Monday, June 30, 2014

5th Year On Family Connections

It's Family Connections 5th Anniversary.

I've covered a lot ground since June 30, 2009 on my family quest. And I've made a lot of new discoveries. I believe that there are more to discover a long the journey. Can't wait to find them.

In the past six months, I've made some breakthrough on my BARTLETT, BLAKEY, DADE, LANKFORD / LANKFARD NICKERSON Family Connections. I have to go back and review what I have come across.

I've made a few contacts with relatives from this site since June 30, 2009. They have shared some of their family connections. I am so thankful that they found something about their ancestors.

I'm thankful that there are more info available to the public.  As I'm searching the records, I'm seeing more connections. There has been some remarkable finding on my journey.  I thank God for that.
There are some blogs that I'm working on. There are things I'm trying to piece together. I lack confirmation on some things. However, I've seen similarities in the findings.

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 27,255 to present

Perhaps you are connected to family connections : Here a few on the list:

Elias W. BARTLETT Sr. Family in Carrollton, Missouri

Archie BLAKEY in Sacramento, California

DADE MANLEY CLAY in Lewis County in Missouri area.

Isabella LANKFORD / LANKFARD NICKERSON in Denver, Colorado / Texas

My search for Family Connections Continues.
Thanks for reading,

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Journaling Some Of My Findings And Thoughts: On The Elias W. Bartlett Family Connections

Welcome To Summer 2014!
Summer arrived at 5:51 am cst.

Update On My Search:
I'm still searching on the Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Family Connections.
I've been coming across leads on two Bartlett siblings.

It makes me wonder....
Did Elias married more than twice?
It could have been the case.

The mystery thickens.
Meanwhile, I'm journaling some of my findings and thoughts.

Hope others will see  some Family Connections.
Wishing all a Safe and Happy Summer!

Thanks for reading.
Journaling Some Of My Findings And Thoughts
On The Elias W. Bartlett Family Connections


Monday, June 16, 2014

Blakey? Or White? Isaac Blakey

Isaac states his first and last name.

Former slave owner states Isaac's last where a bout etc....before the Civil War.

Former slave owner states the family surname

Isaac takes an oath of if he could read or write.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Unknown Relatives: Who Could They Have Been?

The Mystery of Photos can make us wonder: The Missing pizzles to the family tree?

Unknown Relatives
The above croped photo is apart of a family photo.
The are four children and an elderly lady in the orginal post card. 
I found a post card  in my Grandmother Mary Lankford home during the mid 1970's. Through the years, I didn't have a clue who they could have been. I do believe that they are relatives.

I've been thinking about who they could have been. I have narrowed down to two possible families. The people in the photo fits some of what I have discovered.

It could have been on my Grandpather's Dade - Lankford / Lankfard Family connections. Or perhaps on my Grandmother's Washington Allen Family connections. Either or could be the case. However, I can narrow it down to the Washington Connection. Here is how I came up with this assumption.

What I know of Anna Laura Washington Allen Walters? Why do I think that sAnna and her family are the ones in the photo? Here's some of what I think abou the photo. And what I discovered on Anna and her parents and siblings.
The young laby with the hair band could have been Lillie or Virgina.
They were the two youngest of the girls.
The one on the left appears older then one on right.
They could have been either Nannie, or Amelia.
Only 4 daughter was in the photo.
The older lady may have been Anna Laura Washington.
Photo may have been taken in the mid 1880's.

Mrs. Anna Laura Washington Allen Washington was born on June 13, 1867 to a Susan LEACH ( 1845 - ca 1888) and William J. WASHINGTON (1840 - 1920? ) in St. Joseph, MO. Her siblings were Nannie, Amelia, Virgina F., Lillie, James. A. and William / John Washington Jr.

The below photo is a copy of the post card.... 
Unknow Relatives

Do you see any Family Connections?

The Washingtons Lived in St. Joseph, MO. William and his family were listed on the 1870 , 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses in St. Joseph. Most likely all the children were born in St. Joseph, MO.

Was this lady Mrs. Lillie Lewis?
ca 1787 -1887. 
Mr. William  / John Washington was born about 1841.
He re married and passed away after 1920.

Mrs. Susan (Leach) Washington was born about 1845.
She passed away about 1888.

Mr. William / John Washington Jr. was born about 1859. He was listed a widower on the 1920 census.

Mrs. Anna Laura (Washington) Allen Walters
(1867 - 1947)
She married 1st to William / Robert Allen
She married 2nd to Thornton Walters.
She was twice widowed.

Ms. Nannie Washington (1868 - 1895)

Ms. Amelia Washington about born about 1871

Mr. James A. Washington born about 1873.
He could have drown in 1889.

Ms. Virginia Washington (1876 - 1897)

Ms. Lillie Washington born about 1879.
Lillie was most likely named after her Great grandmother, "Lillie" Lewis.

Mrs. "Lillie" Lewis, could have been the elder lady in the photo. Mrs. Delilah "Lillie" Lewis was born about 1787 She was listed on the 1880 census with the Washingtons. Lillie passed away in 1887 in St. Joseph, MO.

Thanks for reading:
Unknown Relatives: Who Could They Have Been?

I'm not 100% positive that the family in the photo was the Washingtons. The family could be on the Dade / Lanford / Lankfard Connections. I don't know. The could have been neither. I was just thinking of who they could have been.  


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Searching For Family Connections: The Sarah "Sallie" Bartlett - Peyton Family

I've been searching for info on a Sallie BARTLETT for years. All I knew about her was that she was the daughter of Elias BARTLETT. She was born about 1866 in Missouri. Her mother's first name may have been Rachel.

Over the years, I have had trouble finding leads on Sallie. I tried piecing what I knew together. But,  I thought I wouldn't find any more on her. So, I begin to search from what I knew on the Bartlett's.

At some point in my search, I came across a (mulatto)  child named Myrtle PEYTON. She was the granddaughter of Harriet (HOOPER) BARTLETT. Myrtle was born about 1886 in Kansas. I figured that one of Harriet's daughter married a PEYTON. And I worked from there.

I first came across Myrtle on the 1900 census with the Bartlett family. Later, I discovered that Myrtle at age 17, married a William YOUNGER in Buchanan County in Missouri. Also there was a Lucile Mossell who was a witness to their marriage.  Lucile "Lucy" was Myrtle's aunt through the Bartlett connections.

I kept trying to locate a Myrtle Peyton. Which daughter of Harriet's could have been Myrtle's mother? I narrowed it down to two. Lucy or Sallie. I search for both. I kept coming up hitting brick walls. I still couldn't connect.  I took a break from searching for Myrtle.

Somehow, I kept looking for other Bartletts and Peytons. I came across a Wade Hampton PEYTON with his parents. His mother's name was Sallie. Wade was named after his father. I kept searching for Sallie and Wade.

As I kept searching, I came across Wade Jr's WWII draft card. I didn't know what I would find out.  But low and behold.... The next of kin on  his record was Myrtle Younger. Yes, that was his sister. Then this lead my search for Sallie.... I discovered that her name was Sarah.

I later made discoveries on the PEYTON Family Connections.  Oh what great joy that was!  I continue to search for the PEYTON Family. It was interesting to have found out that Myrtle's brother , Wade Hampton Peyton Jr. was a doctor.

As for Myrtle, she and William had two daughters. Myrtle later divorced William. She later married  Earl C. MILLER. On Myrtle's marriage licence to Earl, it stated that Myrtle's  mother, Sarah's maiden name was Shaw.  Now, that got me to thinking. Who was Sarah's mother?

The Search Continues... See Any Connections?

I'm hoping to find more on the BARTLETT- PEYTON Family Connections. I believe that there are descendants out there. Myrtle's daughter's married names were Taylor and Duke. I hope that someone will have more info. Perhaps that someone is you.

May the Lord grant the hunger in people to search for their ancestors. May there be leads to follow. May the beauty of the Lord brings surprises along the journey. Amen!

Thanks for reading
Family Connections: The Sarah "Sallie" Bartlett - Peyton Family: One final note:Oral history: I recall my parents say that one of Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Lyle's sister married a doctor.
I haven't found info on that sister.
Who was Jennie? She was the sister of Sallie and Lucy.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Searching For The Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Family Connections

It's Pentecost Sunday!
Happy Birthday Church!

My Family Connections Journey:
I'm still on the journey searching for Family Connections.
I've been working on The Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Family Connections.

Little is known about Elias W. Bartlett Sr. He was most likely to have been born into slavery about 1822 in Kentucky. He lived to see freedom. He was a farmer by trade. He was listed on the 1870 and 1880 censuses in Carroll County in Missouri. He was married at least twice.

Elias Bartlett's first marriage was most likely during slavery. He was married to Rachel Bartlett, perhaps in the early 1850's or earlier. According to the 1870, Elias was listed with Rachel and children: Warren, John, Fanny, Lena, and Harriet. We can assume that they were a family. Children born from 1852 to 1865. No other record of these children were found on the 1880 census.

I believe that there could have been more children born between 1852 - 1865. Not for sure if Rachel was the mother of all the children. Elias was believed to have been the father of about 14.

According to the 1880 Elias was married to Harriett. Elias' children were listed as Sally, Charles and Lucy   Elias W. Jr,  and William. ~ Only Elias Jr. was Harriett's child. The others appeared to have had a different mother. (Not for sure if William was Warren from the 1870.) Children born from 1854 to 1879. Sally Charles and Lucy may have had a different mother. They were listed as mulatto in other records on them.

Elias Bartlett Sr. may have passed away sometime in the mid 1890's. He was not listed on the 1900 census. His widow, Harriet was listed on the 1900 census in St. Joseph, MO with children  Lucy, Elias Jr.,  Sam, Jennie , Paul and Juanita . Harriett was listed as having 7 children, only 6 were living. 

Other findings: Thoughts

On the 1900 census, Harriett was listed with a granddaughter, Myrtle Peyton.
Myrtle could have been the daughter of her daughter that passed.

I believe that Elias W. Bartlett Sr. could have had other children born from 1875 -1893.  Elias and Harriet married about 1875. Not for sure when Rachel passed away. There was a 10 year gap between Lucy born about 1869 and Elias Jr. born about 1879.
I'm finding it interesting to go back over what I discovered.
There were some things I missed.
I believe that there are a lot of relatives on the Bartlett Connections.

Did you see any connections?

Searching For The Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Family Connections.

William Bartlett born about 1852. He was a widower.

Sarah "Sally Bartlett was born about 1867. She did marry and had children.
(I have made some discoveries on her and her off springs.)

Charles Bartlett...was born about 1866. He believed to have married and had children. Charles lived in Brookfield, Linn, Missouri.

The mother, Harriett Bartlett, (1849 - 1909) was listed as the widow on Elias Bartlett in 1905. The year she moved to St. Joseph, Missouri is unknown.

The children listed below moved to St. Joseph, MO.

Lucy Bartlett was born about 1869. She married Joshua Mossell. She was a widow.
Lucy was a school teacher. She had no off springs

Elias W. Bartlett Jr  was born about 1879. He moved to Oklahoma, City Oklahoma.
He was a waiter.

Sam Bartlett was born about 1882. He was a day laborer.
No other info on him.

Jennie Bartlett was born about 1883. She married first, John Blakey / Blakley / 2nd Chilton Lyle. Jennie had off springs by both John and Chilton.

Paul Bartlett born about 1887 or 1893. He never married.
He was a laborer; did odd jobs, porter, operator at a picture theater

Juanita Bartlett was born about 1891. She married George Armstrong.
They had off springs

Hope someone makes new discoveries on their family connections.
Seekers of family history got to keep searching.

Thanks for reading,
Searching For The Elias W. Bartlett Sr. Family Connections

Prayer for the week June 8 - 14, 2014

Almighty God, on this day you opened the way of eternal life to every race and nation by the promised gift of your Holy Spirit: Shed abroad this gift throughout the world by the preaching of the Gospel, that it may reach to the ends of the earth; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Prayer via The Book Of Common Prayer

Friday, June 6, 2014

Searching For Family Connections: In South Dakota and California Areas

I've been Searching For Family Connections In South Dakota and California Areas. I have come across some info through my research and help from a relative. I'm still trying to piece together some of what I discovered on my South Dakota and California relatives.

I have been searching the census records. I've been  coming across more info. I've been trying to piece together the South Dakota Blakey siblings with their spouse(s) and children.

The South Dakota State censuses are indexed at this moment. I wish I could see the actual censuses. However, I'm working with what was posted on the indexes.

I've been amazed by what I have come across. There are names of children that I've added to some of the family tree. There are some I'm not sure where or if they are the children of some of my relatives.

I have come across when some of the Blakey Family Connections in Yankton, South Dakota on the 1915. 1925, 1935 and 1945 State censuses.  I couldn't find relatives on the 1905 census.

Below is parts of an article dated in the early 1970's.
I posted a series of blogs: Click on Articles.

The people mentioned in the below article are connected with Family Connections:
They are listed on The Blakey Family Connections

Here's some of what I have discovered.
Isaac/Maggie (Williams) Blakey came to Yankton in 1905.
 Henry/ Mary Elizabeth Fristoe) Blakey came in 1905.
Spencer Blakey came in 1906.

Jordan Blakey came in 1911,
Ollie/ Margaret (Cason) Blakey came in 1912.

 Ollie / Mary (Blakey) Green came in 1913.
Ernest / Martha (Blakey) Hayes came in 1913.
Edward /Lillie (Blakey) Hayes came in 1913.
Edna (Blakey) Jackson and sons came in 1916.

Not for sure what year, Beecher Blakey, Lawhorn Blakey and Anne Mae Blakey came to Yankton.
They were not listed on the South Dakota  State index Censuses 1915, 1925, 1935, 1945
Or on any of the other censuses in SD.

John Blakey aka John Blakey came to Yankton about 1917
He was in the process of moving his wife and children to Yankton.
But he passed away in July of 1918 in Yankton

Isaac/Maggie (Williams) Blakey  passed away in Yankton.
Ollie / Margaret (Cason) Blakey, Lawhorn Blakey and Archie Blakey moved to CA where they passed away.
Edna / Richard Bentley moved to California where they passed away.

There is no record of Ollie /Magaret Blakey having children.
There is no record of Lawhorn Blakey having off springs. But, he did marry in SD and CA.

Mary / Ollie Green had a child that passed away before 1910.
Isaac / Maggie had off springs.
Jordan / Flora  had off springs.
Spencer / Mary  had off springs.
Lillie / Edward had off springs.
Martha / Ernest had off springs.
Archie / Flora had off springs.
Edna (Blakey) Jackson -  Bentley had 3 sons that carried the Jackson surname.

Perhaps you can add more to the story. You may be the missing link to family connections. Do you see any connections? 

I heard that Lawhorn Blakey was a hunter. Ollie Blakey was a deacon in a Baptist church.  Archie Blakey was connected with the rodeos.  There were other relatives that moved to CA on The White Family Connections. Alberta (White) Morris,  her husband, children. There were others on the Blakey / White Family Connections who moved to California.

Thanks for reading:
Seaching For Family Connections: In South Dakota And California Areas

Prayer: From Ephesians 3:14-19

For this reason I bow my knees before the Father,  from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named,  that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being,  so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love,  may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth,  and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. (Amen)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Family Connections: In Family History: June

In  Remembrance Of Birthdays and Deaths: Family Connections

In June of 1859 ~ John WHITE was believed to have been born.
He was the son of Andrew and Julia White.

In June of 1884 ~ Leburter ? WHITE was believed to have been born.
She was the daughter of John and Katherine (ESTILL) WHITE.

In June of 1885 ~  Dabney "Dab" JACKSON was believed to have been born.
He was the husband of Edna (BLAKEY) JACKSON BENTLEY

In  June of 1967 ~ Henry Leo BLAKEY Sr. passed away.
He was the son of Isaac and Rachel (LEFTRIDGE) BLAKEY.

In June of 1967 ~ Louis Adward "Add" Lankford passed away.
He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard.

In June of 1976 ~ William Henry "Bud" COBY passed.
He was the husband of  Florence (HENDRED) COBY AMBER.

On June 2
William GETHER was born in 1915.

Mindolyn (TATE) CLAY passed away in 1949.

Russell T. HENDRED passed away in 1995.

On June 3
Terry TOLLIVER passed away in 1996.

On June 4
William NICKERSON was born in 1891.

Lankford NICKERSON passed away in 1976.

On June 5
Jane L. (WHITE) HAYES was born in 1909.
Ed "Eddie" L. HILL was born in 1911.

Daniel "T. K" BLAKEY passed away in 2012.

On June 6
Baby Lula B. passed away in 1947.

Anthony E. HENDRED passed away in 2005.

Rufus Nathaniel YANCY passed away in 2009.

On June 7
Ellen (LOVE - WASHINGTON) HENDRED was born in 1852.

On Jan 6
Lawhorn BLAKEY was born in 1900. He the son of Isaac BLAKEY and Rachel JACKSON (LEPHRIDGE) BLAKEY. Lawhorn was married three times.

Gary Lee LANKFORD ( Ghalee Askia Muhammad) passed away in 1997.

Ruth Naomi  (SCROGGIN) BLAKEY passed away in 1999.

Doris Esther (BLAKEY) IVORY passed away in 2002.

On June 8
Frances WASHINGTON passed away in 1884.

On June 9
Anthony  Eugene HENDRED Sr. was born in 1918.

John Wesley DADE passed away 1918.

Maxine Louise (HENDRED) CRAYTON passed away in 2002.

On June 10
Hattie Mc DANIEL was born in 1895

Carolyn (HENDRED) AKERS was born in 1915.

June 11
Margaret (FLOYD) BLAKLEY was born in 1947.

Josephine Mae (TURNER) BLAKEY was born in 1915.

On June 12
Ralph Cecil CLAY passed away in 2001.

On June 13
Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) ALLEN WALTERS was born in 1867.

Durwood D.  HENDRICKS was born in 1945

On June 14
Nettie Ellen COBY was born in 1914.

Lewis Edgar TATE was born in 1939.

On June 15
Juanita (WASHINGTON) TATE was born in 1908.

On June 16
William YOUNGER passed away in 1941.

Roberta Louise (LANKFORD) HILL - KEELING born in 1941.

On June 17
Doctor Wade Hampton PEYTON Jr. was born in 1885.

Odell (WHITE) CRAIG was born in 1894.

James Adam BAILEY was born in 1922.

Tony Willard HOUSTON passed away in 1933.

Addison "Ad" LANKFORD passed away in 1979.

On June 19
Lawrence "Larry" CANFIELD was born in 1961.

Leroy Everette BLAKEY passed away in 2003.

On June 20
Daniel BLAKEY was born in 1913.

Grace Lee (SMITH) LANKFORD passed away in 1941.

Louis Edward MADISON passed away in 1963.

On June 21
John BLAKEY and Andrew BLAKEY were born in 1871.

Floyd BLAKEY was born in 1913.

On June 24
William W. FARMER Jr. was born in 1906.

Paul BLAKLEY, son of John and Jennie was born in 1907.

On June 25
Leola (LANKFORD) FARMER was born in 1915.

Ardell Jack WILLIAMS passed away in 1983.

On June 26
Noah "Dennie" Den DADE was born in 1880.

Adlene H. LANKFORD passed away in 1931.

On June 27
Ollie "Deke"BLAKEY was born in 1895.

On June 29
Perry Allen LIGHTNER was born in 1967

On June 30
Issac BLAKEY: Military accepted Isaac's birth day and year in 1847.
Isaac states birth year was 1845.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Family Connections: Turning Another Page

Welcome to the month of June!
Happy 7th Sunday and the 43rd Day in the Easter Season!
Yes, we're still in the Easter celebration!

Hope that you're looking forward to the month of June!
I'm working on Family Connections': In Family History: June.
I'm adding takes time.

Hope you have a Great Week; The Last Full Week of Easter 2014!
May we be thankful for what the Lord has done for us.
May we thank God for His Holy Spirit.
May the Lord bless us through out our week.

Thanks for reading,

Prayer for the Week: June 1 - 7, 2014

O God, the King of glory, you have exalted your only Son Jesus Christ with great triumph to your kingdom in heaven: Do not leave us comfortless, but send us your Holy Spirit to strengthen us, and exalt us to that place where our Savior Christ has gone before; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, in glory everlasting. Amen.