Saturday, October 31, 2015

Remembering Yankton October 31, 1981

I've been thinking about my journey to Yankton, South Dakota.  I can't forget it. I've learned more about my family connections over the years.

It's been 34 years since I met my Great Auntie Mary "Lovie" (KINNEY) BLAKEY. She was my Grandpa John BLAKEY / BLAKLEY's sister in law. Great Auntie Mary was my only Great Auntie that I remember meeting in person. That was the only time we've met.

On Saturday, October 31, 1981, I met some other relatives in Yankton. Some of Mary's grandchildren, Mary Jane and her husband James LIGHTNER and Mary Jane's sister Doris and some of their children.

It was a long journey getting there. I was glad, I made it. It was on this day that discovered who my Great Grandpa was. I thought his name was John Blakey. But his name was Isaac Blakey. Mary Jane had a photo of our Great Grandpa Isaac with his wife Rachel. I was amazed to see that photo. I wished I took a picture of it. Below is a photo of my Great Grandpa Isaac.

Private Isaac Blakey
(1845- 1917)

I was fascinated by all the things Great Aunt Mary and cousin, Mary Jane had been sharing with me through our corresponds over the years. As I look back, I'm thankful that I kept the letters that Mary Jane wrote me. I've been re reading them. There are some things I forgot about.

I've been searching more of the clues that Mary Jane spoke of in her letters. At that time, I didn't know what cousin Mary was speaking about. But, as I'm coming across more information, there are some things that are making some sense.

I thank God for all that I've encountered on my journey quest to know more about my family connections. I have come across a lot of relatives in the process. I hope to connect with more. If not in person, by internet. That's how I have been finding family connections.

Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tracing The Lankford / Lankfard Surname Through Leo

Who was Leo Lankford Sr. / Lankfard?

He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard. 
He was born on May 30, 1884 in Canton, Missouri.
He passed on Sept 14, 1954 in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Leo Lankford Sr. / Lankfard
(1884- 1954)

On the 1900 census
He was 16 listed as Sea Sankford
LIVED with parents at 2413 Edmond
Age 17 in 1901
 he was Listed as Leo Lankford;
Address 2413 Edmond: Job Tmstr
Age 18 in 1902  
Listed as Leo Lankfard;
Address 2411 Edmond: Job Tmstr

Age 20 in 1904
Leo Lankfard lived at 2413 Edmond
Age 21 in 1905 
Leo Lankford lived at 2412 Edmond listed as a tmstr
Age 25 in 1909 
Leo Lankford lived at 2412 Edmond

On April 16, 1909 
Mary WALTERS married Leo LAUKFORD on index
On the 1910 Census  
Listed as Lea Lankford / Can't read place where LIVED

Age 26 in 1910
Leo Lankford lived at 2413 Edmond
Age 27 in 1911
Listed as Leo Lankfard; no c after name mentioning that he was colored.
Address 2722 Mary; Job Tmstr
Age 28 in 1912
Listed as Leo Lankford at 2414 Sylvanie

Age 29 in 1913
 Listed on other directory Leo lived at 2616 Locust:
Surname spelled Lankfard

 Age 30 in 1914
 Listed Leo Lankford at   2616 Angelique as a tmstr

On the 1930 Census
listed as age 46
 Leo Lankford lived at 2622 Locust with wife Mary.
He was a teamster.
Age 53 in 1937 
 Listed as Leo Lankford 2616 Locust

Age 55 in 1939
 Listed with Surname spelled Langford on census record
LIVED at 2616 Locust

Age 55 in 1939
listed as a Hauler

On the 1940 Census as age 55,
Listed as Leo (Mary) Lankford
lived with wife and children at 2616 Locust.

 As 57 in 1951
 listed as Leo Lankford at 2616 Locust

Age 59 in l953
listed as Leo Lankford lived with wife at 2616 Locust St

Age 70 in 1954
Surname spelled LANKFORD on death record
Surname spelled LANKFARD on his tombstone
Tombstones at Ashland Cemetery 
St. Joseph, Missouri.

The family surname has been spelled Langford / Lankfard.
However, only one child  of Leo and Mary, Robert, spelled his surname LANKFARD
His off spring carried on with the LANKFARD spelling also.
There is no doubt that Leo used the LANKFORD surname majority of his life.
It's ironic that his surname on his tombstone is spelled LANKFARD.
Leo and Mary Allen LANKFORD / LANKFARD have descendants with both spellings.
Thanks for reading.
S. A. Blakley

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Family Connections And DNA

I sent off for my DNA kit from in 2014. I received me results on October 24, 2014.  I was waiting to see what region my ancestors came from. I was very surprised.

It's been a year since I took the test. I finally got in a DNA circle.  Our common ancestors are Andrew / Andre WHITE and Julia FINNEY.  So, far only 3 of us are in this circle.

