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Looking Into The Mystery Of Nymadula Lankford

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Nymadula "Nym" Lankford was born in St. Joseph, Missouri on February 29, 1896. Nymadula was the youngest son of Charlotta Dade and Robert Louis Lankford.
Nym Lankford

There is little known of Nymadula. He lived in St. Joseph, MO, Denver Colorado, New York, New York... He married Hattie McDaniel who played in "Gone With The Wind". I have searched Hattie's obituary. She did marry a Nymadula Lankfard from St. Joseph, Missouri.

There's a book on Hattie by Jill Watts. Hattie McDaniel White Ambition. Nymadula was mentioned about 7 times. The year of their marriage was about 1918. How Nym met Hattie is still a mystery.

I searched the 1920 census. There was a Nymadula "Nym" Langford with a Nattie Langford from KS. It could be Hattie. On the Denver, Colorado director, Nym was living there in 1918. He was listed with Hattie in 1923.

In the book, Nym was married to another lady by the name of Irene. They had a daughter. In other words, Nym was married to two women.

Hattie filed for divorce. The marriage ended after 16 years. It was around 1937...Nymadula was believed remain living in NY. He remarried and had a daughter. I don't know when Nymadula died. I assume he passed away and was buried in NY. I haven't found out when he passed or where his remains was buried.

I'm still searching in The Mystery of Nymadula. Even his name....Where did his parents come up with this name? It sounds African.

According to the World War II draft registration, Nym was living in New York. He spelled his name as Nym Lankfard. There were times his surname was spelled Lankford. It could have been how people heard the Lankford name pronounced.

Here's a photo taken about the 1930's or early 1940's in New York, New York. Nymadula perhaps passed away during the early 1940's.
I haven't found his death record.
My Journey continues on the mystery of Nym Lankford...
Perhaps a descendant of Nym can fill in us in on this story.
I hope so!

According to this website Nym Langford died in 1922 due to a shooting. Records state that Hattie McDaniel married a George Langford in 1922. I don't know where this story came from. I don't think Nym and George were the same person. Hattie and Nym were married 16 years. They divorced in the 1930's.
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