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Anna Alice Lankford Smith And Charles Edward Lankford

Anna with her brother, Charles Lankford.
The dog could have been the family pet.
Anna and Charles were the children of Robert Louis and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford.

Anna was married to Christopher Columbus SMITH.
Charles was married to Meta Huges.

Friday, August 1, 2014

In Family History: August

Welcome to August!

In Remembrance of Birth Days and Death Dates: Family Connections

In August of 1859 ~  John / William WASHINGTON Jr was believed to have been born. He was the son of William / John WASHINGTON.

In August of 1869 ~ Nannie WASHINGTON was believed to have been born. She was the daughter of  John /William WASHINGTON and Susan (LEACH) WASHINGTON

In August of 1890~  William  Charles "Willie" HENDRED was believe to have been born. He was the son of  George HENDRED and Ellen (LOVE / WASHINGTON) HENDRED

On August 1 ~ Corrine O. HAYES born in 1910.
She was the wife of Levi HAYES

On August 1 ~ Cleavie (HILL) WHITE passed on in 1994.
She was the wife of Rev. Thomas A. WHITE.

On August 2 ~ Japlin DADE was born in 1866.
He was the son of Louis Newton DADE and Mary (VENOY) DADE.

On August 3 ~  Leroy Everette BLAKEY Sr. was born in 1919.
He was the son of Spencer BLAKEY Sr. and Lucinda Mary (KINNEY) BLAKEY

On August 3 ~ Spencer BLAKEY Jr was born in 1922.
He was the son of Spencer BLAKEY Sr. and Lucinda Mary (KINNEY) BLAKEY.

On August 3 ~ Otis C. HAYES Jr, was born in 1928. 
He was the son of Otis C. HAYES Sr. and Jane (WHITE) HAYES.

On August 5  ~ Robert Lee DADE was born in 1917.

On August 6 ~  William MORRIS was born in 1911.

On August 6Oscar CRAIG passed on in 1941.
He was the husband of Odell (WHITE) CRAIG.

On August 6 ~  Margaret (CASON) BLAKEY passed on in 1972.
She was the wife of Ollie BLAKEY.

On August 6 ~
Marie L. (HENDRED) CRAYTON was born in 1916.

On August 8 ~ Archie Cole JONES Jr. was born in 1932.
He was the son of Archie C. JONES Sr and Margaret (MORRIS) JONES DRIVER

On August 9 ~
Gilbert Larine GUYTON born in 1946.

On August 11 ~  Clora WHITE was born 1908.

On August 11 ~ Otto S. CLAY passed on in 1979.
He was the husband of Ruby Dee (MANLEY) CLAY.

On August 12 ~  Robert Lee DADE passed on August 12, 1982.

On August 12Manfrerd HENDERED passed on in 2002.
He was the son of Isaac and Elise (MARSHALL) HENDRED.

On August 17 ~ Thomas Lionel TERRILL passed on in 1928.
He was the son of Ledrew TERRILL and Willie (WHITE) TERRILL WINFREY.

On August 18 ~ Betty Lou (HENDRED) EWING passed on in 2004.
She was the daughter of Isaac and Elise (MARSHALL) HENDRED.

On August 18 ~ Linda Ann BLAKEY passed on in 1990.
She was the daughter of Spencer BLAKEY and Leona (JOHNSON) BLAKEY.

On August 19  ~ Artie William MANLEY and Archie MANLEY were born in 1911.
They were the twin sons of William Arthur "Doc" MANLEY and Luella (HENDRED) MANLEY

On August 19 ~ Mary (VERNOY) DADE passed on in 1915.
She was the wife of Louis Newton DADE.

On August 20 ~ Unnamed DADE born in 1911. 

On August 22 ~ Elizabeth (WHITE) GETHERS was born in 1923.
She was the daughter of Tony WHITE

On August 22 ~ Unnamed DADE passed on in 1911.

