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John And Jennie (Bartlett) Blakley: The Two Became One: But, What Were Their Surnames When They married?

My father's parents, John and Jennie Blakley were married on July 28, 1902 in Excelsior Springs, Clay County in Missouri. However, it wasn't until the latter part of May of 2009 when I solved this family mystery. But, once I stumbled across this info, it led me to more questions.

I always thought that my Grandpa John's surname was BLAKLEY.  But, through the years, I found out it was BLAKEY. However, on the marriage record it was spelled BLAKYE. As for my Grandma Jennie, her surname was BARTLETT, but it was spelled BARTEL on the record.  I could assume that the E and the Y were turned around for BLAKEY. But for Bartel, it makes me wonder.

According to this record, John was from Carrolton, Carroll County Missouri. Jennie was listed from St. Joseph, Buchanan County Missouri. I can assume that John married with the Blakey surname. But, the mystery remains. Why did John change his name to BLAKLEY?

I searched the birth records of the BLAKLEY or BLAKEY children born in St. Joseph MO. Out of all the children listed there were two with the BLAKEY surname and the others were BLAKLEY. The surname was changed after John and Jennie married July of 1902. I can't pin point the year.

As for the BLAKLEY surname: The story goes that there were a lot of John BLAKEYs relatives. Perhaps there was confusion and was one of the reason why my Grandfather John changed his last name. John's descendants carried the surname of BLAKLEY.

Whatever the case may have been, the surname was changed from Blakey to Blakley. My father and his siblings were taught to spell our surname the way I spell mine. My name has been established. I have no reason to change the spelling now.

But, still I wonder about my Grandma Jennie's surname on the marriage license. Could the family surname had been Bartle? Or was it changed to Bartlett?  This marriage record was the only record with that spelling. This remains a mystery.

My Grandfather full name was John BLAKEY / BLAKLEY Sr.  When he passed in 1918, his siblings recorded John's surname as BLAKEY. My Grandmother's full name was Jennie BARTLETT  BLAKEY / BLAKLEY LYLE. She passed with the surname LYLE.

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