I started out with about 63 possible matches. I'm up to 109 as of October24,  2015. In the beginning, there were a few I saw right off the bat. There were some common ancestors on our family tree. However none of these DNA matches are in my circle.

It's sad to see that most of the people who took the DNA test don't have family tree charts. And there are many searchers who have their family tree private. How can people make family connections when things are hidden?

I don't know why people who search for family history, but don't what to share what they know.  What's the point? I guess we all have our reason.

My reason is to find more about my ancestors. And to share what I have and what I have discovered along the way. I don't get it when people hide with they know. It couldn't be that bad.

The living people on family trees are hidden. Only those who have passed on are available to see. That would make sense.

Here are my results:  DNA Results took 23 days. I don't know how things work. I was a bit surprise on the America section.

   73 % African
   20%    Ivory Coast / Ghana
   18%    Cameroon / Congo 
   13%    Nigeria 
   13%    Senegal
   04%    Benin/Togo
   03%    Mali

   02%    Africa South-Central Hunter- Gatherers
   01%    Africa Southeastern Bantu

    0%    American
    0%    Native American

24% European
   12%    Great Britain
   07%    Europe West
   03%    Europe East
   01%    Italy / Greece
   01%    Scandinavian

    03% Other

   Pacific Islander (Less than)
   01% Polynesia

   West Asia  (Less than)
   01% Caucasus

I was surprised that there was no Native American in my family linage. That was want was passed down through the generations. It's makes me wonder.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Friday, October 23, 2015

Journey Quest : Oct 2015

 Some how , I made two blogs for October 2015!
Here's the other one.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Here's  some more of what I discovered in October of 2014!
 Mailed DNA sample

Searching info  and making some discoveries on
Otis HAYES and Jane WHITE HAYES  Family Connections

Jane WHITE HAYES d. 1982

Hayes , Curtiss Leo b. Jan 10, 1931
m) Opal Juanita OWENS

Daughter Monica ALMOND
Curtiss Leo ( Claudia) HAYES -- photo
Collin L.  HAYES 
Collin's daughter Chantal

Otis (Deloris) HAYES

Dr. Kristie (photo)
Karen (photo) facebook

Kim's daughter , Brittany (John) BOEHM
Brittany's daughter, Stella

Buried in same cemetery: Find A Grave
Forest Lawn Memorial

Freddie LANKFORD d. 2006

John Henry BLAKEY d. 1980
Beecher BLAKEY b. 1885

Searching info on Carl JONES Sr.'s parents: Mulatto.
Carl Jones Sr. born in 1909.

Noting some things.
James HENDRED b. 1875

Doris BLAKEY IVORY b. 1948

Loraine (BOSTON) HAYES b. 1922

Paul  BLAKLEY died 1946

Betty Joyce THOMAS DEAN b. Oct 4, 1942

Jacquelyn Michelle HOFFMAN
Jan 11 1996
Oct 4, 1996

Searched for info on Patrick "Pat" WHITE killed in 1906

T. B. ROSS Family Connections
Carliss HOLLAND fb

DWB passed on Oct 7, 1989
Family Connections Henry BLAKEY and Mary FRISTOE

Find A Grave:
Parents names to memorial added
Floyd BLAKEY WWII profile
Floyd BLAKEY's children
Nathanial Blakey in Omaha, Blakey

Robert L. BLAKEY

Searching for Henry / Mary FRISTOE children
Floyd's children in Wisconsin

Found some info
Laura BLAKEY death note

Beverly Ann (BLAKEY) Robert Coleman
Tanisha Marini
Dara M


Kelly M. (Steven) PORKORNY, 33
sister Autumn BLAKEY age 25, Aug 25th

Virgil L. KING b. 1928 downed in 1941
Mary Elizabeth FRISTOE d. 1957

Raymond BLAKEY Sr. children by Johnnie
put in right place

Find A Grave

John Tyler TOLSON
m) Arite
2) Georgia
3) Sara  
Finding Your Roots NOTES
Oct 7, 2014

Changed mother's name to Johnnie Mae BULTER BLAKEY
Aruthur BLAKEY

Arthur BLAKEY Sr. born in 1910 not 1909

Eugene Gene Gary GUYTON
25 July 1941 to Jan 19, 2008

Tombstones: Maybelle GUYTON
                      John W. GUYTON Jr. 1940 - 1991

Found info
Virgil Louis KING, drowned at age 12

Barney D. KING IV
born 31 Jan 1961
Mother's last name HENLEY

Searched for Barney Dewey KING age 53 born in  1961
Sarah Elizabeth age 53
Amanda M. KING

