Sunday, May 1, 2011

LBJ Street

Leo and Mary Lankford Sr. with son, Frederick Lankford.
That was the name that we called our street when we were growing up. Most of the people on our block were kinfolks around the 1900s to 1990's. Lankford, Blakley Johnson families lived on this long block. My Mother's parents' lived there.

My Mother, Lula was born in her parents' house. She grew up on this street. A few years after she married my Father, David, they moved back in the neighborhood in the house on the hill. My Father's parents lived not to far from my Mother's parents.

My Mother told me that her Mother, Mary and my Father's Mother, Jennie were best friends. There were a lot of kids on this two block street. When I was growing up, I remember that there were a lot of dogs on our block too. 
Leo and Mary Lankford's Home
The place where some of their children were born and married.

My Mother's Father, Leo Lankford thought the world of my Father. My Mother told me that her Father would put out the flag on the flag pole on my Father's birthday. That was on November 13th. My Father's brother, Isaac married my Mother's sister, Anna. Yeah, my double Uncle, my double Auntie and my double cousins.
Another view of L.B.J. Street. This was about 1984.
Some of us kids at times would played baseball in the road. There was a hill at the top. It we called the "dirt road"; with small rocks. We made the three sewers bases. We had to make a second base.

Yes, we had to stop when cars came by. It would be real dusty at times when cars came over the road. Also at times we kids played ball with the neighbor kids on top on the dirt road. It was a real street that we played on.

Then we played basketball across the street. There was our Father's red truck bed. We made that area out to be a basketball court. We would watch others play basketball.

When the winter times came (with the snow), some of us would sled ride from the hill of the dirt road and turn to go down the other street. It was fun! Yes, we had a look-out-person for when cars would come.

Yeah, we played "Hide in Seek". We played "Simon Says" and "Red Light Green Light" in the middle of the street. When the 4th of July came around, we shot off our fire works in the street too. We cleaned up as we went along.

What I am aware of on my journey of transformation.
As I have been reflecting back over my up bringing, I did not realized some things. It has been as I am growing in years that I can see things in a new way. There are some memories of the past that are alive in my heart.

When I was growing up I was a tom-boy. I have a lot of scares on my knee. I can look back and see how what we did as kids was pass down to the next generations who either grew up there or came on LBJ Street. My parents' children's children came to play as where we once did.

I don't know who thought to name our street LBJ. Perhaps that was the time when our U.S. President L.B. Johnson was in office. But now there are a very few of us who are related left on LBJ Street.

Many relatives have pass on while others have moved. But in all, many who have moved away do return to LBJ Street. Some bring their spouse and off springs with them.

LBJ Street was where us kids grew up. You know what, the basketball goal is still there. But there are something new. There are a lot of Stray Cats in our neighborhood.
From my Book of Thanks and Blessings. Father God, I am so thankful for the gift of FAITH that is in me to grow. I am thankful for memories that are alive in my heart. I am so thankful that I grow up around some of my relatives. I am so thankful for the DOOR of HOPE that is in my heart. I am so thankful for my SALVATION in Jesus Christ, the LORD of my LIFE. I am thankful for New Insights as I am going about my days in Jesus' name Amen!

Be Hopeful,
Staying On The Journey,

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