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In Remembrance Of Isaac Blakey (1845 - 1917 )

 Isaac Blakey (1845 - 1917 )
 a.ka. Private Isaac Blaker ~
MS Union Soldier ~ (1863 - 1866 ) 
 The day of Isaac Blakey's birth was unknown. The established date and year Isaac Blakey was June 30, 1847 in Fayette Missouri. According to Isaac's death record he was 72 years old. The year of his birth would have been 1845.

From Isaac Blakey's Pension Records

2015 marks the 170th year of Isaac Blakey birth in 1845. Isaac was a former slave from Missouri. He was the son of Andrew White and Julia Finney White from VA. Isaac was the only one in his family to carried the Blakey surname. His parents and siblings took the White surname.

The story has it, Isaac took the name BLAKEY surname from a billboard or a barber shop sign. Isaac was making his way down south to MS to join the Civil War on November 1, 1863. He served until May 13, 1866.

I'm not for sure were the BLAKER surname came from. Isaac stated that his name was Isaac Blakey on the pension records. That reminds a mystery.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Family Connections Surnames

Celebrating Family Connections' 6th Anniversary

Total Page views since June 30, 2009 on my original Family Connections site at 5:00 pm was 35,856

 I've covered a lot ground since June 30, 2009 on my family quest to know more about my family history. And I've made more new discoveries. I believe that there are more to discover a long the journey. Can't wait to find them.

In the past year, I've made a lot of breakthrough on my BARTLETT, BLAKEY / WHITE, HENDRED, DADE, LANKFORD / LANKFARD NICKERSON and possible other Family Connections. I have to go back and review what I have come across.

I've made a few contacts with relatives from this site since June 30, 2009. They have shared some of their family connections. I am so thankful that they found something about their ancestors. I'm thankful that there are more info available to the public. 

As I'm searching the records, I'm seeing more connections. There has been some remarkable finding on my journey.  I thank God for that.

There are some blogs that I'm working on... There are things I'm trying to piece together. I lack confirmation on some things. However, I've seen similarities in the findings.

Below is the list of Family Connections surnames.
There are more....

See any Family Connections?
Or can you add more?

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Bartlett - Blakley Connections
SUGGS / Nelson
CAVE / Smith

 Allen - Lankford/ Lankfard Connections

Hooper - Bartlett Connections
Bartlett - Blakley/ Lyle
Bartlett - Armstrong / Hicks
Bartlett - Armstrong / Ellis /
Some In Laws Unknown

Blakley - Lyle Connections
Lyle - Strange
Lyle - Jones

Allen Washington/Walters Connections
Allen - Lankford
Walters - Nelson

Dade - Lankford:
In Law Connections

Ovington - Dade Connections
Dade - Washington
Dade - Madison
Dade - Venoy / Adams
Dade - Lankford

Dade - (Love) Washington Connections
Washington - Hendred: In Laws Connections
Brown - Hendred Connections
Hendred In Law Connections
Hazelwood - Tate

Hendred - Madison

Scott - Blakey Connections
Blakey / Blakley

Lephridge - Blakey Connections:

White Connections: In Laws
Rucker - Craig

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thoughts On What My Parents Shared With Me And Others

I love searching for my family history. I try to note things of interest while I'm searching. I've been trying to write down some things about my family history over the years.

I was looking through some of the notebooks. On Father's Day 2015, I was sharing some of my Family History notes from what my parents shared with me with two of my brothers. I discovered more about my Family Connections. 

I  might share some of what my parents shared with me on this site. I've noticed that I discovered more clues on my family history through my notes and from correspondences. I wrote some things that I forgot all about. Even people shared some things with me and I forgot.

I'm thankful that I took notes and saved old letters on my family history while I was younger. I didn't realize how valuable what my parents shared or what others shared with me back then. I think, I was so interested in what they were saying. I wanted to record and saved every thing I had.

I didn't know that what  was shared with me would be more useful now. It's like things are falling into place. I can only imagine. What more will I discover on my journey through my notes? Thank God for notes taking etc...

One thing I wish, I could have done; I wished that would have taken better notes. Or even yet, asked my parents and relatives more questions. I'm thankful for my parents that God blessed me with.  And for all who contacted me through my family connections.

I hope to update some of what I recorded in my notes. Better yet,  discover more from my siblings. There are some many stories in our lives. May we learn to share and pass along to the next generation. Amen.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Time

Welcome to the season of Summer.
The arrival time, 11:38 AM cst 

Wishing all the best of the season.

Thanks for reading Family Connections
S.A. Blakley

In Remembrance of John Blakey / Blakley

John Blakey was born on June 21, 1871 in Woodville, Mississippi. John was the husband of  Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley Lyle.  John and Jennie changed their surname sometime after they married in 1902.

John passed on July 10, 1918 in a covered wagon in Yankton, South Dakota. He was the son of Isaac Blakey and Martha Scott Blakey. John was the twin of Andrew Blakey.

I was wondering; what my grandfather John Blakey / Blakley could have looked like? I wish that there was a photo of him.  I was told that John looked like his brother, Spencer.

I believe that a child can looked just like one of  their parents. I wonder which one of  the Blakley children did.  I see the resemblance in the siblings. Here are some photos of John's children by his wife, my grandmother Jennie.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

John's and Jennie's son Pastor / Elder John Jr.

John's and Jennie's son Isaac

John's and Jennie's daughter, Mary.

John's and Jennie's son Rev. O. Pierson 

John's and Jennie's daughter, Hazel.

John's and Jennie's son, Paul
John's and Jennie's son, Rev O. Pierson

John's and Jennie's, son David

My father and his Grandfather, Private Isaac Blakey who was John Blakey / Blakley's father.

Happy Father's Day

My father and my father's, father's , father, Private Isaac Blakey
  Happy Father's Day from Family Connections

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Louis Adward Lankford / Lankford

Mr. Louis Adward "Add" Lankford
 I have come across info on my Great Uncle "Add" Lankford/ Lankfard.

Louis Adward / Addison "Add" LANKFORD was the son of
Robert Louis ( Lewis) Lankfard / Lankfard ( 1851 - 1919) and
Charlotta Dade Lankford / Lankfard (1852 - 1924). 

 Louis "Add" was born on Jan 20, 1882 in Canton, Missouri.
Louis married Virginia / Virgie Hill in New York in   August 1918.
Louis passed on in June of 1967.

Here's "Add" Lankford's baseball database

Monday, June 15, 2015

Were Am I At On My Family Connections Discoveries?

Oh, yes! This has been a long journey! I've been looking back over my findings over the years. Were am I at on my family connection discoveries? I'm still on the journey. It's been a challenge. But, it's all worth it.

I will continue to search for my family history. I don't grow tired of doing so. I'm thankful that I have been stumbling across more and more as I attempt to look for anything.  At times, my search is meanly a solo journey. Thank God that there are some searchers out there searching too.

What I do, I search from the clues that I have. I get excited when I find anything that I can work with. I tend to search for anything that looks similar to my family lineage. I've been discovering that there are many people who lack info or have knowledge on what I'm coming across. It's new to them.

There have been times on my journey when I wasn't for sure if people were connected to my family tree. It's hard to confirm some of the things that I've been finding. I have to wait on other searchers or documents that I came across to verify what I think could be a connection.

Indeed, my journey will continue with whether if I have any assist or not. My aim is to find out whatever I can as long I can keep searching. Yes, it's nice to come across more family connections along the journey. It's fun to find out that there are family members trying to find out more on their family tree.

Perhaps you are reading and we have some connections.
Wouldn't that be something?
Could you like me know if we have family connections?

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

It's Family Connections' 6th Anniversary.
June 30, 2009 was the beginning of this website.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Clues From The Past: Part 5 ~ Mrs. Anna Laura Walters : ? In Photo

Unknown Relatives

This photo is still a mystery. I can only image who these people were in this photo.
Some how they were connected to my Grandmother Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD / LANKFARD.
 WASHINGTON - ALLEN  Family Connection
DADE - LANKFORD / LANKFARD Family Connections

Here's who I think they could have been. Click on blog:
 Unknown Relatives: Who Could They Have Been?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Clues From The Past : Part 4 ~ Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' Marriages, Children And Church Life

Piecing some of the puzzle together:
 Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' obituary
 A part of Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' obituary 1947
She reunited in marriage to this union 1 children was born
Also her husband and two children precede her in death

Anna united in marriage to ....

1st William / Robert ALLEN on March 6, 1889 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
They had a child, named Mary ALLEN born on December 21, 1889.
The year of William / Robert's death is unknown.
He may have passed before Mary was born or when Mary was an infant.

2nd  Thornton WALTERS.
The year of their  marriage is unknown.
Thornton and Anna had a daughter, named Mary and a son named Joseph.

Mary Walters Nelson was born about 1890. Little is known about her. She was a widow on the 1910 census. Mary had a son named John C. NELSON. Mary passed and it appeared that Anna cared for her grandson, John when he was a child. Also John was listed with her on 1920 and 1930 censuses.

I'm not for sure what Mary's surname was at the time of her passing. I assume that it was Nelson. I can't locate her death record in Missouri. I'm in the process of searching the Missouri death records for all the Marys from 1910 - 1920 in Buchanan County.

Question: Why did Anna had 2 daughters with same first names? Could Mary Walters had been Thornton's daughter and Anna raise her as her daughter. Mary Allen was born in 1889 and Mary Walters born  about 1890. Also, Mary Walters first name may have been Bonita. Not for sure.

Joseph Walters (1893 - 1926) Little is known about Joseph. He was single and was a laborer.

The year 1904  is a ?  on the paper above. Some of the info was crossed out.
Not for sure if connected with the churches.

She was formerly a member of Hale Chapel which was located at 18th and
She was affiliated with  Holsey  Chapel now New Hope St Paul C.M.E. in 1904 and was  an active in most of the aux doing all that was asked of her during her in good health.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Clues From The Past: Part 3 ~ Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' Step Siblings

A part of Anna Walter's obituary in 1947 

Mrs. Anna Laura Walters was survived by a daughter Mrs. Mary Lankford of the city
which was St. Joseph, Missouri.

Anna's stepsister was Mrs. Ella LEWIS (1871 - 1954) of St. Joseph, Missouri.
 Mrs. Ella (BUCKNER) LEWIS  was the wife of  Mr. Wilbur Lewis. 

Anna's stepbrother was Mr. Townsend WYNNE (1862- 1956)
Mr. Townsend WYNNE of Cleveland, Ohio.
I'm not for sure if WYNNE was Townsend surname.
He was listed as Townsend BRUKINS on a record.
I can't find the source of the WYNNE Family surname.
His mother may have married a WINN. Townsend took that surname.

Townsend's 1st marriage in 1880 to Miss Mary A. WOODWARD
and their children. Surname spelled in varies ways. WYNNE, WYNN, WINN.

Mr. Harry Jackson WYNNE, b) 1880
He married Miss Viola BROWN in 1907.

Mrs. Cora A. (WYNNE) STEWART b) 1883
She married Mr.Worley Alonza STEWART in 1905.

Mr. Royal Sylvester "Roy" WYNN b)  1884
I'm not for sure may have passed in 1947 Jackson County in Missouri.
There is a Roy WINN listed on the Missouri death record.
This Roy age about 61. cira born 1886.
Not much was known about this Roy WINN.

Mrs. Anna L. (WYNNE) PEYTON (1886 - 1910)
She married Dr. Wade Hampton PEYTON Jr. in 1905.

Mrs. Callie J. (WYNN) DAVIS (1896 - 1951)
She married Mr. Watkins DAVIS in 1914

Townsend 2nd marriage in 1919 to Louise JONES.

Townsend and Ella's mother was

Mahala was married to
1st    Slave marriage ? BRUKINS ~
2nd   James BUCKNER ~ 3 Brukins children listed on marriage record in 1869.
3rd    ? WINN
4th   John / William WASHINGTON in 1890

Note: Mrs. Mahala WINN was her name when she married Wm WASHINGTON

"Mahalie: was born in Missouri in 1841.
She was the mother of 7;
Two children were living during the time the 1910 census was taken.
Her parents were from KY

 Anna's survivors continues

12 Grandchildren: Included
Leo and Mary  (Allen) Lankford's 11 children
Mary (Walters) Nelson's son

14 Great Grand children

1 son in law who was named Mr. Leo Lankford Sr.

A numbers of cousins
d a host of friends mourned her passing.

Mrs. Walters is survived by

Build a house a fence of trust
Just around today
Fill the place with loving deeds
and therein stay
Look not through the sheltering bars.

Some Thoughts
I took note that Anna had cousins. Either on her father's Washington side or her mother's Leach side.  I think it was more likely on the Washington side. There were a lot of Washington in St. Joseph.

Also, Anna didn't have any nieces or nephews.
All her Washington siblings passed on early in life.

I did search for Anna's death announcement in the newspaper.
I discovered that she passed at her daughter, Mary Lankford's home.

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Clues From the Past: Part 2 ~ Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' Parents And Siblings

Searching For Information On Mrs. Anna Laura Walters
 A part of Mrs. Anna Laura Washington Walters' obituary, 1947.
The handwriting on this piece of paper is a question.
It appears to 
have been Anna's granddaughter, Sarah Belle (Lankford) Johnson.

I've been on the journey to find more info on my Great Grandmother Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) (ALLEN) WALTERS' parents. Anna was the daughter of John / William WASHINGTON and Susan (LEACH)WASHINGTON. Here's what I've discovered.

I've been searching cities directories for William / John Washington and Susan Washington. There were many Washingtons listed in St. Joseph, Missouri. I believe some were related to William and Susan. 

I haven't located Susan Leach or Susan Washington on the city directories. However, there were at least two or three William Washingtons at times and one Wiley.  How confusing.

I've been narrowing the Williams down by addresses and occupations. I think that Anna Walters' father was named John William Washington. Through searching the censuses and obituaries, I have come across other information.

 Anna's father was listed as William J. Washington, J. William Washington, Geo W. Washington, W. Geo Washington, etc..  Through researching, I came across a son of William Washington. His name was John W. or William Washington.

This John W. or William Washington lived with his father, William and his step mother, Mahala and his step sister Ella Lewis in 1910. Also, William Jr. may have went by Wiley Washington. William Jr. was married. His wife passed before 1910. Also, Wiley had a son named Charles Ernest Washington.

  On Mrs. Anna Laura Walters' obituary:
  List of her survivors . The son in law was Leo Lankford / Lankfard.

          Siblings Of Laura (Washington) Allen Walters       
Nannie  Washington
Birth Aug 1869 in St. Joseph, Missouri                                              
Death 15 July 1895 in St. Joseph, Missouri

Amelia Washington
Birth about 1871 in Missouri
Death in Missouri, 

James A.  Washington
Birth about 1873 in Missouri
Death 8 July 1889 in St. Joseph, Missouri

Virginia F. Washington
Birth about 1876 in Missouri                               
Death 18 Feb 1897 in St Joseph, Missouri, 

          Lillie  Washington
          Birth 1879 in St Joseph, Missouri,
          Death in Missouri.                        

          John / William Washington's son

          William Washington Jr.
          Birth  about 1859 ?

         Thanks for reading.
          S. A. Blakley
         I hope to find more on the journey.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Clues From The Past: Part 1 ~ Mrs. Anna Laura Walters : Family Connections

Photo of unknown relatives
I came across a postcard in my Grandmother Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD / LANKFARD home about 1976. That photo appeared to be of  a couple with their family. What is my focus about this photo? It's that, I believe, the lady behind  the couple could have been their oldest daughter. Anna Laura (Washington) Allen Walters. However, I'm not 100% that is so.

Through the years, I've been piecing together what I've discovered about my Great Grandmother Anna Laura WASHINGTON Allen WALTERS.  I've been following clues on her and her family. I hope to find more leads. This is part one of my series. Clues From The Past: Anna Laura Walters.

Hope someone finds some family connections.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clues From The Past: Introduction ~ Mrs. Anna Laura Walters

I was thinking about clues from the past. I'm making a lot of discoveries on my family connections. We all wonder things about our ancestors.  It's nice if we could find out more.

  It took me awhile to come across more on my Great Grandmother Anna Laura Walter. She was the daughter of William / John WASHINGTON and Susan (LEACH) WASHINGTON.  Through the years, I have been making more discoveries on her life and her family. There was one thing about her life that I thought was wonderful to know.  Anna was a Christian.

This poem was in Anna Laura Walters' obituary booklet 1947 

While I was  going through some of my findings, I had an idea come to me. I saw some things about Anna that I could share on Family Connections.  It's interesting to see how we relate to one another and how we are connected.

I went through a booklet that someone one prepared for Anna Laura Walters' funeral. I will post some of those pages this week. I added some information that wasn't listed on some of those pages.  It will add more to Family Connections.

I'm thankful for the people who compiled the information on Anna's life. Most of all, I thank God that some how this information wasn't lost. I can't recall how I came across this booklet. I think my mother had it or it was found in my mother's mother, Mary Allen Lankford's home in 1976. Mary was Anna's daughter.

I hope that you will enjoy reading and looking at what I'll post this week. I believe that there's more info on Anna and her family. I hope someone will see some Family Connections.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Monday, June 1, 2015

Still Finding More Family Connections

Blessings to you.

I'm still finding more Family Connections. It's amazing.
As I'm reviewing my findings, I'm impressed with what I've discovered.
Glory be to God.

I hope you find some family connections.
I hope to make more discoveries along the journey.

Here's the list of In Remembrance: In Family History: June
I need to update some of the June info.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Here are some of my discoveries during June of 2014

Continuing to make discoveries on the South Dakota Censuses
Worked on In Family History for July


Comparing BARTLETT children on 1870 , 1880 1900 censuses

1870                     1880                  1900
Rachel's                Harriett's           Harriett's

Warren                 Elias                  Elias
John                                               Sam
Fanny                                             Jennie
Lean                                               Paul
Harriett                                           Juanita

Wondering about HENDERDS Family Connections
Two sisters : Fzelle and Florence
Florence "Flo" HENDRED married William BROWN
Zella Beatrice HENDREDS married James Adam BAILEY

Searched for Lena BARTLETT
Sallie  BARTLETT's mother's maiden 
Wondering if that was her mother Rachael SHAW?
Or if Elias BARTLETT was married 3 x's

While searching for Sallie BARTLETT info came across something.
This led my to search for Lucy BARTLETT MOSSELL
Searching more on the BARTLETT Family Connections
Reviewing and  searching info on Lucy E. BARTLETT
Note: Lucy BARTLETT's name on her niece's marriage record.
Lucy was Lucille?

Continued to search more on Lucy MOSSELL in city directors and marriage records.
Came across Lucy's brother Paul with the MOSSELL surname: 1909/1910
Paul's surname was BARTLETT.
Can't locate Paul BARTLETT on the 1920, 1930 or 1940 census.
Last recorded in the 1911 city directory as Paul MOSSELL
Came across the death date of Lucy's husband Joshua A. MOSSELL.
Listed in the city directory: Joshua MOSSELL passed on Mary 21, 1909

Searching for SHAW Family Connections
Searched for all Lucy's in Buchanan county: Found some leads
Made some connections: need more info to confirmation what was found

Found Lucy's death record:  (1869-1940)
Found Lucy's obituary in a Missouri newspaper
Confirmation that Lucy was the brother of Charles BARTLETT

Continued to search for more BARTLETT Family Connections:

Noted that siblings: Sarah, Lucy and Charles were listed as mulatto in some records.

Searching for more info on a possible LANKFORD Family Connections in Iowa

Anna and Wesley had more children

Searching online newspapers: Iowa
Spencer BLAKEY

Found memorial on Find A Grave: J. C. MARION (1875- 1959)
J.C. was the husband of Edna (BLAKEY) MARION JACKSON BENTLEY

Came across a Nov 15, 1916 wedding announcement of
Miss Edna BLAKEY and Mr. J.C. MARION.
They were married at 9:30 PM at Martha HAYES' home.

Searching online newspapers: Notes
Ollie BLAKEY was sick 
Isaac BLAKEY was prosperous farmer
Built a 5 room house
Mrs. Isaac BLAKEY was sick for several weeks
Vic REED died in August 1915
Henry BLAKEY daughter was born in 1911

Note of married recorded 1895 paper:
Spencer WHITE married Lu WASHINGTON 

Note of articles
Pat WHITE, son of Mattie WHITE Killed
Spencer WHITE, son of Andrew and Laura WHITE. Spencer was killed
Spencer WHITE was in jail. 

Changed my June 2007 ancestry.com family tree
to Family Connections:  June 23, 2014

Continued to search for marriages records in newspapers.
Tony WHITE and Georgie LEE  April 29, 1021

Ernest HAYES and Martha BLAKEY April 1908

Searched Iowa newspapers: African American
Posted on facebook
212 1/2 S 8th St.
St. Joseph, Missouri

Burlington, Iowa
at Lena JOHNSON's and Tugg WILSON's wedding April 15, 1914
Mrs. Lena JOHNSON WILSON : Stenographer in the Historical Building
Who was Mrs. Chars Smith?
She was related to Lena.
Believe that the reporter recorded Mrs. Chas Smith from Mrs. C.C Smith.

Had some thought about what to share on profile page on facebook.

Note: Charles BARTLETT worked for Southwestern bell

Note: 5th Year on this Website:
Family Connections

Notes: on my Calendar for June 2014
Top part left: List of Elias BARTLETT and his wives
Rachel  ?
 ?          SHAW
Harriett HOOPER

Not for sure if Rachael's maiden name was SHAW.

Middle top of calendar:
Lucy (BARTLETT) HORAN taught in Carrollton County
8 year matron at industrial school for negro girls in Tipton Missouri
Brother, Paul BARTLETT in St. Joseph, MO
Brother, Charles BARTLETT in Brookfield MO

On the notes below the days of June 26-28, 2014
Pat WHITE had a smashed face with bottle
Jailed March 1906, Feb 1906 ,
Oct, 1 1906: owed fee of $63

Heryford Furniture Co.
Pauper coffin for Pat WHITE  $6

Pat WHITE in crap game July 1906
70 days in jail


Lucy MOSSELL lived at 317 S 18th so did Harriett BARTLETT