Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adding People To The Family Tree

Over the  years, I've been adding more people to the family tree. I've been thinking about some of those who are connected to our lineage. I can't imagine how information can get lost. There were a lot of descendants.

I was wondering where some of my cousins fit on the tree. We are connect some how. I've been tying to search the past for information. So, I thought, why not look at what I know now?

The more I have added, I'm amazed by what I know. I'm on the journey to find out as much as I can about my family lineage. There are those who are alive that I can add to the tree.

I had this thought come to me in mid July of 2009. What a lot of information! I know what I have gathered can help out someone else searching their family history.

I've seen some links of people who are searching on the same family tree I am. They have added what I have found. I'm glad that they are. I hope that they can add more on the family tree.

For example: I came across one of my cousins on my father's side. I didn't realize that she was married twice. I had and have relatives that were divorced. There are more cousins than I though. There are a lot of things that I didn't know.

It's nice to discover things on the family tree. There are many who search for clues. What information we know, could be some one's missing links. We search and come to dead ends. Until we come across that missing link.

May searchers keep searching for clues. May clues lead to more clues. May the results connect others to others family tree. Amen.

While On The Journey...
Adding People To The Family Tree

I find a website that list possible relatives.
It helps out some.
It's harder to get the names of present descendants.
I don't know where they fit on the family tree.
But through time may what I know fall into place.

Peace to all,
Staying On The Journey,


  1. Hello,
    I noticed that you have information about my grandfather Faris Chilton Lyle on your blog here. What is your relation?


  2. Hello, NL

    Your Grandpa Faris was my Uncle Faris who was my father's half brother. They had the same mother, Jennie Barlett Blakley Lyle. I have set up memorials on Find A Grave on some of the Lyle Family.

    Also I see that there is another person who is related to us. Another one of Faris' grandchild. Thanks for finding me on facebook.