Sunday, May 15, 2011

Making New Discoveries On The Familly Tree

I've been adding information to the family tree. I think I found some things on Uncle "Willie" William Farmer. He married Aunt Leola (Lankford) Farmer.

I first come across a William Farmer on the 1930 Census for Omaha, Nebraska. I have heard that was where William was from. I back tracked to 1920 and 1910.

I came up with William Farmer listed as the son of William Farmer, born in Texas about 1877. William Jr.'s mother was Mamie ? Farmer Ohio born about 1877.

I believe that William Farmer was the son of William Farmer from Texas and Mamie ? Flemming from Ohio. Mamie's mother was Jane Flemming. Jane was a widow on the 1920 census. Jane was VA born about 1854.

William Farmer Jr. was said to have had a brother named Jack Farmer. Can't find him on census records. However, on the 1930 census record, I came across a William Farmer listed with a Jack Spencer born in TX. Perhaps that was his brother.

Here is the list of William Farmer Jr's brothers and sisters.

Edgar T. Farmer              Neb born about 1903
Herbert Farmer                Neb born about 1904
Arthur Farmer                  Neb born about 1906
Lola Farmer                     Neb born about 1909
Frank Farmer                   Neb born about 1910
Bertie May Farmer            OK born about 1916

On the 1910 census Mamie Farmer was listed having 6 children. One of the children wasn't listed. Perhaps the child was Jack Spencer. William Sr. and Mamie were married about 1903. It appears that their daughter Bertie was born in Oklahoma about 1916. Wonder why the move from Nebraska?

Thanks for reading.
Making New Discovering On The Family Tree.
The Journey Continues,

I need to find a photo of Uncle "Willie".

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