Oct 8th info
John/ Maybell GUYTON's 12 children

DNA sample in lab

William MADISON b. 1868


Forest Charleston

Parents Charles SCROGGIS and Annie ANDERSON


Frederic FARMER
Malik Loins FARMER

Paul's 73rd Birthday

John Will GUYTON III 1963- 2003

Mary L. BYRD

Search for NICKERSON

Otis and Jane HAYES

John W. GUYTON d. 1991

Otis HAYES b. 1906

Ted BLAKEY d. 2004


Called Aunt Josie


James P. BLAKEY b. 1921


Louis N. DADE born 1847

Blog Idea on Family Tragedies Death
By child birth, Accidents, murders, early deaths

ancestry.con 2441

BLAKEY died at birth Boy 1912
BLAKEY girl 1914

Called Aunt Josie

Edge LYLE b. 1925
Lawhorn BLAKEY d. 1977
Ransom Louis SIMMONS d. 2007

James WESTON Jr. b. 1926

Searching info


Precious Joy 1986

NOTES: To top of calendar  October 2014

Blog Ideas: Updates

John Will GUYTON and Maybelle BLAKEY GUYTON's children

Joseph Charles (Anne)
Robert (Kathy)
John Will Jr.
Eugene Gary
Gilbert Larne
Rosemary Soynin
Chamudi Beverly
Jeanett Irene
Janet Mae MONROE
Jancie Marie
Elizabeth Iqo

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Father's Family Surname

Entry dated Dec 5, 1983
My father said "that when he was young, he heard that the name Blakey was taken off a billboard. Old timers said this (when Isaac was passing on his way south to Mississippi?)

Some thoughts and research info

I asked my father, why the family surname was spelled Blakey? He said that he didn't know why. But, that was what he heard the older relatives said how to spell the family surname. My father said that he was taught to spell the family surname Blakley.

As I've done some research, a cousin told me some thing similar to what my father said. Also this cousin said that it was a barber shop billboard. There was a story behind it. But, my cousin didn't get to share that story with me. 

While I kept searching on my family history, I discovered something interesting bout the family history. Some of the former slave family members took the White surname. But, Isaac took the Blakey surname. It's interesting to know that the former slave-owner Frances Blakey's maiden name was WHITE.

The slave family was divided before the Civil War broke out. Then after the war, the former slaves gathered as a family. Only Isaac took the Blakey surname. Perhaps it was because Isaac became a free man and joined the Union Army in Natchez, MS in 1863.

Another twist to the story about the family surname. It's ironic that Isaac's surname in the Civil War was  BLAKER.  How he came up with that surname a mystery. That's odd.

Perhaps he couldn't use his former surname as a slave. So the R was replace the Y. Isaac stated that his name was Isaac Blakey as he applied to pension benefits. There was no record of Isaac Blakey on file. Though Isaac did prove that he was Isaac Blaker.

As for the blakey surname, the name could have been how people thought  it should have been spelled. Or it's how it sound when people heard it.  It's so with the Blakley surname. My Grandpa John Blakey changed the surname to Blakley. Indeed that surname has been spelled Blakely and  other ways as well. 

I ordered a birthday 🎂. Here's my last name I saw on the box.
 I had a smile on my face...and said I'm here for the BLAKEY 🎂. Yes, I calmed it. 

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tracing The Lankford / Lankfard Surname Through Louis "Add"

Who was Louis Adward Lankford / Lankfard?

Louis was the son of Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard.
He was born on Jan 20, 1882 in Canton, Lewis, Missouri
He passed in Jun of 1967 in New York, New York, New York,
Mr. Louis Adward "Add" Lankfard
(1882 -1967)

On the 1900 census
He was listed as  Addie S. SANKFORD / SANDFORD
He was a laborer.
City Directories in St. Joseph, MO
1901 ~ He was listed as Louis A Lankford               
He was a laborer at 2413 Edmond

1902 ~ He was listed as Louis A. Lankfard,
He lived at 2411 Edmond

Louis had a daughter by Leola PETERSON.
Thelma Rowena Lankford JACKSON.
(1902 - 1961)
Louis' Occupation ? 1908 - 1920Professional Baseball Player 

1909 ~ He was listed as Add Lankford, moved to Idaho
On the 1910 census
He was listed as Louis A. Lankford
He was a laborer at 2412 Edmond

1911 City Directory of St. Joseph, MO
Louis as listed  with LANKFARD surname
He was as a laborer at 2412 Edmond

Louis had a daughter and a son by Sarah Elizabeth WRIGHT.
Children born in Pocatello, Idaho
Adlene H. Lankford (1912 - 1931)
Charles "Puffy" Addison Lankford (1915 - 2009)

World War I Draft Reg Card 1917-1918
He lived in Manhattan, New York, New York on 160 West 142nd St.
Next of kin wife Virginia LANKFARD
Louis Adward LANKFARD was the name spelled and signed on record

  Louis Lankford married Virginia "Virgie" B Hill on Sept. 3, 1918 .
Louis had no children by Virgie.

On the 1920 Census
He was listed as Louis LANKFORD
He lived on 160 West 142nd St.
with wife Virgie
His Job: Attendant R.R. Station
Soundex: spelled surname: LAUKORD / LAUTFORD

City Directory NY
He was listed as  Louis A. Lankford at h160 W 144th
He was a por

On the 1925 NY Census
He was  listed as Louis Lankford with wife Virgie and mother in law at 160 West 142nd St

On the 1930 census
He was listed as Louis  LANGFORD
He live on St. Nicholas St.
 with wife Virgie
His Job: Porter at apartment house
Source World War II Draft Reg Card 1942
Louis lived on 824 St Nich Ave #24 NY.
Next of kin Nym Lankford.
Virgie was not listed.
Louis signed his surname Lankford.
Louis and Virgie Lankford
Re  married on 32nd Wedding Anniversary 1944.
Source Newspaper article

Louis was mentioned in two of his sibling's obituary. 
His surname was spelled Lankford on his, brother Leo Lankford's obituary in 1954.
And Lankfard in Lula Madison's obituary in 1961.

As I began searching for info on Louis, it was a task in doing.
I didn't know that he went by two names.
In St. Joseph, MO, he was Louis Lankford and Louis A. Lankfard. 
There were times he went by Add Lankford.
Add and Addie appears to have been  his nicknames.

When he became a professional baseball player his name was Add Langford.
 When he moved to NY, his name was some times Add Lankford.
He also went by Louis Lankford. 

Add Langford
a.k.a. Add Lankford
Louis Adward "Add" Lankford / Lankfard
It appears that Louis spelled his surname three ways.
 Langford / Lankford / Lankfard.
He was Louis Adward Lankfard.
He was Louis A. Lankford.
He was Add Langford.
He was Add Lankford.

However, Louis children spelled their surname LANKFORD.
It appears that the Langford and Lankford surname stood out.
Louis would mail post cards to his siblings.
He would address the surname as LANKFARD.
He would sign his name Add.
Well, it appears that Add added something different to the family connections.
He left  us a paper trail to discover who he was.
 Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

R.I. P. Great Uncle Add.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Frances Ovington Dade Connection: # 3.) Louis Newton DADE: Repost With Updates

This is a repost and update on the DADE Family Connections.
I have made a lot of discoveries.
I hope you see some family connections.
Thanks for reading.


3.) Louis Newton "Lew" DADE

Louis "Lew" Dade was born on October 16, 1847 in Lewis County Missouri.
He passed away on February 18, 1937 in Canton, Missouri.
He married Mary Ann Venoy.
Louis and Mary had 11 children.

1.) Japlin Gilam Dade
(1870 - 1910)
Japlin was married a Mrs. Nancy Moore

2.) Mary Bell Dade
(1872 - 1949)
She was listed as single on her death record.
She  was believe to have had 3 children.
Mary went by Bell on census records.
It was confusing. She had a sister in law named Bell Dade.
Mary Bell Dade's children.

Roy Dade
(1895- 1960)
He married Lillian Virginia Washington

 Clarence N. Dade
(1904 - 2003)
He married Marjorie Richards
Katherine B.  Brown Thompson
(1907 - 1996)
She married George Thompson

3.) Margaret / Maggie Elizabeth Dade
(1873 - 1954.)
She married Charles W. Brown

Charles W. Brown Jr. (1910 - 1910)

Julia Mary Brown Collin
(1910 - 1970)
She married Melvin M. Collins
Their children
Melvin Milford Collins
(1939 -1939)

George Charles Collins
(1941- 1942)

John Wayne Collins

Barbara Jean Collins Washington JONES

Mary Julia Collins

Richard Leroy Collins
(1946- 2015)
4.) Noah Den / ie Dade
(1877 -1975)
Den was married to Louetta / Etta Robinson.
They had 8 children
Elizabeth J. Nickerson,
She married William H. NICKERSON

Hazel Catherin King,
(1906 - 1990)
She married Barney Dewey KING

Louis P. "Louie" Dade, 
(1908 - 1980)
He married Frances HOLDER
He married Violet Bicsel HORAN

Mary Alice Dade,
(1909 - 1911)

Unnamed Dade,
(1911- 1911)

Glady Bea Dade Richards,
She married Carl Clifton Richards

Raymond Dade

Robert Lee Dade
(1917 - 2009)

5.) Diana Dade ( born about 1877)

6.) Isaac Dade ( born about 1879)

7.) Pearl Dade( born about 1881).

Pearl was married to Belle Cotton.

Continuing with the children of Louis and Mary Ann Dade
8.) George Dade
(born about 1883)

9.) Goldie / Golden Adom Dade
(1884 - 1920)

10.) Money / Mone Dade
(1888 - 1940)
Mone was married to
Madge B. "Maggie" PLEASANT Clark
(1879 - 1973)

11.) John Wesley Dade
(born about 1891 - !918))
John was married to Helen HOLDER.
They had a son,
Lloyd Milton Dade

I  have searched the census, marriage and death record for Louis Newton Dade's family.
That was were I found the above information.
Here's a few things I came up with.

On The 1870 census
Louis was listed with the name spelled Lewis Dade, age 23 MO born 1847.
Appeared living with parents, Isaac and Franky Dade.
His wife, Mary and their son Gilman born 1870.
Gilman could have been Japlin G? year of birth 1866.
I couldn't find Japin on the 1870 census.

On The 1880 Census
Louis was listed as Lewis Dade, age 33, MO born 1847,
Married to Mary R. Dade, Listed with 6 children;
Japlin, Mary, Margaret, Diane, Dennie and Isaac.

On The 1990 Census
Louis was listed as Louis BATES age 52, MO Born Oct 1847.
Wife, Mary A. BATE, married age 30; 1870
Louis was listed with 7 children
Mary, Margaret, Pearl, George, Golden, Money, Wesley
and one grandson, Roy who was Pearl's son.
Wife, Mary A. was the mother of 11
with 10 living when the 1900 census was taken.
Don't know if that could have been Gilman?

On The 1910 Census
Louis was listed as Lewis Dade, age 62, MO, Born about 1848,
Married to Mary A. Dade with 4 sons, Pearl, Golden, Mane (Mone), and Weslie.
They lived on 11th Street.

On The 1920 Census
This was the first time Louis was listed as Louis N. Dade, age 72 MO, Born about 1848,
Widowed. Lived with daughter, Maggie (Margaret) and Maggie's daughter, Julia born about 1903.
They lived at 1013 Grand Street. Louis owned the home.

On The 1930 Census
Louis was listed as Louis Dade age 83, MO born about 1847. Widowed,
Listed with daughter, Margaret born about 1879 and her daughter, Julia born about 1913 < wrong year. Lived on Grant Street Louis owned his home.
His job was curvier: bones and shell work .

Piecing The Story Together:
Frances OVINGTON DADE was lsted as 101 on the 1900 MO census.
According to the 1900 census, she was listed having 14 children.
7 were living at the time when the census was taken.

So far, I've come across 4 of the 14 children of Frances Ovington Dade.

1.) Louisa Jane / Janie Dade Washington
Mrs. David Washington
1826 - 1910)

2.) Mary Ann Dade Madison
Mrs. William Madison(1836 - 1921)

3.) Louis Newton Dade
A.K.A. Louis "Lew" Dade

(1847 - 1937)

4.) Charlotta / Charlottie Dade Lankford
Mrs. Robert Lewis Lankford(1852 - 1924)

The Journey Continues...
Hoping to find Another Frances OVINGTON DADE Connection

But who was Frances DADE OVINGTON to me?
Frances was the mother of Charlotta DADE LANKFORD.
Charlotta was the mother of Leo LANFORD Sr.
Leo Sr. was the father of Lula my mother.
me, Susan

Thanks for reading.
I hope some of the descendants of Louis Newton Dade find this blog.
Below is Louis Newton's death record.
Staying On The Ovington Dade Connection.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Family Surname: It Was Blakey Not Blakley, Sorta

Enter dated: In the year 1985: My father's brother, Isaac and his wife, Anna moved to South Dakota in the 1930's. They discovered that the family surname was BLAKEY not BLAKLEY.

Photo of Isaac and Anna Charlotte (Lankford) Blakley

Some of my thoughts:

I think it was during the 1970's or early 1980's when I learn about the spelling of my family surname. It was spelled BLAKEY. Back then, I didn't know the reason why our surname was changed. But through family searching I made some discovers.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Monday, October 12, 2015

Tracing The Lankford / Lankfard Family Surname: Through Nymadula / Nym

Who was Nymadula Lankford / Lankfard?

He was the son of Robert L. and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard.
He was born on Feb 29, 1896 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Nymadula Lankfard

On the 1900 census.
 LIVED with parents and siblings at 2413 Edmond

On the 1910 Census
Name spelled: Nymmadula LANKFORD
LIVED with parents and siblings at 2413 Edmond.

City Directory St. Joseph, MO
1912 and 1913
2412 Edmond name Nymadula Lankford.
 He was a laborer

City Directory St. Joseph, MO  in 1914
2412 Edmond name Nymadula Lankfard.
He was a teamster for R. L. Lankfard

City Directory St. Joseph, MO in 1918
2412 Edmond name  Nym Lankfard.
He was a teamster.

Nym was a laborer.
Lived at 2414 Edmond.
 He was listed as single
SOURCE : World War I Draft Reg Card 1917-1918
On this record Nym surname was written both ways.
The first surname on paper spelled LANKFARD
Nym signed the record LANKFORD.

City Directory Denver in 1919
Lived in  Denver, Colorado, USA 2100 Arapahoe Listed as Nym Lankford a porter

He married Hattie McDaniel
Listed on 1920 census Nannie?
Hattie was a singer/ entertainer wife of Nym LANGFORD in WY.
They were lodgers in Casper, Wyoming

1923 Denver City Directory
Nym and Hattie Lankford r 2928 Downing.

WY 1924 and 1925
Believed to lived in Casper, Natrona, Wyoming, USA

On the 1930 Census
He lived in Manhattan, New York, New York:
Surname spelled: LANGFORD
LIVED with wife Irene and daughter, Marjorie Lankford
They lived  at 146th Street
Marjorie passed as a young child.

In 1938 ~ Divorced
from Hattie McDaniel: Source from Hattie McDaniel's bio
On the 1940 Census.
New York, New York, New York, United States
Surname spelled LANKFARD.

 Source World War II Draft Reg Card 1942
Nym was 46,
Married to Irene Lankford.
Lived at 246 W 14 6 Stapt 6 in New York
Worked: at Rome Concession, Penn Sta /
 Surnamed spelled LANKFORDBut, signed LANKFARD

 Nym was married to Gertrude "Gertie"
She was a German.
They lived in New York, New York

Mrs. Nym Lankfard
Mrs. Gertrude "Gertie" Lankfard
 The last mention of Nym:
He was mentioned on his brother Leo Lankford's obituary Sept of 1954 as a survivor...
also on sister's Lula Mae Maddison's obituary Sept 26, 1961. 
His surname was spelled Lankford in his brother Leo's obituary.
 Nym's surname was spelled Lankfard in Lula' s obituary.

 Nymadula's death was perhaps in NY NY;
There was a website stating that Nym was killed in a shot out.
I can't verify that.
I can't locate his death record.

It appears that Nym went by the surname of LANKFARD.
There is a book that mentions Nym's with the LANKFARD spelling.
Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Father Working On A Farm

I was thinking about my father.
The following enters are about the same subject.
The years were 1926 and 1929.
I'm not for sure how long my father was on the farm.

Enter Dated August 5, 1978:
 (I added words)

(My ) Dad, age 13, Great Bend, Kansas, 1926.
(He) worked for a 1 year on a farm driving horse while men would sacked hay.

Enter Dated Dec 26, 1984:
When (my) father was 16, when (he) went to Great Bend, Kansas
....for a summer to work on a farm to drove horses.
(The year would have been in 1929.)
My father in Dec of 1976
Some of my thoughts.
My father's father passed when my father was about 5.
My father's mother passed when my  father was about 13.
My father's older siblings cared from him.

I just had a thought.
My dad was only 13 and 16 living in Kansas.
I didn't ask my father who he stayed with in Great Bend, Kansas.
He could have been with some of his brothers.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tracing The Lankford / Lankford Surname: Through Charles

Who was Charles Edward Lankford / Lankfard?  
 He was the son of Robert and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford / Lankfard.  
He was born on Jan 4, 1890.
He was the first Lankford / Lankfard in his family to have been born
in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Charles Edward Lankfard
On the 1900 Census
He was listed as Charlie Sanford.
He was living with his  parent at 2413 Edmond

On the 1910 Census
 He was listed as Charles Lankford.
He was a laborer worked odd jobs
He lived with parents at 2412 Edmond.

On the St. Joseph City directories
He was listed...
In 1910 Chas C. Lankford.
In1912  Charles Lankford
In 1913 Chas Lankford

On the U.S. WWI Registration Card 1917-1918
He was living with his wife and 2 year old daughter.
They were living at 2619 Locust St., St. Joseph, MO.
  Charles signed his surname LANKFARD. 

On the 1920 Census
Charles was listed as Mulatto,
Married: Wife and daughter weren't mentioned with him.
Charles' Job: house cleaning and working out.
He lived with mother and sister at 516 N 24th St.
His surname spelled LANKFARD...
Census date Jan 10, 1910.

Charles married Meta Hughes The year of marriage is unknown.
Meta was born in 1896 and passed on in 1931.
They had a daughter named Lelia Laura (Lankfard )Thompson Hill  (1914 - 1960.)
Lelia resided in Kansas City Missouri where she passed on May 19, 1960.
 Lelia had a son named Charles Langford / Lankford.
It was believed, Lelia's  father, Charles passed on in Kansas City.  
On Lelia Hill's death record her father, Charles' surname was spelled Langford.

Note that Charles and Meta were divorce. 
Record states that Meta LANKFARD married Hanceford Beard.
 Hanceford was born on Oct 12, 1889
 and he passed on July 9, 1970 in KS at the age of 80
Charles Lankford passed sometime around 1937 and before September of 1954.
There is no record of his death in MO. 
 He wasn't listed on his brother, Leo's obituary in 1954.

Note about Charles Lankford / Lankfard
He wasn't listed on the U.S. WWII Registration Card in 1942.

The last known record of Charles
He was listed in the U.S., Social Security Applications
and Claims Index, 1936-2007.
His name was  Charles Edward Lankfard.
His parents names were Robert L. Lankfard and Charlotta Dade.
Note on photo: His first name was spelled Charlie. a. k. a. Charles Edward Lankfard
 It appears that Charles' surname was LANKFARD.
I hope that some of Charles' descendants could addmore to the family history.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October NOTES: 2014 What Findings?

Welcome to October!

What findings I have been finding? A lot I can say. I'm coming across more leads to follow. I am hoping to make some more family connections.

I created three Family Connections groups on facebook.
Blakey / WHITE Family connections.  with 118 members
DADE Family Connections with 79 members
Bartlett Family Connections with 23 members

Here's the In Family History: October

Below is some of what I searched for and came across October of 2014.
I was busy coming across info and speaking with some relatives.
I didn't include all that was in my booklet on this blog.
I hope that you see some Family Connections.

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

Searching info
John Henry BLAKEY

Beecher BLAKEY b) 1885


HAYES, Curtiss Leo b) Jan 10, 1931
m) Opal Juanita Owens

Janice HAYES ALMOND daughter, Monica
Curtiss /Claudia

Dr. Kristie HAYES
Kim HAYES ~ Brittany (John) BOEHM daughter, Stella
Dr Karen HAYES

Searching info on Otis HAYES / Jane WHITE

Jane WHITE HAYES d) 1982
Freddie LANKFORD d) 2006

James HENDRED b) 1875
Carl W, JONES parents: Thornton JONES was mulatto

Betty Joyce THOMAS DEAD b( Oct 4, 1942

Jacquelyn Michelle HOFFMAN

Came across:


Find A Grave:
added Floyd BLAKEY's children

Laura Blakey death not
Beverly Ann COLEMAN's daughter

Virgil KING drowned in 1941
Mary Elizabeth FRISTOE BLAKEY d) 1957
Raymond BLAKEY Sr.


John / Mabel's children: List of GUYTON siblings

Eugene / Gene Gary GUYTON
25 July  1941 0 Jan 10, 2008

Maybelle GUYTON 1918 0 1963
John W, GUYTON 1940 - 1991

Search for KING
Virgil Louis KING drowned age 12

Barney D KING IV born 31 Jan 1961
Mother's last name HENLEY

Searched for
Barney Dewey KING age 53
Sarah Elizabeth age 53
Amanda M. KING

Obituary of Gene Gary GUYTON 
John Will / Maybelle BLAKEY GUYTON

John W.
 Obituary of Jesse C. Guyton
(November 21, 1961 - December 31, 2013)                   

John Will GUYTON and / Mabelle BLAKEY GUYTON
List on GUYTON Siblings
 1. James
 2. Joseph Charles (Anne McNIGHT)
 3. Robert (Kathy ROSS)
 4. John Will Jr. (1940-2008)
 5. Eugene Gay (1941- 2008) Dorothy MEUX
 6. Gilbert Larne (1946-1946)
 7. Rosemary Soynin b. 1947 m. Seity JONES
 8. Chamund Beverly b. 1949
 9. Jeanett Irene b. 1951
10. Janet Mae b. 1953 m. Calvin MONROE
11. Janice Marie b. 1953 m. Kofi PANFORD
12. Elizabeth (Justine) IQUO b. 1954

John Will GUYTONG Jr.

Brother: John Will GUTON III died
Jessie C. GUYTON 1961 -   2013
Buried in Ponca Cem Neb
Geneva, Daughter Dominique Charles POWELL
Jancie daughter of Justina

DNA Sample in lab


Ashleigh Michelle CHARLESTON
m.  Randall E.  JARIVS on April 10, 2004 in Denver
Parents Charles SCROGGIN 1891- 1956

Anna B. ANDERSON 1891-1979

Barbara LIONS

John / Jacke
John Will GUYTON IIII (1963-2013)
 m. Mary L. BYRD

Searched for NICKERSON

Carl Kipkin

Came across
Bobette Jane MOTLEY

Charles/ Liz PRICE MILLER m.  25 years

Oct 14, 1989
Charles J.

Searching for NICKERSONs
I called

mother and Aunt are named after Grandfather's sister
Doris Laverne

Mother is Laverne NICKERSON
Her sister is Doris NICKERSON

Vivian had 2 children ?
Estrange at the end of her life
communicated    with brother Robert
Isabella passed after birthing twins

Nathan and Vivian had scholarships

Searched for
Otis and Jane (WHITE) HAYES
John W. GUYTON d) 1991

Otis HAYES b) 1906

Ted BLAKEY d) 2004

Finding Your Roots notes



James P. BLAKEY b) 1921

? of the LANKFORD info

Louis N. DADE born 1847

Blog Idea: Tragedy: In Family Connections
By death
Early death

Blog Ideas
? JACKSON surname 2331

Printer down

BLAKEY Boy died at birth 1912
BLAKEY Girl 1914

Called: Aunt Josie

Edgar LYLE b) 1925
Lawhorn BLAKEY d) 1977
Ransom Louis SIMMONS d02007

James WESTON Jr. b) 1926 

Serna FARMER's daughter:
Precious Joy

Searched on BLAKEY Family Connections
Carolyn BLAKEY G.
daughter of Clarence and Zenioa
Victoria's obituary
Find A Grave
Victoria M. BLAKEY

Need to compile info on
BLAKEY Siblings update
BARTLETT Siblings update

Lionell WHITE d) 1937
Lacy McCLARTY d) 1971
Anthony Quinn BLAKEY
m9 Felice D. BENTON

Isaac R. BLAKEY d)2004
Barney D. KING IV

Mable WHITE (1915-1968)

Edward AKERS
Chester F. WHITE
Ivery Joe WHITE
David Brufus WHITE

? Lincoln WHITE

Marylee TOOLEY WHITE d. 1965

Ollie WHITE b) 1911
Louis P. DADE d) 2008

Louis was a golfer in IA

William E. KING
Pearline BLAKEY d) 1929

Calaisha HENDRED 2003 IL

Found Mary Lee TOOTLE WHITE's obituary
29 March 1898
23 Jan 1965
List of children
Mabel White HURD AKERS (Found obituary)
Ollie died 1916
Lucille (1923-1928)
Ruby/ Randall

Cain Silas HURD Jr.
Donald Silas HURD
Rev Edward AKDERS


William Leslies TERRILL d0 1994

Marshall HENDRED d) 1964
Perry A. LIGHTNER d) 2002

DNA Results: in 23 days

73 % African
24% European
03% Other

Came across info
Pearline E. BLAKEY daughter of Henry
Lydia/ Leona NICKERSON
1920 -1924

Searching for LANKFARD
Nym / Hattie 1920 / 1924 WY

Possible that Nym's name spelled wrong.
Hard to trace.


Fred BLAKEY Sr b) 1909
Spencer T. BLAKEY d) 1967 contact with match

Ollie BLAKEY; didn't communicate with Clarence's children

Teresa CRADDOCK d) 2009

Lawhorn BLAKEY was a hunter
had no children
m. Inez

Hattie McDaniel d) 1952
James A.LANKFARD b) 1874

Gregory VIEUX

Moses WHITE's children
Festus b) 1949

Doris DAVIS McCLARTY d) 2007

Dade Family Connections Lewis County

Blakey / WHITE Family Connections
Briant Brittney HAYES
Jefferson H. BLAKEY

Bay Girl 1960

Kyke Royter III

George H. BLAKEY m) Dianna VOLL Mar 7, 1971



Gary Robert JONES 2013

Ernest Johnnie JONES

Searched WHITE Family Connections

m) Susan HALL
m) Raia Delores Marie WHITE

Kimberly (Richard) LOGAN

Betty Ella WHITE DAVIS d) Feb 14,

Archie C. JONES d) 1994
Sylvester / Susan HALL

Jacquelyn Michelle HOFFMAN

16 Oct 2014 SD Birth Records
9/15/13 Martha / Ernest HAYES (f)
9/26/12 Spencer/ Mary BLAKEY (m)
9/29/14 Spencer/ Mary BLAKEY

Henry / Mary BLAKEY 17, Dec 1909

Searching info on the LANKFORD /LANKFARD Brothers
How they spelled their surname: Other similarities in the family.
Talked with some cousins
Betty Lou C.
Laverne T.

Searched on NICKERSON Family Connections
Ezekiel Watson NICKERSON

Some Family estrange loss connections:
Vivian had a daughter named Cheryl
and a son Harry ?


Talked with
Learned more on the BLAKEY Family Connections

Searched more on the BLAKEYs
Sheila Marie BLAKEY
Anthony Quinn BLAKEY
m. Felica Dawn BENTON

Ollie Ricco BLAKEY
Victoria Myzell BLAKEY
children. Ollie / Michelle/ Raymond

Billions Graves
Richard Isaac BLAKLEY d. Oct 21, 2011
Posted on Family Connections

Finding Your Roots notes

Searched for WHITE Family Connections
Chester Field WHITE
Ivery Joseph
David Brufus
Margaret Lois
Curtis Lee

Valerie James Dee