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In Remembrance Of Rachel Blakey

 What have I discovered about Rachel Blakey, the beloved wife of  Isaac Blakey?

According to Rachel's obituary, she departed this life on Friday, March 17, 1916 at 7:30 pm at the age of 59.  According to her death record, Rachel's life was 59 years, 11 months and one day old. She was the daughter of Andrew Lafayette and Charity; maiden name unknown. Rachel was born in Mississippi, a housewife and passed on in Salisbury, Missouri.

According to Rachel's obituary; She was a consistent Christian. She became a Christian in 1883 and was a member of  The First Baptist Church in Forest Green, Missouri since 1889.  Rachel was devoted mother and a loving wife. Her husband and 11 children attended her funeral.

The link of Rachel's obituary is attached to her memorial on Find A Gave 
Her husband and her children are listed on her memorial.

I came across the list of Rachel's children through her husband, Isaac's pension records, from censuses, family history booklets, pension records and misc. 

Through my years of searching, I came across more on Rachel. I even had an opportunity to see a photo of her on Saturday, October 31, 1981 in Yankton, South Dakota.  I continued to search for information on for Family Connections.

I believe that there's more information about Rachel. There are other photos of her. I pray that others will share what they know. I believe that her surname was Jackson. I came across another record listing her as Rachel Jackson. I wonder; What was her maiden name?

I first came across Rachel's name in this article entitled: Slavery Descendants Have First Reunion.

Here a part of the 1971 article which mentioned Isaac and Rachel.

Who was Rachel Ann  Jackson Lafayette / Lefew /  Lephridge Blakey?
Rachel was the woman who raised my Grandfather John Blakey / Blakley as her own son.

I hope to find more  Blakey family connections.
Here's the list of Rachel's children by Isaac.

Mary (White) Blakey Green
Charity Blakey
Isaac Blakey

Jordan Blakey
Julia Blakey

Frances Blakey
Henry Blakey
Beecher Blakey

Lillie / Susie (Blakey) Hayes
Spencer T. Blakey

Martha "Mot" (Blakey) Hayes
Joe Blakey
Rosa Blakey

Ollie "Deke" Blakey
Edna Mae / Edner (Blakey) Marion Jackson Bentley
David Blakey
Annie Rebecca Blakey

Lawhorn "Doc" Blakey
Archie T. Blakey

I have another blog comparing the names of the Blakey children with other names that I came across.  It's interesting. Oral history stated that Rachel had 18 children. The other names could have been nicknames of the children. Example the name David. There are 19 children listed above.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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The Isaac and Rachel Blakey Family Connections : Jordan Blakey:

This is a repost with some updates.  Jordan Blakey: Who Was He?  I have made some new discoveries on him during 2014. I hope someone sees some family connections. Happy Reading!

Jordan BLAKEY was born with a twin sister, Julia BLAKEY on March 1, 1878 in Jackson, Hinds County in Mississippi. Their parents were Isaac BLAKEY and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY. Jordan was one of 18 children of Isaac and Rachel.

 Jordan wasn't listed on the 1880 or 1900 census with his Grandmother, Julia WHITE and his parents . What appears unusual on the 1880 census was that his twin Julia was listed as age 4, born about 1876.

On the 1880 there was another child. I was wondering if the 2nd Henry, age 2, could have been Jordan., born in 1878.  Wonder why, Jordan wasn't listed on both of those census. And for 1900, Jordan would have been about 22. He could have been married.

According to 1910 Missouri census and records Jordan was listed as a farmer. He was married to Lizzie ?. The year of marriage could have been about 1903 or 1906.   Lizzie was born about 1882. She passed on between 1910 - 1915. Not for sure if she passed in Missouri or South Dakota.
According to the 1915 South Dakota census, Jordan moved to there about 1911.  He married to Flora BENTLEY on Oct 20, 1915 in Yankton, South Dakota. Here is their wedding announcement

On the 1920 census, Jordan was listed at Township 93, Yankton, South Dakota
He was listed as a farmer, listed with Flora. On their marriage record in 1915, Jordan was listed as a widower. Flora were listed as a widow. 
Jordan and Flora were only listed on the 1920 census together.  They divorced. Jordan had at least 3 children by Flora.  Clarence Ollie Blakey,  Laura B. Blakey  and Vern M. Blakey. Jordan and Flora were married at least 5 to 8 years...divorced around 1921 - 1925 

As I continue to search for Jordan, I came across more info that I wasn't sure of. I have tried to piece together and make the connections with things that I've been finding. I searched the census records, city directors and whatever info that I could.

