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Tuesday's Treasure: My Father's Sister Geneva

Geneva (Lyle) Jones
Entry: Dated June 22, 1980
My father was speaking to me about his sister Geneva. He said that Geneva was in a orphans home when she was growing up. The home was somewhere in the Lafayette street area.
Some family connections  thoughts and research.
I remember Aunt Geneva coming to visit my father. She was a short woman.  She attended some of our Blakley Blakey White Family Reunion. My father and Aunt Geneva had the same mother, Jennie Bartlett Blakley Lyle / Lyles.

On the 1930 census. Aunt Geneva lived with others in the Northwestern Orphanage and Hospital  in St. Joseph, Missouri. Her brother Faris Lyle was there too.

Their mother passed on Dec of 1926. One can assume that their father wasn't able to care for his children. And other relatives couldn't help in raising them. Geneva was born on Sept 2, 1924. and her brother Faris was born on Sept 6, 1923. Geneva was about 2 and Faris was 3 when their mother passed.

On the 1940 census. Aunt Geneva and Uncle Faris were listed with brother O.P. Blakley and sister Mary Blakley.  Aunt Geneva married Carl Jones in 1944. They had 7 children. Carl William Jones Jr. Lawrence "Larry" Clayton Jones, Kenneth Leroy Jones, Clinton Lyle Jones, Marcella M. Jones, Floyd David Jones and Phillip Eugene Jones.

Geneva passed on December 12, 2005 in St. Paul, Minnesota at the age of 81. I'm thankful that I got to meet her and some of her children. Recently, I have come across some of her grandchildren. I hope come across more of my Lyle / Lyles Family Connections.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Exploring New Information

 Welcome !

I'm finding more family connections. That's slowly but, surely. I know it takes some time in the doing. I'm sticking with things.

There are times when I run into brick walls. I can't find nothing. Then there are times when I come across a lot of info. I can lose track of what I have.

This is why there is a need to review things. I have so much info that I can't take it in all at once. But as I review things, I see new information. I can miss things if I don't review from time to time.

I hope that you are all well. Hope you're enjoying the Summer season. Is it hot enough for you yet? Thank God for air conditioners. So, far it's been a wet and cool Summer.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Here is the list of In Remembrance: In Family History: September

Here is some of what I came across in September of 2014
Happy reading!

At the top of the calendar

Write: See Do

Wrote names of LYLE Family Connections

Catherine LYLE's dad
Faris Kashif LYLE married Jessica Selestine LYLE on August 31, 2014

Amer and Najja
Sister: Sahzi LYLE
Mother: Shirley LYLE


Great grandson Paul A WEST (August 27, 1970 - August 23, 2012)

Find A Grave Memorials created 601 / manage 658
Ancestry.com 2375 people and 1561 photos

Searching E.W. and Isabella NICKERSON's children one by one September 1 - 7, 2014

Saw Myra JONE's photo of Leslie Terrill

Sarah Burtis advertisement  in Chillicothe Missouri.

E.W. and Isabella NICKERSON great grandson
Paul Anthony WEST (1970 - 2012)
Paul son of Laverne NICKERSON) THOMPSON

Copied NICKERSON index of marriages in Colorado 1920

Tyree son of  Angelena LANKFARD.

Searching for NICKERSON Family Connections

John Calvin Holland
Norman WEST Jr.

Veronica ELZIE
Lonza West

Robert Eugene NICKERSON

Found a video on Paul A. WEST obituary
Note as of August 2015, can't find video online.

Found obituary on E.W. and Isabella's daughter
Doris Laverne McClarty Davis (1930 - 2007)

List of children and grand children
Evelyn Lacyene MCCLARTY
James Bobby
Donald (Carrie)
Lacy Jr. (Masko)

Cathy (Alan) Kirkey
Juanita (Craigh) SMITH
Donald Jr

Question: Which child is the parents of grandchildren?

List of Great Grand children
Rasha Seacy
Jarrod C. Williams
Aliva Kirsey
Duane Drummond
Iryan Joyner Drummond
Tajiane Joyner
Talana Girffin
Stevie Griffin Jr
Nakita Griffin
Devithia Griffin
Cedric McClarty Jr.
Carl Joyner

Searching for more NICKERSON Family Connections
Baby (Twin of Freddie)

Ralph Allen NICKERSON b ) Nov 24, 1951
Ronald NICKERSON b) April 21, 1952
Robert Eugene NICKERSON b) Feb 28, 1948

Carl m) Gloria Joyner Oritz
NOTE: Vivian JAMES was a sister of Doris.
Vivian V. JAMES born 1924 died 1997

Catherine STRANGE LYLE born 1932

Created a memorial on Doris Laverne NICKERSON McCLARTY DAVIS
on Find A Grave.

