Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February In Remembrance: The BARTLETT Family Connections

 The BARTLETT Family Connections: Updated January 2018

In Memory of Samuel BARTLETT He was born sometime in February of 1882. He was the son of Elias W. BARTLETT and Harriet (BUFFINGTON / HOPPER) BARTLETT.

On Feb 1st ~ Happy National Freedom Day!

The Branch of Chilton LYLE and Jennie BARTLETT LYLE
 On Feb 1, 2008 ~ In Memory of Sgt Faris Chilton LYLE He passed in Jamaica, Queens New York. He was the son of Chilton LYLE and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.
The Branch of John BLAKEY / BLAKLEY and Jennie BARTLETT BLAKLEY LYLE  On Feb 4, 1974 ~ In Memory of Anna Charlotte (LANKFORD) BLAKLEY She passed in St. Paul, MN. She was the daughter of Leo LANKFORD Sr. and Mary (ALLEN) LANKFORD. Anna was the wife of Isaac BLAKLEY.

 On Feb 7, 1980 ~ In Memory of Isaac BLAKLEY He passed in St. Paul, MN. He was the son of John BLAKEY / BLAKLEY and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.  Isaac was the husband of Anna Charlotte (LANKFORD) BLAKLEY.

On February 8, 1905 ~ In Memory of Elder John BLAKLEY Jr. He was born the son of John BLAKEY / BLAKLEY Sr. and Jennie (BARTLETT) BLAKLEY LYLE.

On Feb 10, 1896 ~In Memory of Lottie Viola (SUGGS) NELSON BLAKLEY She was born. She was the wife of John BLAKLEY Jr.

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The Branch of Wade H. PEYTON and Sarah "Sallie" BARTLET PEYTON Branch
On Feb 16, 1998 ~~ In Memory of  Clarence Oliver DUKE He passed. He was married to Uldene Frances (YOUNGER) DUKE.

On Feb 29, 1948 ~ ~ In Memory of Quitman D. FLUDD III He was born in Tennessee. He was the son of Quitman D. FLUDD Jr. and Thomas Sarah (PEYTON) FLUDD ANDERSON.

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