Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August In Rememberance: The BARTLETT Family Connections

 Some of the Descendants of Wade H. PEYTON and Sarah "Sallie" (BARTLETT) PEYTON

In Memory of  Bettie CHAMBERLAN. She passed on August 27, 1927, She was the daughter of Wrennie CHAMBERLAIN and Gaynell (YOUNGER) CHAMBERLAIN CALIE

In Memory of  Gaynell (YOUNGER) CHAMBERLAIN CALIE. She passed on August 28, 1978. She was the daughter of William YOUNGER and Mytrle (PEYTON) YOUNGER MLLER.

 In Memory of  Katherine A. "Katie" (ROBINSON) PEYTON. She was born on August 29, 1902. She was the wife of Dr. Wade H. PEYTON Jr.

Son of Elias W. BARTLETT Sr.
 In Memory of   Charles BARTLETT, He was born on August 28,  1866.
He was the son of Elias W. BARTLETT Sr.

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