On August 24 ~ Inez E. BLAKEY was born in 1907
She was the wife of Lawhorn BLAKEY.

On August 25 ~ Hattie (WHITE) JACKSON was born in 1906.
She was the daughter of Richard and Jane (FERGUSON) WHITE.

On August 25 ~ John C. NELSON was born in 1907.
He was the grandson of Anna (WASHINGTON) ALLEN WALTERS

On August 25 ~ Kathryn (BLAKEY) CHURCH passed on in 1988.
She was the daughter of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

On August 28 ~ Horace W. HENDRED born 1922.
He was the son of Isaac and Elise (MASHALL) HENDRED.

On August 28 ~ Charles BARTLETT was born in 1866.

On August 29 ~ Katherine A. "Katie" (ROBINSON) PEYTON was born in 1902.
She was the wife of Dr. Wade H. PEYTON Jr.

On August 26 ~ Betina "Betty" NICKERSON was born in 1926.
She was the daughter of Ezekiel and Isabella (LANKFORD) NICKERSON.

On August 29 ~ Rachel Darlene (BLAKEY) CARTER passed on in 1994.
She was the daughter of Isaac and Maggie (WILLIAMS) BLAKEY.

On August 30 ~ Edna Mae "Edner" (BLAKEY) JACKSON BENTLEY was born in 1896.
She was the daughter of Isaac and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY.

On August 30 ~ Comezell WALKER Sr. was born in 1922.
He was the husband of J. L. (LANKFORD) WALKER WILSON

On August 31  ~ Theodore "Rob" BLAKEY was born in 1925.
He was the son of Henry BLAKEY and Elizabeth (FRISTOE) BLAKEY.

On August 31 ~ Lucille (BLAKEY) LATIMER passed on in 1987.
She was the daughter of Spencer BLAKEY

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Interesting Findings And More To Come

It's been a very interesting month of July. I've made some more breakthroughs on Family Connections. I'm coming across more than I have expected.

I hope to continue to find more leads. I believe that there is more to explore and discover. What a month it has been. Thank you, Jesus!

I'm thankful for  those who have been helping me along the journey. I hope people will come across more on their ancestors. I hope to find more Family Connections.
Hope all had a wonderful month of July.
God bless.  Take care!

Thanks for reading,
S.A. Blakley

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Project: The Elais W. Bartlett Sr Connections

Who was Elias W. Bartlett Sr.?

He was most likely to have been born into slavery about 1822 in Kentucky.
He lived to see freedom. He was a farmer by trade.
He was listed on the 1870 and 1880 censuses in Carroll County in Missouri.
He was married at least twice.

Elias and his family were listed on the 1870 and 1880 census in Carrollton, County.
The mother of his slave children was Rachel.
There was no record if Elias and Rachel married after slavery.

Rachel born about 1825 in MO. Very little is know about Rachel. Her maiden name unknown. Elias and Rachel believe to have had a slave marriage some time in the early 1850's.

Their children according to the 1870 census record listed estimate year of birth.

William Bartlett born about 1852. He was a widower.

Warren   was born about 1854
John         was born about 1855
Fanny     was born about  1859
Lena          was born about  1862
Harriett  was born about 1865

There is no addition info on the children listed above.

Charles Bartlett  (1866 - 1944)
Charles worked as a laborer at Southwestern Bell.
He married Isabelle / Isabella Queensberry on November 29, 1894 in Brookfield, MO.
They had two sons Chancey Harold Bartlett and Roy C. Bartlett

Sarah "Sallie Bartlett was born about 1867.
She married Wade Hampton Sr. They had two children.

