Monday, May 25, 2015

In Remembrance

Happy Remembrance Day!

Many will visit the places where their loved ones have been laid to rest. Many will place flowers on their graves. It's time for remembrance. We should remember those who passed on. They were a part of our family.

Yet, there are many people who have passed on; some will never be thought of. There are or perhaps no record of their existence. Those miscarriages or unmarked graves are long forgotten.  Some were recorded as stillborn and young infants who passed on way to early in life. There are many who have no names or remembrance of their births.

That's sad to say but, many are not recognized in family history. There are family members who were lost and forgotten. It's because there was no remembrance of them through the years.  The family stopped speaking of them. The information had been lost through the generations. Until someone brings their remembrance back to life.

As I began searching for my family connections, I have discovered a lot of my ancestors and relatives have no remembrance of them. Most of them had no obituaries listed in the newspapers. There were  some relatives who had some acknowledgment of their passing.

I hope people will honor remembrance day. It was first called Decoration Day. People  decorated their loved ones grave markers. Now, it's called Memorial Day. Either way, it's Remembrance Day.

When I come across a relative or ancestor on my family connections, I take note and write them into my family connections. They were connected some how. Their life counted. They should be remembered.

We all want to be remembered. We should be. When it's our time to pass on may there be others who are left behind, remember those who have passed. And may we keep our loved ones in remembrance for those who are to come.

May the Lord help us keep our family connections alive and well. And may we pass on what we know about those before us to the future generations. Amen!

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Friday, May 22, 2015

Family Connections: South Dakota State Censuses Blakey, Hayes, Jackson

I have searched the South Dakota State Censuses 1905, 1915,  1925 , 1935 and 1945 for some of my relatives. I was amazed by what I've came across. I was able to see when some of the early Blakeys, Hayes and Jacksons came to Yankton. They came from 1905 - 1917.  There were no relatives listed on the 1905 census.

While I was looking over the records, I paid attention to the order on the censuses. There have been a few new names that I've come across. I'm not for sure if they are connected. But, it appears that it could have been the case. Here's the list of censuses that had numbers. 1935 and 1945 were indexed with no numbers.

The 1925 South Dakota Census

Numbers 15 - 37

Henry L.

Mary C.
Mary L.

Numbers 281 - 287


Numbers 339, 406


Numbers 84, 85


Number 399 - 411


The  1915 South Dakota Census

Numbers 335 - 344




Number 236 - 239

-- Blakie
Mary Blakie
John Blakey
Hellen L.  Blakey

Numbers  240 - 247

Rachel Blakie
Fredah ?
Arier R. ?
Alam ?
Pete Blakie

Number 376 - 378

Mary C.
Geo H.

Numbers 833, 834,


I need to go back over this list.
It was a task to compile.
It was interesting to see who was on the list.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Alex Morris and Albert (White) Morris Family Connections

As I've been searching for my South Dakota Blakey Family Connections who moved to California, I came across some of my White Family Connections who resided there also. The Blakeys had cousins, Alex and Alberta Morris and family. It appears that the Morris were there about 1920 before the Blakeys arrived beginning in 1926.

Alex MORRIS married Alberta / Bertie WHITE in 1910 in Missouri. They had children born in Missouri, Yankton, South Dakota and California.  Alex was the son of William Morris and Elizabeth "Liza / Lizzie (JOHNSON) MORRIS. Alberta "Berta / Bertie" was the daughter of Richard WHITE and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE .

Below is the list of Alex and Alberta (White) Morris' children.
The Morris Family resided in Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas.

Laura / Lauren  Belle Morris
She was born in Missouri on Feb 20, 1909.
She was believe to have married. ? surname GREEN.

William R. Morris
(1911 - 1963)
He served in WW II

Margaret Louisa (Morris) Jones Driver
(1912 - 1990)

1st husband ~ Archie Cole JONES Sr.

Their children
Archie Cole Jones (1932 - 1994)
Hebert Jones
Earnest Jones
Gary Jones (1938 - 2013)

Margaret's 2nd husband  ~ ? DRIVER

William R. Morris
(1911 - 1963)

Thomas "Tom" Morris
He was born about 1913.

