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The Unknown Photo: Who I Think They Were

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Family History---The Journey Continues.... The Photo
A look At The Past... "This is the day that the Lord has made; lets us rejoice and be glad in it." Christian Standard Bible
 Yeah, Let us REJOICE and be glad in today! The below photograph was found in my Grandma Mary Allen Lankford's house during the mid 1970's. I believe that the photo was taken of some of our ancestors. It's a postcard. The year taken is unknown.

The people in this photograph fits the description of a 1880 MO census record. I believe that the people in the photo were some of my mother's mother's ancestors.
This photo was perhaps taken about 1882 - 1888. The man could have been my 2nd Great Grandpa William / John WASHINGTON born about May 1842 / 1844 - 1920's. William was listed as mulatto. (William's 2nd wife was Mahalia Hill Winn 1841 - 1921.)

On William's right perhaps his first wife, Susan (LEACH) born ca 1845 - ca 1888. Perhaps standing behind them were their four daughters. The elderly lady could have been Susan's Grandma "Lillie" Delilah (?) LEWIS.

"Lillie" was 93 on the 1880 census. Lillie born ca 1787 in KY. She died around 1888. She was believed to have been at least 101 before her passing. Lillie would have been my 4th Great Grandma.

My Grandma's mother could have been the tallest girl, Anna Laura (1867 -1947). She was married to William Robert Allen from Georgetown, MO. Then Anna's 2nd marriage was to Thornton Walters. Anna could be the one standing behind her father, William / John.

The other three girls could have been Nannie born about 1869, Amelia born about 1871, and Virginia F. born about 1870 . There was another daughter named, Lillie born about 1979. There were two sons. John / William Jr. born about 1859 and James A. Washington born about 1873. All the children were born in Missouri.

The most noticeable thing about this photo is that no one was smiling. Well, there might be one. It's like "let's get this over with" I am glad that at least they posed for this snap shot for us today can see.

I also noticed that there is a book. I am led to believe that the book was important to the family. The Bible...Both William and Susan knew how to read and write as well as the children. They were dressed in their Sunday's best.

I have found other evidences but have little leads on the Washington family. I searched the St. Joseph city directories and found different people living in the Washington household. Lillie Lewis and Emilie LABELS were two listed in the Washington household. This enabled me to make connections with other ancestors.

William /John's mother could have been named Amelia. I came across an Amelia / Emilie (?) LEAVEL/ LEVELS / LABELS... Mrs. Anson / Andson born 1820/29 in KY. She died on  Feb 19, 1898 in St. Joseph, MO. The LEAVEL surname was spelled many ways.

I found an Emilie LABELS on the 1880 census with her four children. Frances LABELS 1840 - 1936. Frances surname was spelled LEAVEL when she married Green Hill in 1904. On her death record her father's name was Thomas LEVELLS.

Emilie / Amelia's sons were Harry F. LABELS born about 1841. Barth LABELS was born about 1850 and Allen LABELS was born about 1857. All were born in MO. I couldn't find any additional information on them.

I want to thank all of you who added some comments as I was on my quest. Your comments are recorded in my family history as well. I wanted to record some of my family history on what I know for the future our generations.

My prayer is that all that who have read and will read some of my postings would some how preserve your family history for the future generations. What's we take for granted may be what will interest future generations. I have gain so much by researching and discovering things on this journey.

I know that the researching for information is some what confusing and "nerve racking" at times. When I did not know what leads to follow, I did want to give up. In the long run...during my search, I believe that God had His hands on my interest in the pursuit. Glory be to God. I believe what some of what I did led me to Jesus.

I have learned a lot through searching old city directors, birth and death records, marriage records, school information, census records, cemeteries information, photos, old letters, journals, family history information, books and so for and other ideas that lead me to continue on the search to know more on my family history.

My journey continues every day of my life as I am on this journey called life. We are still making history. I am trying to record it. I plan to go back over this "quest" and add more things and add updates in the future.

(P.S I can only assume who the people in the photo could have been. I'm not for sure. Who knows I could be mistaken. Maybe it's on the Lankford side. Or perhaps the Allen's?)

A New Day Dawning!
The quest continues...
I am still on the journey.
It's an adventure!
Whatever day that you're reading this entry, Have A GREAT Day! And Enjoy your LIFE!
What am I thankful for ? I thank God for the covenant blessings of HELP, WISDOM and PROTECTION that He has upon my life and my family's life. I thank God that He has adopted me into His family. I am thankful that God grants me His wisdom to do what I need to do for His glory. I thank God for His help and His protection that He covers my every day with.

I am thankful that I have an idea where my ancestors came from. I gave God all the glory for leading me to know more about my forefathers as well as my spiritual family.I am thankful that someday I will get to meet my ancestors and family members who fell asleep in Jesus Christ. I am thankful that I am a daughter of God. I am thankful that I can have the potential to bare His image. I have found that there is "a new way to be human." Thank You Jesus!
"Faith means stepping out onto the water when we don't understand

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