Dr. Wade H. Peyton Jr. 
He married his first wife, Anna L. Wynne in 1905. She passed on in 1910.
He married his second wife Katherine A / "Katie" Robinson  Peyton.
They had a son named Wade H. Peyton III. And a daughter named Thomas Sarah Peyton

Myrtle Peyton born about Dec 1886 in Topeka Kansas.
It appears that her parent passed on when Myrtle was a child.
Myrtle was listed with her grandma Harriett Bartlett on the 1900 census.
Miss Myrtle Peyton married William Younger in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1903.
They have two daughters,
Gaynelle Younger Taylor
Udlene Younger Duke,
who had two sons

Myrtle and William later divorce.
Myrtle moves to Cuyahoga County, Ohio. where she later marries Earl C. Miller.

Lucy Bartlett  (1869 - 1940)
She was born on July 18, 1869 in Carrollton, Missouri.
She moved to St. Joseph, MO. Year unknown.
Lucy was a well know woman in her times.
She was twice widowed before she married her 3rd husband.

She married her first husband Joshua A. Mossell in 1900 in St. Joseph, MO.
She married her second husband  George Albert Gross in 1915 in St. Joseph, MO.
She married her third husband Jackson William Horan year unknown.

Lucy was a school teacher.
She had no off springs
She passed on Sept 23, 1940 in Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri

Elias W. Bartlett married Harriett....
Their marriage record can't be located.
Note on the 1880 census there was an Hannah Hooper listed with the Bartlett Family.

Harriet Hooper  (1848 - 1909)
She was born in Sept of 1848 in Missouri or Tennessee.
According to a census Elias and Harriet were married around 1875.
They were married for 25 years. Harriet was widow on the 1900 census.

She was listed on a census as having 7 children. One child was deceased by 1900.
She was buried in Mount Mora Cemetery in St. Joseph, MO.
She was listed as the widow on Elias Bartlett in 1905 in city directory.
Perhaps that was about the year she moved to St. Joseph, Missouri ?
Harriett passed on May 20 1909 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
She was buried at Mount Mora Cemetery in St. Joseph, MO.
The children listed below moved to St. Joseph, MO.

Some of Harriet's children: estimate year of birth

Elias W. Bartlett Jr  was on April 21 1879.
He was born in Carrollton, Missouri.
He moved to St. Joseph, MO about 1901.
He was  a day laborer and a waiter.
He moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma about 1906.
Last known resided was in Oklahoma. He was listed as a waiter in 1920.
There was not record that he married at age 40.

Sam Bartlett was born about Feb of 1882.
He was most likely born in Carrollton, MO,
and came to St. Joseph, MO with her mother and siblings
He was a day laborer at age 18.
No other info on him.

Jennie Bartlett (1883 - 1926)
She was born in Carrollton, MO.
She most likely came to St. Joseph, MO with her mother and siblings.
She married first to John BLAKEY / Blakley Sr.
She married  2nd to Chilton Lyle.
Jennie had off springs by both John and Chilton.   
Blog on The Jennie Bartlett Connections: The Blakleys and Lyles

Paul B. Bartlett (1885/1893 -1956)
He was born in Carrollton, MO.
He moved to St. Joseph, MO about 1905.
He never married.
He was a laborer; did odd jobs, porter, operator at a picture theater.
Paul lived with his sister, Lucy Bartlett Mossell in 1910 , 1911.
He passed on in 1956 and was buried at Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, MO.

Juanita Bartlett (1891 - 1929)
She was born in Carrollton, MO.
She most likely came to St. Joseph, MO with her mother and siblings.
She married George Thomas Armstrong in St. Joseph, MO on July 8, 1912 .
To this union there were born
Duis Armstrong, Georgia  Armstrong, Harriett Armstrong Hicks, Roberta Armstrong, Katherine Armstrong Ellis and Mary Ann  Armstrong
Juanita passed on in 1929 and  was buried with her next to her husband
at Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, MO.

Searching For The Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Family Connections.
I hope some of Elias W. Bartlett Descendants will find this blog.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Elias W. Bartlett Family Connections: Lucy E. Bartlett

I can't recall how long I've been searching for Lucy E. (Bartlett) Mossell. I couldn't get nowhere for years. I had very little clues on her.

