nephews and nieces, cousins and a host of friends.

As for Jennie's children, some of the older Blakley siblings took care of some of the younger Blakleys. As for the Lyle / Lyles  two children, they went to an orphanage home for children on Lafayette Street in St. Joseph, MO.
Hope to come across more some day. Meanwhile...
Staying On The Family History Journey

 Thanks for reading
S.A. Blakley

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

If I Could Choose: Re Post (With Updated Information)

If I Could Choose
I was thinking about some of my ancestors. If I could choose one of my ancestors to meet with and talk to, Who would I choose?

Out of all my ancestors that I have discovered on my lineage, I would choose my Great Grand Father Isaac Blakey.

Why? I have many reasons.

A number ONE, he was my Great Grand Father, (my father's father's, father). But what questions would I ask him?

Here are some questions.
I know that I can't speak to my Great Grandpa. He has passed on. I know that I can't communicate with the died.
What I wrote after the questions was what I have discovered on my journey.

How did you escape to join the Mississippi Union Army while in slavery?
I read that Great Grandpa Isaac played marbles while he was serving during Civil War. He was between the age of 12 - 15 when he ran away from Missouri to join the Mississippi Army.  There are records that stated that he and his mother (Julia Finney White) were sold and they went south.

What can you tell me about your first wife?

Great Grandpa's first wife, Martha Scott was my father's father's mother. She died in child birth on Hew Davis' plantation.  There were twin sons born on 21 June 1871. One was my Grandpa John. His brother, Andrew died in child birth.

How did you gather together as a family in Missouri after the Civil War?

 I don't know how many brothers and sister my Great Grandpa Isaac had.  The family was divided around the breaking out of the war. I searched the census records.

I think 2nd Great Grandma Julia had about 14 or 16 children. She was widowed on the 1880 census. There were so many same name in the family.

How did you hear about Jesus?
In my Great Grandpa's pension records, he had a minster testify for him. Great Grandpa Isaac was a deacon in the church. Great Grandpa was apart of the church. He went to church, (at the First Baptist Church in Forest Green, Missouri.)

Why did you keep the Blakey surname?
Great Grandpa Isaac was the only one in his family that I have come across with the Blakey surname.  His parents and siblings carried the White surname. When Isaac join the Civil War in MS, he became Private Isaac BLAKER. 

Great Grandpa went by the surname BLAKEY. But, I have found his name to be WHITE when he was listed in the 1880 census with his mother, Julia as head of the household. According to Isaac's  on his pension records he declared his name to be Isaac Blakey .

What was your relationship with your slave holder?
I have read that my Great Grandpa Isaac's pension records. There were two slave holders that testified for my Great grandpa. They spoke kind words of Great Grandpa.

One who sold my Great Grandpa into slavery (W.C. Harvey) stated that Great Grandpa had a good reputation as a slave. This man knew my Great Grandpa since Isaac was born.

The other ex slave owner, (Y.C. BLAKEY) who was 10 older than my Great Grandpa. This man gave a good report as while. He stated that the "family" name was BLAKEY. The slave holders helped raise my Great Grandpa.

These ex slave owner lived about 10 miles from Great Grandpa at the turn of the 1900's. Both testified that Great Grandpa was the same boy that they knew. I think that there was some respect in the family.

Staying On The Journey,
If I Could Choose

Thanks for reading.

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Exploring New Clues

Happy December!
Greetings to the last month of 2015.
It's been a long journey.

I made a lot of discoveries in December of 2014.
I have made a lot of new discoveries this year.
I'm exploring the new clues that I've stumbled across.
It takes time to find things.

I hope to come across more family connections.
I'm thankful for all who have helped me on my search.
There's so much out there.

I believe that we all have a piece to our family connections.
I'm thankful for those who are sharing what they know.
Every little clue helps.

 Hope all will are entering into the season Of Christmas.
God Bless you.

Here are some book by relatives

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Pastor Ivery Joseph White: Books
He is the son of Rev. Chester F. White and Margaret L. White. 

Here are the In Remembrance:
In  Family History: December

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

May we remember to give thanks everyday. Thanksgiving is every day. Not just one day on the calendar.  May we count our blessings by giving thanks for God for all that He has done and will be for us.  May we enter into the Holidays with thanksgiving on our lips. Amen.

Enjoy the season of Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Friday, November 13, 2015

It's A Special Day!

It’s the 102nd year of my father’s birth.
He celebrated his birthday on Nov 13th.
Thanks for reading.
Have A Happy "Good" Friday, The 13th
Happy 11/13/15 Day!