Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Appreciation Day: Happy Mother's Day!

What are some things you appreciate your mother for?
submitted by mauikiss
I have been thinking about this question. Some of the things that I appreciated about my mother (1920-2000)

I appreciated that....
1.) My mother married my father.

2.) My mother stayed with my father through thick and thin; till the end.

3.) My mother gave birth to me when she was almost 43.

4.) My mother cared for her 19 of her children.

5.) My mother was a stay at home Ma.

6.) My mother raised her children the best way that she (and my father) could.

7.) My mother always wrote this words on my birthday cards.

"You have been a good girl from a child up.

I hope that you continue to do so.

Love..." than my mother would sign her name.

8.) My mothers sayings.

"A son is a son until he takes a wife.

But a Mother is a Mother all of her life."
9.) My mother loved children.

10.) My mother was the mother God blessed me with.

11.) My mother believed upon Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

12.) My mother gave me the love only a Mother could give.

13.) My mother was a strong willed woman.

14.) My mother cared for her mother and father.

15.) My mother was role model.

16.) My mother owned her own business.

17.) My mother was a human being.

18.) My mother looked out for others.

19.) My mother left a legacy.
Happy MOTHER's Day to ALL you Mothers

and Mothers at Heart!
To You,

Great Grandmothers who are mothers, Grandmothers who are mothers, Mothers who are mothers, Aunts who are mothers, Sisters who are mothers, Daughters who are mothers.

In Laws / Out Laws who are mothers, Cousins (girls) who are mothers, Friends (girls) who are mothers. Spiritual-Mothers who are mothers, First Lady's of a church who are mothers, Mothers of the church who are mothers,

Those who are Foster mothers, Step mothers, Adopted mothers who are mothers, Singled women who are mothers, Married women who are mothers, Widows who are mothers, Mothers to be who are mothers,

Ladies who care for others, Mother figures, Big / Little Sisters: you are mothers too.

And to you Male-Guys who are NOT mothers...

Enjoy this MOTHER's Day!

I thank God that He blessed me with a MOTHER.
In what ways are you similar to your mother?
submitted by sanilog

People tell me that I look like my mother.
Have A Magnificat Day! God Bless. Take Care.

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