Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In The Beginning...

I thought to start a blog on my family history. I have been searching for over 30years. But where do I go from here in sharing what I have discovered? What will I share?

When I first started out I knew very little about my ancestors. I only knew my father, David, mother, Lula and my mother's mother, Mary. There was little data that I knew of them too.

It wasn't until a little after my Grandma Mary Allen Lankford passing when I became interested in my family tree. I thought when my Grandma Mary died all the information about the family was gone too.

I was so wrong on that. Through the process of time, I came across data and records. I am so thankful to God for the lead. I discovered so much over the years.

Where do I go from here in sharing what I have discovered.
What will I share?

Family History for the Month of JUNE:

Anna Laura WASHINGTON was born on 13 June 1867 to Susan LEACH and William WASHINGTON in St. Joseph, MO. Anna Laura was the mother of Mary ALLEN LANKFORD.

John BLAKEY BLAKLEY was born on 21 June 1871 to Martha SCOTT and Isaac BLAKEY in Woodville MS on Hew Davis Plantation. John had a twin brother named Andrew BLAKEY. Andrew passed along with their mother Martha.

Isaac BLAKEY was stated to be born on 30 June 1847 or 1845 to Julia and Andrew WHITE in Roanoak, MO.

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