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Family History Journey 2010: Part 2 Information and Photos

I saw some new discoveries along my family history journey in 2010. There were some photos that I've never seen before. I'm glad that I got to see them.

Also there were some things I don't know. There were some interesting things that I found on my journey. Here's a short look back at what I discovered in 2010.

I didn't know that there is a book that mention Uncle Nym Lankford's and Great Uncle Frederick Lankford's names in it. The book is about Hattie McDaniel, Black Ambition, White Hollywood By Jill Watts

Great Uncle Nym was Hattie's 2nd husband. They were married about 16 years until their divorce. Great Uncle Fred was a famous "tango banjoist" in Denver, Colorado.

Also I don't know that their parents, Robert Louis and Charlotta (Dade) Lankford lived in Denver. I don't know for how long. 

I wrote some blogs for the Lankford Family Reunion in July 2010.  The Lankford / Lankfard Family Where it began with Charlotta Dade and Robert L. Lankford. The Lankford Connection The descendants of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford

I didn't know that Great Uncle Louis Adward Lankford went by "Add" Lankford. Uncle "Add" played professional baseball in the negro league around the turn of the 1900 to 1920's or so.

I don't know why some LANKFORDs spelled their names LANKFARD. Perhaps the why it sounded. There were records spelling the surname LANKGFORD also.

I don't know that Great Aunt Isabella Lankford Nickerson was buried with a child in her coffin. Great Aunt Isabella died in Denver in 1938. I'm not for sure what happened...

I didn't know what Uncle "Sam" Leo Lankford Jr. or Aunt "Annie" Anna Lankford Blakley looked like until this year. I knew that Uncle "Ad" Addison Lankford, son of Leo and Mary was married.

I didn't know her name. Her name was Alice. She was a lady from Minnesota. I thought that her name was Pearl. Uncle Ad and Aunt Alice were married at 2616 Locust by Rev Alie J. Johnson.

Also, I heard that Aunt Leola Lankford Farmer had two sons. Her first son I think was named, Moses. But I heard his name was Marvin. Then I heard the child was a girl. I don't know.  In either case the child died as an infant. 
Leo Sr. with sons Robert, Leo Jr. Addison

6 of the 7 Lankford daughters with mother, Mary back row 3rd for left side.

The 2nd Lankford Family Reunion July 2010
Logo by Leo Lankford the 3rd
7 Children of Sarah Belle Lankford Johnson.
Front row left to right, Josephine, Sharon, Betty,
Back row left to right, Marylee, Jennie Ann Wilbur, and Daniel "Pete" 
Some of the descendants of Sarah Belle Lankford Johnson. (3 generations)
Daniel "Pete" Lankford Sr with children, grandchildren and 2nd wife,Sandra 
Sharon Johnson (in yellow) with daughter, son in law and their children.

3 sons, 2 grandson and a great grandson of Leo Jr and Lois Lankford

Leo the 3rd and Leo the 4th Lankford: Father, son

The one with microphone, Earl Walker, son of Comezelle and Josephine Walker
C. Walker Jr. son of Comezelle and Josephine Walker. Jr. looks just like his father.

Some of the Descendants of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford)
The Men

Lula Blakley's three sons and one grandson.

Some of the descendants of Leo and Mary (Allen) Lankford
The Ladies

6 of 19 children of Lula, 3 daughters, 3 sons, one grandson, Dwayne and
one granddaughter, Chantelle and daughter in law, Jayne

First time I seen this photo.
I got this photo off
Rachael Ann Leftridge /Lafayette / Lew, 2nd wife of Isaac Blakey
Rachael had 18 children by Isaac.

Took this photo off a video on the Internet.
Great Grandfather Isaac Blakey aka Private Isaac Blaker MS Union Army 1963 - 1866.
Here's the blog with the video of Isaac Blakey. My journey continues. I believe that there is more out there. But where?  I believe if I start searching somewhere something might pop up. Happy Searching!

Staying On The Journey,

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