Saturday, December 31, 2011

Along The Journey Of 2011: Milestones And Memories

It's been some what of a journey this year.
As I look back, I think I've made a lot of new discoveries.
I'll share some of them in the up coming months.

Also, I would like to thank all of you who I've spoken to me either
in person, on the phone, through this website, on facebook or by email.
Thanks for adding what you know about the family history.
I thankful that some have found connection through this site.
We all have a story to share.
I hope that you're recording your family history as well.

2011 was the 100th Anniversary of Some Relatives Births

Robert Lewis Lankfard Sr.
Born on July 11, 1911
Son of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford

Mary Jane Blakley Richardson
Born on July 31, 1911
Daughter of John (Blakey) Blakley and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley -Lyle

Charlotta Madison Williams
Robert Lewis Lankford "Lank" Madison
Twins Born on March 19, 1911
Daughter and son of William and Lula (Lankford) Madison

Unknown Named InfantChild of Den and Louette Robinson Dade
Born on August 20, 1911
Infant passed away on August 22, 1911

There were a few relatives who passed away in 2011.
These are the only ones that I've heard about.

Missed; By Not Forgotten
Robert Leon Farmer Sr.
(1934 - 2011)

Son of William and Leola (Lankford) Farmer

Mary E. Tillman
(1939 - 2011)

Mary E. Thomas Tillman
Daughter of Milton Vernon and Mary Jennie"Virgina (Lankford) Thomas

Richard Isaac "Dickey" Blakley
Son of Isaac and Anna (Lankford) Blakley

On The Louisa Jane Dade / Washington Connections

Raymond Hendred

(1920- 2011)
Son of Isaac and Elsie Hendred

Durwood D. Hendricks Sr.
(1945- 2011)
Grandson of Isaac and Elsie Hendred

On The L. Lankord/ D. Blakley Connection
There were some family pets that have died.
Dogs: Dragon, Roxie, Bishop, Buster
and Arrow, the cat, and Louie, the bunny.

There were some New Additions To The Family in 2011.
Here are the ones I know of with full names.

The Lankford - Johnson Lankford Connections
The Lankford - Blakley / Craddock Connections.
The Lankford - Blakley / Dudley Connections.

It's been an interesting year of discoveries.
I'm hoping that I come across more in 2012.
I hope that you found some discoveries in 2011.
We all had our joyful times and sad times.
We have to keep on moving.

May 2012 Be A Life Changing Year For Us.
May We Grow Richer In Know More About Life.
May We Discover More About Our Family History.

God Bless You.
Stay On The Journey,Susan

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Celebrating Life And The Joy Of Living

Photo taken in July 2011

Hope You're Joying Life.
Season's Greetings to you and yours.
Merry Christmas!

God Bless You!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A New Day

A New Day
I don't believe that the world will end a year from now; on December, 21, 2012. I heard that the planets were going to line up with the sun on that day. We are in the last days.

Meanwhile, my journey continues on the family history. On November 16, 2011, I created a page called  Family Connections . On the Family Connection page, I post some of my updates and or post what I'm searching or wondering about on the family tree.
 As I'm searching,  I'm coming across people in the area were my ancestors lived. I'm not for sure if they are on the family lineage. I'm hoping someone might see some connections. More so, if they will let me know. It's good to know things. It would be nice to know if others see any connections.

Meanwhile, I've been future posting blogs. There's so much to share. So far I see that I have about 300 blogs. I don't know how many are public. I have many set to post when the time comes.

It's good to keep the family history alive through reflecting. And remembering those who have passed on. Yet, even more to share some of what we know or discover to other family members.

I'm hoping to find out more on the family tree. I'm awaiting the 1940 Census release on Monday April 2, 2012. I can just imagine what I will discover.

I'm going back over what I've come across over the years. I'm looking to see if I over looked some things. As I'm going back over that I have, I do find things that I missed. At times it's a key to unlock what I've been searching. Also it adds more to the family history.

I have had a lot of "brick walls" or dead ends with the earlier ancestors. There are little leads and clues about them.  I believe that there's more information out there. Either I can't get to or I don't know where to clue. Also resources are limited.

II look back over my journey from time to time. I thank God for the people who have helped me on the journey. I thankful for what I have come across. And for the people I know who have interest in the family tree.

Thanks for reading.
I believe that A New Day is Dawning.
I'm awaiting to explore and discover.
I hope to find more...
The Journey Continues,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photo Of A Lankford Wedding

Photo taken at the home of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford
Lankford siblings, In Laws,Some Lankford and Madison children.
Starting from left right; the man standing on the left side looking down...
was James A. Lankford who was the son of Robert L. Lankford/ Lankfard.
Next to James; Alice Lankford and behind Alice, her husband Addison Lankford.
The lady in the middle Lula (Lankford) Madison with her husband William Madison.
Next to William, Mary (Allen) Lankford and her husband Leo Sr,
They were Addison's mother and father.
James, Lula and Leo were siblings.
The man on the lower right with arm up, Comezelle Walker Sr.
Comezelle who was Leo an Mary's son in law.

The lady behind Lula Madison was Charlottie (Madison) Williams.
Next to Charlotta was Charlotta's boy friend (at the time); William Crowley.
Charlottie was the daughter of Williamm and Lula Madison.   

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Project: The Frances Ovington Dade Connections

The Frances OVINGTON DADE Connections.

Frances Ovington was the wife of Isaac Dade.
Frances was my mother's father's mother's mother
Frances had 14 children.
Through research, I have come across 4 of them.

Here is the order in which I discovered who Frances' children were.
The numbers are the order of birth.

The Dades lived in Lewis County Missouri area 1870's.
I don't know when the came to Missouri.

Click On Names and See The Connections

(My mother's father's mother)
4.) Charlotta DADE LANKFORD
1852 - 1924

 Charlotta was the wife of Robert / Lewis Lankford/ LANKFARD.
Robert born (1851 - 1919)

Robert and Charlotta had 10 or 11 children.
James Andrew LANKFORD, Jennie LANKFORD, Lula May MADISON,
Frederick "Fred" A. LANKFORD, Louis "Ad" Adward LANKFORD,
Leo LANKFORD, Anna Alice SMITH, Charles Edward LANKFORD,
Still born Female LANKFORD,
Nymadula "Nym" LANKFORD and Isabelle V. NICKERSON.
There was one mystery name: Isaac LANKFORD Jr.

Louisa married David WASHINGTON
born about 1828 - Mar 19, 1897

Jane WASHINGTON was the mother of 13.
5 of Jane's children were living when the 1900 census was taken.

Here's a list Louisa's 10 of 13.

William WASHINGTON, Francis "Fannie" WASHINGTON,

3.) Louis Newton DADE
1847 - 1937

According to the 1900 MO census,
Louis was born on October 16, 1847 in Lewis County Missouri.
He passed away on February 18, 1937 in Canton, Missouri.
Louis married Mary Ann VENOY.

Louis and Mary had 11 children.
Japlin G. DADE, Mary Bell DADE, Margaret "Maggie" DADE, Noah Den DADE,
Dina DADE, Isaac DADE, Pearl DADE, George DADE, Goldie Golden DADE,
Money Mone DADE and John Wesley DADE

1836 - 1921

Mary Ann married George MADISON on July 22, 1865.
On their marriage record they listed 2 children prior to the marriage.
Sarah Jane MADISON abt 5 and William Henry MADISON about 2.

George and Mary Ann's other children...
Margaret MADISON,  Sarlida MADISON, Elizabeth MADISON,
and An Unknown MADISON

Hope you see some connections.
Or perhaps add to the list.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lelia Laura Lankford Thompson

Who was the little girl in this picture?
Lelia Laura Lankford
Lelia was born about 1915 in Missouri.
She was the daughter of Meta M. Hughes.
She was believed to have been the daughter of Charles Edward Lankford.
Below what was on the back of this photo.

 Uncle Jim was James Lankford "Sallie" was "Jim's" wife Sarah Lankford.
According to the 1920 census Charles was listed as married.
There was no listing of his wife.
I haven't located when Charles and Meta were married.

Charles Edward LANKFORD
Charles was born on Jan 4, 1890
Charles worked as a Laborer, did odd Jobs, House Cleaning, and a Teamster.
When or where Charles died is unknown
Perhaps in New York.
Charles was the son of Robert Louis and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford.

I haven't located where Meta M. Hughes Lankford in the 1920 census.
Meta was born on Dec 2, 1896 in Hiawatha Kansas.
And passed away on April 24, 1931 in Kansas City Missouri.

On Meta's death record she was listed as divorced.
Her surname was Meta BEARD.
She was the daughter of John and Laura (Bools) Hughes.
I've located the marriage record of Meta Lankford to a Hanceford Beard.
This explains her death record.

I think I've located a Lelia in Leavenworth Kansas in 1925.
She was about 11 years old.
She was listed with church people in a Holy Epiphany 7th pott.
It appears to be a  school.
The head of the school was Hilda Russell, a  54 year old nun.

Lelia was the wife of Carl L. Thompson.
They were married on July 5 or July 6, 1930
in Kansas City, Jackson County Missouri.
Their were two records of marriage.
Lelia's mother Meta gave consent to the marriage.
Lelia was 16 years old.