What I knew about her through records; she was the daughter of Elias W. Bartltett Sr. I wasn't for sure who her mother was. I presumed that her first name was Rachel, Elias's first wife.

I came across records of Lucy marrying a Joshua A. Mossell in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1900. Lucy was a school teacher. They had no children.

It wasn't until I posted a blog on Lucy's sister Sarah "Sallie" Bartlett Peyton, my search on Lucy unfolded. I found more on her. I was totally surprised on my discoveries.

It was on Friday the 13th of June when I made some fascinating discoveries. I was searching city directories online for Lucy Mossell. As I keep scrolling down the list, I came across a Laura A. Mossell. I checked her out.

At first, I couldn't see the connections on her. I saw another Mrs. Laura A. Mossell. I checked her address. Bingo! She was Lucy. I later found her, late husband's death date in the city directory. He passed on in March of 1909.

I couldn't find Lucy's death record in MO. But, I believed that she passed away in MO. My father said she went to Brookfield MO. However, I did find a Charles Bartlett who passed away in 1944. He was born in Carrollton, MO. I believed that he was Lucy's brother.

I believed that Lucy had remarried after her husband passed away. I wondered where Lucy passed away. I had one clue for the 1911 city directory. It stated that Mrs. Laura A. Mossell moved to Chillicothe, MO. And so my search was on.

I searched on for any Lucy E. in Livingston County MO. I came up with a Lucy E. Gross. I didn't make the connection at first. But, I believed that she was the one.

I keep searching the marriage records. I came up with a Lee E. Mossell who married a Geo A. Gross in St. Joseph, MO.  Geo was from Chillicothe. I put two and two together and noticed that the same Rev. that married Lucy and Joshua Mossell was the same Rev Chron.

Once I saw that connection, I started to check the Missouri Death records for Lucy Gross. I didn't find her. But, I found G. Albert Gross' death record. I keep searching for all the Lucy's in Livingston County Missouri. I saw one the caught my eyes.

As I was looking I was in awe. What I read was a Lucy E. Horan...a retired school teacher. Born in Carrollton, MO. Father's name ? Mr. Bartlett. Yes, I found Lucy! I was so happy.

The next day , June 13, 2014, I was up late searching for what records were online for Livingston County MO. I see that there was a newspaper. I searched it. I typed in Lucy. I was trying to connect the Lucy Gross with Lucy Horan. I believed that they were the same person.

Lo and behold I typed in Lucy Horan. And I located her obituary in the paper. It was Great Aunt Lucy. This confirmed what I thought about Charles Bartlett being her brother.  Also found Lucy's husband's obituary with other confirmation.

Lucy E. (Bartlett) Mossell Gross Horan's Obituary in Chillicothe Missouri newspaper.

Jackson William Horan's Obituary in  Chillicothe, Missouri newspaper.
I was happy to have found what I discovered. I was tired that night when I was searching online for Lucy. I'm glad that I keep looking.

I hope that others will search for their Bartlett Family Connections.  I believe that there are more info out there.  I'm so thankful for leads.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Searching For Descendants Of Sarah "Sallie" Bartlett - Wade H. Peyton Sr

I've been searching for the where a bouts of The Bartlett - Peyton Family.  I've been piecing some of the story on the family. I started searching for a Peyton with the first name of Sallie. I came across a Sallie Peyton on the Kansas State census in 1885.

Through the years, I have compiled some info on the Peyton Family. Here's some of what I  have discovered. Wade Hampton Peyton Sr. married Sarah "Sallie" Bartlett. They had a son named Wade H. Peyton Jr. and a daughter, Myrtle Peyton. 

Through research, I've discovered that Myrtle Peyton was living with her grandmother, Harriett  Bartlett in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1900. We can presume that Myrtle's parents passed on when she was a child. Myrtle was born in Topeka, Kansas about Dec of 1886.