Daisy Mae (Morris) Hill
(1916 - 1968)

Samuel M. Morris
(1917 - 1960)

Robert M. Morris
(1918 - 1978)

Daniel Morris
He was born November of 1919 in California.

Alfred Johnnie Morris
(1921- 1989)

Roscoe Morris
He was born about 1921 in California.

I hope some of Alex's and Alberta's descendants will come across this blog. I believe that there are or will be some family connections searching for their family history. If not now, I hope some time in the future. Praying that someone will see some family connections. My journey continues to discover more on my family history.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

My mother and her mother.

  Happy Mother's Day from Family Connections!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Continuing on the Search For Frances OVINGTON DADE Family Connection.

On May 8th 2010, I came across someone who was searching for Jane WASHINGTON's lineage. I checked the Missouri Death Records. Here was what I found.... And I saw "Another Frances (OVINGTON) DADE Connection."

I have found more relatives since 2010. This blog needs to update.
 I believe that there are more Family Connections. 

Thanks for reading.
Left photo of Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD other photo of her granddaughter.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Keeping Family History Alive

Happy Month Of May!

How does that old saying go?
April showers bring May flowers.
Thank God for Springtime and the rain!

Hope you have a wonderful month.
May we keep our family history alive.
And may it be persevered for future generations.

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

In Remembrance: In Family History: May 

My discoveries during the month of May 2014

I continued to search the South Dakota 1915, 1925, 1935, 1945 censuses
I traced the order of BLAKEYs, HAYES, and GREEN Families on censuses
I came across other BLAKEYs. Francis, Pete, Helen, David and two others
I was matching up the names in line with the families on censuses.
I came across the surname BLAKEY spelled as BLAKIE

I came across birth records of BLAKEYS / HAYES in South Dakota

Attended Roberta LANKFORD HILL KEELING's funeral

Made more Family Connections through the South Dakota censuses
Discovered that Ollie GREEN was ordained as Rev. in April of 1924
He married John Cecil CARTER and Rachel BLAKEY

Raymond H. BLAKEY passed on January 2, 1951

Note that John Clarence LATIMER passed on May 14, 1976
Came across a Sharon Lee JONES ROBINSON

Came across these names to search:
Carrie DADE

Came across info from censuses
James BLAKE born in MO 1922
Maggie BLAKEY from Jordan Creek MO
Nettie HOLIDAY year ? 1929

Searched South Dakota Death / Birth Records and made some discoveries
Olive GREEN who passed on March 17, 1945
Mary GREEN who passed on February 17, 1949.
Pearline BLAKEY was born on August 1, 1911
Barry  Edward JACKSON born in 1959

Found Laura BLAKEY's tombstone on Find A Grave
Received transfers of memorials on Find A Grave
Got permission to use photos of tombstones
Pearline BLAKEY

John Cecil CARTER
Amer N. LYLE

Found on Find A Grave
Robert Lee DADE (1917 -2001)
Kevin Arthur PRICE (1960 - 2011)
Couldn't get transfer of
James Adam BAILEY , he married Zella B. HENDREDS
He was the son of Abille and Lola (WHITE) BAILEY

Came across Denver Colorado marriage record
Ezekiel NICKERSON married Isabella LANKFORD on August 16, 1920.
Note another LANKFORD married in Colorado

Searching the surname LEVELLS different spellings LABELS, LEAVLS

Continuing to surnames on South Dakota Censuses: 1915 , 1925
 The HAYES who lived near relatives...came across more names.

Discovered N. LYLES info on Faris LYLE's religious: Muslim

Discovered : Female child born on September 15, 1913
Mother: BLAKEY Father HAYES ~ Martha / Ernest HAYES
Comparing HAYES' children's names with those on censuses

Trying to connect Spencer WHITE as son of Andrew and Julia WHITE.
Spencer passed in 1929 in Moberly, Missouri.

Searching info on Victor REED.

