Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Walters Connections: Mary Walters Nelson

Mary WALTERS NELSON was the daughter of Thornton Walters and Anna Laura (WASHINGTON) ALLEN WALTERS. There is little known about Mary. According to the 1910 census Mary was a widow. She was born about 1890 in Missouri. Mary had a brother named Joseph Walters. They had a half sister named Mary Frances (Allen) LANKFORD.

It's unique that both sisters were named Mary. Mary Walters Nelson's first name may have been Bonita. Mary Frances (Allen) was married with the name Mary Walters. It could have been that Mary Frances grow up the the Walters name as a small child.

I've searched the 1900 census record for the Allen/ Walters Family. I haven't found them. I search the 1910 census record. Mary aged about 20 was listed with her mother, Laura and brother, Joseph. However, their surname was Nathan. It was an error in the index. The surname was spelled Walters on the census. Also Mary's son, John C. Nelson (at about age 2) was listed. (Leo and Mary Lankford were listed in the same household. )

On the 1920 census record Mary / Bonita wasn't listed. Mary's son, John C. Nelson at about age 12 was listed with his Grandma Laura Walters. Perhaps Mary / Bonita passed away and Laura was rasing John. On the 1930 census John was listed with his Grandma Laura. John was listed as divorced.

I hope I could find more on Mary/ Bonita Walters Nelson. As for her son, John. He married his 2nd wife Arletta Windrow (1908 - 1985) Arletta had a daughter named, Gardenia ?

John passed away on November 1, 1975 in Atchison, Atchison County in Kansas.  On October 3, 2011, I sent off for a copy of John's death record. According to the policy for Kansas Vital request was deny. The reason; John's  death wasn't before 1940.

Since I don't know if John had any children, John's parents name will remind a mystery. I don't know when the public will be able to obtain death records after 1940 in Kansas. I believe that John's parents where on the death record.

I hope that this information was of some help to the lineage of Mary/ Bonita Walters Nelson. Perhaps the day will come when the mystery of Who John C. Nelson's parents will be revealed. Or perhaps come one will uncover the mystery.

Thanks for reading.

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