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The Julia White Connections: John White

What can I write about John White who was born into slavery? Over the years, I didn't realize that there was a John White, the slave on the Blakey / White Family Tree. I mean, I always thought that there was a John Blakey who was a slave. But through research that John Blakey was John White.

In the mid 1970's I came across an article about  Slaveryt Descendants To Have First  Reunion in 1970 in Iowa. In that article, John Blakey was mention. I thought that that John Blakey was the father of my Grandpa John.

The story goes, the Slave Family were to be sold. John, the slave born and his older brother, Isaac Blakey were sold to a man with the Blakey surname. They were sent to Forest Green, Missouri.

As I did some search through the years, I did not found a John Blakey who was a slave. As I keep searching, there were things that didn't match up. I though, Who was John Blakey?

I came to this conclusion. John took the White surname. As for the Blakey surname, Isaac was the only one in his slave family that carried the Blakey surname. Besides, it dawned on me. That's why I couldn't find anything on John.

I began searching for John White and came up with some things. I have located his death record in Missouri. John was born about June of 1858 in Missouri. I've come across two other birth years. They were 1854 and 1866. I believe that the year about 1858 was the year. John passed away on September 10, 1918 in Salisbury, Missouri. He was buried in Forest Green, Missouri.

John's parents were Andrew White and Julia White. John's death record is the only one that mentions both Andrew White and Julia White as his parents. On John's brother, Isaac Blakey's death record only mentions Andrew White as father. His mother was unknown.

John was married to Katherine / Katie Estell. (1863 - 1923) John and Katie had about 9 children.On the 1920 MO Census, Katie had a granddaughter, Louise White and grandson Leo Kayson (White) listed with her

Here's a list of the children, I've come across.

Earnest White born about 1881
Leburter White born about 1884
Irina / Arena / Irene White born about 1892
Alice White born about 1883
Erma/ Ermma White born about 1898.
There were 4 Unknown Children that died before 1900

I haven't come across any of John's descendants. I believe that there were offspring. I hope that some one on this lineage will began the search for John White and Katie Estell.

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The Julia White Connections: John White
May others see a connection with this lineage.
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