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Article Reflections: Slavery Descendants To Have First Reunion: Part 12

Article written about 1971 or so.
Some final thoughts on this article.

As I was going thought each sentence of this article, I wasn't aware of some things.
As I was going blog to blog, I noticed that I added more and more as I went along.

I was trying to see what the writer was trying to share. There were some generation gaps in the beginning of this article. There could have been a generation that came from Africa who were shipped to New Orleans in 1843.

I have no leads on that. I have found out the  family came from through corresponds with a cousin. One of the Yankton, South Dakota descendant said the family came from off the coast of Nigeria.

As for the mother and 5 children, they could have been a family in 1843. But not the one that matches up with the Isaac that ran off to join the Civil War.

I wasn't for sure about some things until I came across the slave ad that lead to more discoveries. And what a discovery that was. I was seeing the names of my 2nd Great Grand parents' names with some of their children. How aweful to be a slave and be sold.

1858 Ad

Andrew White was believed to have been the father of Julia's children.
Andrew or Julia may have had a mulatto child.

Here is a list the children that I have come up with.
Unknown child who had a child named Rebbecca
Linda WHITE,
Isaac BLAKEY who married Martha SCOTTt and Rachel LEPHRIDGE
Andrew WHITE
Ben (Benjamin) WHITE
Spencer WHITE who married Melinda BANKS and Lou
Josh (Joshua) WHTIE who had 3 daughters and a son named John BLAKE
Martha WHITE who was a widow
Mattie WHITE who was a widow with 5 children
Richard "Dick" WHITE who married Jane FERGUSON and Mary Belle BROOKS

Isaac was the only one who carried the BLAKEY surname.  There are many unanswered questions that we will never find. But the descendants of this union have some history to past down to the next generations.

I hope others will pass down what they know and or heard of on their family history. Each family has a history to share. May we learn to record what we know.

Thanks for reading,

My search continues....

Project: Julia WHITE Connections

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