Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Month Was My Father Born?

Was it in November or September 1913? I came across some solution to that question. Some time during the 1980's my father, David told me that he wasn't born in November. I can't recall how we got on this subject. He just shared that with me.

Than I came across this discovery in the 1990's. Some one sent me a copy of the 1920 census record. According to that census my father was 6 years and 4 months old. The census was dated January 11, 1920.

So that's September not November. So Uncle Ike was right. Uncle Ike was my father's brother, Isaac. Uncle Ike was the one who told my father he wasn't born in November of 1913. It wasn't cold and there wasn't any snow on the ground.

My father was told that his birthday was on November 13, 1913. His father John passed away when my father was about 5. My father's mother Jennie passed when my father was about 13. My father was raised by his brothers and sisters. My father did have a step father.

However, my father celebrated his birthday on November 13. We did too. My father passed on October 7, 1989. That would have made him 76. Not 75 at his passing.

It's nice to come across information that others share with us. It's something to see what they share turns out to be the truth in some cases. So may we remember those small things that others share with us. Each little clue helps out when we are searching for things.

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What Month Was My Father Born?

I believe that it was in September not November.


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