Monday, May 31, 2010

In Loving Memory Of David and Lula Blakley

Source: Our Loved Ones Remembered
St. Joseph, News-Press
A Memorial Day Tribute
Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Reunion On My Mother's Side

On day Donnie, one of my brothers called. Some how the conversation about family reunions came up. He was telling me about what he recalled about the Lankford Family Reunions. How did they do their family reunions?

Back in the days, there were reunions on our mother's side of the family. Relatives from New York, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and surounding areas would come to St. Joseph, MO. The gathering was held on Memorial Day Weekend.

Our Grandpa Leo Lankford's birthday was on May 30, 1884 in Canton, Missour. The LANKFORDs would meet on the street where my grandparents lived. We called that street L.B.J. Street. That was short for Lankford, Blakley, Johnson Street. Most of the people on the two blocks area were related.

The ealier Lankfords did the simplest of things to gather together as a family. They must have wanted to reunite. That sounds great!

May the Spirit of the LORD guide us.

While On The Journey
Family Reunion On My Mother's Side


Photo: Leo and Mary (Allen)  LANKFORD

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Frances OVINGTON DADE Connection

On May 8th 2010, I logged in to I came across someone who has a connection with Frances Ovington Dade. This person is from Janie Jane DADE WASHINGTON lineage.

I checked the Missouri death records between 1910-1959 for a Jane WASHINGTON. I came up with a Louisa Jane WASHINGTON. According to an Isaac and John WASHINGTON, Louisa was born in March of 1817 in KY.

Louisa Jane WASHINGTON's parents were an Isaac DADE from VA and a Frances unknown surname from KY. I saw the connection when I read the parents name. Another Frances OVINGTON DADE Connection.

However the year of Louisa's birth was a question. Isaac Dade was born around 1808. Frances or Frankie birth year was a question. Frances birth year between Dec 1799 to 1812. Most likely she was born about 1810 in KY.

Frances / Frankie OVINGTON DADE had 14 children.
So far I have come across...
On Frances' 4 known children's death records: The parents' names were Isaac DADE and Frances / Frankie. Charlotta's death record was the only one that mentioned Frances' maiden name as OVINGTON.

Mar 1826 to 21 April 1910
She was married to David WASHINGTON.
and the mother of 13.

16 Nov 1836 to 24 Dec 1921
She was married to George MADISON.
and was the mother of 7.

Louis Newton DADE
16 Oct 1847 to 18 Feb 1937
He married Mary Ann Venoy.
and she was the mother of 11.

Jan 1852 to 3 April 1924
She married Robert Louis LANKFORD.
and was the mother of 10 or 11.

Isaac DADE
1850-before 1880 is a question mark.
An Isaac married a Lue / Louisa ?
and Louisa was the mother of 6.

There were 10 other children unaccounted for.
Seven were living when the 1900 census was taken.
Frances OVINGTON DADE was listed as 101 on the 1900 MO census.
She had 14 children.

The Journey Continues On For...
Another Frances OVINGTON DADE Connection

So who was Frances DADE OVINGTON?
She was the mother of Charlotta DADE LANKFORD.
Charlotta was the mother of Leo LANFORD Sr.
Leo was the father of Lula LANKFORD BLAKLEY
Lula was my mother


Friday, May 7, 2010

In Remembrance Of A Sister

On this day back on May 7, 1947, my mother gave birth to her first daughter. The baby's name was Lula. She was my parents 7th child. She was with the family for 29 days.

I don't remember when I heard that I had another sister. I come from a large family. There were 19 of us in all. But the first sister had a short life.

Here is the story I heard from my mother:
My mother was holding her daughter in her arms.
My mother didn't know that baby girl was sick.
Baby girl had a big cough and breathe her last.
She died in my mother's arms on June 6, 1947.

There is only one photo of her.
It was taken when she was laying in her coffin.
She appeared to have had a lot of hair.

She died of whooping cough.
That was what was going again.
She was buried at Ashland Cemetery.
I heard the strange thing about that.

My mother said that her daughter's grave site was on the edge near the road. There is a marker with someone Else's name. Baby girl and another child died with days apart.

King David Mays was his name. This tombstone is where my sister was buried.
That's what I heard.

In all I believe that I will get to see my eldest sister. The moment she passed she was present with the LORD. She has been with the LORD for 63 years.

I don't know how we will look when we get to heaven. Those who fall asleep in the LORD will receive a glorified body after the resurrection. That's something.

Staying On The Journey,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recording Our Lives

There are things in our life that we do, we may not consider. We're recording our lives. There are others who are watching us. But at times do we realized that?

Our lives, no matter how long or short it maybe, will have something to say for those who are watching us. We all note things about one another. Things that we point out and have some things to say about what we do.

If we set back and review our lives we can note some things that we do or have been doing. Things that has given us a signature about our live. We all have something as a signature.

It may be what we always wore. For example sunglasses, hats, certain kind of clothing that we took on in our lifetime. This signature is something that leaves us an image of what we are associated with.

Then we when we recall a person's life, we should think of the good. And there are some things that are unusual about others. What we do lead us to what others perceive in us.

Indeed our lives are being recorded. May we realize that others are watching us. May we reflect humility and not to be prideful. May we see the beauty that others have in them. Amen!

On The Journey ....
Recording Our Lives

There are people who are watching us.
What we do leaves some kind of impression.
Whether it's for influence or for causing others to stumble.
Remember God is watching TOO!