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How I Can Across Isaac Blakey's Military Records

Written Feb 2007

The Search Continues On...
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Entry date October 3, 1985...
I wanted to find out who was my Great Grandmother [on my father's side.] I could not understand. No one knew who she was. Everyone knew [Great Grandpa] Isaac BLAKEY had a son named John. However the mother's name was lost through the long years of confusion. There were dozens of Blakeys. Many of them had the very same names.

I was very much confused... but I did not give up. I thought to myself that there has to be some kind of document. I checked out genealogy books from the library. I came across information containing persons severing during the Civil War.

The National Archives in the Nation's Capital has information on them. I was certainly over joy and wrote the Archives. A week had passed...I received a yellow piece of paper. It was an application to contain copies on a veteran severing his or her country. I quickly filled it out. There was sample question. Some I could not answer.

Simple questions such as full name of Veteran, war in which state did the Veteran served, place where Veteran lived and so on. I know only that Isaac Blakey severed in the Civil War. [1861 -1865] I guessed how long he was there about 3 years.

I sent the application for military records with five dollars for searching fee. I was excited. Now I will know something more about my ancestors. About a month had past [by] I was wondering when I would receive my information.

I got no reply and then another month past by. Still there was no response. I began to wonder if I had that right address. I knew [that] I did. (It had been a year since I seen Mary Jane [my cousin from Yankton, S.D.]

It was on one cold Fall Saturday afternoon, I was bored. I turned on the radio. My mother came into my room. She wanted me to get the mail. I slowly put my shoes on [and] then put my coat [on]. I walked toward the door not knowing what was next.

I slowly opened the mail box. I pulled out a whole bunch of mail. The big brown package was for me. It was from the National Archives. I was very happy. I ran in the house to open my mailed. I gave my mother her mail. I raced by into my room. I nervously opened the package.

There was several pages inside. The front cover page of the document was about my Great Grandpa Isaac. However it was not Isaac Blakey's military records. It was his pension records.This was not the pension records that confused me. It was what was on this pages. The name was Isaac "BLAKER".

At first I though [that] I had the wrong record. I began to read on. Everything began to come in perspective. The first names that were the same, but the last names were not. I read the list of children that Isaac had. There was a JOHN, a MARY, an ISAAC and so on listing at least 17 others. [This is a total of 20 children]
Entry date October 4, 1985...The Documents on Great Grandpa Isaac.
I was very nervous when I received the pension records on my Grandpa. I could not think straight. The writing on the records were hard to read. I had to read and re read to [ make some sense out of] the meaning [ of what was written.] The writer wrote creatively, however it was not illegible.

The adventure... to read past events about my Great Grandpa was unbelievable. I study the episodes of my Great Grandpa's Civil War times. [Private] Isaac Blaker was his name. He was once a slave to a Francis Blakey.
I will stop here and share some things. I have had these documents of my Great Grand pa Isaac BLAKEY-BLAKER for about 25 years. As the years pass by I re read these documents and get more out of them.

In my journey entry from October 4 - 8, 1985. I wrote about The Documents of Great Grandpa Isaac, Where did Isaac Blakey go ?, What Isaac looked like at age 16 ?, The Spring of 1864, Isaac's Years After The Civil War, Isaac's Married Life--His First Wife and Isaac's Second Marriage. I went on with a Personal Analysis, The Attitudes / Emotions Etc...

Some of what I wrote about in the entries on October 4 -9, 1985 was from the information that I read in my Great Grandpa's Isaac's documents. I used my imagination to tell the story.

I want to fill you in on some of what I came across. I did a lot of research on my father's side and came up with a lot of things that I did not know. If you recall, I told you that I did not know much about my parents' family history. Now I can say, on my father's side. My Great Grandma name was Martha SCOTT.

What little I know of my Great Grandma Martha...she gave birth to twin sons on June 21, 1871 on a Plantation in Woodville, MS. Her first son was named John and the second one was named Andrew. Martha and Andrew died....I am not for sure when but most likely within the time after birth.

I still continued to go deeper in searching with the HELP of others who came across my path on my quest for my family history ...I discovered more about my Great Grandpa Isaac's family.

This information came from a news paper in February 1858 in MO. A worker at a library in MO was thoughtful enough to share this information with me. I will share a little more on Thursday.
What am I thankful for ? I am thankful for the covenant blessings of HELP, WISDOM and PROTECTION that God has upon my life.

I thank God for allowing me to find out about my family history through the help of others along my journey. I thank God for His protection that He has placed upon my life. I thank God for His wisdom to do what I need to do.
Whatever day you are reading this entry, Have A Blessed Day!
New Day Dawning! The search continues....~Susie~
"Whether I think of it or not, there God is the whole day---near me, with me." ---Andrew Murray

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