More on McClarty discovered on Facebook
Donald Jr.

Searched people finder found more relatives
Tampa Florida
Portland Oregon
Marietta GA.

Info on
Carl E. McReynolds married Doris
Karen Elizabeth
Cara Alicia


Darryl Isaac NICKERSON

Christopher Anothony NICKERSON
 Nicole Anika NICKERSON
Timothy OWENS

Cheryl Michell


Sent Marta BROWN info
MADISON Family Connections
Questions of who's in the photo in NY?
Xerox copied numbered each person

Richard THOMAS
 Shared some info on LANKFORD Family Connections

Natassha SIGLE list 4 children

? Saviyah Anderson

Terry LIGHTNER daughter, Lalainai Hankerson

Search People Finder: Colorado NICKERSON / MCCLARTY

Called Marta about photo of Lankford Gathering in NYC was William E. MADISON JR's house
Photo of people 1 - 20

Nym married Gertude "Gertie" a German.

William wife Mattie and daughter Betty Lou small girl by Nym
Molly Fred's wife

Posted Rachel BLAKEY obituary on Find A Grave

Looked back over Laverne NICKERSON DAVIS' obituary (1930-2007)
Eyelyn Lacean McClarty

Michael ?

Donald McClarty
Joyner Wilson Family ?


Searched for LANGFORD

Came across...
Doris L. Slade, McClarty, Davis

Aquilla Clark McClarty
Bookkeeper at Faour Glass Technologies

Managing Donjae LCC

Found marriages of Evelyn Lacyene
to Levon BODISON
to Geroge Harry HARRIS

Aunt Leola LANKFORD FARMER passed in Sept, 14, 1994

Searched for MANLEY CLAY Family Connections
Ruby Dee MANLEY CLAY's children
Ottie Dee CLAY LEWIS b) 1947
Ruby Lynn MILLER

Ruby's sisters
Blanche JONES

Xander Leroy BARRINGTON (2011- 2011)
mother of Xander, Ashley Nicole BARRINGTON

Roy Lee Lewis Jr.
Anthony Lee b. 1962
m) Monica

Randall b) 1967?

Edward L. Stewart m) Veta Stewart
Virgil Stewart fort Madison IN

Anthony Lee Lewis
Monica R. (Green) Lewis
Need to go back over people born in 19200's etc
Serach for marriages obituaries on websites

Cairo Johnson, Malea Johnson b) Sept 14, 2000

Making some progress on people search:
Clays in Missouri

Not for sure if have family connections
Beverly S. Tate
Gary D. Gilley

Wesley Wm Clay b) June 25, 1975

Deshawn Eugene Clay b) May 20, 1974

Meliva Jean CLAY OTT
Carl Wayne OTT

Kathern Marie OTT PRATT



Added more names to Family Connections
Roy's daughter Shannon TINDER
Iyonna CLAY

 Roy Clay Jr.

Robert Smith "Boulder" CLAY

Michael Leon Dilligard

Came across
Robert Kyle Clay
Patrica Sanchez (Adalbert)

John LOVE Johnon

More info on MCCLARTY

Carrie (McCLARTY Children
by Donald McCLARTY

Donald (Aquilla)

Nada Lee Pate
Mark L. Pate
Rhonda L. Pate
Ronald James

Searched for HENDRED Family Connections

Found info on
George Ronald HENDRED
related to Geraldine
Manferd Henderd

Searching for Lydia NICKERSON

Searched for
Mary Jane BLAKEY

Info on Nathan J. NICKERSON
Post on facebook lived in Portland OR.

Found more info Laura A. NICKERSON
Laura WISE

Searched for NICKERSON
Robert Eugene NICKERSON born in 1928
Robert married Anne Louise :
daughter Laura Anne NICKERSON b. Feb 1958
Son Robert (Bob) E. NICKERSON b. Nov 1959

Found address connections:
2969 Monaco PY
Denver CO.

Carliss M. HOLLAND married Eric Deshaun HILL
div/  2003

Searched for and posted photos of
William Bille / Mattie MADISON

Found record on Nym LANKFORD: He had weak eyes.

