Thursday, March 28, 2013

76th Year Since March 28, 1937

David and Lula in the 1960's

That day came David and Lula decided to elope on March 28, 1937. My mother said that my father made the arrangement for the wedding. My father's Step father Chilton Lyle was a witness to the wedding.

They were married in Rev Bell's home in Troy Kansas. I check out what day that was. It was on a Sunday. I can assume that my parents went to church on that day.

Through the years of my research I was trying to locate my parents marriage record. Just like most of my relatives who were married in homes, I can't locate their marriage records.

This doesn't say that they were not married. The marriage wasn't recorded at the county house. I check the county where my parents where married. Perhaps my parents got their licences somewhere else.

Maybe some day, I will come across the marriage records of relatives. I believe that my parents and other relatives were married. Even though I haven't located their record.

It's nice to see the records. It see how our relatives signed their names. It's apart of our family history.

May we continue to search for our family history.

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