Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leo Lankford Sr: Son Of Robert and Charlotta (DADE) LANKFORD

Leo Lankford Sr.
1884 - 1954
Leo Lankford was born on May 30, 1884, to a Charlotta Dade Lankford and Robert Louis Lankford in Canton, MO. He was one of 10 or 11 children. James Andrew, Jennie, Lula May, Fredrick A. Louis A,  Alice Anna, Charles Edward, Sillborn female, Nymadula, and Isabelle V. Lankford.

I don't know why the Lankfords. Leo would have been less then 10 when the arrived in St. Joseph before 1890.  Leo was a laborer, trucker and hauler. He had a business of hauling trash.

Leo married Mary Allen a.k.a. Mary Walters on April 16, 1909 in Andrew County MO. To this union there came 11 children: The daughter with their married names: Anna C.  Robert, Leola, Mary V., Lula M., Sarah B., Addison, Leo Jr., Betty M., Frederick W. and Josephine L. Lankford.

Leo's and Mary's Lankford surname was spelled at least two other ways. On some census records, it was Langford. Other spellings Lankford and Lankfard. Lankfard is the one on their tombstones.

I've seen photo's of Leo. He would be standing with a cane. I don't know the story about why he had to use a cane. Perhaps he was born with some thing that effected him when he grow older.

Leo passed away on Sept 1954. A Morton family member attended his funeral. Leo was buried at Ashland Cemetery in St. Joseph, Missouri.

I was searching for Grandpa Leo's World War Draft Reg Card. I see that his name was spelled LANKFARD. Also there was something about Grandpa that I didn't see before.

Grandpa Leo was paralyzed in his left hand and leg since the age of four. I had seen photos of Grandpa.
I thought that he hurt himself and had a bad leg.

According to one of my aunts, Grandpa may have had polo. They did not know back in those days. Grandpa had to live with what he had.

Staying On The Family History Journey,
Hope to find more info on Leo Lankford Sr and his family.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering Those Who Have Gone On

Happy Remembrance Day!

Remembering loved ones who have passed on...
and those who served in the U.S.A Military.
They are missed by not forgotten.

I have come a lot of relatives who have served in the military.
Some of them are buried in National Cemeteries along with their spouse and or children.

Here's a list of some Family Connections:
Find A Grave Memorials Military Links

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What About Aunts and Uncles By Marriage? Part: 7 ~ Cora (Williams) Hinch Blakley

I've been searching for Cora Hinch.
I heard that she was married to Paul Blakley.
The year of their marriage is not known.  
Paul Blakley and Cora (Williams) Hinch Blakley

What Have I Discovered About Cora?
As I continue to search, I came up with some more information
Some, I didn't expect to find.
After I locating Paul and Cora on the 1940 Census,
I began to search for Cora more.

On that 1940 Census Paul and Cora was listed as husband and wife.
There was a 15 year old youth in their household.
His name was James Green.
The record listed James as Paul's step son.

As the story goes, Paul and Cora had two adopted children;
There names were James Green and Mary Green
 The question arose on the 1940 census.
Was James, Cora's son?
And Was Cora married before she married Paul Blakley?

As I continue to search for Cora, I came across a Cora Williams who married a Henry "Hank" Hinch in Chillicothe, Missouri in 1918.  Cora was listed from Fayette, MO. Henry was listed from St. Joseph. They lived in St. Joseph, MO at 1815 Angelique St.

I checked the Missouri Death record for Henry Hinch.
He passed away on July 28, 1933 in St. Joseph.
I located Henry and Cora on the 1930 census in St. Joseph.
James wasn't listed on the 1930 census withHenry and Cora.

Cora was listed as a maid on the City directories.
She was listed as the widow on H. Henry in 1935.
Then as I search other directories, Cora was listed as Mrs. Cora Blakley and
Cora H Hinch. Widow of Paul or H. Hinch.

On Paul Blakley's death record, he was listed as divorce at the time of his death in 1946. As I search the city directories in the 1940's Cora was listed by herself in 1942; Mrs Cora Blakley.

In 1953 - 1960 Cora was listed as Cora Hinch widow of H. or Paul Hinch. Perhaps Cora went back using her Hinch surame. I couldn't find her death record as Blakley.

Cora Williams was born in 1890 in Missouri.
She passed away in 1972.
Her name was Cora Hinch.
I assume that Cora was buried in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family Connections' 6th Month Milestone

On, November, 16, 2011, I started Family Connections , a page on facebook. At first I was excited about doing it. Then I changed my mind because I thought that people won't be apart of if. However, through time and some thought, I thought about going for it.

I have posted a lot of information on my Family Connections on my parents' lineage. I started to post family events on my timeline. I mean; the birth dates and death dates of relatives.

It took a while to compile that list. I'm still working on adding more to the list. I haven't looked at the marriage dates or other celebrations yet. I think that will take some time too.

As of May 16, 2012, I have 7 friends so far with 8 people who like Family Connections. There aren't many comments. I thankful that there are a few are interested in Family Connections.

At first, I didn't know who would be interested in my Family Connections. I have a wide range of relatives across the United States. I believe that most have access to a computer. And that there are some who are interested in their Family Connections.