Searched for John C. CARTER and Rachel BLAKEY CARTER

Pinkey CARTER EVANS married Sonny
Son named Devon EVANS

Searching for info on
DADE Family Connections

Searching for Roy Wm CLAY Jr. Children and wife

Mary Louise TATE ? 1936
Sept 20

Circa Jean PERKIN 1942-2005
Ella V. CLAY

Trying to figure out:
Roy William CLAY's children

wife Ella Virginia

Antonio L
Tonya M
Cora Ann
Dwight CLAY
Barbie Bolt
Roy Clay

There were other names listed with their children
I couldn't place the names to parents

Came across these names
Randall Lewis

Mary Louise TATE CLAY

Searching and thinking: When and where did Vivian JAMES pass?
? 1923 - 1997
? If siblings of Robert, Doris, Lydia

Did they know that she passed in 1997?

Searching for  info on Willard J. CARR (1923- 1991) Military page

Wife ~ Beatrice EMERY (1921-2006)

Gary Anthony FRANKLIN (1967-2014)
He was son of Robert Gary FRANKLIN and
Velma Corrine CARR (1947-2008)

Theodora A. CARR
Orville C. JACKSON
Freda Luatrice SMITH

Willard daughter:
Opal Willette CARR
m) Francis GACHUR ?

Contacted Veronica HOLLAND ELZIE on facebook
Finding Your Roots series

Joy LANCE GRAVES (1967- 2012
sister of Gary Anthony FRANKLIN

Letter from S.G. WHITE
Receieved photo of Chariton Churches
Friest Bapist Church 1854 ?
Glasgow church built in the 1800's

Searching for Luatrice WHITE
Varies spellings.
Leburte White

John WHITE had a daughter named Leburite WHITE

CARR Family Connections
Beatrice Emery CARR

Watched Finding Your Roots
Journal about what watched

Idea Generations:
Built Stories on Ancestors
Andrew WHITE (Julia)   John WASHINGTON (Susan)
Isaac BLAKEY (Martha) Robert LANKFARD) Charlotta
John BLAKLEY )Jennie) Leo LANKFARD ( Mary)
My parents
Their children
Great Grandchildren
2nd Great Grandchildren
Searching and making corrections

Find A Grave:

Searching for BLAKEYs Minnesota
Isaac / Anna h (882 Carroll
Ike Butcher
Rich waiter

Rich dau. Andrea Baika MINEHA
m) Marty Darnell THOMAS

Plot #
Robert BLAKLEY NM Chiefs 1982

Searching Relatives: Birth / Death Dates for updates

Searching info on DADEs
Mary Belle DADE d) 1949

George BLAKEY born 1911

The Mystery of Louis and Mary Ann DADE's daughters
Mary Belle DADE b) 1872
Margaret DADE b) 1873

Informant on Mary Belle's death record
Katherine Thompson from Joliet, Il

Find A Grave:
m) George THOMPSON added to ancestry.com

Blog Ideas:
Isabella LANKFORD NICKERSON findings
Break through 2014: Finding Relatives
A Look Back At Discoveries

Anna LANKFORD/ BLAKLEY Family Connections
Robert E. BLAKLEY photo

Richard (Dickey) BLAKLEY

Memory of Robert Lee DADE

Added to Find A Grave:
Roberta LANKFORD family connections
Robert Dewayne HILL dau. Paris


Info on South Dakota News papers articles: 2000 - 2014
Surname searching.

End of notes in September 2014 notes:
Been on a journey Searching for relatives
As special days come Birth dates

Question on Finding Your Roots
 Paper trail that ancestor left behind

Whar are you?

How does it feel to see your ancestors faces?
 What have you heard about your ancestors?

Hand writing of ancestors

Other Info on calendar: Info on Sept 6, 2014
Laverne NICKERSON's siblings

Robert Eugene married Linda HARRIS
Christopher NICKERSON
Darryl (Linda) NICKERSON

Robert (Anne) NICKERSON info 2008 Denver Colorado

Ralph married Kwana

Doris (Carl) McReynolds

Searching and found info

Laverne's children
Veronica LaVonne HOLLAND
m) (John Frazier ELZIE
Carliss Marie HOLLAND
Lonzon West ?

1969 Norman A. West Jr. b) 15 Nov 1943
1972 Johnny Calvin HOLLAND b) 11 Sept 1938
1993 Sam THOMPSON b) 7 Dec 1926

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tracing The LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family Surname: Through James

Was his name, James Andrew Lankford?
James Andrew LANKFARD? Or both?