I have connected one descendant of Clarence Ollie Blakey. And other one on from Verna M. Blakey. I'm thankful for what they have shared with me. And I 'm hoping to find more on Jordan's family.

          On the 1930 census, Jordan was in Alliance, Box Butte, Nebraska.
He was employed as labor for the railroad. He was 52  ... listed with wife Ruby who was born about 1896 (IN ).

I believe that this is the correct Jordan.  He was 25 when he 1st married to Lizzie about 1906. He was married to Flora in 1915. Ruby was 19 when she 1st married. Don't know the year when she married Jordan.

Jordan and his 3rd wife Rubenia "Ruby" moved to Ann Arbor Michigan. That could have been sometime between 1930 and 1935. They remind there until their death.

On the 1940 census Jordan was listed  with his wife, Rubenia ...Clarence Etchison and William B. Clark on 910 Green Street

 Jordan BLAKEY's 2nd wife Flora LAWRENCE was with a list of Flora's children with the BLAKEY surname: Clarence and Verna were born in SD. The others in CA.

Clarence Ollie BLAKEY (1920 - 1988)
Clarence married Zenolia HARVARD
Had about 10  children

Laura B. BLAKEY (1921 - 1939)
Laura passed on while a teenage.

Verna M. BLAKEY (1923 - 1983)
She married Lester Martin WILLIAMS and later divorced in 1946.
Verna had a son with the DELAHOUSSAYE surname.

Vernon L. Blakey ? Not for sure, this could have been Verna.

Thomas J. "Tom" BLAKEY (1930 - 2013)
Thomas was married twice.
Etta Mae GRIFFIN and Lillie Elizabeth SIMPSON

Flora Stella BLAKEY (1933 - 1976)
Flora was married Walter C. ROSE on June 23, 1950.
Flora married Cleveland Christopher GREENE on October 9, 1953.
and had children with the GREENE Surname.

Baby Girl BLAKEY (1935 - 1935) She was stillborn.

I haven't found any additional info on  Jordan BLAKEY and Flora (LAWRENCE) BLAKEY. They did have descendants. I hope someone will see a connection with The  LAWRENCE - BLAKEY Family Connections

Here's an article mentioning about Jordan's 57th birthday.

Thanks for reading,

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Welcome To The Month Of March!

 Greetings to you! Spring is coming! 

I searched and found more on Find A Grave Memorial.
I came across more obituaries. I added a lot more info to family connections.
Here's In Loving Memory: In Family History: March

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

Here's a view of my March search for 2014.

Continued to search on Find A Grave:
Received transfer memorial of Den DADE and  Mone  DADE.
They  were the sons of  Louis  N. Dade  and  Mary  Ann  VENOY  DADE

Mone  married Mrs. Madge B. CLARK. She was married to Hiram C. CLARK
Madge was also known as "Maggie"
Discovered the Madge B. CLARK's maiden name was PLEASANT.
Maggie was married to Hiram C. Clark.

Created more memorials on Find A Grave:
Rena White Houston and Tony Houston to Forest Green, Cemetery in MO.

Came info on Laura BLAKEY's memorial on Find A Grave.

I heard that Clarence Ollie BLAKEY had a sister. There is a photo of her as a teenager. Discovered that she was born about 1921 and passed on in 1939 in Sacramento CA. Her  tombstone is cracked down the middle.

I called a relative and shared about the memorial.
I heard that there is a photo of Laura as a teenager.

Found more info on Clarence Ollie BLAKEY
and Zenoila (PERRY) BLAKEY's children and in laws

Found obituary of John L. "Johnnie" J.P. POWELLS ( 1946- 2014)
Found more info on Clarence Ollie Blakeys children.
Ollie Riccho BLAKEY married Stephany GROSS
Jacquelyn P. "Jackie" BLAKEY, wife of J.P. Powells.
Carolyn Laverne Blakey married Gerald Overton GARDENER

Came across Flora E. "Stella" BLAKEY GREENE's memorial
on Find A Grave : a billion graves.
Flora was the daughter of Flora (LAWRENCE) BLAKEY.
Flora with by Stella: Flora Stella (BLAKEY) WALTER ROSE GREENE
There is a photo of her grave maker.
On Find A Grave looking for California BLAKEYs  memorials where buried
Took note on plots and block locations.