Miss Myrtle Peyton married William Younger in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1903. They have two daughters, Gaynelle and Udlene Younger. Myrtle and William later divorce. Myrtle moves to Cuyahoga County, Ohio. where she later marries Earl C. Miller. Myrtle's last where a bout was in  Chicago, Cook, Illinois in the 1940's. I came across a record with her surname of Younger.

As for Wade Hampton Peyton Jr., I couldn't find him on the 1900 census.  I first came across him on the 1885 Kansas census. Then I located  his WW I draft card. He was living in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa in 1917 - 1918. His sister, Myrtle Younger was listed as his next of kin on his WW I draft card.

I recently came across a new found discover on Wade Jr. He was married to a Anna L. Wynne in MO. As I searched and found more on Wade Peyton Jr. through the city directories, he lived in at least 3 States. He was in Nebraska, Iowa and later in Tennessee. In Nebraska he was first listed as a student. According to his WW I draft card, he worked as a waiter at Black Stone Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska.

I've come across a newspaper article on Wade H. Peyton and his late wife, Anna who passed on in 1910. I'm trying to piece together when Wade and Anna moved to Nebraska. And when Wade moved to Tennessee.

According to Wade Peyton Jr's death record and tombstone, he was a doctor. I haven't located records on what type of doctor he was. Wade Jr.  married his second wife Katherine A / "Katie" Robinson  Peyton. They had a son named Wade H. Peyton III. And a daughter named Thomas Sarah Peyton.

I  discovered that Wade H. Peyton Jr. was in Lincoln, Nebraska from about 1907 to 1914 and 1928. He was listed as a waiter, a student and later a physician.  He was listed in Nashville, Tennessee in 1920, 1922 and 1929 and in Athens, Limestone, Alabama on the 1930 and 1940 censuses.

At the time of Wade Peyton Jr's death record, he was living in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee. He was a widow. (His wife, Katherine passed on in 1954.) Their children, Wade Peyton, the III passed on in  Alameda, California in 1985. Thomas Sarah Anderson passed on in  Westmoreland, Sumner, Tennessee in 2013.

I hope and pray that some of The Bartlett - Peyton Family Connections will come across this blog. It's interesting to find more on family history. Hope to discover more.

May we not give up on searching for our family history.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Elias W. Bartlett Sr Family Connections: Charles Bartlett

Some time ago, I was searching the Missouri Death Records. I came across a Charles Bartlett. His race was black. He was born on August 28 1866 in Carrollton, Missouri. He passed on May 19, 1944 in Brookfield, Missouri. His parents were unknown.

As I read Charles' death record, I thought that he could have been one of the Bartlett connections. I believed that this Charles was the son of Elias W. Bartlett Sr. I didn't have any proof of that.

Through the years, I've been searching for info on the Bartlett connections in  Missouri. I remember my father telling me that  one of his Aunts moved to Brookfield. I assume that was his Lucy Mossell.

I started to search for Charles Bartlett in MO.There were two Charles Bartletts. I narrowed him down.  The one I found was married an Isabelle / Isabella Queensberry on November 29, 1894 in Brookfield, MO.  (I couldn't located them on the 1900 census.)

I later found Charles and his wife on the 1910 census. Charles and his two sons were listed as mulatto. The sons' names were Chancey Harold Bartlett who was born about 1900. And Roy C. Bartlett who was born about 1906 in MO.

Also I found Charles and his wife Isabella on the 1920 , 1930 and 1940 censuses in Brookfield, Missouri. They were listed on some of the city directories in Brookfield. According to Charles's death record he worked with Southwestern Bell.

It wasn't until June of 2014 when I made a breakthrough on the Bartletts. I come across the connection on who Charles' Bartlett was. I was reading a 1940 obituary that mentioned him as a brother who was living in Brookfield, Missouri. I was overwhelmed by that.

You know, I got more out of that obituary than what I was searching for. I was amazed to see my Great Aunt Lucy Horan's obituary. Yes, I got the confirmation on who Charles was.