James was the son of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.
He was their first born son, on October 26, 1874, in Monticello, Missouri. 
His year of birth could have been in 1873.

According to city directories, his surname varied from
 Lankford, Langford and Lankfard.
He was first listed on the 1894 city directory with the LANGFORD surname.
and 1894 - 1897 with the surname LANKFORD.
In 1898 he was listed with both the LANKFARD and LANKFORD surname.

James on the census records:
1880: Wasn't listed

According to the U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
His name was James Andrew LANKFARD in the year 1943.
So which surname was the one for James?
Here's an excellent example.
 I noted it when I first read it. You should too.

This post card written on Feb 1, 1910. It was addressed to Mrs. Sallie J. LANKFARD. 
The sender was Louis "Add" LANKFARD, Sallie's brother in law.
Subject was on Sam LANGFORD, the boxer.

I haven't found any Lankfard family connections with Sam Langford.
According to the WWI draft registration signature:
James signed his name as James Andrew LANKFARD.
According to his death record the informant, stated his name as
 James Andrew LANKFORD.
In his obituary, surname spelled LANKFORD.
I believe that James' surname was spelled LANKFARD. Yes, there were other records with his surname LANKFORD.  I'm going by how James signed his surname on documents and how his sibling spelled the surname on the post card. And it was spelled LANKFARD.
(1874 - 1957)
James "Jim" Andrew LANKFARD
James was my Great Uncle.
Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Father's Early School Days

This blog info was taken for my entry date July 5, 1982.

My dad told me that he used to walk 5 miles to school.
He got up at about 5am. There were 5 blacks in school.
There was about 20 people in all.

The teacher eat a lot, made them work, read out loud.
My father mentioned that the teacher had a ball "of hair" on her head.

They had to bring their own lunch, if your didn't, you wouldn't to eat.
The school was from 8 am to 3 pm.
Some thoughts:
I can't recall which school my dad said he went too.
There were only 5 blacks in this class...
This was well before desegregation.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tracing The Lankford / Lankfard Surname

I'm working on some blogs on the Lankford / Lankfard Family Connections. I'm comparing how each family member in the Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard branch spelled their family surname. The first time I was aware of the different spellings, was on tombstones.
 Tombstone in Ashland Cemetery, St. Joseph, Missouri.

Tombstones in Ashland Cemetery, St. Joseph, Missouri
Over the years, I review on some documents on my Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD / LANKFARD family. Recently, I was reviewing some new info. And I come up with this conclusion.  I believe at one point, the family began to spell their surname LANKFARD.

I don't know if the LANKFARD family choose this surname. Or if they discovered that the family spelt it that way. The first recording of surname the LANKFARD spelling, that I have come across, was in the St. Joseph, Missouri City Directory in 1898.  The first document with the LANKFORD spelling was on Lewis LANKFORD and Miss Charlotta DADE's marriage license in 1873.

I have found some documents on the surname spelling. I had been searching records on how some of the Lankfard siblings signed their surnames. There are documents from marriage licenses, U.S. WW I Draft Registration: 1917 - 1918, WW II Draft Registrations: 1942, Post Cards, 1908 / 1910.

There were other records: the City directories: 1880's - 1900's, Tombstones, Newspaper Advertisements, some censuses and the U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007. The surname was spelled LANKFARD in most cases. 
 Here are some of the blogs that I'm working on.  
Tracing The LANKFARD surnames through the Siblings
James Andrew LANKFARD
Frederick A. LANKFARD
Charles Edward LANKFARD 
Louis Adward LANKFARD

 I honor both spelling. My linage spelling is LANKFORD. But, I believe most of the earlier family spell their surname LANKFARD. Somehow the LANKFORD spelling stood out.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Don't Be Too Busy

Notes from Friday, 01 December 2006

Don't Be Too Busy

Brother #1 called today. Some of us call him "Davy". He goes by his real name, David which he was named after our father. Yeah, we are from the seed of David. More like a tribe of David.

My brother "Davy" ask if I was busy and if I had "a minute". He called to see how all of us were doing. Some how the conversation got to what one of our uncles said to "Davy". This uncle was our mother's brother, "Ad".

Yeah, coming from a large family, nicknames are a must. A lot of same names. I always remember calling this uncle just "Ad". "Ad" was "Ad". "Davy" said he was in town one day and "Ad" saw him outside by our house.

Back in those days, our block was mostly kin folks. Grandma, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters and even In laws living within seeing distant. Our mother was one of eleven children.

Back to "Ad", "Ad" saw "Davy" with a cooler. So when "Ad" saw the cooler he spoke this words to "Davy". "Do you have any cool ones in there".

When my brother told me this I had to write this down in my Family Famous Quote Book. I listen to how my siblings talk. Some of the things they say catch my ears. I have been writing some of the funny sayings down in my journal quote book.

"Do you have any cool ones in there" "Ad" said. He was talking about something to drink drink. Not water or soda pop that was in "Davy's" cooler. "Davy" said he will never forget the look on Uncle "Ad" face. He was not to pleased with what he saw in that cooler.

You know what, I was busy when my brother called me. But I decided to make the time to talk to him. Seizing the time at that very moment. I would not have come across this saying to ADD to my family's famous quote book.

I even found out that "Davy" and his wife got another cat. Their son "Ed", short for Edward cat ran off. So "Ed" got them another cat for them to watch.

We come from a family that love DOGS. Well, there is a few cat lovers. By the way the phone call lasted about twenty minutes. We are doing good!

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Treasures: Jennie / Geneva (Bartlett) Blakley Lyles

Entry date: June 27, 1981

Notes: Grandmother on father's side... said to have died at age 41 years old. She had a number of children (20). Some were twins which died at birth.  She (Jennie) had to work odd jobs...to care for her family.

I've done some research on my Grandma Jennie.
I have searched the censuses, city directories, children's birth and death records and so forth. I was trying to find documents of Jennie's children. Here's some info I have discovered over the years. She came from a large family.

She went by Jennie. But, I have seen a few records mentioning her as Jeneva / Geneva. She was believe to have been born in May of 1883 to Elias and Harriett Bartlett in Carrolton, Missouri.  Her first husband was John Blakey / Blakley. They were married from 1902 to 1918.

Jennie became a widow. Her 2nd husband was Chilton Lyle / Lyles. They were married from 1920 - 1926. Jennie passed in December 29, 1926 at the age of 43.

My mother's mother Mary was a friend of Jennie. They were neighbors. Their children went to school together. And two of Mary's daughters would married into the Blakley family. From what my mother told me; from what her mother told her; Mrs. Blakley (Lyles) had 20 children.

I have come across records of all but three of her children. Jennie did have twin daughters. Some of Jennie's children died as infants. Only one known stillborn daughter.  Here's the order of birth of Jennie's children with the surnames spelled on birth or death records.

 Children born from 1902 to 1917
  Father: John Blakey / Blakley
 1.  Stillborn girl Blakey
 2.  Edna Blakley 
 3.  John Blakley Jr.  
 4.  Isaac Blakley 
Paul Blakley
 6.  Cecil Blakey  (female)
 7.  Juanita / Wanita Blakey
 8.  Mary Jane (Blakley) Richardson
 9.  Olbery Pierson Blakley
10. David W. Blakley

11. Hazel V. Blakley
12. Baby Boy Blakley
Children born 1920 - 1925
Father: Chilton Lyle / Lyles
13 Doris LYLES
14. Dorothy LYLES (Twin of Doris)
15 Faris Chilton LYLE 
16. Geneva (LYLE)  Jones
17. Edgar LYLE 

I was thinking.
I believe that my Grandmother Jennie did have 20 children. And that she told my Grandmother Mary... It could have been that Jennie had miscarriages. Or her 3 other children's death wasn't recorded.
(I found some of Jennie's children's birth or death recorded before 1909. I checked the index for births and death before 1909 at the city library.... )
It's sad to see that only 9 of Jennie's children lived to be at least 18. The others 11 lived less than a year:  from a stillborn, two days old, 6 to 11 months.
Jennie's child who lived the longest was Mary Blakley Richardson at age 89. She passed 2 months before her 90th birthday in 2001. Jennie's last surviving child, Faris C. Lyle lived to be 84. He passed on Feb 1, 2008.

 In Remembrance of my Grandmother Jennie.

Thank for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mystery: Who Could Have Been The Children In This Photo?

I was looking through some photos. I came across this one.
 I was wondering. Who were the children in the photo? I've been thinking. 

The man in this photo has been idenified as Frederick A. Lankfard.
He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard.
 I don't think my Great Uncle Fred had any children. He may have step children. These children could have been his step grandchildren. Or perhaps some of his siblings' children; nephews, niece or his cousins.