The wife of Lawhorn Blakey: Inez BLAKEY

Velma ? BLAKEY, the wife of Archie BLAKEY
Velma's son was Robert ELLIS
Searching for Robert Ellis.
Found a Velma Mae MARYLAND

Searched Find A Grave: Looking at plots and lot numbers
Same plot number are section near BLAKEYs
Also found Robert Ellis' memorial in same cemetery

Compiled a list of Isaac BLAKEY from son Isaac, his son Isaac and so on.
 Family member wanted info on 5 generation of Isaac Blakey Sr. Jr. III, IV, V,
Searched more for Isaac BLAKEY

Had a small Family Gathering: 12:30 - 3:30: It was a nice warm day.

Came across info:
Robert Louis Lankford MADISON and Gertrude MOORE
daughter Marha (MADISON) BROWN

There was a Louis E. MADISON who married a Gertrude

Found a memorial on Find A Grave
Leahy "Lee" CRAYTON

Copied Info from blog CA BLAKEYs , WHITEs Family Connections
KINGs in California : Barney KING: The California DADE Family Connections

Needed to work on Blogs Update The BLAKEY / WHITE Connections in CA
Worked on blogs Update on the Blakey / White Connections in CA
Lawhorn BLAKEY

Alberta White MORRIS
Lucille White BROWN

Made some discoveries that I've over looked on The DADE Connections
Den / Diana  DADE were they twins? 
1880 census both  same age
Isaac DADE born Dec 1879
Julia DADE born April 1910

Mary Belle / Margaret born 1872 Were they the same person?
Katherine B. DADE THOMPSON married George

Shared some info with a family connection member

Came across more on MANLEY Family Connections
Info on George and Dora Johnson MANLEY: Children
Cora Blakney
Dora Manley...found article: Aunt Peanut: Grandma
George Manley Jr. married 4 times

Discovered Mary Tone/ Lone HENDERED
Shared with one searcher

Mindlyn TATE
Harold CLAY 1991
Doris M. TATE

Find A Grave: Obituaries
Bernice Akers TILLMAN
Bernice Hendred married Russell T. HENDERED.

Added more LANKFARDs to family tree.

Found info on Leonard MANLEY: Daughter Jennifer

Info  on Doc MANLEY ....16 kids:

Searching for Wayne MANLEY

Searching for Cora Henderd ROBINSON on 1900 census
Can't locate her and her husband Elmer
They were living in Steffenville, MO.

Search for William / Robert ALLEN's death record.
for 1883 - 1893 Not on list for Buchanan County MO.

Found a James WASHINGTON listed  drown in July of 1889.

Put photos in files.

Made list of searchers interested in family connections

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The Children Of Robert and Charlotta DADE LANKFORD / LANKFARD

I was doing some research in the Lankford/ Lankfard family. I was searching for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis / Lewis LANKFORD/ LANKFARD. As I was trying to compile a story on them, I began to see things. Here's some of my adventure.

I came across that Lewis LANKFORD married Miss Charlotta DADE on Jan 25, 1873 in Canton, Missouri. During the process of going back over the census records and information I have on the Lankford / Lankfard Family, I made some discoveries that I've over looked.

Mr. Robert Lankford / Lankfard
(1852 - 1919)

I can't recall when I made the discovery of Robert and Charlotta having 11 children. I had always thought that there were 9. But through research there were more. According to the 1910 census Charlotta was recorded of having 11 children. There were 9 living at the time the census was taken.

I've been searching back over what I have on The Lankford / Lankfard Children. I came up with a list of 13 of them. But, I believe that there were only 11 of them.

Mrs. Charlotta (DADE) Lankford / Lankfard
(1954 - 1924)

On the 1880 census; the Lankford children; recorded as the children of Lewis and Charlotta; were Jennie, James, Lula and Fred. I notice that James the oldest wasn't listed. It could be that James was recorded as Jennie and a female. Jennie and James born about the same year. I found no other record of Jennie Lankford only on the 1880 census.

On the other census records, the Lankford children included; Louis, Leo, Anna, Charles, Nymadula and Isabelle. This would make up the list of 9 children not 10. Here's the list of the Lankford names I first heard of.