I'm thankful for old newspapers. I think that there's more info out there in the newspapers. It's more than what I can image. I hope that I will find more clues on my family history. And even more descendants of Elias W. Bartlett Sr.   

Staying On The Journey...
Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Elias W. Bartlett Sr Family Connections: Mother Of His Children

I've been thinking about my Great Grandfather, Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Most likely, he was born into slavery about 1822 in Kentucky. He fathered about 13 or 14+ children. He was recorded on the 1870  and 1880 censuses in Carroll County, Missouri with his family.

I was wondering Who were the mothers of Elias's children? This got me to thinking. Elias had children by Rachel Bartlett during the time of slavery.

Rachel was listed only on the 1870 census. The year of her death wasn't recorded.  She had at least 5 children. They were born from about 1854 to 1865 in MO. Their names were  believe to have been Warren, John, Fanny, Lena and Harriett Bartlett. These children were only listed on the 1870 census. Rachel could have had more children in the 1860's.

According to the 1880 census, Elias was listed with wife, Harriett and children Sallie, Charles, Lucy, Elias Jr. and William Bartlett who was born about 1852. (There was a Hannah Hooper listed as Elias' grandmother.)

I noted that Elias Jr was born about 1879. There was a 10 year gap between Lucy and Elias.  Also it appears that Sallie, Charles, and Lucy were not Harriett's children. They could have been Rachel's.

I've been searching for Sallie, Charles and Lucy on other censuses and city directories. I've noticed that they were listed as mulatto at least one record. There were times that they were listed as colored.

As I was searching for Myrtle Peyton, Harriett Bartlett's granddaughter, I came across Myrtle's mother's, Sallie / Sarah Petyon's maiden name. It was Shaw. I believe that Charles who was born about 1866, Sallie who was born about 1867, and Lucy who was born in 1869 may have had the same mother. Note that Myrtle was listed as mulatto on the 1900 census.

I believe that Charles Bartlett and Lucy (Bartlett) Horan didn't know who their mother was. Perhaps their mother passed away when they were young children. On  Charles's death record,
his parent's names were unknown. On Lucy's death record, Mr. Bartlett was listed as her father.

As for Harriett  Bartlett's children, they were listed as black on census records and city directories. Her children full names were Elias W. Bartlett Jr., Sam Bartlett, Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Lyle, Paul Bartlett and Juanita (Bartlett) Armstrong. According to the 1900 census, Harriett listed Lucy was her daughter.

It's interesting to discover things through what was recorded on our ancestors. I didn't think much about Elias' children until I kept coming across the word mulatto. In my research, I only came across three of his children who were listed as mulatto. 

Who were the mothers of Elias W. Bartlett Sr.?

In all, there was little info on Rachel Bartlett. Most likely, she was born into slavery about 1825 in Kentucky. And perhaps passed on in  Carrollton, Missouri. Her maiden name could have been Shaw. She could have had other children who died at a young age. There were a 10 year gap in Elais W. Bartlett Sr's children's birth.

As for Harriett Bartlett, she was born into slavery about 1848 in Missouri. Through researching her children I can conclude that Harriett's maiden name was Hooper. According to cemetery records Harriett passed on May 28, 1909 in St. Joseph, Missouri. In one of the city directory, Harriett was listed as the widow of Elias Bartlett.

Oh what great wonders wet can get out of life when searching for our family history. I hope that I can come across more info on the Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Family Connections.  I hope that others will search as well.

My we continue on the journey.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Searching Lankford - Johnson Family Connections

Over the years, I've been searching for info on my DADE - LANKFORD family in Lewis County Missouri. And I have found some of my ancestors along the journey. I'm still searching.

I 've located my Great Grandparents' Robert and Charlotta Lankford's marriage record. Charlotta's parents, Isaac and Frances Dade were witnesses to the wedding. I was surprised when I saw their names on the record.
While I was searching for my Lankford connections,  I came across a Miss Annie LANKFORD and a Mr. Westley JOHNSON. They married on Sept 17, 1871. I thought, maybe Annie could have been related to my Lankford family connections.