Lelia was believe to have off springs.
There is little information what happened to Lelia.
Perhaps some one on Lelia's lineage can make a connection.
If you see any connection, feel free to make a comment.
Thank you.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Part Of The Family

A.P. Dec 7, 1991 - Dec 2, 2006
Here is an update on A.P., My sister's almost 15 year old dog. I got the word that A.P. had to be put to sleep this morning.

He had been suffering with arthritis with his back legs. The doctor thought that A.P. could have had a stroke or had a tumor. It was best to put him to sleep. A.P. was a outside dog. He was not able to get around.

What I can tell you about A.P. He was part shepherd and Lab. He lived a HAPPY life. He lived across the street from us. A.P. was born on Dec 7, 1991. [A.P. was the football player's dog.... Double D's.]

His Ma was taking care of A.P... Double D was the one that gave A.P. this name. A.P. does not stand for Associated Press.

A.P. was named after a basketball player in MO, who later made it to the NBA. Some how back in '91 this Anthony was big time then. Some how the letters A.P. came to be this dog's name.

A.P. grew up with four "cousin" dogs, "Luke", "Duke", "Messy Marvin", and "Little Bit". "M. Marvin" looked just like A.P. They got along pretty good together.

You could have thought that "M. Marvin" was his daddy. A.P." cousin dogs" taught him well throughout out his young dog life. One by one A.P. cousins dogs died. A.P. was left alone.

A.P. did not get along with other dogs. He would always get into fights. When a new dog came to keep A.P. company, A.P. would not like them. There was one dog A.P. liked. She was the "neighbor dog".

I called her "Rover". She would come over to A.P. place and they would play. Her real name was "Gigett." Gigett would climb the fence to get in. Then there were days that I did not see "Gigett".

I asked my neighbor were she was..."Gigett had to be put to sleep. She was 15. That was about 6 or 7 years ago.

Then A.P. did not have any "dog friends". So my sister got another dog to keep A.P. company. A.P. did not like this dog.

This dog did not stay long. His name was "Coco". He liked going around the neighborhood to kill cats and bring them home to show what he did... My sister got rid of that dog. "Coco" was a bird dog. Black Lab.

So A.P. was all alone again. Not to long after "Coco" left. A.P. started to break loose. At one time it was just for a short while... he came back. The second time A.P. was gone for about a week.

We look for him but could not find him. Until one day he came up the street. I had a talk with A.P. He did not listen to me.

The third time A.P. broke loose he was gone for about two weeks. Two of my brothers were out working and A.P. recognized truck and came running after them. A.P. was happy to see them and happy to be home.

I had another long talk with A.P. Yeah, that was the last time he broke loose. Then one day summertime July 2002, a dog came in the neighborhood.

A.P. liked this dog. A.P. let this dog sleep in his house, drink his water and eat his food. A.P. was in love. Yeah, this dog was a female.

The female dog was later named "Babe". There was one thing that A.P. would not let "Babe" have....his biscuits. A.P. loved his biscuits.

Four months later A.P. became a "father" dog.[ Note: I think it takes about 63 days for a dog to have puppies.] There were 8 dogs in all.

Two died within the day of the birth. The other six were 5 boys and 1 girl. Yeah, A.P. helped raised his family. I heard that when it was time to get fed, A.P. made sure that all the other dogs had food first before he would eat.

A.P. would not eat until he knew that all had food when they were puppies. A.P. would bark if it was time to eat. He look after his family. He always wanted his biscuits. He had to have two.

On March 8, 2006 the "Mama dog""Babe" had to be put to sleep. A.P. was left with three "sons dogs and a step son dog". He lived out his happy life.

A.P.'s grand daughter.... "Sugar Bear". She looks like her grandpa, A.P.

A.P. had trouble walking. It got worst. The only thing that A.P. had trouble with was his walking. I heard that he eat well during his last days. I knew that he missed his biscuits.

A.P. left me with memories... I saw A.P. one day barking up in the air. I thought to myself, what is he barking at. I looked up and saw an air plane.

It appears that A.P. saw it too. A.P. was a smart dog. Yeah, we got one of A.P.'s off springs..... "Sister"[she's the black and white dog above.]

She was the only girl of the bunch. "Sister" had six puppies this year. We kept one of them. I named him "Sunny", he's the tan and white dog above. "Sunny" is as big as his mama.

I can see a little of A.P. in his off springs. In all A.P. was a GOOD DOG. I called him my "nephew dog". So "Sister" is my "great niece "dog. "Sunny" is my 2nd great "nephew "dog.

I share this story with you because I believe that animals are a part of the family. I learned a lot by my dogs and others dogs. They have a personalty too that brings joy into our lives.

God gives us gifts to enjoy. I enjoy my gifts of caring for "Sister", "Sunny" and "Spotty". They are a part of the family. A.P. was too.

Thanks for reading.