James Lankford
Lula Lankford
Frederick Lankford
Louis Lankford
Leo Lankford
Alice Lankford
Charles Edward Lankford
Nymadula Lankford
Isabelle Lankford

Through the years, I came across two other names. There was a stillborn born in 1893. Another son listed on Charlotta Lankford's death record. His name was Isaac Lankford Jr. This has been a mystery to me since I received Charlotta's death record.

The stillborn was listed on a book at the located library in St. Joseph, Missouri. The names Robert and Charlotta Lankford was listed as parents. This could be one of the children of the 11 that wasn't living on the 1910 census.

As for Isaac Lankford, I don't think was the correct name on Charlotta's death record. The source was from the undertaker. I think the son listed could have been Louis Lankford. There were only three of Charlotta's sons living in New York at the time of her passing.

Frederick, Louis and Nymadula were in New York. There son the was giving the information to the undertaker could have been Louis. I have not found any record on Isaac Lankford Jr.

As for the other Lankford / Lankfard children. That child was born after the 1900 census. The children passed away before the 1910 census was taken.

The list of Robert and Charlotta's children

James Andrew Lankford (1874 - 1957)
Lula Mae Lankford MADISON (1875 - 1961)
Frederick Lankford born 1878
Louis Lankford ( 1882 - 1967)
Leo Lankford ( 1884 - 1954)
Anna Alice Lankford SMITH ( 1885 - ? 1960's)
Charles Edward Lankford born in 1890
Stillborn Girl Lankford (1893 - 1893)
Nymadula Lankford born leap day 1896
Isabella V. Lankford NICKERSON (1898 - 1938)
Unknown Name Lankford born after the 1900 census

If Jennie Lankford and Isaac Lankford Jr. were on the Lankford / Lankfard Family tree, I only came across one record of them both. It reminds mystery. However the stillborn and the unknown Lankford / Lankfard children were recorded with two records. The stillborn death was recorded. And the 1910 census listed that Charlotta had 11 children.

It's interesting to look at what we search for from time to time. We can over look things in the process of compiling what we've discovered over the years. I will go back over what I have again and again. Perhaps I missed something.

My Journey Continues...

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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The Isaac and Rachel Blakey Family Connections: Mary [Blakey] WHITE Green:

I've been tracing the whereabouts of  Mary ( BLAKEY) GREEN.
What have I discovered about  Mrs. Ollie Green?

Mary BLAKEY was born on July 3, 1874 in Natchez,  Mississippi. She was  the first daughter of Isaac BLAKEY and Rachel (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY.  Mary was listed on the 1880 census with her Grandmother, Julia WHITE, who was the head of household.

Also in that same household with Mary, were her parents, Isaac and Rachel, Mary's siblings, John Andrew, Julia and Henry, her uncles, Spencer, John, David, Josh, an aunt, Martha and cousins, Rebecca and Andrew. On the 1880 census, the family surname was WHITE. 

Here's some info I thought to share. I added some of my thoughts and discoveries.
I hope someone sees or finds more family connections. 

----- Info from Blakey Blakley White Family Reunion Booklet: Oral History ----

"Rev. Ollie and Mary (Blakey) Green were another couple who came to South Dakota from Missouri. Aunt Mary was the oldest one in the Isaac Blakey Sr. family.  She was born in Natchez, Mississippi and moved to Forest Green, Missouri at an early age.

She married Ollie Green, and later they moved to Yankton. Aunt Mary was known for her kind heart and  her good cooking and baking. Although they had no children of their own, they helped care for everyone else. I know that when the Hayes family was left without a mother, they always looked out for them.

Uncle Ollie Green was a brick tender. I have heard that he was the best there was around these parts. Aunt Mary worked as a domestic in homes."

------- Info from Blakey Blakley White Family Reunion Booklet :  Oral History ----
"Now as the Allen Chapel A.M.E of Yankton celebrates its 100th year, there is another church that must be mentioned. As I have told you in the other stories, I was you and can only tell you what I remember. I would say maybe somewhere about 1912, there were a lot of Blacks here through the Blakey Exodus from Missouri.

