Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don't Be Too Busy

On December 1, 2006 brother #1 (David) called. Some of us call him "Davy". He goes by his real name, David which he was named after our father. Yeah, we are from the seed of David. More like a tribe of David.

My brother "Davy" ask if I was busy and if I had "a minute". He called to see how all of us were doing. Some how the conversation got to what one of our uncles said to "Davy". This uncle was our mother's brother, "Ad".
Yeah, coming from a large family, nicknames are a must. A lot of same names. I always remember calling this uncle just "Ad". "Ad" was "Ad". "Davy" said he was in town one day and "Ad" saw him outside by our house.

Back in those days, our block was mostly kin folks. Grandma, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters and even In laws living within seeing distant. Our mother was one of eleven children.

Back to "Ad", "Ad" saw "Davy" with a cooler. So when "Ad" saw the cooler he spoke this words to "Davy". "Do you have any cool ones in there".

When my brother told me this I had to write this down in my Family Famous Quote Book. I listen to how my siblings talk. Some of the things they say catch my ears. I have been writing some of the funny sayings down in my journal quote book.

"Do you have any cool ones in there" "Ad" said. He was talking about something to drink drink. Not water or soda pop that was in "Davy's" cooler. "Davy" said he will never forget the look on Uncle "Ad" face. He was not to pleased with what he saw in that cooler.

You know what, I was busy when my brother called me. But I decided to make the time to talk to him. Seizing the time at that very moment. I would not have come across this saying to ADD to my family's famous quote book.

I even found out that "Davy" and his wife got another cat. Their son "Ed", short for Edward cat ran off. So "Ed" got them another cat for them to watch.

We come from a family that love DOGS. Well, there is a few cat lovers. By the way the phone call lasted about twenty minutes. We are doing good!

Staying On The Family History Journey,

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