Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Discoveries: What To Share?

It's been a great year of exploring and discoveries on family connections. I found so much information. I'm still sorting through what I've stumbled across. I'm so thankful that the Lord allowed me to find what I did.  I believe that there is more to come.

I plan to blog on some of my discoveries in the years to come. I've been wondering what should I share? Or if I should some of the things, I know or even think about in the family history. I need wisdom on some things.

I don't know who is reading what I blog. I hope that there are some who are truly searching for their family connections. And that they are finding what they are searching for. God bless you.

I believe that there are relatives on family connections that are searching. They want to learn more. Then there are some who have a little information. But can't make the connection. They don't know where to search.

I came across a cousin, who's sibling was searching on their family lineage. This cousin stop searching because she felt unable to go any further. She couldn't find any thing. I believe God hears our heart. And that He wants those who seek to find and keep on seeking. Only if we keep seeking and seeking...

I pray that there are more relatives out there who have a desire to find more on their family connections. I pray that they don't to give up. But, to continue on searching wherever way they can. With what little info that is known, I believe in some cases, there is still hope to find something.

What we know is important to pass on to the next family historian or compiler on our family lineage. I don't know who will follow after me. I'm leaving what I have discover on websites and my personal journaling. May God bless whoever will continue the search.

I believe that there are things that we should just leave alone. Perhaps down the line it could be shared in the right timing. We need wisdom when releasing any info.

There are some things that people can't handle. They may feel embarrassed about what in the family history.  Remember, that we all are human. We have to forgive and let go of things. We make mistakes. We can learn from one another and what our ancestors did and didn't do. We can't change our family history. But, we can continue to be a blessing to the next generation.

May we learn to share what we know or heard on our family connections.
May the Lord grant us wisdom in how to share what we know.

About that cousin who gave up searching, she knows more about her family connections now.  I believe that God does answer prayer. So if you are searching, Keep on searching... Believe that there could be a breakthrough down the road. ~ I have had so many of them. What Great Joy that is to come across. Thank You, Jesus!

Thanks for reading.
S.A. Blakley

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