Sunday, September 1, 2013

In Memory Of Paul And Cora (Hinch) Blakley

Paul and Cora in church choir.

Paul Blakley

Paul was the son of John (BLAKEY) Blakley and Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley- LYLE.
Paul was born on June 24, 1907 in St. Joseph, Missouri
He passed away on Oct 4, 1946 in St. Joseph, Missouri
Paul was a crane operator.

Cora Hinch
Cora was a widow when she married Paul.
She was born on  March 25, 1980 in Missouri. Cora's maiden name was William.
There is a record of a Cora Hinch who  passed away on Sept 1, 1972.

The year of  Paul's and Cora's marriage is unknown.
According to Paul's death record he was divorced from Cora.
Story has it that Paul and Cora adopted two children.
James Green and Mary Alice Green were their name

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  1. were you able to find them or as a couple in the census?
    I wonder if church records maybe a clue?
    Good luck