I have another photo that looks like the some background. Fred appears to have on the same shirt. pants and shoes. He was wearing a hat and tie in the other photo. I'll share that photo in another blog.

This is just a thought:
I  don't know why.  I think that they could have been Fred's sister, Isabella Nickerson's children. Fred was born in 1878. Isabella's children were born between 1921 - 1938. Fred appears older in this photo. The photo could have been taken in the mid 1930's. or 1940's.

I can't recall where I go this photo. I could have gotten it from my mother. Or it was found with some photos in my Grandmother's home in 1976.

Hope someone can identify these children.

Thanks for reading,
S. A. Blakley

Saturday, August 15, 2015

An Assumption Of The Life of Julia White: Repost With Updates

I've been thinking about my father', father's, father's mother. I can only imagine who she was. I have made a lot of discoveries on her.  I found out her name through my Great Grandfather, Isaac Blakey's death record.

Her name was Julia White. She was most likely born into slavery in Virginia. Her parents were born in VA. Julia was the wife of Andrew /Andre White. Andrew who was born between 1810 - 1813 in Virginia.

What have I discovered about Julia WHITE?

As I've traced Julia through her slave-owners from Virginia, Julia was in Missouri about 1836.
Her name was either Julia or Julian (FINNEY) WHITE. 

Oral history states that she and her children came on a ship from Africa.
I found no evidence of that...
Census records states Julia was born in Virginia (between 1818 to 1820)
Her slave owners came from Orange and Middlesex County Virginia

Julia was most likely with her slave holders Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY
and her husband John BLAKEY around 1835.
She could have been a wedding gift to the Blakeys from Frances' father.
The slave holders resided  in Forest Green MO, Chariton  / Howard County in MO
The BLAKEY / WHITE slave family was divided in 1858 - 1861.
The mother, Julia and her son, Isaac were the last sold. And they went south.
Oral History states, Natchez, Mississippi

Julia could have remarried after slavery. But most likely didn't.
She was listed as a widow in the 1880 MO census.
Don't know how long she was married to Andrew White during slavery.
Or if  Julia and Andrew re united after slavery.
Andrew was with the slave family in March of 1858.

These slaves were believed to have been a family.
The father Andrew and the mother Julia.

Discovery while searching for the name of the mother:
Majority of Julia's known children didn't name their children after her.
This might mean that the children did not know her or their father.
The family was separated...the father passed when some where young.

Julia had about 11 to 13 children born between 1840 - 1866
There could have been more than one father.
One of Julia's children was born in VA.
On 1880 Julia had a granddaughter named Rebecca White.
Rebecca was born in MO and her parents were born in VA.

Names listed on children's death record.
On three children's death record state Andrew White as father.
On John White's death record Julia White as his mother.
On Isaac Blakey's death record Andrew White was listed.
On Spencer White's death record Andre White and Julia Finney were listed.

On Richard White's death record parents unknown
No death record found on Martha / Mattie White
The other children death records not found.

Julia WHITE was listed on the 1880 MO Census as a widow. The year of her death is not known...It may have been in the 1880's. Oral History states that she died and was buried in Forest Green, MO.
The First Baptist Church in Forest Green, Missouri would have been where the family gathered as the church. The cemetery is near far from the church.

There is a possibility that Julia and Andrew had family connections in MO.

There was family with the White surname that lived next door to Julia White.
In Howard County MO on the 1880 Census record.
Isaac  White                                      
Chariton, Howard, MO   abt 1800  Virginia   (Self) (Head)

Andrew White    Isaac, Laura              
Chariton, Howard, MO   abt 1850   Missouri  (Son)

Laura White       Andrew, Laura    
Chariton, Howard, MO   abt 1855   Missouri  (Andrew's Wife)

Mariah White     Andrew, Laura
      Chariton, Howard, MO   abt 1874   Missouri  (Daughter)

July A. White     Andrew, Laura   
 Chariton,  Howard, MO  abt 1876    Missouri   (Daughter)

Isaac White        Isaac                       
Chariton, Howard, MO   abt 1878     Missouri  (Son)

The names are similar:
Perhaps Isaac White born in 1800 was a brother of Andrew born in 1810
This Isaac wasn't old enough to be Andrew's father.

Other names....
Andrew White
Laura White
Mariah White
July A
Isaac White

Do you see any Family Connections?
Or can add to this blog?

This blog was written on Aug 10, 2007.
I made some corrections and updates on Dec 3, 2009.
And again in July and August of 2015

Thanks for reading,
S.A. Blakley