Cousin from CA called

Cousin, Amayah Naavah Thomas was born 25 May
Adding more names on the BLAKEY Family Connections
Adding credits to info and photos when posting on ancestry

Some Thoughts on notes:

Yankton BLAKEY Search:
Wondering who were the other BLAKEYs near the BLAKEYs in Yankton, South Dakota.

Posted a blog on Uldene YOUNGER DUKE and Gaynell YOUNGER TAYLOR:
The BARTLETT Family Connections.

Discovered a Curtis DUKE and Vernon DUKE. Vernon passed at age 11.
Info on Uldene: she could have been born in 1905 and passed on in 1991.
There was an Uldene ERVIN in MN who passed in 1991.

Hoped to receive a copy of Isaac BLAKEY's plaque from the D.C. Memorial.

Continued to blog, searching for family connections

Came across info on Ernest HAYES:
Wondering if he remarried.
An Ernest HAYES was married in 1942.
He was born in 1884

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Searching For More Clues: On The Lankford / Lankfard Family Connections

Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lankford / Lankfard was taken in 1892
The Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard  Family Connections
  I've been trying to piece together some clues.
I was looking at the order of death of their children.
Here are some things that I have come across.

A Stillborn female Lankford passed on in May of 1893

An Unknown Lankford child was born after the 1900 census
and passed before 1910 census.
~  Mrs. Ezekiel W. Nickerson ~
Mrs. Isabella Nickerson passed on  in Sept 1938

Mr. Charles Lankford passed sometime between 1920 and 1954.
Perhaps passed on in Kansas City.

Mr. Leo Lankford Sr. passed on in Sept of 1954
Mr. James Lankford passed on in  July of 1957

~ Mrs. William E. Madison ~
Mrs. Lula Mae Madison
passed in Sept of 1961
The list of below passed on sometime after Sept of 1961

Mr. Fredrick A. Lankford / Lankfard 
Mr. Nymadula Lankford / Lankfard 
~  Mrs. Christopher Columbus Smith ~
Mrs. Anna Alice Smith


Mr. Louis Adward "Ad" Lankfard passed in June of 1967

Possible clues to checkout

Locate obituaries in newspapers
Leo Lankford's  1954 obituary located and list survivors
James Lankford's 1957 obituary located  but un readable
Lula Madison's 1961 obituary located and list survivors

Search for the following obituaries
Isabella Nickerson in Denver, Colorado newspaper, Sept of 1938
Louis Lankford / Lankfard in New York City, New York newspaper, June of 1967

Only clues on other brothers:  They lived in New York City, 1961
Fredrick Lankford / Lankfard
Nymadula Lankford / Lankfard
Thanks for reading.
I hope to find some more clues.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Searching For Info On Brothers: Charles, Nymadula and Frederick Lankford / Lankfard

 Searching for info on the  Lankford / Lankfard Brothers
Sons of Robert and Charlotta  (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD
Charles Edward Lankfard
Charles Lankford passed sometime after the 1920 census and before September of1954. He wasn't listed on his brother, Leo's obituary.  Charles was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, January 4, 1890.

Charles married Meta Hughes. They had a daughter named Lelia Laura Lankford Thompson Hill. Lelia resided in Kansas City Missouri where she passed on May 19, 1960. Lelia had a son named Charles Lankford. It was believed, Lelia's father, Charles passed on in Kansas City. There is no record of his death in MO before 1954. 

Frederick A. Lankfard

Nymadula Lankfard
Nymadula and Frederick Lankfard passed after Sept of 1961. They were listed on their sister, Lula Madsion's obituary October of 1961. 

Nymadula Lankfard was born on Leap Day 1896 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Nym was married to Hattie McDaniel and two other women. One named Irene, they had a daughter named Marjorie Lankfard who passed at a young age. Nym's other wife was named Gertrude "Gertie". She was German.

Frederick A. Lankfard was born Canton, Missouri on January 28, 1878. He was a traveling musician. He married a Mollie B. Whitney in 1942 in Kansas City, Missouri.  According to obituaries both Nym and Frederick resided in New York City, New York.

Frederick, Nymadula and Charles were my Grandfather Leo Lankford / Lankfard Sr's brothers. I hope to find leads on them. What happened to them? Where they were buried?

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley