Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mary Jane Blakley Richardson

 ‎100 years ago on July 31, 1911, Mary Jane Blakley was born to John (Blakey) Blakley and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley. Aunt Mary married Eugene Richardson.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let's Do It Again! The Lankford Family Reunion 2011

Logo by Leo Lankford III
The gathering this year is set for Saturday, July 30, 2011
at Hyde Park in St. Joseph, Missouri.
The reunion was in honor of Better Weston and Josephine Walker Wilson.
The Theme was Celebrating Life And The Joy Of Living.

Due to the weather the gathering was held at The South end Hall.
Family members from Mary Thomas, Lula Blakley, Sarah Johnson,
Leo Lankford Jr. and Josephine Walker Wilson attended the gathering.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mystery Of Chilton and Jennie Lyle

This blog is for the descendants of Chilton Lyle and Jennie Bartlett Lyle. Hope you find this blog interesting. Connections with the missing pieces to the puzzle. I was going to post this at another date. I think now is the now....

I've had been searching for Chilton Lyle for some time. On, 15 November 2010, I finally come across some things. I thought that Step Grandpa Lyles name was Chelton or Clinton Lyles. I came across this information for his wife, Jennie's death record. Jennie ( Bartlett) Blakley Lyles was my grandma.

I did some Missouri death record searches. I came up with the surname spelled LYLE and LYLES. Chilton and Jennie had at least 4 children. Two of their children passed away as infants. Doris or Dorthy Lyle passed in 1920 and Edgar Lyles in 1926 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

I believe that I've located Chilton Lyle on the 1920 census. He was in the___ Hospital No 2 in St. Joseph, MO. I haven't come across Jennie's and Chilton's marriage record. I can assume that they were married some time between Jan to April of 1920.

According to the 1920 census record, Chilton Lyles was born about 1874. He was a farm hand. His place of birth was in the United States. According to one of his children's death record he stated his birth place as Missouri. Jennie didn't know. She stated that Chliton's place of birth was unknown.

Jennie had at least 4 children by Chilton. There was a question of Doris and Dorthy. There were two death records with two names but every thing else was the same. I don't believe that they were twins. Records state single birth.

I lost track of Chilton after Jennie's pass away in December of 1926. On Jennie's death record her husband's name was spelled Chelton Lyles. I tried to track his two children                                        

Faris Chilton Lyle

Geneva Lyle Jones
On the 1930 census Chilton's two children were listed with someone else. It appeared to be a place for children without parents. In 1935 Faris was listed in New York.

I recall looking at St. Joseph, Missouri city directories, I saw that Jennie Lyle lived in a different house then Chilton Lyle. I heard that some of Jennie's children didn't like Old man Lyle. My father did. I heard that Step Grandpa Chilton was a witness to my parents marriage in Troy, Kansas.

From what I recall from my father, David Blakley, Old man Lyle lived in Kansas. He was living with a woman in the 1940's. When Chilton passed away, my father said the he was willed one of Chilton's guns. I haven't found Chilton Lyle / Lyles death record.

I believe that there is more on Chilton Lyle.
Hoping more information will come up.
My search continues..

Staying On The Journey Still Searching....
The Mystery of Chilton Lyle

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adding People To The Family Tree

Over the  years, I've been adding more people to the family tree. I've been thinking about some of those who are connected to our lineage. I can't imagine how information can get lost. There were a lot of descendants.

I was wondering where some of my cousins fit on the tree. We are connect some how. I've been tying to search the past for information. So, I thought, why not look at what I know now?

The more I have added, I'm amazed by what I know. I'm on the journey to find out as much as I can about my family lineage. There are those who are alive that I can add to the tree.

I had this thought come to me in mid July of 2009. What a lot of information! I know what I have gathered can help out someone else searching their family history.

I've seen some links of people who are searching on the same family tree I am. They have added what I have found. I'm glad that they are. I hope that they can add more on the family tree.

For example: I came across one of my cousins on my father's side. I didn't realize that she was married twice. I had and have relatives that were divorced. There are more cousins than I though. There are a lot of things that I didn't know.

It's nice to discover things on the family tree. There are many who search for clues. What information we know, could be some one's missing links. We search and come to dead ends. Until we come across that missing link.

May searchers keep searching for clues. May clues lead to more clues. May the results connect others to others family tree. Amen.

While On The Journey...
Adding People To The Family Tree

I find a website that list possible relatives.
It helps out some.
It's harder to get the names of present descendants.
I don't know where they fit on the family tree.
But through time may what I know fall into place.

Peace to all,
Staying On The Journey,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Robert Lewis Lankfard Sr.

‎100 years ago on July 13, 1911
Robert Lewis Lankfard was born to Leo Lankford Sr and Mary F. (Allen) Lankford.
Uncle Robert was my cousin also. He married my cousin, Irene Blakey.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Louis Adward "Addison" "Add" Lankford

Louis Adward "Add" Lankford
1882 - 1967
Louis Adward / Addison "Add" LANKFORD was the son of Robert Louis ( Lewis) Lankfard / Lankfard ( 1851 - 1919) and Charlotta Dade Lanford / Lankfard (1852 - 1924).
Louis "Add" was born on Jan 20, 1882 in Canton, Missouri. Louis married Virginia / Virgie Hill ? about 1904
Louis had no children by Virgie. (Virgie was born about 1886.)

Louis had two daughter by Leola Peterson; Thema Lankford born about 1902 and Rowena Lankford born about 1908. [Leola / Leolla (1883 - 1954)]

Louis had a daughter and a son by Sarah Elizabeth Wright (1882 - 1967). Adlene Lankford (1912 - 1931) and Charles Addison Lankford ( 1915 - 2009.)

Louis worked as a Laborer, an Attendant at a R.R. Station in New York and a Porter. "Add" was a professional baseball player in the Negro League. He was a pitcher.

He played with the Kansas City Monarchs (1900's ? )
He played on the Occidents in Salt Lake City, Utah 1910 -1912.
Louis "Add" pitched for the following teams.
The New York Lincolns Stars in 1916 and 1918
The Brooklyn Royal Giants in 1917
The Penn Station Red Caps in 1917 - 1920
Louis "Add" Lankford

Louis died in June of 1967 in New York.
Here's Louis' memorial on Find A Grave

Thanks for reading.
Staying On The Family History Journey
Louis Adward / Addison "Add" Lankford
If you know more about Louis "Add" Lankford's life,
Could you share or make a comment?
Louis "Add" Lankford in 1910.
Here's a website with photos of Louis "Add" Lankford. This person is researching people who played in the negro league.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Six Of My Brothers

July 3, 2011

Private Isaac Blakey And Miss Rachel Lew / Lafayette/ Lephrige

Isaac Blakey
Private Isaac Blaker
Son of Andrew and Julia White
Miss Rachel Ann Lefew
Daughter of Andrew and Charity Lew / Lafayette / Lephridge
Rachael  Lephridge
Mrs. Isaac Blakey
 And the two became one.
On July 3, 1874

Isaac and Rachel were married by the Rev. Edward Kane or King
The wedding took place at Charles Marshall's house
in Wilkinson County in Mississippi.

To this union there were at least 18 children. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

How Did The Family Surname Get From LANKFARD to LANKFORD?

I can't recall when I first started noticing my mother's family surname. The Lankford surname had been spelled many ways over the centuries. LANGFORD, LAUNKFORD, LANFERD, LANDFORD, LANKFORT.  I've always thought the spelling was LANKFORD.

For some time now I've been thinking about the LANKFORD spelling. I can't recall when I first saw the LANKFARD spelling. It might have been on my Grandparents Robert and Charlotta's tombstones around 1991. I was looking for their grave sites.

As I continued to search, I came across some more info. My Grandpa's parents' (Leo and Mary) surname was spelled LANKFARD on their tombstone. I think that there was something to that.

As I did some more research on the LANFORD brothers' World War 1 and 2 Draft Reg Card, I came across the surname. Most of them had their surname spelled or signatures LANFARD. There were about two occasions when the name was spelled LANFORD.

There were two LANKFORD sisters Anna Alice (Smith) and Lula (Madison) who had their maiden name spelled LANKFARD on their marriage record. What's the odds of that? There has to be some reason why the surname was spelled LANKFARD. But what?

I wondered why other cousins spelled their surname LANKFARD. Cousin, Robert Lewis Lankfard Sr. told my that his father, Robert, (my Uncle) told him that the surname was spelled LANKFARD.

Last year, I spoke with cousin Leo Lankford the 3rd about the surname. He didn't know the reason behind the spelling. Perhaps when the LANFARD brothers, Louis, Frederick and Nym went to New York, the surname was changed. Who knows?

It could have been how the name was pronounced. Or perhaps how people spelled the surname. I haven't heard of the source of the reason why the different spellings. I'm more to believe that the correct spelling was LANKFARD. It reminds a mystery in why the surname was changed.

Thanks for reading.
How  Did The Family Surname Get From LANKFARD to LANKFORD?
I don't know....
Staying On The Family History Journey,