The Blakeys had been Baptist in Missouri and became Methodist upon arriving in Yankton. However, some wanted to remain Baptist.  When Rev. Ollie and Mary Green arrived, They thought there should be a Baptist Church. In talking with Tom Douglas, who I should say here had been owned  ,by two slave masters and also used the other name of Christopher Columbus Yancey at times, he donated land located at 10th and Summit Street to construct the Second Baptist Church.

We went to church at the A.M.E. in the morning and went up "on the hill" on Sunday afternoons. these churches in Yankton were unique as we were nearly all related and we depended on each other. Anything that was for the good or bad for us was discussed at the Churches.

The N.A.A.C.P meeting were held there. Some of the people I remember that attended Second Baptist were  Deacon Ernest Hayes, Deacons John Henry Blakey,  those two Deacons continued having services there until in the late 1960's, Dick and Edner Bentley, Ed and Lillie Hayes,  I can remember a Rev. Monroe, Archie, Eddie and Emerson Jackson, Dick, Earldean, Dorothy and Georgia Hayes.

The little Church does not stand any more, but the memories will last a life time."

------- Some of my discoveries and Thoughts -----

I was searching the MO marriage records for Mary and Ollie. I couldn't find a Mary BLAKEY who married an Ollie GREEN. I'm not for sure but, Mary appeared to had kept the WHITE surname.

I did come across an Ollie Green who married Mary WHITE in Missouri on July 28, 1889. The father of Mary White was Isaac White. I believe that this Isaac was Isaac BLAKEY.

I continued to trace Ollie and Mary Green whereabouts in Missouri. On the 1900 census records, Mary was listed as having one child, who was living at the time of the census. However, the child wasn't listed in the household with Mary. On the 1910 census, Mary was listed as having a child, but the child was listed as deceased.

I have located Ollie's and Mary's whereabouts as they moved to South Dakota. It was about 1912. They appeared on the 1915, 1920, 1925 , 1930, 1935 and 1940 censuses in South Dakota. Mary's name appeared in the 1945 SD census, Ollie did not.

It's most likely, Ollie and Mary passed on in Yankton, South Dakota.  I searched the death record index for Yankton. I came across an Olive Green who passed on March 17, 1945. This Olive could have been Ollie Green. And a Mary Green who passed on Feb 17, 1949 in Yankton, South Dakota.

I  have been  searching for obituaries. I came across Mary's named mentioned in some one of her siblings' obituary in 1943. However, she wasn't listed in another sibling's obituary in 1952.  I believe that the Mary Green who passed in 1949 was Mary (BLAKEY / WHITE) GREEN.

Perhaps someone may know more Ollie and Mary.
I hope to make some discoveries in the future.
What happened to Ollie and Mary Green?
I'm awaiting to come across more records as more info are available to the public.

Thanks for reading.

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Happy February!

Welcome to February!
I hope you have a wonderful month.
Blessings to you.

Thanks for reading.
Perhaps you see some family connections.
S.A. Blakley

Here's  Family History February
Here are some of my discoveries last February.

I explored and discovered more info for Find A Grave and Obituaries.
I was making corrections as I was adding more to the family tree.
I set up some memorials on Find A Grave.

I searched in Lewis County Mo on the Clays and Manleys.
Found some obituaries, photos and Find A Grave Memorials

Ralph Louis Clay found obituary (1943 - 2014)
Harry Frank Clay Sr. found photo on
Donna Jean Clay  found on Find A Grave (1957 - 2013)
Cora Ann Clay : added to Find A Grave
Harry  Frank Clay Sr. :  added to Find A Grave
Robert Smith Clay:  added to Find A Grave

Found Leonard Manley tombstone on a billion grave

As I was searching info on Elmer Robinson, I made the discovery that his wife, Cora Robinson was the sister of Willie C. Hendred. Added Cora was the missing Hendred sibling.

Doris Manley lived with Cora Clay so did Leonard Manley.

Found on Find A Grave Tombstones:
Added more into to family history
Arthur R. Hayes was born in Salisbury
Georgia Tolson passed in 1957
Earledean Hunter passed in 1992
Dorothy Baker ? Two were listed but not for sure if correct on.
Virile Baker passed in 1951
Hayes Baker ? Not for sure if correct one.

