Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Was Isaac Lankford Jr. ?

Some thoughts of who Isaac Lankford could have been.

Where did the name Isaac Lankford come from?
It was first found on Charlotta Lankford's death record.
Isaac was stated to be Charlotta's son.
The signature was Isaac Lankford Jr.

Perhaps Isaac could have been a middle name of Charlotta's son.
Charlotta died in New York 1924.
Son, Isaac Lankford Jr. was the imformat.

The question still reminds...
Who was Isaac Lankford?

Was he Isaac Jr. named after his father?
Who would have been named Robert Louis Isaac Lankford to be a junior?
Could he have been Addison and not Isaac?
Addison's middle name Louis....

Or did Robert Louis Lankford have another son?
Or was Isaac, Robert Louis' other name?

While On The Journey
Who Was Isaac Lankford Jr.?

It's still a mystery


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