So far on Family Connections: It's been an informational page for those who come and see what's posted. I try to post something every day. Wondering, what do I post?

I post updates on my search. There are links and blogs from the Family Website that I share. Also I post some photos that I have and some I come across.

I like searching for my family history. I have come a long way on my journey's guest. It would be a shame, if I would hog all what I know and have about my family history.

There's a lot that I don't know about the family tree. But there is something that I discovered and can add to the family heritage. Those things that I can leave behind for those who are searching the same lineage I'm on.

My hope is that Family Connections will be discovered by those who are really searching for their family connections. Those who are searching to find things about their relatives that they just wanted to know something about.

I know we can't find every things that we're searching for. But, we can feel the joy of what others have discovered along the journey. I had my shares of great joy of discoveries.

We all make up a Family Connections. We are all one family with the connection. We go back to Adam and Eve. Thank God for Family Connections. We are all God's creation.

Some After Thoughts:
When you find something on your Family Connection:
Share it.
Leave it where others will find it.
Don't let your Family Connections be lost.
Pass it on to the generations to come.

There were be some who will appreciate what you've done.
Thanks for reading.

And Remember:
We all have Family Connections.

My hope and my prayer is that many will continue to search for their Family Connections.

God bless you

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Thank God for Mother Hood.

Blessings to all the mothers.
Happy Mother's Day!

One of Leo and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD's daughters

Monday, May 7, 2012

Doggy Stories

This was written on a Dog Day in August of 2007, I thought to share some things that happened on that day.

I made a special trip to see our dogs this evening. They were happy to see me. They haven't seen me since Friday. One of my brothers take turns feeding our dogs.

As I made my way to see the dogs, I noticed that they were happy to see me. Sister saw me coming and sat down. She was looking for a biscuit. Spotty was running around in circles. Sunny, Sister's boy was just looking. He was wondering if it was me.

My brother was there. He handed me some biscuits. Sister got all happy! I told her to sat down. Finally she did. I made my way over to Spotty. I did not want a biscuit. He was just happy to see. It was the same with Sunny. I handed them their biscuits and they did not take it from my hand. Actually Spotty knock his out of my hand. He did want the biscuit. He wanted to see me.

Another Doggy Story...
One of my sister's dogs was untied this morning. I heard him barking. I looked to see which on it was. It was Angel. Beside him was Buddy. For the last couple of times, Angel has been untied, he has been letting Buddy out of his gate. Yeah, Angel pulls the gate knob up with his nose. He's a smart dog.

Angel and Buddy were not the best of friends at the start. One day I heard that Angel drug Buddy about 10 feet one day. Buddy is was adopted. Angel had two other brothers. Butch and R.J. They are all Sister's brothers. Sister has a daughter, Sugar who lives with her uncles. Sugar has her own gate.

On the 4th of July of this year, Buddy was untied. The next morning we found him in Angels house. Angel was right beside him. Then there was another time this happened. It was thundering and lightening. They were in the house together again. Yeah, Buddy and Angel have become best of friends.

I love dogs! It may sound funny but I like to talk to some dogs. At times they bark back at me when I am not looking at them. Some times they listen to me. I got Sister to sat down in order to get her biscuit. It took her a while to catch on. I believe that dogs have an idea on some times. They get jealous too.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What About The Sisters With The White Surname?

I can't recall when I heard that there were other sisters in the Blakey/ White Family.
As I've been searching, I came up with 4 or 5 sisters.
Their names  and year of birth were believed to have been as followed.

Linda     White born about 1841
Mary     White born about 1844
Lydia    White born about 1852
Martha  White born about 1862
Mattie   White  born about 1856

I don't know if Martha and Mattie were the same person.
Both were widowed.
I haven't  found any records of Martha connected in Chariton County Missouri.
Martha was only listed on the 1880.
I have located Mattie White with her children.
Mattie wasn't listed on the 1880.
She was listed on the 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940.
Either Linda, Lydia or Martha passed away about 1904 in Forest Green, Missouri.
One of the sister had a son who had children.

Family history states that Mattie never married and had one daughter.
That daughter was Bob Ella BENTLEY CARR
I have come across Mattie with at least 5 children.
According to the census records Mattie was a widow.
On the 1940 Census Mattie's surname was HEREFORD.
However on the other census records, Mattie's surname was WHITE.
Mattie was stated to have passed away in April of 1947 in Forest Green, Missouri.
I haven't located her death record.
Perhaps she passed away in another State.

There is a news clipping that list some of the BLAKEY slaves.
Linda (White) and Linda (White) were the only 2 sisters
listed on the slave advertisement in 1858.
There were two children not listed.
We can assume who those children were.
Ad appeared in a Missouri Newspaper in 1858
I've been trying to locate the BLkAKEY /WHITE Family on the 1870 census.
I haven't locate them.
The story has it that the mother, Julia White went to Natchez, Mississippi.
I can assume that some of her children would have been with her.
I haven't located Julia on the census either.

I do believe that either Mary, Linda, Lydia or Martha had off springs.
I hope some day that someone will see a connection.

What About The Sisters With The White Surname?
I hope someone will see some connections.

Thanks for reading.