Friday, August 20, 2010

Time Capsule For The Next Family Generations To Come

What would I put in a time capsule for the next family generation to come?

Things of this time that we lived in.
Some of the important things in life.
News articles of this time.
Family History Information:
This would be a must
Hoping that this will be past down to future generations
This website

Things that were from family life
Things that had meaning

Old photos from the past generation and of present life
Devices that we used
Wondered what future generation would thing about them?
Ancient of days devices...

Writing On How Life Was During Our Lifetime:
Journals, Books, Letters 
Ideas on how we lived
Some of the family stories
What we believe.
The Faith (in Jesus Christ)

On The Journey....
Time Capsule For The Next Family Generation To Come

Peace and hope to you,

Here's An Article on myfather's side
The Blakey White Family

This article was written about 1970.
The reunion was held in Sioux City Iowa.
Some of the information was incorrect.
The people listed... coming from Africa weren't the people in article
The mother
of Isaac and John were born in VA.
Isaac and John born in MO.
Perhaps that story of slaves from Africa was another generation.
This article got me interested in searching more.
I came along ways on the journey.
Wonder why BLAKEY / WHITE?
The mother's name was Julia WHITE born  children.
The father's name was Andrew WHITE born about 1818.
I need to update and make some corrections on this news clipping.

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