Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Common Names On The Family

I continue to search and find more unique things on the family tree. I have come across first names that were male but were females. Cecil BLAKLEY and Thomas PEYTON. Thomas Sarah (PEYTON) ANDERSON passed in 2013.

There are some more unique names that are not listed below. Quitman, Ledrew, Lelia, Rubenia, Pleas, Inez, Cass, Meta, Nejla, and Zenolia to new a few.

I believe that there are more unique names. I hope to discover them along the journey. Here are my Notes on Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Common Names On The Family Tree

Over the coarse of my family history journey, I have seen a lot of common names and same name relatives. Some of my relatives went by their middle names. I can see why. There had to be nicknames. It would be a lot of confusion if there weren't.

Here are some of the common names that I came across. First and middle names...Mary, Jane, David, William, Isaac, Margaret, Michael, Robert, Louis, Paul, Andrew, Anna, Alice, Laura, Julia, Spencer, John, Richard, Leo, James, Sarah, Frederick or Fred.

There were some unique names back in the old days. There was Charity, Lawhorn, Beecher, Nymadula, Oressica, Mone, Aile, Olbrey and Elias.

There are some unique names for today. There're some I can't spell. Parents are creative in choosing names for their children.

Also I've noted that there were large families.
Some of the children were named after their parents or other relatives.

The large families included
Isaac BLAKEY with 20 or so.
Frances (OVINGTION) DADE with 14 children
Julia WHITE with 12 or 13 children
Richard WHITE with 12 children
Another Isaac BLAKEY with 11,
Louis DADE with 8 children,
my parents with 19.

I thought that this is interesting. I have a lot of people on my family tree. I don't know how I can remember all the names. Especially the ones I don't know much about. It's hard to keep track.

Thank God that our parents gave us our names.
I'm thankful for my name.

Thanks for reading

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