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Mystery Of Chilton and Jennie Lyle

This blog is for the descendants of Chilton Lyle and Jennie Bartlett Lyle. Hope you find this blog interesting. Connections with the missing pieces to the puzzle. I was going to post this at another date. I think now is the now....

I've had been searching for Chilton Lyle for some time. On, 15 November 2010, I finally come across some things. I thought that Step Grandpa Lyles name was Chelton or Clinton Lyles. I came across this information for his wife, Jennie's death record. Jennie ( Bartlett) Blakley Lyles was my grandma.

I did some Missouri death record searches. I came up with the surname spelled LYLE and LYLES. Chilton and Jennie had at least 4 children. Two of their children passed away as infants. Doris or Dorthy Lyle passed in 1920 and Edgar Lyles in 1926 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

I believe that I've located Chilton Lyle on the 1920 census. He was in the___ Hospital No 2 in St. Joseph, MO. I haven't come across Jennie's and Chilton's marriage record. I can assume that they were married some time between Jan to April of 1920.

According to the 1920 census record, Chilton Lyles was born about 1874. He was a farm hand. His place of birth was in the United States. According to one of his children's death record he stated his birth place as Missouri. Jennie didn't know. She stated that Chliton's place of birth was unknown.

Jennie had at least 4 children by Chilton. There was a question of Doris and Dorthy. There were two death records with two names but every thing else was the same. I don't believe that they were twins. Records state single birth.

I lost track of Chilton after Jennie's pass away in December of 1926. On Jennie's death record her husband's name was spelled Chelton Lyles. I tried to track his two children                                        

Faris Chilton Lyle

Geneva Lyle Jones
On the 1930 census Chilton's two children were listed with someone else. It appeared to be a place for children without parents. In 1935 Faris was listed in New York.

I recall looking at St. Joseph, Missouri city directories, I saw that Jennie Lyle lived in a different house then Chilton Lyle. I heard that some of Jennie's children didn't like Old man Lyle. My father did. I heard that Step Grandpa Chilton was a witness to my parents marriage in Troy, Kansas.

From what I recall from my father, David Blakley, Old man Lyle lived in Kansas. He was living with a woman in the 1940's. When Chilton passed away, my father said the he was willed one of Chilton's guns. I haven't found Chilton Lyle / Lyles death record.

I believe that there is more on Chilton Lyle.
Hoping more information will come up.
My search continues..

Staying On The Journey Still Searching....
The Mystery of Chilton Lyle

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