Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Mystery Of Nymadula

Nymadula was the 9th of 10 children and youngest son of Charlotta Dade and Robert Louis Lankford. Nymadula was born on Leap Day February 29, 1896 in St. Joseph, MO. I haven't found must information on him...

But story has it Nymadula Lankfard married Hattie McDaniel who played in "Gone With The Wind". I have searched Hattie's obituary. She did marry a Nymadula Lankfard.

I searched the 1920 census. There was a Nymadula Langford with a Nattie Langford from KS. It could be Hattie.

This married ended...Nymadula remain living in NY. He remarried and had a daughter. I don't know when Nymadula died. I assume he passed away in NY.

I'm still searching in The Mystery of Nymadula. Even his name....Where did his parents come up with this name? It sounds African.

Discoveries While On The Journey
The Mystery Of Nymadula

Yeah! It's a mystery.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Assumption Of The Life Of Julia White

This story was written on 10 Aug 2007.
I made some corrections and updates on Dec 3, 2009.

Julia (n) (?) WHITE, The Ex-Slave

She was born around 1818 to 1820 in VA.
Slave owners came from Orange and Middlesex County VA
Oral history states that she was from Africa.
Census records states she was born in VA.

Her parents were born in VA.
She was with slave holders Frances WHITE BLAKEY
and her husband John BLAKEY around 1840's.

Julia's children may have been born between
1841 cira -1866 to the 1870's ?
Resident in Forest Green MO. Chariton and Howard County in MO.
She could have remarried after slavery. But most liked didn't.
Don't know how long she was married to Andrew White

Marjority of Julia's known children didn't name their children after her.
This might mean that the children did not know here or their father.
On two children's death record state Andrew White as father.
On John White's death record Julia White as his mother.
On Isaac Blakey's death record Andrew White was listed.

There could have been at least 11 to 13 children
Born between 1841 - 1866 by this Mother, Julia
There could have been more than one father.
One of Julia's children was born in VA.
On 1880 Julia had a granddaughter named Rebecca.
Rebecca was born in MO.
Her parents were born in VA.

Julia WHITE was listed on the 1880 MO Census as a widow.
The year of her death is not known.
Oral History states that she died and was buried in Forest Green, MO.

There was an Andrew White that lived next door to Julia White.
In Howard County MO on the 1880 Census record.

There was an Andrew White Next door to Julia White in 1880.

Isaac White born abt 1800 Virginia (Self) (Head)
Andrew White born abt 1850 Missouri (Son)
Laura White born abt 1855 Missouri (Andrew's Wife)
Mariah White born abt 1874 Missouri (Daughter)
July A. White born abt 1876 Missouri (Daughter)
Isaac White born abt 1878 Missouri (Son)

Additional information about this story
Description Juila, The Mother Slave
Attached to Julia (1820 - 1880)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Searching For Relatives

This blog idea came to me on October 14 , 2009. I came across two searching for the some relatives I am. I contacted these people through

A though came to me as if I was searching for relatives as I was searching for my ancestors. I wondered how our ancestors did when they were looking for relatives after slavery.

How the advertised for lost loved ones divided into Slavery. Now some hundred years...I sense the same thing. Searchers are seeking ancestors in the process of finding relatives.

It's cool to come across a lost relative. Well they are not lost. They just didn't know that they would find relatives searching for their ancestors too.

I don't know how many relatives are on my lineage. I see a lot of missing links on my family tree. Only if relatives who are interested in searching for their ancestors may some day come across kin folks.

Indeed my journey continues. I don't know where I will end up next. I may be adding to another person's family tree by what I have come across. That is a blessing.

We shouldn't hide what I have discovered but to share. There's is excitement when new leads and clues come about. It's nice to have new information to continue on in the search.

May we share what we know so others can be blessed. May we continue the quest. May we find more relatives. Or do we what that?

While On The Journey,
Searching For Relatives

That's good to come across kin folks searching.
We can add more to our lineage.
We can share what we know.