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Project: The Julia White Connections

I've have a list of Julia's children in whom I've little information on. It was more of a task to find Julia's children. Indeed it has been a project. Here are the list of children that I've found very little information on. The sources came from census records, and a slave ad and a marriage record.

Names                                            Source of Julia's Children
Unknown White  born VA            (1880 Census Granddaughter)
Linda White        born MO 1841  (Slave Ad 1858)
Mary White        born MO 1844   (Slave Ad 1858)
Ben White           born MO 1849   (Slave AD 1858)
Andrew White     born MO 1849   (A Researcher)
Lydia White        born MO 1852   (A Researcher)
David White        born MO 1858   (1880 Census)
Joshua White      born MO 1860   (1880 Census)
Martha White     born MO 1862   (1880 Census)

I have searched for each of this children in the Howard County and Chariton County area. I can't locate or find connections to Linda, Ben, Andrew, Lydia, David, and Martha. Only that Martha who was a widow.

Joshua White was said to have had 3 children. Three daughters and one son. The son's was named John Blake. John was raised by a family with the surname of Blake.

I did locate a Mary White. I'm not for sure if she is the one I'm looking for. I see that a Abram Harriss married a Mary White in Chariton County, MO.

I believe that Julia's children did keep in contact with family members. Julia's children lived in the Chariton and Howard County Area in Missouri.

I'm working on future blogs on the following...
I've posted Mattie White

(Click on Names Below)             Source Of Julia's Children

Isaac Blakey born ca 1845     (Slave Ad, 1880 Census, Pension Records, 
                                                News Article)

Spencer White born ca 1852   (Slave Ad, 1880/ 1900 Census,                            
Update on Spencer                      New Article)

John White born ca 1858        (Slave Ad, 1880/ 1900 Census, Death Record, 
                                                   News Article)

Mattie White born ca 1856    (News Article, Census Records)

Richard White born ca 1866  (News Article)

I'm still searching. I hope that someone on the White Lineage will search as well. Hopefully some day there will be some connections. I hope so.

Thanks for reading.
Project: The Julia White Connections
May there be more known about Julia's descendants.

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Staying On The Journey,

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