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Dade Connections: Mary Ann DADE MADISON

The Frances OVINGTON DADE Connections.

Frances was my mother's father's mother's mother
Frances had 14 children.
Through research, I have come across 4 of them.

(My mother's father's mother)
4.) Charlotta DADE LANKFORD
1852 - 1924

3.) Louis Newton DADE
1847 - 1937

1836 - 1921
I can't remember when I came across Mary Ann Dade.
I first saw her name on the MO death records.
One day I was searching of Dades in Lewis County MO.
That's when I found Mary Ann MADISON's Death Record.
I read who her parents were.
I saw the Frances OVINGTON DADE Connections

According to Mary Ann Dade Madison's death record, she was born on Nov 16, 1836. Through other research I can conclude that she was the daughter of Frances (OVINGTON) and Isaac DADE.

Mary Ann married George Madison om July 22, 1865.
On their marriage record they listed 2 children prior to the marriage.
Sarah Jane Madsion aot 5 and William Henry Madison about 2.

Mary Ann and George had a slave marriage in 1857.
Mary Ann was the mother of 7 children.
She died on Dec 24, 1921 in Canton MO.

After searching the census and marriage records this is was I came up with.
Mary Ann and George Dade on the MO census records. With their children...
Sarah Jane Madison 
born about 1860
William Henry Madison born about 1862
William married Hannah Jane Ashby on August 14, 1881

Margaret Madison
about 1865
Sarilda Madison
about 1869
Elizabeth Madison
 about 1869
Thomas Madison
about 1871
Unknown Madison

On the  1870 MO Census
Mary Ann age 27 MO born in 1843.
She was keeping house. White with 5 children

On  the 1880 MO Census
Mary A. was 45 born in 1835

On  the 1900 MO Census
Mary A. MAAISON was 63 MO in 1830
Mother of 7 with 2 living. Year of marriage 1857.
Her mother Frances Dade black/ white  age 101 KY Born was in her household.

On the 1910 MO Census
 Mary was a widow. Age 73 MO born in 1837.
Black living with daughter Essie M. Wilson MO born about 1890
 and granddaughter Opal Wilson  MO born about 1908

On the 1920 MO Census
Mary owned her home. age 84 MO born 1836 Black
Living with daughter Essie M. Wilson
and granddaughter Opal GAYNER born about 1909.

There's not much more that I have come across on
Mary Ann and George Madison.
I Believe that there are some descendants on Mary Ann and George Madison.

Maybe one day someone will have that desire to learn more about their family history. They will start their journey ontheir family history. They may even think that that's how far can they go back.

Staying On The Journey,

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