Friday, March 19, 2010

On An Adventure

I made some new found discoveries last year about my 2nd Great Aunt Mattie WHITE. She was one of my Great Grandpa Isaac BLAKEY's sisters. I'm trying to piece the puzzle together with what's known.

Oral history states that Mattie never married and had one daughter named Bob Ella BENTLEY CARR. I came across a Mattie WHITE on the census records. She was listed with two daughters. One is named Ella WHITE and the other Oressia WHITE.

The Mystery...
Did Mattie have 5 children?
What about Ella White?
What about Oressia White?
Who were the other 3 children?
Was Mattie a widow?
Who did Mattie marry?
Did her husband have to same last name of WHITE?

There some much that I've come across.
Continuing on my family history quest.

Still On My Journey
On An Adventure


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