Friday, November 16, 2012

Mulattoes Relatives Born In Slavery

 I've been thinking about what I heard on Who Do You Think You Are? It's a T.V. series that aired in 2010 about searching for your ancestors. What caught my attention was some mulattoes born into slavery.

Most likely the mulattoes children were the offspring of the slave master. I see some mulattoes born in my family tree. It's on both my parents sides.

On the 1850 MO census, I found the person who owned my ancestors. Frances WHITE BLAKEY. She had slaves that matched the ages of my ancestors.

There was one male who was mulatto born in VA. Julia and Andrew WHITE came from VA. So did that one male slave. The other children where born in MO.

I have the names of Julia's children.
On the 1880 census, Julia had a granddaughter, named Rebeca. She was born in MO. Her parents were born in VA.

I can assume that that male born in VA could have been Julia's son. Some how Rebeca was listed with Julia on the 1880. The mystery of who Rebecca's father from Va was and who raise her is a mystery.

On my mother's side:
The story goes that Maime Morton was the slave owner's daughter. I haven't trace who her father was.

There were the WASHINGTONs; They listed as Black / White on a census.  I can't trace William / John's parents.

I've heard some Native American Indian on both sides of the family. It was by word of mouth. But it's believed it was so. The characteristic was there.

Thanks for reading.
My journey continues.
Hoping to add more names to the family tree.

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