Question how the surname is spelled: Hayes or Hays

Found Thomas Blakey's memorial and tombstone on Find A Grave
Added memorials to Find A Grave
George Edward Hendred
John Hendred
Cora Henderds Robinson
William Charles Hendreds

Note on Lankford / Lankfard Children
On the 1910 census, Charlotta was listed as having 11 but 9 were living
Charlotta may have had a child after the 1900 census.

The 1963 MO Death Records open to the public.
Edward Houston was born on July 4, 1894. He passed on July 23, 1963.
Edward was the husband of Rena White Houston.

Searching for James Jackson's mother? Kate Gaines Jackson.
James was the husband of Hattie White Jackson.

Discovered that Barney Dewey King was born in 1899 in Galebury, Ill
His father was Will Edgar King. He was buried near his son in CA.

Found Veta Mae Stewart's name on husband's obituary.

Found Glaglow MO newspaper online: "Slave Ad" advertised on Jan 28, 1858.

Found tombstone of Goldie / Golda Woodson. She was married to William Manley

Found tombstone of Edna Bentley. Edna wife of Richard Bentley.
Created more memorials on Find A Grave: Richard Bentley's parents

Found tombstone: Paul I. Blakey and his wife, Catherine on Find A Grave

Received info Melanie James Clay born in Clarence, MO.

Confirmation  on George Franklin Manley Sr's children
Dona Manley Blakney
Dora Manley

Searching on Thomas J. Blakey:  Did he marry twice?

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Where Did The Family Of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) Lankford / Lankfard Live?

The Lankford / Lankfard in 1892

I've been on a journey. I'm making a lot more discoveries along the way. When I began searching for info on my Great Grandparents and their children I didn't know what I would come across.

I'm surprised as I keep searching. I stumbled across some things that I wasn't aware of. I discovered that some of the family members were on the move. 

                                                    Here are some of my findings.

When Lewis (Robert) LANGFORD and Charlotta DADE were married in January of 1873, they lived in Lewis County, Missouri. They lived in the cities of Monticello and Canton, Missouri area. As they moved Westward in Missouri, they lived in Kansas City, and later to St. Joseph.

As the years passed, Robert and Charlotta and some of the LANKFORD / LANKFARD children moved with their careers. It appears that other family members followed one another. Yes, they were a family on the move.

Robert and Charlotta lived in St. Joseph for some time. There came a time when they decided to move to Denver Colorado about 1918. Why did they move there? How long did they stay?

They could have moved to be closer to some of their children.  Or more so, Robert was doing some construction work. Whatever the reason, they were they for about a few years.

The Lankford / Lankfard children in CO:
Frederick, Nymadula, Anna Alice with her husband, Christopher C. Smith and Isabella who later married her husband, E.W. Nickerson. 

Other places where the Lankford / Lankfard children lived:

Louis, Frederick and Nymadula (with his wife, Irene) lived in New York, New York. Their mother, Charlotta lived in New York for about eight months before her passing on April 3, 1924.

Louis (Add) LANKFARD married Virgie HILL in NY in September of 1918.
Nymadula LANKFARD lived in WY and CO with wife, Hattie.
Frederick LANKFARD lived in New Mexico, CO, and NY.

Isabelle and Anna Alice lived together with their family in CO in 1934 - 35.
Anna Alice was listed in CO in the 1920's and some in the 1930's and 1940.
Anna Alice also lived in Kansas City, Missouri and later back to St. Joseph, MO.

Frederick may have been the first of the LANKFARDs to moved to Colorado.
He was there about 1915. He was a musician. He was a traveler.

Nymadula was listed in Colorado in 1918.
He was married to Hattie McDaniel. 
Nym worked as a labor and traveled.

Isabella married E.W. Nickerson in CO in August of 1920.  
She may have moved with her parents in 1918.

It is believed that Isabella came to St. Joseph, Missouri in 1919, 1923 and 1924.
In 1919 and 1924 to attend her parents funeral in St. Joseph.
In 1923 Isabella had a daughter born in St. Joseph.

It's nice to follow where relatives lived.
Louis was a professional baseball player in the Negro League.
Frederick was a traveling musician.
Nymadula was Nymadula.
Louis, Frederick and Nymadula passed in NY.
As for the other LANKFORD /LANKFARD siblings:
James, Leo, and Lula, they resided and passed on in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Brother, Charles was said to have lived and passed on in Kansas City, Missouri.

I'm still searching for info on the LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family Connections.
I hope to make more discoveries.

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley