Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brave Little Kitten

A few years back on June 30th, we had some visitor that came to our door. They heard a very loud noise that sounded like a cat. When the 2nd person said the same thing, we went looking. We heard where the sound came from.

I made my way to the garden. I saw a little kitten on the other side of the fence. The next thing I knew this kitten came through the fence. He was coming at me.

I back up. And picked some thing up so the cat won't get on me. The kitten was determine. He keep coming out at me. He came on the porch. I made my way into the house.

The cat stay was trying to get in the house. He stayed on the porch. My brother said that the kitten will not bother us. The cat still won't leave the porch area.

The next day I went out the door. The kitten was still there. He followed me where I went. I went to feed the dogs. The kitten followed me. As I made my way to the first dog. I told Sister to leave the cat along. The cat keep going to Sister.

Sister started smelling the kitten. I keep telling the cat to get away and Sister to leave the cat alone. Then next thing I noticed the kitten ran into Sister's house.

Sister ran after the kitten. Sister started barking. I tried to pull Sister away from her house. Then Sister went in her house with the kitten.

Indeed I had to pull Sister's chain to get her out of her house. It was amazing that the little kitten was still alive. I took some photos of this rare moments.

Sister was looking at a kitten in her house. The kitten did get away. I thought the little kitty was a goner. After the kitten ran out of the house. He came back to Sister.

The kitten must have had brain relapse. Sister left the cat alone. I was hoping that the kitten wouldn't come back to get the dogs' food.

The kitten followed me back home. He stayed around. My nephew said that the kitten was going around to the dogs. That kitten must be brave.

The next morning the kitten was around. Then the following day no one saw the kitten. We don't know what happened to the little one.

Perhaps one of our neighbors took him in. We couldn't take care of a kitten. We have dogs. Our dogs don't go to well with kittens.

I wondered whatever happened to that kitty. I never thought much of him since that summer. But last year I was coming home from church. I saw a cat coming my way. He kept coming. I told him to get.

As I went into the yard, the cat kept following me. The cat jump on the fence. I couldn't believe it. He did look like that little kitten I some time ago. I thought that was something. Wonder why the cat came back?

On The Journey...
Brave Little Kitten

It appears that someone took the little kitten in.
He was so friendly.

Thanks for reading.

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