I began to search for Annie / Anna Lankford - Johnson. I found info on her on the 1880 census in Lewis County. She was listed with her husband, Wesley and their children.

On the 1880 census;  Wesley Johnson was about 32,  Anna about 30, Richard about 8, Susan about 6, Birdie about 5, Edward about 3, Joseph about 1, and Emma Johnson about 5 months . They were living in La Grange, Lewis, Missouri.

I searched the Missouri birth and death records. And I found one more Johnson child. Her name was Mary Rivera / Ruslia Johnson. She was still born on Dec 8, 1884. She was the 8th child.

It appeared that the 1880 census record was the ended of my search on the Johnsons. At that time, I couldn't find anything else on Wesley or Anna Johnson for years. I hit a brick wall.

It wasn't until June 18, 2014, I began to search for the Johnson again. I thought to search for the Johnson children one by one.  And I came up with some new leads.

I can't recall how I started my search. But, I ended up searching old newspaper online. I typed in the Johnson children's names one by one. I came across some very interesting things.

I type in Lena Johnson. I had discovered that she was married to Tugg Wilson. I came across their wedding announcement in Iowa newspaper. This lead me to other amazing findings.

All along on my journey, I believed that Annie / Anna Lankford  - Johnson were some how connected to Robert Louis Lankford. I couldn't make the connections.

I started searching more in the newspapers. I discovered a R L. Lankfard placed an advertisement of his business which was located in St. Joseph, Missouri in the Iowa newspaper. This ad was in the paper for about 3 months.

This made me wonder. I came across this info a while back. According to the 1913 St. Joseph, city directory, Robert L. Lankford occupation was at a restaurant at 209 S 2. He owned a restaurant? I think so.
Lankfard's Café was adverted in the Des Moines, Iowa State Bystander in 1911.
The restaurant was located at 212 1/2 S 8th St in St. Joseph, Missouri.
After further searching, I began to search for a R.L. Lankford again. His name appeared in an article. He attended Lena S. Johnson's and Tugg Wilson's wedding in Kansas City, MO in 1914. I think that this was the connection that ties some things together. 

Here are some similarities with the Sarah Anna and Robert Louis.

Sarah and Robert both carried the Lankford surname.
(At times surname spelled Lankfard.)

Sarah Anna Lankford was born in Kentucky (1851).
Robert Louis were born in Kentucky (1852).

It appears that Sarah went by her middle name Anna / Annie at times.
It appears that Robert went by his middle name  Louis / Lewis at times.

Annie (Sarah Anna) married Wesley Johnson in Sept 1871 in Lewis County MO.
Lewis (Robert Louis) married Charlotta  Dade in Jan of 1873 in Lewis County MO.

Sarah Anna had a son named Bert who owned a business.
Robert Louis had a daughter named Anna who married with the name Annie Lankford.

R. L. Lankford from St. Joseph, MO attended Sarah's daughter Lena Sarah Johnson's wedding.
R. L. Lankfard from St. Joseph, MO adverted his business in the city were the Johnson's lived.

After what I've discovered, I think I can make some assumptions.

Sarah Anna Lankford - Johnson and Robert Louis Lankford were most likely related.
Perhaps siblings or cousin. I think that they were siblings.

According to Lena Sarah Johnson Wilson's wedding news, she was a relative of a Mrs. Chas. Smith from St. Joseph, MO . I'm for sure if this was Anna Alice Lankford Smith.  Anna's husband was Columbus Christopher Smith. It could have been a misprint in the paper.

I was excited that I stumbled across this information. I believe that there is more info out there. And that there are people who have the missing pieces to family connections.

I hope and prayer that some of Wesley and Sarah Anna (Lankford) Johnson's descendants will come across this blog. It would be nice to know who they are. And that they have family connections.

May we continue to search for our family connections.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley