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Dade Connections: Louisa Jane / Janie DADE WASHINGTON

On May 8th 2010,  I came across someone who was searching for
Jane WASHINGTON lineage.

I checked the Missouri Death Records.
Here was what I found.
And I saw...
Another Frances OVINGTON DADE Connection. 

      According to her death record,
Louisa Jane Washington died on April 21, 1910.
She was born in March of 1817. I think Louisa Janes's birth year was an error.
After some searching on Louisa Jane, I came up with 5 different birth years.

I searched the MO census records...Jane was born
According to the Census...
1870 born in 1842
1880 born in 1836
1900 born in 1841
1910 born in 1816
and on the death record
In 1910 born in 1817.

      I checked the Missouri 1910 census records. On that 1910 census, there was a Jane Washington listed with J. Washington, a black male in Dickerson, Lewis, Missouri. Most likely this Jane(listed born 1816) could be the right Jane Washington.

 On the 1910 census, Jane's son was born 1868. He could have been John Washington born in 1858. There was a 10 year age difference. Jane's age on the 1910 census record was 94..  (Also, I noticed that the census was taken 15 days before Louisa Jane died.)

     So, the year of Louisa birth can be accepted... about Mar 1826 in Kentucky. I have searched for Louisa Jane's parents. Her mother, Frances / Frankie OVINGTON Dade was born about 1812 in KY. There were other birth years for Frances; Dec 1799, and 1810. Louisa Jane's father Isaac DADE was born about 1808 in  VA.

     Louisa Jane DADE married David Washington.

David Washington
abt 1828 - Mar 19, 1897

According to the 1900 MO census,
Jane WASHINGTON was the mother of 13.
5 of Jane's children were living when the 1900 census was taken.
Here's a  list that I've found.

The Children of Louisa Jane / Jane DADE and David WASHINGTON.

1.)  ELLEN Washington
(1852 - 1922)
 Daughter of  Louisa Jane Washington
Ellen had 5 different birth years;
1849, 1852, 1853, 1854, and 1859.
Ellen Washington married George Hendred in 1872.
According to the 1900 census Ellen Hendred had 8 children:
7 children were living when the census was taken.
One children's name is unknown.

1. George E. Hendred
(1873 -1956)
Son of George and Ellen Hendred

George E. Hendred married Rena A. Robinson (1878 -1956)

George and Rena had 3 or 4 children
1.) Zella B. Hendreds (1908 - 1958)
Zella married James A. Bailey (1908 -1992)
2.) Tomas / Thomas Elmer Hendred (1901-1919)
3.) Florance J. Hendreds born about 1914
?) Wonder if Fzella or Florance J. / 
Zella Hendred (1914-1958) 

2.) James W. Hendred
(1874- 1910)
Son of George and Ellen Hendred

James married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Selby on Jan 28, 1898.
James' birth year different on death record.
James surname was spelled Hendreds.

3.) Lewis / Isaac Lon Hendred
 Dec 25, 1875 - Sept 3, 1955
     Son of George and Ellen Hendred
It appeared that Lewis went by Isaac Hendred.
 Isaac Hendred married Rosa May Carter on Jan 28, 1898
    On the 1900 census Rosa was listed as having a child.
The child's name unknown.
    Rosa died before 1907
   Isaac Hendred married
Elsie Lee Marshall 
on August 22, 1907

Elsie Lee MarshallJuly 28, 1890 - Apr 16, 1963
   Isaac and Elsie had 10 children
 1)   Marshall A. Hendred
(1907 -1964)

 2)   Floyd B. Hendred
(1909 - 1991)
 3)   Russell T. Hendred
(1912 - 1995)
Russell married Bernice Smith Allgood on Jan 2 , 1943.
 4)   Caroline M.Hendred
(1915 - 2002)
 5)   Maxine L. Hendred
(1916 - 2002)
 6)   Derwood / Durwood D. Hendred
(1918 -2000)

Durwood D. Hendred married Helen Garr

Durwood and Helen Hendred had 8 children
Deborah, Durel, Judith, Nada, Nancy, Paula, Teresa
Anthony E. Hendred Sr
(1948 - 2005)
Anthony married Betty Ann Wilkinson.
They had 2 children
Anthony E. Jr and Travis Hendrerd

Durwood D. Hendred had a son name, Durwood D. Hendricks.
Cotten Corner was the mother of Durwood D. Hendricks.

Continuing list of Isaac and Elsie Hendred's children

 7)   Raymond / Ray O. Hendred
(1920 - 2011)
 8)   Horace W. Hendred born 1923
 9)   Manford /Manferd Hendred
(1924 - 2002)
Manford Hendred married May Henry Crumb (1921 - 2001)
10)  Betty Lou Hendred

4 John HendredBorn about 1879 -
    Son of  George and Ellen Hendred

5.) Luttia Luella Hendred Manley1885-1931)
    Daughter of George and Ellen Hendred

   Luttia / Luella married William O. Manley
William and Luella had about 13 children.
3 children had passed on.

1.) Evelyn Manley
2.) George Franklin Manley
George married Earlie Clay on May 5, 1936

3.) Artie William Manley
(1911- 2000)
On Sept 9, 1937 Artie married Ethel Leona Clay (1919 -2000)

4.) Donna B. Manley

5.) Cora A. Manley
6.) Hattie Lou Manley
Hattie married Ardell Jack William
They had 9 children
Albert, Betty, Earnest, Genevia, George, Mary, Richard, Rosa
Kenneth Eugene Williams
(1936 - 2003)
Kennenth married ---Kinchelow
They had two children.
Kena and Kenneth Williams Jr.

Continuing with William and Luella Manley's children.

7.) Ruby D. Manley
8.) Blanche Manley
9.) Doris Manley
10.) Phillip Manley
(1923- April 5,1931)

11.) Wayne Manley
12.)  Veda M. Manley
13.) Leonard E. Manley

Luella's Missouri Death Record
Note: Luella's mother's first name written as Luella, not Ellen
George's surname was typed HENDRIX
Also Luella died three days after her son, Philip's death.

6.) Florence Hendred 
Born about 1887 -
Daughter of George and Ellen Hendred

Manleys that died in Marion County Missouri
1910 - 1959

List of Hendred that died in Lewis County Missouri
1910 -1959

7.) Charles William Hendreds

(1890 -1919)
Son of George and Ellen Hendreds
NOTE: The birth year was different.
Also Informant, Elmer Robinson could have been related.

2.) ISAAC C. Washington

Son of David and Louisa Janie Washington.

Isaac Washington's death record.
NOTE: Isaac was list as informant on mother death record.
Wonder if Mary Hazelwood related to the Washington.

Isaac Washington married Mary Ann Brown (1857 - 1959)
Isaac and Mary Washington had a daughter.
Rosa / Rosie / Rose Ann Washington
(1879 - 1932)

Rose A. Washington had a daugther
Junita / Juanita Washington
(1906 - 1950)

Junita Washington married Edgar Tate on Feb 6, 1927.
They had 4 children.
1.) Louise Tate
2.) Edgar J. Tate
3.) Lewis Edgar Tate
(1939 - 1940)

4.) Mindolyn / Mindol Tate
(1931 - 1949)

Mindola Tate married Harold Clay on Oct 17, 1946.
Mindola's mother approved of the marriage.
Junita was a witness to Mindola' and Harold's wedding.

3) JOHN Washington
(1858 - 1916)
Son of David and Louisa Jane Washington
John was one of the informants on his mother Louisa Jane's death record.
He was listed on the 1910 census with his mother.
NOTE: Brother, Isaac Washington was the informant to this death record.

4)  BENJAMIN Washington
Jan 24, 1864 - Nov 8, 1882
Son of David and Louisa Jane Washington

5)  FRANK Washington
Born about 1867
Son of David and Louisa Jane Washington
6)  DAVID Washington
Born about 1870
Son of David and Louisa Jane Washington

7) WILLIAM / Willie Washington
Mar 28, 1872 - Apr 14, 1902
Son of David and Louisa Jane Washington.
Willie was listed with his mother, Jane on the 1900 census in Missouri.

Additional Information on
David and Louisa Jane Washington.
On the 1870 Missouri Census in Lewis County,
there was a household listing a David and Jane Washington.
There was a child named Ellen LOVE, mulatto born in about 1859 in MO.
There were 3 other children.
Those children were listed as black.
Fannie Washington
Born about 1863 in MO
Believed to have been a child of David and Jane Washington

Jane Washington
Born about 1865 in MO
Believed to have been a child of  David and Jane Washington

George Washington
Born about 1869 in MO
Believed to have been a child of David and Jane Washington

This list is a total of 10 children of David and Jane Washington.

There was a Francis Washington who died on June 8, 1884
She was buried near David, William and Benjamin in MO.
Perhaps Francis was related.
So that would make it 2 children... unaccounted for.

Ellen HENDRED's Death Record...
According to an Eddie Hendred.
Ellen's father's surname was an unknown LOVE.
Ellens' Mother, Janie DADE

Note: According to William Manley, husband of Luella Hendred's death record, Ellen Hendred was born in Monticello, Missouri.. Wonder if Eddie Hendred could have been George Edward Hendred? Edward Hendred married an Rhena Roberson on Dec 3, 1903 in MO.

Hope this information was helpful. Especial to the descendants of Louisa Jane / Janie DADE WASHINGTON. May we all continue to search for our family lineage. May we continue to add something to the family tree.

I'm connected on the Charlotta DADE LANKFORD Branch. The LANKFORD Connections. Louisa Jane was one of  Charlotta's sisters. Charlotta was my  Great Grandmother on my mother's father's side.

Staying on the Family History Journey,

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  1. Wow this is amazing. I think I am linked to this family...Through Durwood Hendred...I just noticed he was married to a Cotten Corner...My Grandmother is Mildred Cotten who was Mildred Corner at the time my dad Durwood was born in 1945.

  2. Dana, I'm so glad that you found my website. If you are related to Durwood, that makes us cousins. (I came across a marriage record of Durwood Hendred who married a Corner Cotten. Perhaps her name was Mildred...I'm not for sure. I don't know much about the Hendred lineage. However, there are a lot of Hendreds though. )

  3. Wow how May I get a copy of that record.nn I just noticed you have a Twitter Account, I am going to inbox you there...I am getting excited, for so long we have wondered about that side of the family..

  4. Dana...I don't have a copy of Durwood's and Mildred's marriage. I got that info from I'm still searching... Glad that you are searching for you ancestors...

  5. I am Nathaniel akers. Son of donnetta akers. Lena mae hendred was my great grandmother. This is my family. I was in foster care for 14 years and don't know my family. At least not until now :.)