Monday, December 30, 2013

Discoveries And More Discoveries To Come.

In the year is drawing to a close. I've been looking at some of my notes. I have made some discoveries in 2013. I came across more than I thought I would. I plan to share some in 2014.

I'm thankful for all the family connections viewers. I don't know all who read, follow, or have stumbled across this website. I hope that you enjoy what you read.

I hope that most of you, viewers are connected with family connections. I don't post every thing I come across on this website. I do record them.

There are some mysteries that I have been following. I'm curious to find out if it was so. I don't know. I wonder.. But, I want to and try to find more verification. There are times we have to leave some mysteries alone.

I have come across some more family members. Some have contacted me through the Internet. I'm glad that there are some who have interest in family connections. They were excited that they have found information on their family history.

I'm thankful for those how have been helping me on the search. I know every family history has some secrets along the way. We have to learn how to share with respect of those who have gone on. Lord, help us.

There have been some things on the journey. I had encounters or  stumbled across things that well; I don't know how to share it. I don't want to misled people. What my ancestors did, was what they did. I can't judge them for what they did or didn't do.

We have to have a forgiving heart. We can learn from what they did. I'm thankful for all of my ancestors. I believe that most of them called on the Lord. The ones who have passed on are with the Lord. They are forgiven.

If we could put ourselves in any situation of our ancestors, what we would have done with what they went through. Would we have done something different? They were humans too.

Some of the things that our ancestors went through, we still go through some of the things they did. It's on a different level. Time and culture has changed. But God stays the same.

I hope to find more on family connections.
I'm finding more as more records are being release to the public.
Thanks for reading.

God bless you,

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